Davao Doctor’s Hospital: Getting My Hearing Restored

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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    1. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea What happened to Vietnam ? Are you living back in the Philippines full time again ?

  2. Iv been in that hospital many times I hav a great doctor there pop over to peoples park walking distance from there near appo view hotel great buffet too in that hotel

  3. Well i did clean my four wisdom teeth in Thailand Bangkok , the dentist had to drill the teeth and put some filler. The job was done well

  4. Two years ago while attending a wedding in Manila I got a bad respiratory infection which felt like it was heading to pneumonia. Because we were staying in BGC I went to the nearby St. Lukes Hospital (considered one of the top hospitals in the Philippines) on a Saturday morning. After initially going to the urgent care office I was referred to a pulmonary specialist in the hospital. Visit with that doctor took about one hour and cost about $20 USD. Got a prescription for antibiotic which cost about $15 USD at a pharmacy close to our hotel. Over all pleased with the care that I received, but understand this was at a top hospital in one of the most upscale parts of the city. I would probably would have a higher level of concern if I had gotten sick in a more rural area.

  5. Hi Reekay,I had to have my ears syringed regularly, especially after colds,as a child in NZ.I stopped having problems with it as an adult….only very occasionally. I still get checks for any build up.Especially important for me,as I have been a professional musican/bass player my whole life.Great to see you have discovered Davao.My Fav part of the Philippines. Really warm people.I met so many other musicians in little bars, walking around the streets at night.I felt totally safe.I live in Thailand now,but will be moving in Davao this year some time.

  6. Yes I know what you mean I’m 55 years old and I had some horrific moments with the blocking of the years yes I’m glad you’re OK.

  7. I have been hearing impaired from birth, and will have Cochlear Implant surgery upon return to US. Not easy being deaf in the Philippines, but my sweet Filipina wife takes such good care of me, it is not so bad.

  8. I have used the medical services in the Philippines. While a 1000 PHP is not much to us, it is a sum to many in the Philipines so I am always careful to explain that the American dollar is strong but medical procedures are still expensive to the citizens. I do like having everything priced and you know what you are getting when you go to a clinic.

  9. As we get older, it’s important to see a doctor a few times a year, get blood tests, and physical examinations including checking the ears for wax build up.

  10. Getting a hospital bed in emergency can be difficult sometimes. it took 5 -6 hospitals riding in a trike to find a bed Digos city. They have 6-8 hospitals National hospital no bed available usually been are case they can take treat you but you have to sign a waiver saying there not responsible if you leave before they observe you overnight as if admitted.

  11. my gf goes to that hospital for her thyroid. she went to local dr’s in her town and the care she got was making things worse so she went to specialist in Davao at doctors hospital. they take good care of her there but it is 4 hours travel by van and she needs to stay overnight after getting blood test and then see the doctor next day but for sure it is a great hospital. she even tells me she always gets there for appointment early in morning to get a number. even with appointment still have to get a number and hope can be seen same day.ugh

  12. Reekay, I’m happy that you were able to get your ear issue successfully resolved. I do appreciate the relatively low cost of the procedure. However, I’m even more impressed that once you made the decision to go to the hospital, you were treated so quickly & effectively. The wait time for a simple hearing test with my insurance/provider here in the States is about 7 weeks.

  13. Yur a bit of a softie (hopeless romantic) but I can relate to problem wax as I’ve had it my whole life. Prior to me moving here 3 yrs ago it took 2 visits to my primary to remove wax in my ear. I too lost hearing and & it was getting more painful. The peroxide & digging deep eventually did it. Wax moves naturally through the ear canal to yur outer ear. Exercise is VERY helpful as well as chewing gum. I zumba , walk & chew often & surprised but pleased at amount of nasty gobs that now almost fall out of my ears naturally ……

  14. Had the same thing about two years ago. Lasted for over two weeks tried everything. Woke up one morning and it was if it never happened. Stay positive you are driving the trolls and their cult nuts. Using multiple accounts for a thumbs down. That is about all they can do now after their messiah had his channel taken down for the fifth time. So nice to have someone with a positive outlook and also your subscribers you are blessed to have.

  15. When using peroxide mix 50/50 with water and put about a teaspoon in your ear. If it is fizzing then it is dissolving wax. After the fizzing slows down put towel over ear and tip head to let peroxide run into towel. Now you have to repeat again and again until it doesn’t fizz when you put it in. This can take 10 or 20 times. It takes a lot of peroxide to dissolve an ear full of wax. Glad you got it fixed right away but if it continues in the future use the above procedure. It was given to me by my doctor and it worked for me.

  16. Had same problem a while back. Doctor gave me the bulb I used the warm water earwax loosen little. after all the earwax was gone my hearing was so keen I could hear a pin drop. Great.

  17. I’m glad you got your hearing back now Reekay, I’ve had that experience a few times now and it’s a really hard thing to live with, even for a short time. I had it a few weeks ago, and my neighbour was ringing on my doorbell to ask me to turn my tv volume down. I didn’t realise I had it on full volume. One week of putting olive oil in each ear, followed by a doctor’s appointment to have what you had done and perfect again. It’s good when you have someone looking out for you, I enjoy having my little caregiver haha.

