159 Days of Covid Shutdown: My Thoughts From The Philippines

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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    1. Great video. I love your optimism about being halfway through. That would put us being done on Jan 15. I don’t share your optimism. Here in Samar, they locked us down again (Sept 7) because of 15 cases. It looks like a big circle to me. Open up and allow people to come in from the cities (Manila, Cebu, and Tacloban), cases go up, lockdown, repeat. In 5 days, it will be 6 months of lockdown or modified lockdown, and I don’t see any progress. I hope you are seeing progress there. All my best.

  2. After enduring this lockdown, would you still settle in the Philippines? If so, where would you stay? I saw an old video you did where you talked about building a home in Valencia—-do you still consider that an option? I ask because I’ve traveled the world for over 30 years, I’m single with no partner [ I’m still in great physical shape and want a younger mate], and I’m done with world travel, especially in this post virus world. I don’t want to live in a city, but like the idea of being close to amenities. A friendly community and good weather are at the top of my list.

  3. I will make the claim that the only reason why your average Filipino survive this is because most have a OFW / family member that they use as their “money tree”. I am sure its rude for Pinoys to hear, but I am pretty sure its the truth.
    You are welcome to change my mind 🙂

  4. Hi Reekay, my cousin is actually Filipino but I noticed as soon as she moved to Guam she starts not saying much on messenger she sounds cold to me every time I try to talk to her. If you were me would you block her on Facebook? Because I’ve trying staying touch with her but she sounds cold…

    1. the most likely reason is that she made some new friends there and is simply busy. or, it could be that her being cold suddenly has nothing to do with guam, but some other reason you are not aware of. really hard to say with little information. you can only try asking your cousin what is wrong and either they will talk about it or they won’t.

      a side note, if someone doesn’t want to hear from you.. just let it go. their loss.

  5. Thought you might want this info Concerning the SRRV visa. This is straight from a msg. I got today. So right now with help from PRA office, those with SRRV visa can return to PI.

    Clients with expiring IDs, pending Serving requests and SRRV applications need not worry especially if no plans of leaving the country. PRA will be giving special considerations to unprocessed and unattended obligations due to our current situation.

    To those who were stranded outside the country, you may start sending us your Letter of Intent to enter the country so we may endorse your entry.

    Have a great day.

  6. You think there will be travel to RP by January, 2021 … seriously? Not a chance! I doubt we will get a vaccine by that time, and even if we do it will take over a year to distribute to everyone. USA, approaching 6 million cases and 200,000 deaths is a mess, and even today Americans are banned from overseas travel. I do not see Americans travel for at least two years.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea OK. Fair enough. It will be after. Far after. For Americans, January, 2022 if we are lucky.

    2. no, you misunderstood. i did not say there ‘will’ be travel into the PH by january.

      i said there will not be travel into the PH ‘until’ at least january. which means, not during this year, and sometime after january.

      it’s the difference between ‘will’ and ‘until’. i have also said it could be as late as march. i never said it ‘would’ be available in january, but sometime then or after.

  7. Its a very big mess there keeps changing, and I think it will keep cycling, Itscway overplayed

  8. Yeah. The K1s are stuck. My fiance is stuck in Manila, waiting for the interview.
    We’ve been apart for more than a year. It’s rough.

  9. Aloha good stuff keep on trucking my brother…..stay healthy keep the stress low good luck God bless you ve got a great life..

    1. we’re doing good. we can enter the mall together now, so that’s a plus. and been taking some walks in the neighborhood on occasion.

  10. The malls simply being open is not a good indicator. It is troubling there are fewer people being fear of the virus, or they have been affected economically. Lack of crowds is just one bad sign, the abundance of sales is another. I’m not worried about the big chain businesses, but the SMEs. Most of them barely got by before and its tougher now.

    Also OFWs and local Filipinos losing jobs is not a good thing. I fear more the economic issues over the virus.

