Philippines: No Tourist Entry Until 2021 Is Highly Likely

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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    Featured Vloggers of Asia..
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    1. As abruptly they closed the country they can reopen it by requiring all foreigners to get a covid test and health insurance prior to entering. If they don’t do that and continue to keep country closed its a kamakazi move and will destroy their economy for several years to come. Yes no more unimpeded travel but there should be a balance between not destroying the economy and a total travel ban. Disagree with Reekay in that September would be a great time to impose 14 quarantine to get people accustomed to it who plan to arrive prior to Christmas.

    2. @NyCalKid NyCalKid The worldwide lockdown is for the banking cabal to see how much the useless eaters can be cowed. Behave like a cow, or a sheep, en masse, and you only have yourselves to blame. Lockdowns will collapse under their own weight of nonsense before the paid-off, useful-idiot politicians do anything.

    3. Reekay’s Lifebeyondthesea
      Excellent blog episode! One of your very best!
      Really sobering. We over 60, living in Cebu City, went from living in Paradise, to possibly 6 months of living under prison-like conditions. Seriously!

      Please, is there somehow or somewhere that we can a get a clear copy of your red, blue, and green, timeline chart of anticipated quarantine conditions?

  2. Hello Henry. I believe that once Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand open up early to expats, this will put pressure on the Philippines to possibly open up international air travel earlier. The Philippines will not survive the rest of the year without tourism.

  3. This is upsetting. Also it causes me a bit of an emegency. The Philippines health care is much substandard than many other countries. Skipping the details, Can or will a Filipino be able to leave the Philippnes. for at least 4 to 6 months during the boarder shut down. Can you do the analysis and give me an answer as soon as possible. I am not a Filipino but am very concerned about a Filipino that I have been taking care of before the lock down and was advised to leave the Philippines during April, but now can not return until next year which could cause a tragedy. If you want more details let me know.

  4. There will be loopholes……have you had COVID 19, do you carry the antibodies, do you have a doctor note clearing you to travel and stating that you are not infectious, which is your country of origin, what is the purpose of your travel, etc. Has herd immunity been achieved? Currently in NYC 25% of people are testing positive for COVID 19 antibodies……The PI will be no different. Half the population will have antibodies in a few months. At that point and as treatments become available like anti-viral drugs, policy makers are going to do what is right for the economy. I think travel will open up by July 1 with conditions and it will get easier each month. Don’t forget, the airlines are going to be screening passengers as well…….my opinion.

  5. Some good points, but I also believe they will be opening sooner rather than later due to the economic hit as well. The people out of work are already out of money and starving as many had no savings as you know. You do make a very good point on the domestic tourism GDP percentage not being as much as some may think, but thats is still a large amount, especially when that income shown in the GDP its not provided to the workers/families but instead only lines the governments pockets. The government may be ok with this, but the workers and citizens can not sustain no tourism. Also, unless I missed it, but this tourism income may be lower compared to the income from OFW workers, from the US and other countries. However, whats not factored is many of the OFW workers from these countries, especially the US, as also not working right now/receiving pay thus not sending back to PH which is causing a massive income shortage back in PH as well for their families who rely on it. I believe this only magnifies the income gap and the need for that tourism to be creating income and related jobs

  6. Re-Open PLAN; Manila can create many Quarantine hotels, filling hotels and creating 1000’s of food related jobs. After 20 days, people can transfer to other hotels or rent condos. A way to rebuild tourism in only a few months.
    * I always appreciate your info Henry.. non bombastic, rational vlog.. thanks.
    Curt in San Diego

    1. cheaper and better if stupid airlines offer chovid tests on board… instead they prefer to stay grounded and lose billions

  7. I really wonder if this strict travel ban will hold long. In Europe some airliners start flying again between European countries as of 1 May this year…..

  8. People with limited funds living where they’re at now as an example in the USA probably would not mind moving to another country be quarantined. Would be cheaper due to the cost of living is 1/3 or 1/4 compared to back home. Most likely will be staying at home order by the state or county in the USA anyway.

