Short Province Girl: Age-Gap & Culture In The Philippines – Interview

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


  1. Im gonna be the “jerk” here and just be honest. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Let this girl enjoy her youth and find someone she can grow old with and create a lasting family with. You are going to make her a childless widow or single mom in her 30s just so you can relive your youth. You had your chance to be young, now let her have hers.

    1. yah, i hear you. just because you ‘can’ speak as if you know which couples shouldn’t stay together doesn’t mean you ‘should’ be telling others to break up.

  2. Hi Reekay another great video I can surely understand some of the things when I met my girl in the Philippines in September 2019 being from Australia. Every time I went across the road. I would look to my right looking for the traffic for getting that traffic was behind me coming from my left, so she was always having my hand.. We also hired a bike for a day and that was scary for me riding on the wrong side of the road to Australia………..My girlfriend as been here in Australia she spent 3 months at Christmas 2019,picking her up at the airport and putting her little girl in the childseat and herself wearing a seatbelt in the car was very different…………..As as the children I have had no children from my 1st marriage and can’t have children so any girls that I talked to all had children I know how important children are to Filipinos so I thought it would be very mean to deny her a child, so my girlfriend has a little 1-year-old daughter and my trip to see her in September was to meet the family and put on 1st birthhday how little girl keep up the good work

  3. Let’s be honest here—-these girls get the older guys because they see a way out of poverty, the girls move into a nicer place to live and has an old guy around to pay all the bills. Then they have options they never had before, like starting a youtube channel or creating a business with the backing of the old guy. In ten years when the old guy is really old, the girls will move on to another man. The old guy gets what he can’t get in the states, a 25 year old girlfriend.

  4. Number 1 issue iterated by Reekay: a man doesn’t want a woman that acts like a man.
    The feminazi first world woman is intolerable. Give me a woman with long hair, is dependent as opposed to independent, believes her husband is the head of the home and has what is now deemed old-fashioned, traditional values.

    1. absolutely. the feminist movement sacrificed wisdom for self-generated ‘freedom’ to live like a man.
      and now, as men leave to find women with good core-values, feminists will be left to live out their lives with each other and their cats.

  5. Hi reekiy I’m of topic here .
    But auther day was at TACLOBAN immigration and a American guy how was married to a phillo.
    For 1 year .was applying for he’s
    Phillo resedence.
    Is that possible???

    1. it could be he was applying for a spousal visa. right now, no new SRRV (retirement-resident) visas applications are being accepted.

  6. Reekay – I was intrigued when Shaun said, after visiting Gracie in the Ph, that he went back to the US, sold everything, and moved permanently to Ph. This is inspiring as Shaun doesn’t appear to be pension age. Does he work there? How does he finance his lifestyle?

  7. I’d rather have a little tampo then ever go back to f bombs. I’d kiss the girls butt if all I got was some tampo. God bless these angels

  8. A nice conversation between decent and normal people. I wish the couple good luck in their relationship as they look happy together. I don’t think I would follow Sean’s track though. I’m 63 now, I think I can cope with some age difference but as I will surely not imagine myself having more children–it would be unfair to a younger girls who will surely have such a desire in her.

  9. A young uni guy isn’t going to go with short province girl. I think Shaun is naive if he thinks Gracie doesn’t want anything from him. Because she had a bad experience with one pinoy doesn’t mean she should write them all off. I’m sure if it doesn’t work out with a foreigner she’d try again with another foreigner.

  10. Great interview! Love to see how things are different over there. Also, I took a quick peek at Gracie’s channel and I was very pleasantly surprised to hear how well she sings! Best of luck to the happy couple!

  11. Sean and Gracie are such a nice couple together. He will always protect and look after Gracie and Gracie will look after Sean. I believe both are faithful people as well and would not betray each other at all. Filipinas are much more mature in their outlook on life than western women the same age. I am 57 here in NZ and notice the almost annoyed looks I get from young women that they think I am forcing them to look at me, the old “obsolete man” by being in the same store or on the same street as them. Of course there are a few exceptions as well. I do not desire any western woman of any age. I have had too much negativity and cheating dished out to me during my life to have any attraction at all to any of them. It is ironic I feel I could offer the most love and caring at this age than I could when younger. Filipinas are a gift from God in my opinion.The spectre of feminism seems to have passed the Philippines by. God Bless you Sean and Gracie, may you have a very long and Blessed marriage together.