  18. After motorbike accident in Chiang mai Thailand, I had 1 night in ICU + 6 day stay at Chiang Mai Ram Hospital (best private hospital in city) + clavicle surgery = $7k USD in 2015. Great care. Thai Dr US trained, cute nurses, good food. Many expats in Vietnam visit Thailand for medical care, since there is a shortage of doctors in Vietnam. But prices vary dramatically in Thailand. Often it’s the exact same Doctor but different hospital can change price x2-3x. BNH, Bumrungrad, Bangkok General, Phyathai, Paolo, and Samittivej Hospitals are most expensive in Thailand. In BKK, Rama 9 or Thai Royal Navy hospital is just as good at fraction of price. You can also find much cheaper care in smaller cities outside of Bangkok / Pattaya / Phuket expat areas. I don’t know Reekay’s insurance situation, but I strongly recommend at least medical evacuation insurance (private air ambulance can cost $30-$100k). Cheap way of getting it is Divers Alert Network membership – only $35/year. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re in hospital somewhere in Vietnam and need to be transported somewhere for specialized care (like brain surgery / spine surgery / heart, etc).

  19. Hey the hospital there seem to be so reasonable for things like this for twenty bucks I will let them take care of it and not even mess with it..

  20. I had Kidney stones and had to goto Tuguegarao Hospital then did urine and test and then an ultra-sound scan to show them. Then I was given painkillers, antibiotics and 3 months of alkaline tablet to dissolve the kidney stones – this was in 2013 and it cost me 600php in total. Great service and all sorted very quickly compared to UK hospitals !

  21. I am in Dumaguete City and had to go to Sillman University Hospital to see a cardiologist. The service was excellent and the doctor was first class. My advice to anyone needing care is to go very early (7 am) to get an appointment. Remember the most important thing to bring is your patience.

  22. Glad your hearing is restored. I like Medical City in the malls of metro Manila. Had a knee x ray and saw a orthopedic doctor total cost $26.

  23. My friend since you know what our brothers and sisters go through since you temporary lost your hearing, what I’m saying is that all of our brothers and sisters with disability go through on a daily basis.
    I’m going blind and the doctors can’t do anything about me losing my sight.
    Have a great day and stay safe

  24. In May of last year I took a bad fall at my hotel because the entrance ramp had been temporarily removed for street paving. Because I had no insurance in The Philippines, I went to San Pedro Hospital which is on the low price scale. I was treated by a fine young physician, given X-Rays, prescriptions and sent on my way (all for less than $40.). I can’t say enough about the fine medical treatment in The Philippines. When I return to Davao City this coming March, I will take out Philippine Medical Insurance (there is a list at iMoney) since Medicare is not accepted. Will look forward to meeting with our ladies at lunch.

  25. reekay- looks like you hit the jackpot with new girl friend! I’ve had ear wax problems off and on much of my life. I go to the doctor, they get this huge plunger filled with water and blow out the crud. i’m sure you found out that they create a lot of pressure. good luck and stay in paradise!

  26. OK… Hospital care in the Philippines… My first trip there started off as a disaster. I Left home with a wound on my foot that had seemed to been healed. not 100% but a good 85-90% and I really didnt imagine that it would give me problems. Oh was I wrong… I Got to SFO security lines were a mess. It took me 3 hours to finally get through security, by feet were sore already. But I figured I had a nice long plane ride for them to recover on… Nope… no recovery there. 15 hours later I land in Manila, go through Immigration, security, transfer my baggage and tae a bus from International terminal to terminal 2. Then I spend anther 4 hours waiting for my connecting flight. All told I spent 24 hours in transit before arriving at my destination, all of it was hard on my foot. My Girlfriend met me at the airport, but found out at 9am my hotel would not allow me to check in before 2pm… so we are now talking close to 30 hours on very sore foot. Truth be told, by the time I got in and played down on the bed at the Hotel, My feet were bloody messes. It was like I had torn the skin off both feet. Girlfriend did woman service getting them cleaned up and bandaged, but insisted I go see a Doctor the next day. We found one with offices across the street from the west Hospital in town. He checked me out and told me all kinds of bad things. I should check in to a hospital for a week then go home asap… He was probably right… But Girlfriend chimed in, and the two of them started talking a Mile a Minute in Tagalog… When they were done, Doctor turned to me and said thats one very persuasive woman. She knows what she’s talking about, you should listen to her. I am going to release you to her care, but you first need to go over to emergency get the following items taken care of, then come back in a week. In the mean time do NOT walk on that foot! Basically it was the same exact Prescription, medication, Orders, I got from my Doctor at home a year before. I felt comfortable with it. was charged 500 pesos for the office visit. went over to emergency and found out that by paying at the Doctors office I didn’t need to pay them anything other than the cost of the prescriptions he recommended. all told everything included, I spent a total of $30.00 for my medical expenses. The foot did start healing, and by the time I was ready to leave the Philippines a month later, I was able to walk on t again… carefully. I believe I got very good friendly and concerned care there. and to contrast it with my Doctor back home… even with insurance, that incident would have probably cost me close to $1000.00 no doubt what so ever. 2 co pays for $150 each emergency room visit another $500.00 $100.00 for the antibiotics alone. and my decidable on the plan was $1200.00 so I wouldn’t have even met that.