  9. Reekay, appreciate your efforts in making this video. Obviously the PI doesn’t give a damn about bringing in tourism dollars. I guess the citizens can fish, forage for bananas, and mangos in the jungle, a raise chickens. The way the PI government shut down the country so abruptly would give me great pause in ever visiting there again (I’ve been going to the PI since 1977).

  10. The Philippines like some other Asian countries are overreacting. They will change at the moment they see other countries are opening up again. I base this opinion on the fact that the other way around happened as well. Although China had big issues with the virus and the virus was already present in the Philippines, no restrictions were issued by the government. However only after the majority of countries started to implement strict restrictions, the Philippines like some other Asian countries started also to implement strict restrictions. In other words they will follow the main stream. Don’t worry!

    1. Not true
      PH banned flights from/to China on Feb 2… having just 1 case.
      1.5 months earlier than US/EU

  11. I have been trying to figure this out. When the local travel restrictions are better. My fiancee has a passport so couldn’t I have her fly to Cambodia where the CV is very very low, I’ll fly there from SoCal and we’ll stay at a resort there? She goes back to Cebu and I go back to SoCal? Sounds easy peasy.

    1. 1. PH paranoid politicians banned all Pinoys from exiting back on March 20
      2. Even if they lift the ban they might deny boarding a single Filipina for her own “protection” (offloading) …not many countries do this

    2. Roger Granger filipinos going to other countries as tourists are not allowed to leave the country. Only filipinos working abroad are allowed to leave

  12. I have to laugh at the graphs, LOL LOL social distancing and the PI is a pink unicorn that is above a 9.0. Never going to happen. My prediction unlike Reekay, things will open quickly because the world is waking up to the scam. A, PI runs on foreign money Without it, they cease to exist as a country. B, we already have two very successful cures for the CCP virus. C, this is a problem for older people with compromised immune systems, magically just like the flu. Vaccine, better cue the riots now because I know millions of PATRIOTS worldwide that will never accept that.

  13. Thank you for the concise analysis. It causes me to ponder going home after the PAL proposed resumption of flights in 2 weeks. Now I’m considering hunkering down here.

  14. Unfortunately the Philippines is turning into a NWO —-hole where you will have a digital I.D.registered with Government no more cash transactions, all will be done online, at least the Philippines is showing us what the future will look like and who in the hell wants it.Bill gates is in their future as well could not have planned a more obvious takeover, who shuts down the world economy to control human behavior but the people who control the $$$$ always follow the $ F.E.D.

  15. Every govt around the world atm is using the term, “the new normal”…..they are all reading from the same script….this has all been planned for a long time….Destroy the worlds economy everywhere and bring in a new world order….run by psychos..

  16. The whole mess is New World Order3 BS. The flu kills twice as many people than the Wuhan virus. Only Sweden, Korea and the United States have there heads on correctly. Duterte and company need to look to President Trump for clarity and common sense. I arrived in August 2016 and have been confined for 48 days now because I am 66 years old. I served in the US Army for 32 years and know about risks. Quit treating seniors like little children!

  17. While the points you have highlighted make sense towards banning travel for the rest of this year, the national & budget airlines and other tourism-related businesses are likely to collapse because of such ban. Can Philippines afford this economic crisis?

  18. No way the economy sustains it. No matter how much you speculate on the language of politicians and news outlets. Reality will impose itself.

  19. Cambodia is permitting travellers to fly out if in possession of an appropriate health certificate, after testing. This will become more common until the inevitable vaccine. There have always been medical exemptions for vaccination — discuss with your doctor.

  20. Ok, so we have to wait to vacation, while Philippinos are struggling to put food on the table. I don’t agree with the heavy hand of government but nothing we can do. This is going to continue to hurt their own.

  21. I had a scuba trip planned in Puerto Vallarta June 1st. The other members of this scuba group are waiting until May 15th to see if the borders are going to be opened. I already canceled my trip. I’m 61 and don’t want to risk it no matter if the borders are opened or not, at this time.