  11. A fucked up lost year.
    Many couples and businesses will not surivive this.
    Lucky few like Reekay are inside…

    Nobody responsible for chovid.
    Pool party in Wuhan

  12. Love the background..retro fan and light.. At first i thought there must be a new Ikea someplace …until i realized a virtual background!

  13. Reekay, thanks for the offline reply, and yes, I agree completely with you on your opinion of the issue I inquired about. Now, I admit that I worded my original inquiry in a kind of “veiled” manner, hoping that you would read “between the lines”, which it appears that you either did not or that you chose not to give your opinion in case that you had read too much into my question, no problem for me either way. I will be very to the point and hope that you do not mind my transparency. I was discreetly bridging the subject of why so many expats (foreign, non-Filipino citizens) seem to be so upset and outwardly vocal online about a foreign male preferring a female Filipina partner (wife, girlfriend) who is in the age-range of 18-20 years old as opposed to being within an age-range of 10-20 years younger than the foreign male. Here is my belief: the law in the Philippines states (in English) that a citizen of the Philippines reaches the “age of majority” (becomes an adult for legal purposes) upon reaching their 18th birthday. If the Filipina feels or believes that entering into a personal relationship with a foreign male (expat) is something she chooses to do for whatever reason(s) she may have is to her benefit, SHE HAS THE LEGAL RIGHT TO DO SO! It matters NOT whether one or thousands of foreigners disapprove of her choice, IT’S HER CHOICE AND SHE HAS THE LEGAL RIGHT TO MAKE IT! Of course this is accompanied with the caveat that she is not under duress nor is being forced against her freewill to make such a choice. So, why are so many expats up in arms and actively trying to cause problems for any foreigner who wishes to have an attractive (yes, one might use the term “sexy”) wife or girlfriend who is past the age of majority (18 or older) in the Philippines. To me, this position makes NO logical sense at all! The only conclusion that I can come to is that those expats engaging in this kind of meddling and malicious activity MIGHT be jealous because they made the personal choice to “settle” for a Filipina who is older and perhaps not nearly as attractive nor as “sexy” and they are now “green with envy” because they see another expat who had some ability to find and offer something to a younger Filipina who appreciated what the older expat was offering and she evaluated the circumstances and came to the conclusion that entering into such a relationship was not only beneficial to her, but more importantly WHAT SHE WANTED TO DO OF HER OWN FREEWILL! Personally, I doubt that those self-appointed busybodies will ever cease from trying to make life difficult for those who chose to and were successful in finding an attractive, sexy young Filipina (but 18 or older, thus “legal”). Maybe they can’t find or keep a girlfriend or wife or perhaps they “settled” for an older, fat, or ugly woman because they evaluated their situation and decided that “something is better than nothing”. I do not know why those expats continue to meddle and harass others but I am of the opinion that most expats can see through their actions and understand that they are probably jealous and “green with envy”. That is my take on the subject, right or wrong!

  14. Lock downs are cruel ….debilitating….destructive…..with long term devastation of peoples lives…..why do politicians love this….power over a collapsed society can’t be that enticing…..

  15. The Philippines said 98.4% are mild or asymptomatic but they have the harshest lockdown.

  16. Luke 12:53- “They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”

    Matthew 10:21- “Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death.

    Micah 7:6- For son treats father contemptuously, Daughter rises up against her mother, Daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; A man’s enemies are the men of his own household.

    Psalm 106:37- They even sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons,

    1 Corinthians 10:21- You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons.

    Acts 16:31- They said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

    Conflict within the household will divide the family unit

    The signs of the times which were told are now being unfold

    Is your household under God’s spiritual chain of command?

    Support your loved ones by using the Word of God

    Are you a real spiritual father within the household?

