Personal Update: Cebu, Marriage?, Cost of Living, Travel & Mexico

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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  2. first time commentor long time follower. Congratulations! I stay at Calyx close to Ayala when I’m there. Guessing youre in that area as well. Good luck and stay safe

  3. lol your the same way huh, i won’t be in a rush either if it was my 3rd! i knew my Asawa for 5yrs before we got married.

  4. I’m waiting for the US Embassy to open for K1 interviews. Been waiting since it closed in March. So my fiance can come here to the states.

    1. yes. she has patience. i’ve never trusted any woman who is desperate to get married right away.

  5. I’m 65 and plan to retire to the Philippines with my Filipina wife in about 5 years. At that time, I’m looking at maybe around $5000 in monthly income from my federal pension and soc sec combined. What sort of lifestyle can we expect on that sort of income? Also, my wife is a nurse so she hopes to get a job in a nursing home there so that’s extra income on top of what I’ll be bringing in.

  6. Just a piece of advice bro maybe you give her an allowance for herself, because filipino siblings is very helpful to their parents…then it’s up to her what to do to her allowance…

  7. I recommend take day by day, enjoy your love for each other. You are both very smitten. Reekay you are intelligent and caring, but you are mature and already tuned in. A star struck 22 year old will very likely change her mind, as family and children become more desirable as she matures. You would be better off with older woman, had children already. Just my opinion.

  8. I guess they consider wanting to be near your lady friend “non-essential entry”. Funny, cause it feels darn essential entry to me.

  9. My name is vince from Nassau bahamas I’ve been on the dating site for about a month now Filipino Cupid I’ve met a lot of interesting ladies I really want to make a trip there when pandemics Clare

  10. mexico is open the movies are open but i spent 8 years there lots of murders you must stay with powerful people or it is not safe crime big time here in the Philippines on the other hand law and order people are nice and the cost is much better than mexico both are better than the USA

  11. July at present according to my study’s of when Country’s in Asia may start to open borders. I have business interests in the Philippines and Thailand so weekly I’m seeking information that at times changes daily not in my favour of returning to Asia. Currently in UK where things where getting better but after nearly 8 months the whole Country has returned to lock down with fines for been in public spaces with out good reason. My strangest reports from the world health is this could be normal practice for many years even with vacinatoin programs been issued its going to be a long drawn out process befor normality returns.

    1. You are probably better off in the UK right now. I live and Vlog in La Union Philippines. I cover the surf, beaches and entertainment here. what kind of business are you going to do in the Philippines?

    1. certain cities, i agree with you. and overall you do need to watch your back. areas like juarez, matamoros, tijuana are known for their high crime rates and corruption. but other cities seem better according to various expats now living in guadalajara and guadalupe. it would be best to try and contact a vlogger living in a city there to get their personal perspective.

    1. under ‘normal’ circumstances, americans are given a tourist-visa upon entry which is good for 30-days. they then either leave before that, or apply for an extension and continue to extend for up to 36-months if they so choose.

      so, a 2-week stay would be covered by the initial 30-day tourist visa.

    1. true, it’s simply not a priority for either of us.

      not every date turns into a relationship. and not every relationship turns into a marriage.

    1. the grocery prices themselves, in pesos, have been going up slightly. maybe 5%-10% over 2020. this is separate from the exchange rate, which affects all purchases overall.

  12. Everyone gets suckered in eventually, I noticed even Ned got reeled in eventually ! And why not, you’ve both played the field long enough

  13. I have notice the rental prices are coming down a little here in Dumaguete. We looked at a place a couple days ago and they was asking 25k and they offered the place to us for 21k. I have also noticed the prices being marked down on the sites that are advertising places too.

  14. We lived together for three years before we decided to get married. Been married a year now and very happy together.

  15. I have been to 100 islands Pangasinan, Subic Bay, Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Manila, Cebu, Bohol, Boracay, Baguio and multiple times in some places all in a year. Why didn’t you travel around?

    1. @NITBAN it hasn’t been my priority since english is everywhere in the PH. i made more of an effort learning vietnamese during my year there, since very little english is spoken there by comparison.

    2. i’ve been traveling around since 2012. i spend quality time at each location, usually from 6-months to a year to get to know the place. lived in several places in cebu city, mactan, bohol, panglao, moalboal, dumaguete and bacong.