  22. They will reopen in July. They are following the Chinese Model and they will see it is useless. The lockdown if the Philippines is nothing. It is now at it’s peak. They are already easing restrictions in Mindanao.

  23. Good evening Enrique…
    What about people that are here already on a tourist visa… Will the BOI let me renew my visa again?

  24. Thanks a lot Reekay, very useful and informative video. Hopefully we can all enjoy the Philippines again soon. Greetings from Spain.

  25. I didn’t want to believe this at first but your talking points do make sense. I definitely wouldn’t buy a ticket under these conditions.

    1. Wrong.
      Better buy cheap now ( and they must rebook you for free if there is travek ban ) rather than pay 200% more when airlines are forced to remove seats or build a lab onboard

  26. Good analysis, like the way u came to ur conclusion, based on the available facts…….however, theres one outlier that can throw all common sense out the window……his name is Duterte…….but I guess its a wait and see phase for now……thks!

  27. Very well presented. No b.s., hype just the reality. I read that article on GMA, and she’s bang on. Outside of the PH, the aviation industry will definitely not be going to the same old schedules, countries will be more circumspect about giving out visas (e.g. Canada/US border is still closed) or will have more restrictions. An aviation website quoted the CEO of Austrian Airlines, air travel will not go back to the same schedules/operations until 2023. There’s also something about market behaviour, we don’t know people will react when the lock down eases up.

    1. Everything is just hearsay at this point. Not even the Embassy could give me a straight answer.

    2. I have a ticket rescheduled .june 3rd. I asked the embassy on Facebook what their opinion would be if I should cancel or return another time. They just adviced me to wait for new travel ristrictions to come out soon. Guessing on the 15th when the IATF to put out new information. They did not advice me to cancel my trip.

  28. You tuber Lanhawk 59 is stuck in Chicago since Feb. He says he don’t know when he will get to go back to Bacolod City. James

  29. …This has got to be killing hotels, restaurants and bars….Countries that are travel destinations are getting hammered…..

  30. Just to let you know that the US State Department is limiting the issuing of all passports being issued and all international travel has been stopped for USA citizens that are traveling from the USA!

  31. This is on the US State Department web site,

    Passport Operations in Response to COVID-19

    Because of public health measures to prevent the spread of
    COVID-19, effective March 20, we have limited U.S. passport operations.
    Unless you have a life-or-death emergency, you should wait to apply for or renew your passport until we resume normal operations. Learn more on our COVID-19 Update page and our Frequently Asked Questions page.

  32. This sucks !! Future Asawa ko stuck in Calumpit Bulacan . CHIMMP !! I Personally will Never buy Any products made in china EVER !!!. I outfitted apartment for her buying only things I thought were made in the Philippines , applicances especially.

  33. Senators and Congressman’s are all in the 60+ you think this apply for them also ?/ This is a joke ,, quarantine IS NOT home arrest ..

  34. It is more nightmare for 1000s couples stuck in LDR now …torn apart by the insane lockdown measures we saw earlier only in the zombie movies.

  35. Lots of interesting and valid thoughts and opinions Reekay, and you may well be right. Just a thought though, if it gets around to January, bearing in mind it’s a big month for festivals like Sinulog and Dinagyang, maybe it will be extended again. How the Philippine economy will survive around ten months of no tourism, I hate to think. Hotels, attractions, restaurants won’t be able to cope. There is no big financial aid available to citizens and businesses there like there is in UK and USA. People there are struggling to get by already, I fear there will be civil unrest and crime born out of desperation. Things can change however, and I really hope that they do. Pray for a vaccine to prevent the virus, or a drug to treat it becomes available.

  36. Even when tourism does come back , will people still want to travel with restrictions possibly still in place? What about a second wave of the coronavirus? Alot of people are out of work, this is way worse than the 2008 financial crisis and economic downturns are not good for tourism.

    1. Everyone lose their jobs and how long they will suitable their budgets for travel around again? Probably the next 2 years.

