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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. You will be even more happy if, you are making bank while living in the Philippines. I know I will be.

  3. I’m an all around happy person. I never get depressed or anything of that nature because nothing so far gets me down in life even despite the fact that I’ve had a kidney transplant, have had diabetes for a long time, am visually impaired, and my overall health is not what it used to be, I am still a happy person.
    What would not make me happy? A sudden death or fatal illness in my immediate family, being blind, and getting a terminal illness (like Cancer).
    Live life the best and most you can, accept what you each have, find the love you seek, and appreciate all the good things around you. Then maybe you will be happy each day!

  4. There are internal and external reasons to be or not to be in homeostasis (“happy”). Disease, inflammations (results of self damage i.e. high hA1C or Uric Acid, stages of NAFLD because of this) and depression and similar mental disorders are guaranteed no matter how much external love is provided. There we will have find love for ourselves from the inside and Heal. Once done, we are content being in or out of relationship as Love has become essential part of life and our main relationship. Now mental disorders no longer display as we are are complete. Of course, this benefits our partner.

  5. IMHO – .Happiness is a relative term, we can’t be “happy” all the time, for me the key is to be aware of my feelings and emotions and accept them as is and focus on the present. We all have good days and bad days. It’s just part of life.

  6. I am EXTREMELY happy with my first experience in the Philippines. Everyday I saw something new and had new experiences. I just got back days ago and already I’m planning my next trip. I would like some advice from you if you will. The airline lost my wife’s luggage on the trip there and I’ve been struggling with them to get compensation. Has this ever happened to you?

  7. I am happy after 6 yrs in the Phils. after living 61 in NY/FL. The longer I’m here the more confident I feel about this considering the BS/games/nonsense back there. I’m now on SS, married a few months ago & life is good. Less stress, more love & happiness here & honestly think it’s safer too……. lol BTW- asawa switches things around every few months where we live & gets all giddy & says she likes new house……

  8. Happiness is relative, am I happy that I moved to the Philippines? YES! Am I happy every day here? NO. Happiness can be fleeting from many different factor’s, I am not going to waste my time analyzing why I may not be happy at any given moment. That would make me unhappy

  9. Sometimes it takes effort, sacrifices, and courage to make the changes one needs to be happy from a bad situation. Appreciate the vlog.

  10. Retired expat from the US living in Thailand for five years. Very happy and content. Great GF (soon Wife), plenty of travel, nice people, weather great, plenty to do. What’s not to like??
    Would never go back to the US. Have never missed it for a moment since I left.

  11. Reekay, I’m content. Working toward a comfortable retirement. R-day is in 8 years and a couple of months. I’ll retire at 60 years old and intend on traveling till I die. Whether I meet a fantastic Eastern European lady or an Asian lady is to be determined. I leave it in God’s hands.

  12. Not 100% happy!! Why? Let me just by these nagging health issues and I will be knocking on your door Reekay!! LOL…cuidate!!

  13. I have been with Ne since I got off the plane. I am happier being with her than I have ever been in my life. I am not happy; happy, happy, every minute of my life everyone has a bad day. I ran into an expat that was here for 30 days & if he wasn’t complaining he wasn’t speaking. His GF asked Ne why I didn’t complain. She said because he is 1/2 Filipino now. In other words, I have adapted.

  14. Several things can make expats not to be happy. If you have some such of sickness in your life, If you feel bore, if you are lonely, if you are not in good relationship ect. A year ago, I watched a couple YouTube channel and in their channel they showed a nice and beautiful house they built in Mindanao. The husband is a Canadian and the wife is a Filipina. The wife one day said on their YouTube channel that they were moving back to Canada because her husband was bored. So you see the husband wasn’t happy being an expat

  15. If you’re not letting weights or doing resistance training it’s only going to get worse. Building muscle as a senior is the fountain of youth or fastest way to slow down the decline of aging. If your strong your not weak and tend not to slip and fall, etc. PEACE

  16. That was a very good video, Henry! A lot of what you said could be useful anywhere. I really like this video!

  17. I’m happy whether I’m by myself or with a friend or companion for a relationship

  18. Not happy in general, rat race, work has got me to the I’m done point. Not working will go along way to being happier to focus on me my health and enjoy my hobbies. 1-2 years to be at a decent fund to retire a little early and head off aboard, its the only goal I have at this point.

  19. But will you be happy there in 2026,it gets old there pretty quick,3 yrs and the whoppee is not there anymore., I’ll take 4 subscriptions,send me $3.99.

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