  16. Reekay, i know marriage is not in sight, but getting married to her, would that help in obtaining the required visas to go Vietnam and beyond,,,,,, excluding the today issues with the virus and possible changes to visa requirements?????? another item, i say 2021 is washed out for phils,,,,, look at 2022,,, and beyond for opening,,,,, its no longer about economy or money,,,, thats my opinion

    1. getting married to a filipina would help with entering the PH and PH visa. but it wouldn’t change much for entering other countries that i’m aware of.

  17. Even with a vaccine, it’ll take over a year to distribute. Also, many people (not to mention names, but let’s just call them red state hoaxer fundamentalists) will never take the vaccine. They believe CV either a hoax or it’s the common flu. Hospitals will still be filled, even with a vaccine 100% effective.

    So, I do not think this’ll be going away any time soon in the US. That said, other countries I suspect will be good to travel by next summer.

    1. Red Hoax, what are you talking about! I will. not take a shot, if I do not know what is the ingredients inside…that has nothing to do with political are free to get the shot but don’t force and bullly!

  18. Mexico is hard to get your Filipina to. 3 month bank statements, 3 month credit card, copy of credit card, $1600 in the bank, letter from her employer, etc. Giant pain in the neck!

  19. slow is the way to go. i mete my wife in 2014. we just got marred this year .. i needed a beneficiary for my retirement. hahaha. im hopping one of these vaccines will come though so we can travel soon. i have been thinking its the only way we are going to be able to travel from one country to another. have your shot papers.

  20. I’m actually in Mexico because of everything being closed. You can stay here from the US without a Visa for 180 days

    1. Lol See how things change when a person meets Someone they like forget what they said what happened to men in their 50s he said should date only women in their 30s because 20s is too young for 50 hes said this many times lol

    2. Hey,Tom Wilson.
      I’m in Southern California. can’t get into Philippines now, Mexico is do-able Can you suggest an interesting town/village that is both fun and safe? I’d appreciate any advice you can give me, Thank You!

  21. Your right about the marriage thing its not something to rush into yous are both together right now why would a marriage make everything so much better also younger people change there minds all the time thanks for the update take care both of yous.

  22. Nice video Reekay…Can you maybe do a video on the vaccines as there are rumors that G5 to the kitchen sink is hidden in these vaccines! I feel you are the voice of reason so if you can please check into it I feel that video will be well received. Thanks Reekay. P.S. So far no other volgers are talking about it.

  23. Why did you leave Vietnam you said you wanted to retire there? Note your girl friend is very pretty your very lucky

    1. i left vietnam to be with my g/f (Vi).. who i met during a visa-run back in sept/2019. we’ve been together since january/2020 to now.

    1. Really? I spend about $350 – $400 per month on groceries/household goods here in WA, and that’s just for me. $400 for two people sounds great to me, haha.

  24. I think it also has to do with travelrestrictions in the country you are living. At the moment in Holland we could only go to Curacao, but also that is over due to cases there

  25. We completely agree with taking marriage seriously and taking time to develop a relationship living together. As you may know us by our old channel name “ Fit couple in the Philippines” . Anyway we have been together since 2014, we stayed together in 2015, and part of 2016,17 and 18, then married in 2019.

  26. Do you think the English language “score” of about a 6 is the typical English level for most Filipinas ? I am patient with them but sometimes their English isn’t very good and I get frustrated always trying to figure out what they mean. How good are they at improving their English or does that prove too difficult for most girls ? Continued success and peace !

    1. I been here over 3 yrs & the language/communication thing is huge to me. I’ve had a couple girls I wanted to know better but I too often thought that we didn’t always understand each other no matter how patient I was. It can be frustrating & perhaps a barrier in knowing each other well. I now have a great steady province g/f, college educated & worked in malls many years. I score her at least a 8 with English & it’s great to feel like yur both pretty much always on the same page w/each other. So there’s Filipinas out there & as Reekay said before I believe, it may just take time…..

    2. as a generality, most filipinas learn english and tagalog in school, and then speak their local dialect at home. so most don’t get much practice speaking english unless they are in a job interfacing with expats. (mall, restos, call centers, etc)

      what i have seen is that most filipinas will apply themselves to learn just about anything (skiing, line-dancing, football, soccer, whatever) to be a bigger part of her man’s life. and that includes english. so, english becomes less of an issue over time if a man is patient to help her learn along the way.

