Aug/2021: Personal Update – Philippines & California Life

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Author: V. Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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  2. Hello Reekay!
    I’m in LDR with my wonderful girlfriend for 4 months now, everything is going great! I’m booking a flight for 2 weeks as soon as they open so I can meet her for the first time. We really enjoy our virtual company like you said we both make time in the mornings, evenings and time in between to catch up with each other.

    My question is:
    what is your opinion or thoughts about younger foreigners dating philipina
    I’m 26 and she is 30 ,
    have a steadying income but Unfortunately not too much time as I need to continue work..
    she tells me that our relationship is very uncommon as many philipinas usually go for older foreigners, but that she supports me on any decision I make.
    She tells me that she has been played many times before with foreigners, were she is in a LDR and they meet, they are together for a couple weeks to a few months when they leave they never return and or start a life back in their own country,
    She asked me to watch some videos on how it is for foreigners in the Philippines. Unfortunately I haven’t see any videos on younger men dating Philipinas.
    Should I still consider watching these videos even though they are different from my situation?

    My plan is to bring her over to the states , I’ve done some research and everything seems to be in order for both of us.

  3. I’d be interested in hearing your thought on investing and outlook, I have run into some money and thinking to put it into a mutual fund to be diversified. My concern is the market is due for a correction, it would be wonderful to pull the trigger after it happens. When the Fed slows QE because of the inflation it should happen. I did recently buy some gold/silver miner stocks on the recent dip and have precious metals as insurance on the chance of everything going south (and it’s fun to hold it in your hand). I really enjoy your cool, calm and logical thought process in making content, thanks.

  4. 1. Vi is very attractive and I hope you two can reunite without undue delay.

    2. Peacocks are LOUD!

    I enjoy your videos, ReeKay.

  5. Did you ever find out if you had Covid in the Philps…or didn’t have. Just curious and what about if you got vacinnated.

  6. U talked a wee bit about the market (stock) what’s the best way to contact you to discuss some hi level scanerios around future investing??
    I’m in Chandler, Arizona
    Can we chat over phone, text, whattapp, email??
    What works best for you?
    I don’t do FB, nothing against fb, I just don’t use it

  7. U said if one’s married, they can now enter the Philippines.
    If one is a parent of a child in the Philippines, can that xpath parent enter the Philippines??

  8. How do you see the upcoming modernization of the Immigration Dept? What if they allow visa on arrival for 59 days and then offer only one extension of 31 days? The Bill says that no tourist visa can be over 90 days total. Kind of like Vietnam border runs of the past.
    The economy here in the PI is on the ropes. Businesses closing at a quickening pace. Still no face to face school. Restos like Casablanca in DGT are in trouble. Diving resorts are running at 10% of capacity, if they are open. Even Walking St in Angeles is closing up.
    I don’t see this problem solved in the near future. Maybe 18-24 more months.

  9. I am still eyeing Dec. to open up the boarders here. That will be 3 more months of vaccinations here and hopefully the Delta variant will have peaked and be well on it way down by then. Tourist dollars and Expat dollars are important even though they are not a high percentage of the total economy. But if it accounts for 12 %. That 12 % is important. For example I sure would like to get a 12% hike in my Social Security check. That 12 % would make a big difference in my life style.

  10. I think you will need to get vaccinated and a yellow card to get back here when they do open up. I don’t think that OK to fly Covid recovered document you have will work to get you back in. Think about the logistics of recognizing hundreds of recovery docs verses one WHO yellow card for fully vaccinated. This is why Hong Kong will not accept the hundreds of different LGU vaccine cards from the Philippines. Who can tell if they are fake or not. I got the Jensen J & J vaccine here in Cordova about a month ago. No major side effects. Just felt crappy for a few days. No fever.

  11. election may = open if lucky next summer fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no new orez duerte vp pull all the
    strings sara puppet

  12. They say you had the “virus” I think they are shaking down tourist for $$$ because I heard others test positive, but their wife or kids didn’t test positive. Do you plan on getting the jab? and what if they say again you got it again and needed to quarantine any thoughts???

  13. Borders will never open . You and me and everyone you know will cease to exist…that is the plan and now you will pay this message no mind and go back to dreaming like everyone else. If people would hear this and research what’s going on.. well we would have a chance how ever small but a chance. But the walking dead continue to take it in the arm and soon they will no longer be walking.

  14. Thank you for the update and glad you and Vi are doing well. Stay healthy my friend and God bless

  15. Hello fellow expat I’m the same as you I’m 69.5 and have lived in the Philippines for 3yrs and have a great girlfriend in Philippines for about the same time we have lived in tagaytay and wish I had done my srrv visa. Why have you not one?? But anyhow I’m working part-time to pass the time and riding my honda 1800 vtx every day for work and pleasure so buddy I wish us both well and we are back with our love one soon

  16. Question: I had a Kidney transplant on Aug 27, 2020 & I am VERY interested in traveling to & exploring Several Islands in the Phils. But seeing the only Transplant center is in Quezon City & not in the Visayas region where so many places are I want to see. I think it would be in my best interest to travel sooner than later since a cadaver organ only last about 7 yrs on avg. Do you agree with my thoughts or do you think I should not come there for the 18-30 month’s I’d like to spend exploring ??