    Do not get your children involve when your marriage is being dissolved

    Allow the Spirit of God to build your household with His Word and His love

  17. Your analysis and insight regarding foreigners being allowed to visit is something I follow very closely. I want to visit Philippines, and your opinion is going to play a part in when I purchase my air ticket. Please give your views in the November time frame. You mentioned in your video several months ago and now on this one that your expectation is December, or early next year. Also, if you can also give your opinion regarding quarantine, health checks, covid free certificates, etc. that you think will be implemented for foreign visitors. When do you think the least hassle free travel for foreign tourists will begin? I am thinking April 2021. Thanks.

    1. Local govt issues Q passes to each residential unit which allow people who do not have employment ID to go out shopping, locally.

      No worries. Q passes will probably become unnecessary soon.

  18. Hello Henry and I look at the situation in the Philippines this way: Those Filipinas who have a relationship either as boyfriend/girlfriend or marriage with a foreigner will have it better as opposed to those who don’t. As far as stores and other commerce centers, they will and are suffering for sales since almost half of the Filipinos are out of work and many are struggling for basic needs. The situation has to get better very soon indeed! Both of you stay safe!

  19. Our barangay in Cebu is still completely locked down and no word when it will ever end. I’m so tired of this.

  20. can a Philipina leave the country as a tourist, coming to the USA as of today? Anybody know? Are the flights i see online really available?

  21. even if other countries open their boarders,here in australia our borders are closed so we can’t leave to at least middle of next year, in melbourne victoria major lock down a curfew from 8pm to 5am lots of businesses are closed our economy is hurting

  22. .. Whoever is running the Philippines are idiots, literally committing forced suicide on their people .. The ‘leaders’ there are complete morons and have lost their minds .. Fuck those stupid, evil, lost bastards

    1. Optimistic… Very.
      You really think the Philippines will get plenty of vaccine AND administer to everyone within just a couple of months?

      I’ll believe it only after I see it happen. Not holding my breath…

    2. not necessarily. if the vaccine is ‘available’ in december, it could be until feb or march before they obtain and implement it to the PH public.

  23. Whats up bro. Great informative vid. I was wondering what its like there. Hopefully the Phili will reopen and establish the new normal. Can i ask question. It seems the us dollar has tanked cause the exchange rate dropped 7 points. Any thoughts on this?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea i agree bro. I know the president is trying to protect the citizens cause a serious outbreak there would overwhelm the healthcare system in a heartbeat. Its a catch 22 no matter which way you look at it. At some point something is gonna HAVE to give. Im just praying the whole thing wont snap like a stretched rubber band.

    2. as i understand it, the peso is holding due to the drop in the USD. not because of any performance of the PH, that much is pretty obvious now that their economy is in the tank.

      but i do believe at some point the excessive amount of debt the PH has been taking on will begin to affect the PH Peso at some point. and when it does, it will be harsh. (imo) high debt and a low GDP, coupled with a damaged economy will come home to roost at some point.

  24. Reekay, You seem to be a very logical-thinker, so I would appreciate your opinion on a particular subject. The subject is hypothetical but I think you will be able to “connect the dots” and understand why I am asking your opinion. Here goes: A person ownes a small store or cafe/restobar in the Philippines, is fully licensed and totally within the laws applying to operating that business. If the national law in the Philippines is that the owner of said store/cafe, is allowed to legally sell beer, rum, or some other form of alcoholic beverages to properly-vetted Philippine citizens (meaning they are over the age of 18 and have provided acceptable, government-approved ID) and a customer comes into the store or cafe wishing to purchase an alcoholic beverage, is willing to pay for it and requesting to engage in the transaction, PLEASE explain to me why a number of foreigners feel that the store owner is a terrible person for not refusing to sell the customer what they have requested to purchase (even though it is 100% legal to do so) unless the customer is, let’s say, 25 years old, or maybe even 30, 35, or 40 years old? I can’t understand that mode of thinking, meaning the age issue. Honestly, I have the mindset that VERY possibly, their vehement position is based on jealously, often referred to in the USA as ‘sour-grapes’. I may be incorrect but can you share your take on such an issue? Thanks, you so often give very useful information on your channel!