    1. It depends on what kind of temps you are used to, I live in SE Texas and I rarely sweat in the Philippines unless doing something that gets my heart rate up. I feel bad when I see the European guys they are usually drenched.

  27. Thanks for the update…Im glad for you both and hope for your continued good relationship…its a crazy world right now but im planning to be there again asap

  28. In your case why get married, I guess. All it gives you is parental rights and the right to put a cheater in prison. Be happy.

    1. aside from the traditional, social-status… it would not benefit her much unless we went to live in the usa. but living in the usa is not part of my life-plan.

  29. Sounds like you have good plans, best of luck to you both. As for the baby thing, she’s 22, she may well change her mind, difficult. Personally I’m looking forward to travelling around Ph some more in 2021, fingers crossed.

    1. yep. we’re each taking it one day at a time. happy and content with that for now. we’ll see how it pans out in the future.

  30. when they can’t get anymore pesos out of you……bye bye….she moves on for fresh game….or he does 1st…..their plan is for the family not you. don’t marry ! not smart.

    1. that happens. but not all the time. i know plenty of expats happily married to a filipina. they say it’s the best decision they ever made even years later. check out bud brown’s channel sometime. he and gloria are very happy together.

    1. There are two that are getting ready to be released Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna. The second one does not have as strict of storage requirements the first one has, BioNtech needs to be stored at much cooler temps.

  31. Réekey, amigo tendrías q hacer un vídeo para la mayoría de hombres q queremos ruletear nomas ´,,y no queremos un paquete para toda la vida ,,mucho rollo con las estafas y los riesgos ,,a la mayoría de hombres nos gustan las mujeres para flirtear una semana y cuando estamos aburridos ……de hombre a hombre …gracias ,,,háblanos de las estudiantes ,las vendedoras de los mal ,en las playas ,los mal ,como acercarse a una filipina ,,country si de girls etc….

  32. No disrespect but I think you shouldn’t rush into anything just because you feel pressured by people around you. I’m looking around the community and I’m noticing that Gio, Ned, Paul Asian all have really good looking girls probably bc nonwhites have to work harder to get the same quality of woman in the Philippines.

    All I’m saying is you can do much better. Best wishes.

  33. Reekay, just fyi..I recentlt drove with my scooter from Dagupan to pagudpud..7 hour drive…more like 10 hour trip during the typhoon. I crossed 3 union, ilocos sur and north. Of course I had test and travel pass for tourism. All resorts are open. No problem except ilocos norte…I had to do another test and check in with tourism!! Pagudpud is beautiful place but I got turned off with the restrictions and bad weather!!

    1. Take a vaccine that took less than a year to roll out? Do your homework man, there is enough info out there to avail yourself of, you will have no one but yourself to blame, the vaccines makers have protected themselves.

    1. I don’t think a
      third wave was
      planned in the
      People are just
      so stupid it’s
      like the powers
      that be are
      going all out

  34. Marriage is not for everyone. And some guys do not make great husbands. If you can’t tell after one month with a girl if she is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with your spinning your wheels. When you find the right one you won’t hesitate and you’ll make the ultimate commitment or someone else will.

  35. I am interested in your opinion on a golf resort on an island with beaches , I know there are golf courses in Cebu but are there beaches too , something like Boracay with shopping and local restaurants. I am from NY and have lived in California and now Okinawa so I am familiar with island living , thank you and I enjoy your content very much

    1. @lionhearted1969 to use the beaches at the resorts in maribago (east of the airport)… have to purchase a ‘day pass’ for the resort to use the beaches there, not sure what they are charging currently, but in the past was about 600php per person for the day.

    2. There is the luxury Badian Island Golf Resort which sits on its own island just a few meters off the coast of Badian on mainland Cebu near Moalboal. On Mactan Island, there is a public 18-hole golf course next to the Mactan-Cebu Airport and you’re just a few minutes to all luxurious beach resorts in Mactan. The Shangri-La Mactan Resort has a golf garden, maybe putting green but very beautiful.

    3. check out dumaguete. beaches to the south and 2 golf courses there.

      but cebu, no nearby beaches that are convenient.

