Expat Is Refused Treatment For, “Being A Foreigner” – Cambodian Hospital

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Author: Reekay

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    In this video I discuss, “Expat Is Refused Treatment For, “Being A Foreigner” – Cambodian Hospital””

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  2. Sad to say Cambodia is very Racist and Discriminates against all Foreingners and they Hate you. The only thing they want is your MONEY…

  3. This guy wasn’t having a heart attack. He was having a panic attack. They probably thought he was fruitcake

  4. There are few possibilities here. (1) May be he doesn’t have the money and demanding care (2) May be he came across as an arrogant duche bag not respectful of the people and culture of the host nation

  5. Wow! I am an American citizen who is waiting to retire in that part of the world. This video infuriates me! Take Cambodia off of my list if that is how they want to act.

  6. Curious to know what the doctors did to treat him, was he admitted, was it an actual heart attack?

  7. at 24:00 et. seq., the wrong suspicion the patient had Covid is the common thread. This pandemic has punched a hole to the idea of a globalist world. Nations, and this patient, are really left on their own. This video proves supposed highly trained professionals are xenophobic to disobey their hipocratic oath, given the right situation. After such a sobering experiance, I would want to go home immediately to protect my life. I would really be nervous to be a foreign traveler or expat right now.

    Covid has been the cause of a lot of irrational panic and behavior. I am concerned with the comments expressed “this would not happen in [fill in the country]”. What guarantee do you have it would not happen in [fill in the country]? Even in the best of, normal times, being a traveler or expat in a host country has general negative risks to consider.

  8. This is why i love the Philippines, i know the Healthcare isnt up to par but if u can afford it it can be in the private hospitals. But no matter what they treat foreigners as humans, u can get care in the philippines. In thailand it will cost u alot of money falang prices.

  9. Before I moved to the Phils 4 years ago I tried to think of all the ” worst case scenarios”. Healthcare always seemed to be the biggie & this vid may be a good example.

  10. These are backward people unfamiliar with foriegners and afraid possibly because of your tatoos and demeanor.

  11. I could only watch half of this, though I assume you had a purpose for showing us. Maybe you could re-edit this video and add both a summary of the end result of his actions and your take and advice for others wanting to live in Asia, preferable as a preamble to the extended video. Thanks.

  12. I’ve been married to a Thai woman for almost 24 years, and I understand the culture much better than I did at his age, even taking into consideration that I lived there over six years. He did not handle this well, and he would have been far better off going to the other hospital when he still had time, though I would have likely made the same choice as he did at his age. The Asian culture is very different than what we are accustomed to in the West, and it takes quite a bit of time to wrap one’s head around it. Certainly would have been a different story in a more developed country like Thailand where they take anyone in, but laughingly you wouldn’t be allowed to leave until you paid your bill. 🙂

  13. Cambodia wants tourist to leave (I think) 2000 dollar bond on entering as a requirement now for the covid problem just in case you get infected

  14. Re-watched twice. He really had angels around him. Truly blessed! Glad his Gf was there. That was a big support.
    The tip you guess mentioned. Is a great one but really sucks to have a need for that.
    His story is truly a lesson learn for me.

  15. I don’t care what country you are or from that is just wrong to treat a human being like that. I bet the Cambodian bureau of tourism loves the heck out of it. I wouldn’t go there after watching that.

  16. No offense, but if you knew you had heart issues, think you would determine what hospital would be appropriate if you should develop medical issues. Also, do you have medical insurance for Cambodia? Bottom line, when you live in a foreign country, you should consider all potential problems, especially health issues, and plan ahead in case of worse situation arising. Such as, residing near a hospital well known by foreigners. Consulate in Cambodia, or even yelp, can help you identify best hospitals.

  17. And, what is the end of the medical emergency story? How did he eventually get treatment and recover?

  18. Terrible situation to be in. Unfortunately there are few hospitals that are qualified for Cardiac Care. Manila and Cebu are your best bet for a heart problem in the Philippines.

  19. If you can’t even trust a hospital to treat you with a condition or emergency, then you are basically living in the wild west. Might as well have some money and live next to your own private doctor and nurse that can do something similar to a john wayne movie. American media is running around causing division and exaggerating every little thing, calling it racism, while this guy has proof of real racism on tape.

  20. Private medical insurance and stick to Thailand or Malaysia. Expats won’t get treated well such places, its not uncommon for expats to die there.

  21. 11mins in…and im saying why the hell the Girlfriend not fighting for him…. Just translate and chill. He’s fighting for himself.

  22. That would not happen in Thailand or the Philippines. But check-out, they won’t let you leave without payment. TRUE

  23. At Yale University a PHD has stated they need to post abort all white men, not shitting of course she was Asian , but people have been flying under the radar of the racism directed towards white people, I fortunately have lived in places like Toronto and if you live with immigrants long enough they will start spewing there hatred of white people and it is quite astonishing , people love to drag the US down as racist , but they do not hold a candle to Asia, not even close , so be aware and act accordingly, not all hate you but it is there and do not put your life on the line for anothers love of you

  24. If I had a major illness or condition I would be a complete idiot to live in southeast asia and expect treatment, sorry the world can be an ugly and cold place

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