  37. Excellent video Errique. Yes i cant travel right now anyway but Im sure this myst be a real bummer for alot of folks. Im looking forward to the day when my wife and I can return to Cebu to visit family and friends. I miss sitting upstairs at the Social on top of Ayala and drinking a few cold ones and snacking on the soft shelled crab they served last time I was there. Keep your chin up and enjoy the country without us for now. Godbless to you and the little woman.

  38. Pfizer sees vaccine by September; Remdesivir proves effective. MANILA, Philippines — Pfizer Inc. has announced it could have a coronavirus vaccine ready by the fall, according to a report in The Daily Mail.

  39. Yes this is from a tourism point of veiw most comments are around and I personally think that there is a big part of the population that will never or have ever seen a tourist. Those simple folk living in the provence and farming will have little effect on those unless they are being supported by OFWs. Most will get by just fine. I once thaught the Philippines would sink without the almighty tourist dollar but I believe thats only in a handful of tourist spots. The rest of the country will get by just as it always has.

  40. I’m just trying to get home not stay or come back . I have a job I need to get back to . Flight keeps getting canceled. Think they would want as many foreigners out of the country as possible. .

  41. I agree with Jim alvir, I think this is set up for all persons who want to travel to get vaccinated. Then everyone else! The mark set into motion.

  42. Philippines so concerned about COVID19 now but were never so concerned prior about their starving, poverty stricken citizens who die by the thousands due to lack of access to free healthcare. Their President and government are a massive JOKE!!

  43. Dictator duterte doesn’t give a rat’s ass about tourism as long as his streets are clean of drugs and China (CCP) has got his back! Soon as people begins to starve, protest and social unrest. He will just order martial law. This is what the filipinos voted for

  44. Will buy my plane ticket for this coming September I to visit Cebu City . Thanks for the awesome information on Cebu it will be very helpful in planning my trip.

  45. Hi, I wanted to know if us who are already in the Philippines, can go to the BI to renew our visas? Is it still available?

  46. Common sense not just Philippines all over words bcuz of coronavirus pretty much all business….

  47. The Philippine people will servive this just fine , it is US old expats that wont servive ! Rest in pieces !

  48. If the Philippines keeps it shutdown till 2021, more filipinos will be out of jobs permanently. Do you know how many filipinos have jobs in the tourism industry, restaurants, bars, resorts, taxis, airport workers, etc?

  49. Reekay,, do you think it is possible that IF (and it’s coming) there is a cure offered which reduces this whole issue to the ranks of common cold,, or normal flue, that all this power grabbing will be extinguished? Do you REALLY think Dueterte is on board with what these “power grabbers” are up to?

    If you have been keeping up,, the DEEP STATE power grabbers here in US are in DEEP, DEEP trouble and POTUS has back channels to all the leaders around the world including President Dueterte. The Mainstream Media in Phil in as currupt as it is here. Any surprise? What do you think?

  50. Your not going to like this.. but the data from Philippines.. looks like you did something very aggressive a little bit before April 1.. like 3 days before.. this help a great deal with lowering your new cases.. unless the Philippines takes this more seriously.. looks like the may 15 date will be rextend … or some additional lockdown measures will need to be taken.. your still increasing rate of infection.. might not take alot of work but unfortunately Philippines needs to do more.. for the last 2 weeks your still on a study incline and not flattening the curve yet.. so be ready for stricter quarantine measures… good news doesn’t look like it will require much.. maybe people taking it more seriously or more mask and washing hands.. unless something more action is taken you will not get this quarantine to stop for several months

  51. Maybe everything will change if all airports around the world require testing before boarding a flight. That combined with a 14 day quarantine would make the risk negligible.

  52. I’m curious about something as a frequent visitor to the Philippines. What if I didn’t leave the Philippines in February and got “stuck” there or decided to stay? Would I have been able to get Visa extensions at my local BOI?

  53. Hi Reekay.. haven’t watched your channel in a while, catching up now. When did you go back to Philippines? What motivated the move? It appeared you were getting along pretty well here in HCM.