    1. all things considered among women in southeast asia… filipinas have the old-school values (most do), speak decent-enough english and have a very positive outlook on life.

  12. I’ll say first im 52 with a 26 year old but when I hear that age difference is no big deal here in ph I think its just a double standard because I have been here in the Philippines for a while an I can say that I have not seen any young fhilpinas with 25 plus years older fhilpinos you only see it with western males and when you date a fhilpinas the family usely ask after a few months when you getting married but when fhilpinos date each other that is not brought up they could have been together for years and in some cases have many kids but don’t even plan on getting married just a couple of double standards here in Philippines

    1. i saw some of it in vietnam. college girls with the older man. and only rarely in PH, but i’ve seen it.

    1. thanks. having kids automatically means sacrificing our time (not just money) to make them a priority. and that often means putting our own personal ambitions on the back-burner.

  13. Nice interview Reekay.. If you run out of people to interview… Hit me up.. I’d be down for it! I do a surfing / beach related Vlog here in La Union.

  14. Great subject matter Reekay. Men are biologically naturally drawn and desire a feminine women. Most western women no longer have that feminine quality of the past. Feminist ideology and the current gynocentric society has destroyed interaction and relationships between men and women in the west.

  15. While not doubting the fact that young Filipinas can truly love much older foreigners (I can testify from my own experience), I’m nevertheless convinced that it’s only their poverty that brings them to even start searching. I haven’t heard of Filipinas, or any other nationalities, stemming from wealthy families who choose that route.
    And so a girl like Gracie usually can’t get a promising college guy from a good family, because she will neither be considered a good fit by him nor his family. If they lack higher and very often even basic education, finding a foreigner is the only way for them to fulfill some of their dreams and substantially improve their, and sometimes their families’, standard of living.

    1. I lived in makati for 2 years and it was hard for me to find a nice 20-30 year old. Girls were very snobby to me BUT when I went to Leyte OMG It was much easier for me ..not sure why that is .

    2. some truth to that. but in the grand scheme of things, i see it as a solution.. a win-win scenario for each involved.

  16. I started my adventure at age 61 here 3 years ago pretty much w/nothing & nothing to lose. I now have me a short province girl who lives w/me 3 months now who’s 25 yrs younger. I relate greatly to this good vid. Marriage seems likely as well as possibly a bambino. No way I’m going anywhere else as I’m very lucky to have found someone who is so special & unconditional .

  17. Reekay, Please tell these very old guys (60+) years, they are too old to be having babies with 20-something pinays. Forget about the high risk of birth defects. They will be dead in 10-15 years, and the girl will be alone, broke, with a child, that they no longer can take of. Consider the girls future, not their lust. Just lose their income and see how many girls stick with that guy! See how many guys want her after with another mans baby. Wake up Ex-Pats.

    1. @Rocket99 Most guys over 45 don’t have the count to produce a healthy child, or please a 20 something gal. It’s totally irresponsible to bring a child into the world, where you’re not going to be around to support and care for it, and leave it to Government aid for child support. A woman over thirty with a child in Philippines has little future hopes of marriage or getting out of poverty, Do your research.

    2. If the guys older he does not pass birth defects to the woman, it’s the woman being older causes problems, let people live there lives and worry about yourself!

    1. in my 8 years in the ph.. i’ve only met 1 couple that traveled the world with their baby. i met them when their child turned 5-years old and now needed a stable location to begin attending school in dumaguete.

  18. Total respect for the age gap couple. Of course this would never sit well with a lot of people in the West. But we’re talking about a third world country with very little social or economic mobility especially for women. If it’s a loving and economically stable relationship then go for it. Something special about Filipinas and their respect and love for their partners and totally contrary to what we have with western women today.

    1. absolutely. i never realized how bigoted “we americans” (or westerners) can be over an age-gap relationship. it truly surprised me when i ran into it personally.

      and yet these same people have no issues with lesbian or gay-male parenting. they are ‘okay’ with older-women dating younger guys. but an older man with a younger woman and they go nuts.

      lots of stereotype and assumptions made, based on ignorance.

  19. There is one more thing i would like to add in terms of Filipina mindset. In the Philippines and most of asia a darker, even just tan skin girl is not considered beautiful. Add being poor to the mix and that Filipina falls to 2nd or 3rd tier attractiveness by Filipino standards. Look to the Philippine media, only rich and lighter skin women are idolized. These brown Filipina have been told all their lives that they are not pretty, that they are less than because their skin, poverty, family so they accept being treated like crap by whatever dude in the barangay that will have them. When a man comes from across the sea and tells them they are beautiful and special, imagine what that does for them. My fiancee always thought she was ugly, now she has confidence and understands that she is worthy of a good man.