    1. Answer is RELIGIOUS and community culture trumps law, especially if a non religious foreigner is involved.

    2. for a while there was a ‘liquor-ban’ due to the ECQ, but then that got modified as we entered into GCQ. even then, enforcement ranged from non-effectual to shutting off the liquor section in the grocery store.

      but under normal or otherwise legal circumstances.. i’d chalk it up to the foreigner version of the ‘crab mentality’. it really seems to get under the skin of some expats to see another expat do well. and that could be in business, social life or his relationship.

      it springs from jealousy and/or insecurity. guys who always wished they had the fortitude to run a business.. but either failed or never even got started, will hate a guy who succeeded where they themselves failed. so.. all they can really do is sit there and complain against him among themselves like gossiping old-women.

  25. We shipped half our stuff there but now we are on hold because too many changes going worse.

  26. Lockdowns do very little to control the virus. Its nothing but Government Control of the population. When will it be back to normal? NEVER, The Government is not going to freely give up control. They will give just enough freedoms to avoid a Civil War. When the Government forces people to stay at home and no way to earn money for food and other essentials they are putting people into a position where they have nothing to loose. Its good that you are doing fine but the majority of Filipinos are not. I have a bad feeling about the future of Philippines. I am afraid that at some point there will be trouble. You should be carefull in saying how well you are doing while others are suffering greatly. You are only making yourself and other Ex-Pats a target. I left Philippines about a month ago, But I helped a lot of families that prior to covid were getting by with enough food and shelter. After the Government lockdowns, They lost any source of income and in the Philippines unlike the U S , No Money , No Food.I am not Rich , I live on SS retirement and a small Pension but I purchased bags of Rice and gave away canned goods to people that I knew had no food. I urge all Ex-Pats to try to help families in Need. A 20kg bag of rice will cost about $20.00 U S ,Even on my budget it is a small amount but it really means a lot to a Family that has no food. I am discusted with so many Ex-Pat Blogs that show how well they are doing during the Lockdown, while most of the population is suffering. Filipinos are Kind people Kind people are my Kind of People.

    1. How foolish to think this way!! No government on earth wants to continue their county under these conditions…..they are all anxious to have this be done with…..what the heck is wrong with you drinking the propaganda….

  27. Good morning Reekay
    Ihave family in the Philippines and miss them ,just returned to Aus at the end of last year My partner was due to come here in March,Well all our plans have been put on hold fortunatly I have a good business and can send funds to support my family there,As the old saying goes this too will pass!Keep safe and well God bless Chris

  28. I finally got a travel pass to go to Cagayan de oro. Finished with NBI and went to the mall . My three year old is growing like a weed. Needs shoes and clothes.. Was not allowed to enter the mall. Im over 60 and child to young. We would have spent about fifty thousand pesos on the three of us. Clothes and toys and more. Well the Economy will stay bad !!!!!! Just plain STUPID !!!!!!

    1. Can you use Craigslist there? We can use it here. We can also go shopping at will. I’m in Eugene, Oregon.

  29. there a few videos of you out there on youtube fondling a young girl that is crazy you shocked me

    1. that is video of me and my (then) girlfriend, who was 21 years old at the time. we were together for 2-years in a relationship until she was 23 and lived together.

      enjoying time together, having some laughs, is what happy couples do. juvenile trolls couldn’t figure that out.