  54. people are out of the pockets, businesses in Manila, Angeles, Cebu, Baguio, and countless holiday resorts on remote Islands, Boracay, El Nido, Bohol, they all out of business, simply when people are out of pockets they are not happy, if they not happy they turn against their politicians , if politicians will call for lock down extensions they won’t get elected , no politician will risk their post close to power and money . and one more thing, what about this GSQ after September?? an ESQ is about to end on 15 May and they going to move to GSQ after that, so May not September.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea well the problem is getting to Manila, butuan airport is closed. Then I talked to a UK couple who tried to get to Manila but was turned back by the roadblocks. Then another UK couple told me they was stuck in Qatar from Manila for 8 days because their flights was canceled 2x. So I was wondering when it’s clear to get to Manila, to get home. Some are stuck on beaches. Lol best place to be stuck.

    2. at no time have foreigners been prevented from leaving the PH. google, “philippines sweeper flights” for more info on how an expat can leave the PH, anytime they want.

      it is entry ‘into’ the PH which is not being granted.

  55. Omg, that’s crazy.are these people ignoring the medical tests being done? No country shouldve ever shut down , cov 19 is no deadlier than a cold

  56. Reekay do some research on this cov 19 fraud. What’s wrong with open borders for travel? I think this blown way out of proportion. There is medicine now that cures this cold. If you ever catch it. Very doubtful in the Philippines with there sun and humidity

  57. Yet while Filipinos languish not knowing if they’ve got a job or when they will be able to return to it it seems that the mainland Chinese operating the pogo casinos will be allowed to return to work ….. Don’t suppose anybody might be getting a kickback for this accommodation ?

  58. I”m not expert on Philippines but taking a hit of the magnitude of total shutoff of foreign tourism will probably mean that some people will have to return to the farm and plant food otherwise some will starve because those jobs can’t be replaced domestically. All tourism is 8.5% of the economy, if you take out the foreigners that might be 4-5% of GDP.

  59. The 60 years or plus rule would mean the President of the Philippines and many in government will either be locked in their homes or not lead by example. There are many in the provinces who are older than 60 and have to work to live, it’s not like they can take social security early. At some point you have to educate the older population and give them all the assistance possible but let them choose how to live and deal with the virus. Locking them in their homes will kill them as surely at the virus itself.

  60. Would anyone be able to tell me what is the best outcome May 15th? Will they open Luzon and continue the lockdown in the provinces? My wife is currently stuck in Mindanao unable to flight back to Europe. Stay safe everyone.

  61. You would not like to be part of the tourism industry in phil…especially the high end….it’s like having a knife stuck directly in your belly. The affect on phil economy is going to be huge. Social deprivation is going to be huge. Is very sad for the poorer countries. And especially the beautiful phil people. God bless, you guys over there.

  62. Will ANGELES CITY survive? They will face extinction. These politicians have to realise like the Dinosaurs which disappeared from the face of the Earth, Angeles City will as well. The World will never be the same again.

  63. Reekay I want to ask you again. What if a foreigner living here on a tourist visa and needs to leave for the 36 month visa run. Even if he has a child and supports the extended family if he’s not married even if he could travel out he might not be allowed back in if he’s not married. So how long how many months can he be late on the visa before he gets in trouble. Looks like international travel Christmas is eight months away. I know men that needed a visa run a few months ago.

  64. Ricky what going to happen to an expat I’m Canadian living here in the Philippines on a tourist visa but my 3 years is up July 15. What will happen to me

  65. They already relaxed the 60 years old and under 20 years. Everything is as before. You can do the same thing as before if you have your pass to go to the hospital pharmacy and grocery’s

  66. This is crazy Im not saying to not be serious Buttttt this is because 7000 people out of 110 million was infected. If they was to start checking the public they would most likely see that approx 50 to 60 percent of the population has already had it and recovered . Very hard to believe the whole world shuts down because of 2 million people out of 7 billion people is so so so stupid in no way am i saying your stupid just the way the whole world is reacting to it

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