  36. Hi Reekay and Vi! Been following you since Dumaguete, and really like your contents. Just stopped by to share with you something I discovered here in YT. It’s JENNIFER TERRI, a Filipina and that’s her channel’s name, too. A lot of your viewers (including Gio’s, Paul’s and other expat vloggers) constantly ask about going to the PH, and I’m one of them. We can’t find direct answers so I kept on searching for a good, and more reliable outlet. She’s so full of info regarding latest procedure/policy/system on OFWs, Filipinos and foreigners wanting to go to the PH, even hotels and rates where you can spend quarantine in. She really does her homework seriously about this issue. She’s taglish (70% T/30% E approx.) but her charts are all in english. Check her out!

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Yup, that’s her. It’s a treasure trove of info for anyone desiring to travel to the PH. Have a good night… stay safe!

  37. Both Jen and I have never been married before and after 7.5 years of living together, it is something that will happen. I would like to do so more for convenience as it makes visa much easier. As we would both like a child in the future after covid settles I think it will most likely happen then. Still, we are both happy and life is good. I would like to do at least one trip back home to the UK just to see my father in person one last time but we have also talked about taking time to travel around the Philippines more when things ease. Glad to see things are also going well for you Reekay 🙂

  38. Congratulations my friend to you and Vi on going strong in your relationship. It’s so important in having a strong relationship before marriage as you both know. My wife and I are doing great as well. Keep up the good work on your videos. Hope to see you both someday.

  39. you guys are more into a “Friends with Benefits ” situation which is perfectly fine . You help her financially and you get what a man needs Whats important is that you not lead her into a false sense of a long lasting future ..marriage ..

    1. a FWB is a bit different. with fwb i would not have one living with me. it’s a more casual, ‘whenever’ arrangement. (open arrangement)

      with Vi, she is my girlfriend and we live together. neither of us is seeing anyone else. (exclusive relationship)

  40. I have lived in Phuket Thailand going in four years and found your comment about the majority of new relationships between western men and Filipinas typically last just a few weeks or at best s few months. It’s no different in Thailand and in fact my guess of the success rate for a long term relationship in Phuket would be less than 5%.. as a guess based on personal observation. Now I’m thinking the only advantages of moving to the Philippines would be a lower cost of rent and the activities I enjoy.. scuba, sport fishing etc.. which is not very good in Phuket. There is still lots of time to weigh the differences between the two countries due to the government shut down. On the other hand I have friends who have left thailand for the Philippines and are much happier plus I’ve had Filipino girlfriends while working in the Middle East, will have to see how things pan out over the coming months before making a firm decision on moving to the Philippines.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea agree, I have sent similar situations with thai women, when I first arrived to Phuket I knew nobody until I met a fellow American who has lived in Thailand for over 20 years he offered pearls of wisdom based in his personal experience of which one was “there is no love in Thailand, only love of money” I see that now after nearly four years Iiving in Thailand. When the money stops she’s gone. One of the funny things I hear from Thai women frequently is… If she has money or a good paying job, why does she need a boyfriend!! Lol funnier than hell!

    2. a friend of mine was with a thai woman, in thailand, for over 6 years. when his health went bad, she truly could not care less about him. even walked a distance away from him to avoid being associated with him. not that all thai women are that way, but so many expats i’ve spoken with (in the philippines) have had the opposite experience. with their filipina wife or g/f being so willing to stand by them and help them with their health issues.

      is it a different compassion level due to a catholic upbringing versus a buddhist/taoist one? who knows.

  41. Thanks for the update Reekay, glad to hear everything is going great. I’ve reluctantly accepted that my frequent visits to the Philippines are are impossible for now, which is even worse as I had planned to stay there even longer this year. LDR sucks without regular visits, and probably many LDR won’t survive. I decided long ago, that I will never marry again, I value my freedom too much now, although I might consider trying living with someone. I see no no benefit for me in marriage tbh . I hope that the vaccines will be effective, and travel will open up to somewhere that appeals to me, as it is my greatest passion in life, after my family. Take care both of you.

    1. That’s great she looks very happy with you that what it’s all about making each other happy and a healthy relationship

    2. yes, reminds me of a song by the kinks, “where have all the good times gone?” it’s just not like it was pre-march/2020.

      malls are open now and you’ll find people there. but not as many as before. and now, all covered up in mask and face-shield. plus.. ‘keep your distance’. ugh.