    1. But when she becomes light skin by avoiding the sun and using creams and other lightening treatments then her ego also goes up. She might not stay sweet and will have an attitude. Make sure she stays brown.

  20. I dated my last girlfriend for 4 years. We are both American and she has a lot of characteristics of Filipina girls…sweet, caring, attentive, loyal, etc. However, she is 51 years old and seems very immature (ie – still calls her parents mommy and daddy, insecure, procrastinates, not serious about life, etc). I don’t have a lot of options at this point for meeting women in the States since I am 54 years old and most of the single women my age are not attractive. Sounds like moving to the Philippines or Latin America is a much better option.

  21. Reekey thanks for another great interview – Would be interesting to see an interview with a girl/wife who chose a partner with a large age gap, there partner passed, and where they are now.

  22. Reekay is a master at interviewing.I love that all the right questions are asked that are extremely revealing to me as a listener.
    It’s been humbling to me as I realize just how much I don’t know regarding relationships and culture in the Philippines. But thanks to Reekay and good solid material like this I can move forward with confidence to make good decisions, all the while having fun in life!

  23. Recommend someone hosting the old game show called, “The Dating Game”, with older foreigners & their young filipina, would be interesting & funny as hell. How about it Reekay?

  24. Yet another great segment! Your presence and manner of speech are very classy. When you were in the USA, were you a teacher or a counselor? You strike me as extremely professional and very very prim and proper. Thanks again!

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Well, you’re very good at it! Also, I just love your deadpan sense of humor. It really cracks me up! hehe

    2. i’ve always loved sharing knowledge. for some reason since i was about 20, i’ve found myself teaching small groups here and there. it’s what i enjoy. 🙂

  25. I’m glad you brought up the whole baby thing. Talking about how once you have a baby life will change drastically. I know filipina want babies. But they really don’t think about how it will affect their lives. All these girls talk about traveling and other stuff. They don’t seem to understand that when you have a child everything changes. It can also have a very negative effect on the marriage

  26. Hi reekay long time no talk. I been with you for years. Will always support you. I love this topic. People never get tired of arguing about it. Of course I’m good with it since I’m 27 years older then my filipina. Funny cause seems like all the young guys hate it. But not surprising. I can guarantee you that when they get older themselves their opinions will change. You could do this topic once a week and people will not get bored with it. I know you have done this topic before. Thanks for doing it again I really love listening to your thoughts on the matter. Take care of yourself reekay. I will be here watching your channel.

    1. thanks for your good words, they are very encouraging. in this case it was a nice change to have a couple share their own story directly. and as you said, not only will those young-critics change their tune when they are our age.. even now they are chasing the 20-somethings rather than the 40-somethings themselves.

  27. Great interview! As we know “Age Gap” is a topic that has been discussed by yours and many channels, you’re one of the originals of course. As a matter of fact your channel was one of the references that I viewed before I went to the Philippines to meet young Filipina’s and eventually met my gf. That was 6 years ago, we lived together in 2015 and similar to what you discussed we really got to know each other. You touched on the other “Gaps” in a foreigner Filipina relationship besides age. It’s culture and it’s really getting to understand the differences. You really do an excellent job digging into this topic. My Filipina (wife) we got married in the Philippines in December 2018. We probably don’t seem like we have that much of an age gap but if you want to interview us once I get back to PHL please let me know. I would push more on the topic of cultural differences and what a foreigner needs to adapt too in PHL, from a guy that has to travel back to USA for work then back to PHL to be with his wife and live seaside in a fishing village.
    I’ll sub to Short Provence Girl and she obviously is very much in love with Sean as he is with her. I wish them the best!

  28. Much better to have children with grandparents and aunts around to care for the children at times. Women that young usually need mentoring from the older generations.

  29. Great Interview. I could agree with U more. I have never thought I was better the a woman but, different. That gets blurred in the west. U right are generation was taught to respect woman. My GF took some getting used to my lady’s first attitude. The only thing that I believe western men should be aware of is most 20 somethings do want or have kids. I am in a 20 yr. age gap & she is 45 so having more kids is not as big a deal with her as some although I am capable of having them at her age it is as likely.