  30. As for Ph, Febby will be waiting for her passport for a long time, she applied for postal ID and SSS ID in February. About a month ago she went to check on progress but the security guard wouldn’t let her in the building and told her to come back when she turns 22

    A lady who came out told her they are only processing November, pre covid, so what the hell is the backlog going to be?
    She needs either to get her passport. Without her passport she can’t come to Canada to visit or live. I can’t get there until at least January I imagine. I won’t be seeing her for a long time and it’s killing me. Only three days since November we haven’t chatted daily was recently when camping and no cell service. When she’s up and not working (she was able to return to her job on Mactan about 6 weeks ago after a 3 month lay off when I supported her family). So all in all, it’s F#%ked up, and so frustrating. You are one of the lucky ones being with your honey. Even if I could co there, i could only visit for 2-3 weeks, after 14 day quarantine, might get a day or three with her

  31. Hey mate

    Not much disruption in Canada, Walmart now (bit late) compulsory masks) no movie theatres yet, some restaurants with limited seating.
    Traffic on roads back to normal

    I was laid off in March, at work in Alberta at the moment, only in my 4th week of work since March (if it wasn’t for the Australian govt releasing $10,000 of my pension twice, I would have been on the streets begging

  32. Yeah, what can you do? I just save the money I get from work, money that I would otherwise have spent on travelling. I send some money to a PH charity that I trust, something is better than nothing. But in the mean time, all we can do is wait. Like Reekay says, for myself, I am patient, and content with or without. I just wish the situation in the PH wasn’t so desperate, many people have died already, and watching kids get very ill from malnutrition and dying, it’s heartbreaking.

  33. Oh.. yeah.. Cebu and Manila gets the record for sure for lockdown! Here in La Union.. MGCQ. still in barangay pass to go to the market.. Hey, be careful if you are going to travelling. Tim K got put on Quarantine. see video: @x9rA He has to stay on a Basket ball court for 14 days!

  34. Philippines has a government of clowns. Government keeps taking out massive loans but can hardly give the support that hospitals have yearned for since February, and Health department is riddled with corruption. Meanwhile Duterte kisses China’s and Russia’s asses.

  35. I go philippines first week sept 2018 2019 threw christmas not 2020. i doubt tourism will be open this year. Some plans are moving forward as if i were there other plans stop. I save money by not going this year flights rent etc only good thing.

  36. You will see the results of the shutdown in 9 months when the “Covid-Childs” start to born.

    1. Which is in itself not an issue. But the problem is that lots of children will be conceived that the couple, married or unmarried, cannot afford. The cycle of poverty will continue.

  37. Good to hear. I hope I can visit there during Christmas without going through a 14 day quarantine.

    1. Quarantine upon entry is already being reduced to 2 days with a good test result.
      That will soon be eliminated once more reliable quick tests become available.

      Soon you will be able to get test results within hours upon your arrival at the airport and then go wherever you’d like.

      Governors in Cebu and Bohol are anxious for tourists! Today, they are working on making sure that tourism facilities change their procedures so that tourists will be, and feel, safe.

      By December, things are likely to be clear sailing for foreign tourists.

    2. You might be able to find some airfare deals, though you better hope the travel restrictions get eased.

    3. with this much of scare ? unlikely… or if they announce sudden reopening tickets will cost 5000 USD one way in Dec

  38. Reekay, you stated ” I imagine” you meant ” I am Legend” And you were initially right, George Romeros Dawn of the Dead was in a mall but the mall was in the country , i dont know about Day in the Dead, Never seen that one although i know about it,,,,

  39. Hello Reekay, just wondering- how do you pay rent – cash, check, money order? How would someone pay without a filipino bank account?

    1. Easy to pay rent, just withdraw pesos from ATM and deposit them in any branch of the landlord’s bank.

      I’ve been living fine without any Philippines bank account.

      Best thing I did was to open a free / no min balance / Free ATM withdrawals, Charles Schwab account!

  40. My girlfriend lives in Pasig City and works in Manila. She sends me videos everyday of the intense traffic in her area. It seems it may be opening up a little at a time…..

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Vietnam welcome u all the time. Hope pandemic will be solved soon.