    1. as i mentioned, we cook a lot at home and like to make meals from veggies often. some veggies are inexpensive but other stuff is not. and fruit.. 40-cents for a small orange. so when we get a bag of oranges, some mangos, bananas, pineapple, durian, etc.. again, it adds up. every so often we’ll get shrimp, fish or korean beef as well. we like to eat well and eat good food.

      our average checkout total is from $45usd-$80usd. and we may go back to the supermarket up to 3-times a week because fruits/veggies only last so long before they spoil. we ‘could’ lower our food bill if we ate more pastas, noodles, etc. but i try to limit the carbs we eat.

  42. You are 57 years old now, have been in Philippines or traveling since 2012? Are you on a pension of sort at such a young age?

  43. Good luck with taking Vie out of the Philippines, I have American friend with Pinay wife wanted to take her to Thailand for honeymoon. Had to do a Interview and crap about sex trafficking. They would not even let her go to America meet her new family.

    1. yes, the ph-immigration stance on ‘off-loading’ filipinas without prior travel experience is going to be a hurdle. already familiar with it. we’ll just do best we can to be prepared when the time comes.

  44. I am happy for you Reekay. My last one lasted not quite 4 months, she is married big NO NO. Lesbian friend that seems way to close. Facebook was posted, in a relationship with the lesbian friend and posted picture lesbian friend arms around her and smiling. She had to go recently, that was my 2nd Pinay. problem in Philippines, no DIVORCE NO ANULMENT. Reekay you do not need to be married, if you love each other. Marriage paper, can change people then someone knows or thinks they can change the way they are, like they have you for life and you can be in trouble about it.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I hear a lot about how the pinoy will get a girl pregnant here, then leave her. But seems stupid because they go to other Pinay that has 2 or 3 kids?

    2. those who are new to the PH may be surprised how many filipinas have been bi-curious or still lesbian.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea ok most 99% ,,,been in the PH going on 6 yrs I’ve had experiences with quite a few Pinay who swore to me there are no kids in their future,shortly after their motherly instincts quickly kicked in , unless they already had a kid or two,many of my friends had similar experiences,the women always hope and work hard psychologicaly to change your mind,being your gf is 22 her maternal instincts will kick in sooner than later, btw been your sub for at least 4 yrs,

    2. considering i’ve met filipinas who are already in their mid-30’s who chose to not have kids, and the many who put off kids in order to have college/career… no, there is no ‘guarantee’ of anything. it’s a simple stereotype to think that all filipinas (or women for that matter) will want kids. my time in the ph has shown me otherwise.

      it would be more accurate to say, ‘most’.. but not ‘all’.

    1. in your hypothetical situation, it would be the opposite of our real situation. (she’s not in a hurry.)

      but if she was in a hurry, breakup is not the only outcome. i’d remind her that i am not in a hurry and she is free to choose whether she is okay with that, or not. i would let her choose whether she wanted to stay or find marriage somewhere else.

    1. she teaches me new words and phrases here and there. “ka ulan nun” (sp?) is, “the rain is coming.”

      but our emphasis is on her learning english. i can get by with english in the PH, but her learning english is of more benefit for her. so we focus on that most of the time.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea need to drop kick those bat research virus scumbags so far back to the stone age they become what they eat

    2. yes. personally, i believe it is due to a weakened dollar, not a stronger ph-peso. ph-economy is imploding. last report, 50% unemployment (with many more under-employed). over 80% loss in business taxes to the cities. over 4-million chinese now in the PH at around age 35, which means less jobs for local filipinos.

    1. yah, gotta enter marriage as an optimist. only a total scammer gets married knowing they plan to divorce later. 🙂

  45. No rush I getting married at the right time go slow enjoy each other bond with each other 22 years old and your 57 age makes no difference it’s what’s in your heart love conquers all love John

    1. yes. getting married to make ‘other people’ happy is not a good reason. it should always come down to the couple, themselves, being ready to make that commitment.

  46. Reekay….please tell me you’re not gonna get married again! Maybe divorce is different there but it’s only a matter of time. I married a lady who I dated for 10 months and as soon as that wedding took place, completely different person and expectations (obviously favoring her).