  17. Just checking, I been doing so much research about makes my head explode. Under current circumstances tourism is closed. Unless you have a spouse or child no travel is allowed. Have I overlooked anything for possible travel in Christmas?

  18. Hello Reekay,

    Long time follower, just curious, I know you don’t agree with purchasing property in the Philippines, which I recently purchased a condo, but I was wondering if you could provided any information regarding overseas landlords, for example as how the overseas landlord would receive lease payments in the US. Thank you for the help and any information would be helpful.


  19. I’ve been able to lose 7 lbs during the pandemic on the keto diet. I went from 133 to 126 cutting all carbs and eating nothing but fat and protein (mostly ribeye steaks). Unfortunately, this diet puts a lot of stress on your kidneys according to my doctor, so I had to quit

  20. We have a peacock problem in the northern part of our islands – they are super noisy critters!

  21. Thank Henry, I am happy for you being with Mother! It’s a blessing from God Almighty! Have blessed time!

  22. I thinking maybe June-2022, Motown was some of the best music, still listen today on streaming.

  23. Hey reekay Glad to hear that the family is doing great I see The first quarter of 2022 for the borders of the Philippines to open up as a possibility Great content as always

  24. I didn’t have the morning/evening thing for the 9 mos. LDR we had before I came here 3 years ago. I just never slept at night. lol. I still have trouble doing it now. They say you can’t really know a person until you meet them in person. If you chat 12/7 U do kind of get to know them. It is also called an obsession. lol

  25. Henry enjoy yourself in California. But hurry up and get your ass back to the Philippines LOL

  26. Hi Reekay…. I am thinking of going to Nicaragua until the Philippines opens…. It’s only two hours from Miami to fly there and it’s cheap to live there and there’s no Covid restrictions so those are my thoughts I do have a girlfriend in Dumaguete So I’m in the same boat as you. Thanks for the update

  27. I suppose you have heard about the latest Filipina Pea show with the lawyer who said article 147 and 148 of Filipino law states after 2 weeks living with a Filipina, she can take half your pension in the USA and any other income including savings. You do not have to be married.
    A great many men are worried who have been cohabitating with a Filipina past and present.I checked it it’s true.

  28. Hi Reekay! I’ve been following the channel since your time in Vietnam. Hope you do make a visit sometime in the future once you come back to Asia. But since you been in America for sometime now, do you experience home sickness for the Philippines or reverse culture shock during your time here in the US? Thanks for sharing!!

  29. Hey Henry…I’m also back in Cali…San Diego…when you have a bit of free time..we should hook up
    I’ve been here since Christmas and wouldn’t mind a few hours drive

  30. Which Visa are you going to apply for when you return to PH? Have you considered the marriage visa or SSRV?

  31. We are in similar circumstances. If it comes down to shot or no entry, have you decided that you would take it, or still undecided? I’m almost sure that the way things are going, you will have to have it for entry.

  32. Elections May 9, 2022. That’s the BEST…FIRST…chance. President Duterte has committed to running for Vice President…as a second Presidential term is Prohibited by the Constitution. His daughter is considering a run for President. Two shots for Dutertes to continue strong influence for another 6 years. I HOPE…we have some kind of shot for June 2022. I can find none of my local agents/employees confident for any time in 2022. NONE. I encourage any of the Filipina Vloggers to tell us they are confident of 2022 opening. I can find NONE. In fact, I have been scolded on a number of occassions for even suggesting 2023 is likely. Filipinos are way scared of covid/delta…and I only get limited “depende depende” answers for 2024. That’s the word from the ground. Again, I would love love love to hear Filipino Vlogges right here on youtube to tell us the are confident of anytime in 2022. I will be on the move somewhere in 2022…Thailand has almost a year of open borders…pinays LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE to travel. 😛 Enjoy!

  33. Are you using this time to get a physical and take care of other health matters?

  34. During your time in the U.S., are you updating your banking/credit cards and photo IDs?

  35. Thanks for the update bro. Im glad your enjoying yourself and eating heartily lol. Lets hook up when you go back and the 4 of us can grab some lunch in Cebu.

  36. Great video. This video came in loud and clear. When you do a live stream just yourself in the past it came in good and clear. It is just been lately where you have done a live stream with Mark and old dog Paul that the Stream from your side was not coming in good and clear. I am sure that you will find a way to correct it. Take care my friend and keep us updated on what’s going on when you can.

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