  41. Great video my friend, good information. Will be there in the Philippine as soon as the pandemic travel ban is over.

  42. I ask you to watch Tim k in phillippenes blogger phillippene wife baby.His latest quranteed in phillippene like jail watch u tube.Something to think about as he tested negative picture your self.Some times you guys are not real.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea First thank you for your contributions.Now to answer your question I think we get out of touch with ourselfs.I think at times you give the impression of controlling.So I say and mean no offense.Please be aware of negative underlying currents in the phillippenes.

    2. i already watched the tim-k video.

      you say, “Some times you guys are not real.” i have no idea what you mean by that. maybe you can explain.

  43. Has there been any problems accessing money from the ATMs ?? Hoping this will pass soon…….

  44. I get a kick out of all the people in the USA who are bitching and moaning about wearing masks. Here in the Philippines not only masks are a must for EVERYONE but now we must wear face shields also or you WILL be arrested and fined!

    But did I mention the infection and death rate is 10x lower than the USA? Go figure!

    1. @Steve Curran Malaria Injection? If you are talking about Hydroxychloroquine, or any of the Anti malaria drugs, they are all pills / tablets.

    2. a kick? Not funny in the least, my friend. This is a life or death struggle to submit or stand and fight against tyranny and oppression…Have you forgotten that bad guys still exist and want to end you and most of the population? They have the means and motivation…It’s no joke. Bitch and moan? I’ll shoot straight for the heart anyone foolish enough to attempt forced vaccination of malaria injection…Will you?

    3. Did the Philippine government force elderly people into old age homes? Why they died, Did the Philippine government count people who died of car accidents, that happened to have covid antibodies?

  45. Yea… like the joblessness was a surprise. What we have in the Philippines is an uneducated high school student equivalent in charge of the entire country. Durerte is a complete idiot. He has DECIMATED the entire country by his action with Covid. The number of citizens that will die due to hunger or lack of money for ANY health treatment will be far far greater than the numbers that will die from Covid. Of course…… the citizens will not know this…..it will be kept secret from them. The entire country is going straight down the toilet permanently due to his insane actions. The country has always been in economic straights and now it is literally DOOMED ECONOMICALLY. The people of the Philippines should get him out of the position of control of the country or they will be sorry. He is a complete imbecile.

    1. He is under orders and dictates of much more powerful global influences, as are ALL countries who signed on in Davos to follow UN resolutions regarding fake COVID operation. The goal is to destroy local economies and refold all financials into corporate structures, starving and displacing millions in the process….Much bigger picture than painted by the mainstream media, my friend. God Bless us all.

    2. Idiot and imbecile are the wrong words for Duterte. He is an authoritarian type. Guys like him love the ability to keep things under his thumb. You see it in the U.S. too with the democratic governors. They don’t want a good opportunity for control to go to waste. Duterte wants to maintain political control.

  46. Of course it is very easy to be content with your lady with you. A lot of people are separated due to the lockdown. That’s what is hard.

  47. Good to hear from you Reekay, glad you’re doing well under the circumstances! My filipina asawa and I where very fortunate to get situated just before the pandemic. Unlike many, and living in a small TN town, I loved the quarantine! Less traffic and more business for us. Have a feeling once the US election is over this whole pandemic scenario will take a back burner… Don’t get me wrong, it needs to be taking seriously. We’ll just have a better perspective on it moving forward.

    1. Yes, both need a pass.
      Earlier, only one person (with a pass) per household, was allowed out. That’s why Reekay was going out alone (earlier).

  48. Still waiting to visit Germany and our son’s family. Our flights were cancelled by airlines a week before we were to leave and see them last March 🙁

  49. They will keep thing as they are as long as possible, politicians have so much control and power over the population and they will not be in any hurry to give that up.

  50. If the land lords had know how long it was going to go on they are ripped your arm off to get you in as so many people have stopped paying rent.

  51. I think the malls give you a false sense of what’s happening, if you go out and look outside of the malls you see how many people are jobless, they are saying 45% but i am hearing more so its far from normal,. The thing i have noticed is people are not buying things, you see it as there are sales on everywhere.