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I met my wife in Davao at the age of 59. Despite a 39 year age gap we are happy and now 7 years later, have a beautiful baby girl. Its just a matter of meeting the right pinay I guess!

    2. “if”.. i ever get married again, that’s the last time.

      i met an expat in cebu who has been married over 7-times. now, with the 8th he has a wonderful marriage. but i figure 3 is my limit. 🙂

  47. Dr Fouche does not see covid 19 vaccines becoming available to the general population in the US until June 2021. Maybe the Philippines has a special inside track concerning access though I doubt that? Health care workers may have access here by the end of December though they do not amount to our 340,000,000 person population. If the Philippines can come up with hundreds of billions of USD they would be able to outbid the US for access. I doubt that the Philippines has this much money to spend on a covid vaccine. Vaccinating the world might take about four years if they can spend 50 USD per person. This is a month’s income in many locations.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I’m so sorry to.hear this news Reekay but I understand. Yes 9 is very early there to close.

    2. @MrBriantennis sadly, it’s already nov 18th and when i checked two days ago.. still no lights for the big display. they do have some christmas lighting outdoors and indoors at ayala center mall, but not the big-show they usually do each year.

      normally the mall was open til almost 11p during december. plenty of people around to enjoy the show. but now with the mall closing by 9pm, i’m thinking they won’t do it this year. 🙁

    3. One big important question for you Reekay. Has Ayala Mall decorated their beautiful Terraces with Christmas lights yet? Oh how I miss that Christmas light show to music which happened (forgive me if I am wrong) I believe each season around early November.

    4. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Reekay GREAT update and excellent current information! I agree with you on MEXICO! I have a husband/wife friends of mine from Texas (he is also a Tennis Professional) who just vacationed in Cancun and they said NO HASSLE EASY PEASY. The only requirements were temperature check upon arrival at airport and a simple 4 or 5 question piece of paper indicating that you felt ok. That was it!!!! I think I may go sometime in December for a simple 1 week holiday. Only thing to make sure people ask for from the resort is “is everything for sure open?”. Sometimes if it is a big resort there may only be 1 or 2 restaurants /bars open and only 1 or 2 swimming pools/jucuzzis. Other than that it is real and easy

  48. I know what you are saying about your relationship I have been with Ne (GF) since I landed here on February 12 2019. I bet we haven’t been apart for over 6 hrs. in a day since then. I get, you can’t trust U r Filipina GF all the time usually from guys who have never been here or dated a Filipina & I never asked or advice. If U don’t know a girl you have lived with in 2 yrs. U never will. I believe communication & cultural difference is the biggest thing you have to overcome. Best guess when it will open here 2 nd quarter of 2021. Davao City is going backwards also. We have to have passes again. Same reason as U, an increase in cases not deaths. On prices I also agree. Lower rent & food at the mall a small increase. Best wishes for vie and u.

  49. I don’t think the borders are going to be open till September October November the way they’re going to it’s going to take a long time to distribute these vaccines especially to the Philippines. I’m glad they let you out of your condo though I’ve heard things are really tight there

    1. yep.. no need to go traveling with all the paperwork involved right now. we’re content for now enjoying where we’re at. 🙂

  50. I retired right at the lockdown and screwed my Asia plans, I’ve been checking out Mexico for past 5 months since Asia will be closed all 2021 guaranteed. They have a 6 moths visa in Mexico. You can fly all you want but cant drive borders are closed.

  51. What is the situation for you if you decide to marry? Is it possible to marry there in a Catholic church? I am assuming Vi is Catholic.

  52. wow welcome back to the Philippines, Glad to see you have met someone new, Sorry I have not watched in a while, Been busy with Life here in Florida

    1. @Cal Barton because the tagalog language has no he or she. No him or her. Like “siya” refers to both he or she. That’s a common mistake of bilingual Filipino switching from tagalog to english language.

    2. For the most part most the younger crowd speaks well. Still drives me crazy when my wife refers to my brother as ” she” though lol

  53. This current situation has forced me to stay in Thailand and have been with the same women since March, it’s taught me to slow down, as my usual mode is traveling and now Iam more happy than ever just staying in Thailand with a great relationship and so far it’s great!

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