  30. I see defensiveness in this videos. Why don’t BOTH of you guys look at it this way: If you were a 20 year guy, would you be interested in 60 year woman? Just use reverse logic guys. You would not, but they do. It is logical to assume it is not love, it is money and support. Of course all men like young girls, me too, but put yourself in their shoes guys…you would not do it. I had a 35 year difference with Filipina girl, and I told her to move on, based upon MY AGE. In my opinion, you guys know better.

    1. You can’t look at it like that as men and women are attracted to different things. My brother at about 35 went with a 55 year old blond who was fairly beautiful and hot and she was crazy about him. So it does happen that way, but generally women are attracted to older more mature and successful guys. I knew a super-model Asian girl in US who at 18 was going out with a 40 year old guy. I knew another 18 year old who was going with a middle 40’s guy.
      In the Philippines I was once with a 19 year old super-model when I was age 50, she would not leave my side regardless of the many guys who tried to get her number. If she went to the CR in a resturaunt for example there would be at least one guy many times 2 or 3 guys follow her trying to get her number. I could not leave her alone standing on the street or guys would approach her for her number, even Filipino guys did as well. But she would not leave my side and I was not giving her any kind of big money or gifts we just had an off the hook chemistry.
      From the very first time we talked the chemistry was incredible, we were like 2 peas in a pod, she did not want to leave my side at that point . The next morning she didn’t go to work to the point her manager called her to ask where she was, she said she was on the way in , hung up and never left my side. He called 3 times before I said to her I’ll go with you to work, drop you off and pick you up later. She said she saw in me a guy who was very honest, that was far more important then age with a guy who is more then likely not the same level of honesty.

    2. there are plain reasons why 20-year-old young men don’t typically go looking for a 60-year old woman. remember, men are primarily attracted to a woman visually. how many 60-year old women are ‘hot’ enough to catch the eye of a young man? hardly any. so that’s one reason you don’t see this often.

      another reason is that young men are still… Men. and no older woman wants an inexperienced ‘boy’ telling her how to live life or make decisions. so you end up with a situation where the young man has to constantly assert himself or the older-woman will be running things and making the final decisions. ‘some’ young-men will submit to this for a while if they are getting money or housing out of the deal. but i’ve seen this first-hand with an older woman i knew and finally the day came that he bailed on her for a younger woman. tired of the older woman asserting herself over him.

  31. Reekay I subscribe to a lot of Youtube channels that are based in the Philippines. I hope that you don’t mind this compliment but you are a cut above the rest, in the way that you formulate your questions and your content has some thought put in it. Each video is a pleasure to watch….

  32. Nice to hear something good from AFA. I was going to do one of the tours they do but I was told at 58 I was to old.

  33. Nice interview Reekay, and good to get to know Sean a bit more, as he tends to stay out of picture usually. They are a nice couple. The age gap issue will always provoke different response, and is surprising when you first see it. After visiting the Philippines many times, I don’t think anything of it now, and have had them myself. I like them, but each to their own.

  34. Hello. I’ve been watching your videos a lot since lontemp and I hope you will hand over the French subtitles for French who don’t speak much English thanks to you I’m all the time touj of very good videos.

  35. Great to have this kind of interview. Would be great to see more of these success stories as well as relationships that didn’t work out. Not because we want to hear drama or something but what we can learn from. What to expect with a filipina, culturally etc.

  36. Ah yes. The Evil X. So refreshing here because most Filipinas don’t have the nasty disposition that’s all too prevalent with a lot of divorcee American women. Nice couple. Good luck.

  37. There is a reason why it’s frowned upon in the west

    We’ve all bedded a 100+ young pinay in the Philippines, so it’s not exactly an astounding feat to have a partner 1/2 the age in the Philippines

    If young girls as an partner floats the boat, then go for it, just don’t expect it to be welcomed with open arns in the west if ever decided to venture back there

    1. It all depends how you are as couple, I knew guy in the uk my age who was married to Vietnamese women …25 years age gap. I’m fit, better looking and more wealthy than he is… I personally would not go out with uneducated province girl. His wife became obsessed with me …I had to literally move gyms and block her….people are people. It’s different stokes for different for folks I guess. Personally I need educated sexy women….with autonomy.

    2. while it ‘can’ work.. i generally don’t recommend taking a young-bride back to the homeland. people in the west can be so bigoted and backwards about it. it causes stress on the marriage.

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