    1. @jater 10 a good example of were the cure is much much worse than the disease. Plus very badly managed lockdown. This period will gondown in history and it won’t look kindly on the current leaders

    2. @Adam Publiczny That is one of the most troubling stats. Without OFW €£¥$, RP families will surely be negatively affected.

      We all want safety, but I fear more bigger economic trouble versus the virus.

  52. I was telling someone that 2020 is a wash for Asia. Even Africa as well. If people just want a quick getaway then the Caribbean might be the place to go or alternatively just saving can help make your return trip to the Philippines even better. I may check out the Philippines or Indonesia in 2021.

  53. Me and my fiance was supposed to get married last April but Covid messed that up and we have been separated since. then…She lost her job because of Covid so I am sending her money to survive…she is an orphan with no family…so it is hell unless I can get together with her outside of pH and better on us financially…I hope your right with this being temporary like a season…I hope a short season

    1. I’m in almost the exact same situation. I was supposed to visit my fiancé in April. She’s has no family. I’m her sole support right now since she can’t work and she’s in school. I really hope they open the borders soon. Wishing you and your partner well.

  54. the lockdown is hurting more people than helping, house arrest for adults, is what it is, no more human rights is how i see it, i am here in the US, my wife is stuck in manila.

    1. yes, and much of it i believe goes unreported. the domestic disputes, depression, even suicide due to being 5-months stuck in home with no income and little to zero food assistance.

      lowering and ending quarantine is the only viable option. continuing is a sure path to disaster.

  55. I wonder where you base your expectations on, that the worst is behind us in the Philippines? Currently the number of infected people is still increasing with an exponential rate….

    1. Most people here who get it are showing mild symptoms or none , the elderly or people with underlying health issues are at greater risk . The lockdown has down more damage then the disease wich is a flu and there was worse flu before , 1918 , Hong Kong flu 1969 .

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I’ve been thinking myself that Philippines WILL probably open before the end of the year. Not just being optimistic but Philippines really does rely quite heavily on tourism and the income it brings in. Just my thoughts it’s always better to be positive than negative imho.

    3. ‘cases’ are going up and mortality rate is flat. which means… covid is not anywhere near as bad as first imagined before there was any data.

      also, with regard to a re-opened economy (which would lessen the number of people starving to death due to a continued lockdown)… duterte continues to say he will open up domestic travel and the economy even more in december.

  56. good morning Reekay. another great soothing video. The “lock down” is just a mental issue. if you have a great attitude you will be fine. If you buy into the doom and gloom you will drive yourself nuts. My wife owns a home in San Pablo City, which we can’t get to right now, but who cares, we are not going to worry about it right now. we have 13K in unused Airline tickets including a 6K ticket for the dog. OH WELL. . We can now sell our home for 40K more than pre covid … okay then. My wife, being an awesome Filipina nurse just got promoted to supervisor, another bonus. We are fortunately doing well … not so much the Filipinas near our home in SPC. you said no food available from government, so we send funds to our house keeper to feed 45 families in our neighborhood there. It is not a big deal for us …. it is for them. HELP wherever you can and God will bless you. KEEP a Great attitude and don’t let this get you down.

    For the younger viewers … If you wanted to know what retirement felt like … Covid is a test run. SAVE up, if you don’t, you will not be able to do anything because of lack of funds. you will be sitting at home looking at the walls .. just like you are now.

    1. @King Martin Thanks King …. good response, hence no pension in the US of A we have global pensions in multiple countries plus 401Ks and other investment funds …

    2. @Mark Trail glad to hear that you are doing so well. Congratulations. Luck is made so so are well on your way, good for you. Please explain to me my friend, why every Philippines live stream out there is loaded with questions LIKE, “can I live off of $1000.00 a month in the Philippines????” I’m not being simple,however, obviously they don’t have more than that to live on.
      I am also not inferring that saving TODAY under the current situation is simple nor possible, hence the reference to “younger viewers”. I know I didn’t save a penny when I was younger and now I would be on the street if it wasn’t for my Filipina wife.

    3. “Save up, if you don’t, you will not be able to do anything because of lack of funds.”
      Wow, can you be my financial guru?. The reality is that many people have lost their jobs or it doesn’t exist anymore. In my situation I’m lucky. Sounds like you are too. Stop with the simplistic lecturing.

    1. @Steve Curran
      Friend, you will do yourself much good if you expand or even change your reading sources.

    2. This is all about dissenters. NO VIRUS EXISTS~! Covid is a holographic cartoon character created by your “overlords” and controllers to take over all countries economies and fold them into a Global Economy…I wish folks would do their homework and some research…such delusion to think things will “go back to normal” with out mandatory malaria injection with upcoming vaccines, even then, it’s a whole new world of quasi slavery for most people. Never going back, folks….open your eyes.

  57. Check out the quarantine video by Tim K in the Philippines. He was residing in the Philippines before the pandemic so not sure why he’s now in quarantine. I think he moved from one area to another. But it’s a grim situation to be quarantined for 2 weeks in a makeshift camp


    1. if you live in a condo (as we do).. simply sign out a q-pass at the lobby and return it later.

      otherwise, you have to obtain one from the local barangay captain or police dept, depending on what the procedure is in your barangay.

  58. Best of luck to you and Vee. It was a lot more easy in Thailand after the first 60 days. Now we can travel in all provinces flying, bus or driving. No pass here. Just mask and log when you go in restaurant or mall or shop. Name and phone number. We are able to shop and go to restaurant with family or friends etc. People in PHP suffer a lot more from the situation than Thailand or Vietnam.

  59. Worst part is not being able to fly international travel Sydney airport is a ghost town I saw 3 flights only in the board no checkout counters open 4 food outlets open only handful of passengers waiting 5 hours until next flight noone knws wen travel as we knw it will get back to normal whole world hasnt been like this in our time frustrating

    1. What the hell happened in Australia? Now there talking forced vaccinnations when they are available. OZ used to be a freedom loving country. Then they took away your guns.

  60. Great video thanks for share send you all my love best greetings from Thailand
    stay safe and healthy

  61. I heard it was lifted where my family is. Duterte wants people back to work, such as there is.

    1. it’s going to a struggle. no doubt about that. there are less jobs and more OFW’s who returned.

  62. Here in Santa Rosa, Laguna we back stepped to ECQ. Jen and I have done okay but we have had friends really struggle even those we thought would be okay. With their businesses shut even those that seemed more affluent have run out. Thankfully when we switched to GCQ a lot of people wanted to move so Jen closed a lot of deals and that has more than covered us. Now back in ECQ, I worry so much for those who were already struggling in GCQ. We are on a 3 day a week pass but Jen is out most days. I go out about once a week but I am not fussed. Did 10 years as an agoraphobic of never leaving the house back home in the UK so as long as I have internet this is on a personal level not too hard.

    1. True, for couples living under the same roof, with proof.
      Today, at a checkpoint in Cebu City, a female cop in military camo uniform, tried to question/challenge my condo mgt. letter and our respective drivers license.

  63. The logic that the Philippine government do is beyond commen sense, very apparent with the situation that TimK is in, here in Thailand there was never a complete lockdown, people could go out together with no restrictions, you could buy groceries, some were open 24 hours, most restaurants were only closed for a month or two, now it’s just about normal. The only thing that’s not possible is crossing borders and international travel.

  64. Yikes 159 days! Glad I got my butt back to AU for the moment.
    Been sending money back home to keep food on the table.
    Yes “content without” is a learned place to be in life not to mention a companion or someone to share it with is for better words “a blessing”
    We don’t realise what we have, including the basics until they are taken away.
    Glad you and Vi are holding up Henry.
    Stay sane Henry lol.

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