  27. Buy a water pic a little warm salt water does it for me . Some people just get a lot of ear wax . If that’s you it will come back again. So I treat myself as soon as I know it starts.

  28. Wow it could have been something serious I bet you were very relieved.I seem to be seseptible to bacteria very easy swimming pools I think is the common denominator 4 times in phils 1 time in thailand soooooooo sick weak could not hold anything down even water it was horrible on the toilet or vomiting in sink or both.Went yo clinics got couple different meds but took 4 days to run its course.proba ly lost 15 lbs Any idea for a preventayive? Thanks Reekay

  29. I suffer from what’s called swimmers ear ( narrowing of the ear canals ) my ears block up with wax every 12 months . I had my ears cleaned in Pattaya Thailand without a problem but here in Australia a group of ENT nurses started there own business just cleaning ears & they use a small suction compressor , its less invasive and way better than the water method highly recomend would be great if you found that method in SE asia or the Philippines . Always best to soften the wax the night before with ear wax softener drops from the pharmacy if you can find .

  30. Reekay, your fundamental flaw is that you are getting older. As you allow this, all parts and systems of your body will become weaker, inferior and incapable of healing yourself, as you were able to when younger. There are numerous books and speeches about aging gracefully. Few are as effective as this: KEEP AN IDEAL WEIGHT. SLEEP PLENTY. DRINK GOOD WATER FREQUENTLY. WALK UP HILL OR DO STAIRS DAILY. EAT ONLY WHOLE, FRESH FOODS THAT HAVE NO LABELS. BE CURIOUS, EVER LEARNING. STRIVE FOR GOALS THAT IMPRESS YOU. SO LIVE THAT YOU DIE SMILING. Trust me, these tips come from a lifetime of interviewing elderly people who were true winners. Ignore any one of them and suffer. Thank you for your generous teaching videos. Your lady deserves the most tender love and kindness, at all times. Cherish her.

  31. I had a sore throat. I went to Makati Medical Center, in the business district of Manila, one of the best hospitals in the Philippines, where I saw an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialist. As I sat in the waiting room, I watched four other patients before me walk into his office, one by one, and sit across from the doctor. In each case, the

  32. I had a sore throat, so I went to Makati Medical Center, in the business district of Manila, supposedly one of the best hospitals in the Philippines, which I saw an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialist. As I sat in the waiting room, I watched four other patients before me file into the doctor’s office, one by one. In each case, the patient sat beside the doctor, and he picked up the same instrument from his desk, with a light, and cone on the end, and put the cone up the nose, or in the ear of the patient. In no case, did he bother to clean or replace the plastic cone. When me turn came, I too walked in and sat down beside the doctor. After I told him what my problem, he immediate reached for that same instrument, and attempted to stick it up my nose. I backed away, which surprised him. When he asked me why I had backed away, I explained that I had seen him use that same cone on four other patients, without changing the cone, or cleaning it. The doctor replied with the question, “So what?”. I told him that I did not want to get whatever disease the other patients might have. I then asked him if he had any alcohol, and he asked me, “Why”. I told him that I wanted to sterilize the instrument, and again asked He looked perplexed as to why this would he was totally unimpressed. I thentold him that I did not

  33. Wow, im glad to hear you got your hearing back RK. remind me of about 18 months ago, i lost sight in my Right Eye, just out of no where……..and then i had to retire from work. So trust me, i know the helpless handicapped feeling. FINAL End result, i found out i had very high blood pressure but didnt know it, and because of that, i had a blood clot in my right EYE. Sadly, its permenent iv’e been told “BUT” now im on medication for the last 18 motnhs and have learned to function with my LEFT Eye only, and its 20-20 thankfully. Moral of the story, keep an eye on your blood pressure, and take meds, or it can be harmful to your SIGHT, glad your hearing is ok now. 🙂

  34. Being a mindful person…I think you two make a nice couple…..just saying…not that maybe my thinking matters about that but….jus sharing.

  35. Hi Reekay – I am lucky enough to have a Filipina guardian angel, I can’t begin to describe what it is like and to be with someone that REALLY has your back. It has changed me from a cynical, world worn guy to something very different. I see the starts of that change in you. Ride the wave, enjoy and hopefully it will keep going well for you both

  36. Hey Henry, great little story. When we loose one of our senses even for a small amount of time it can be very disconcerting as you have just found. (Part of my job involves very precise hearing) When I had a similar incident about 10 years ago I was on my own doing a job in India.
    If it wasn’t for the government offical that came to the work site that day I would have been screwed to put it politely.
    Anyway, same thing sort of, having a local even in what we assume is fairly familiar territory can be a godsend.
    On another quick note, it’s great too see you back in the ground, especially with hopefully your soulmate Vi and it shows.
    If you were female I’d say you were “beaming” and maybe even a couple less grey hairs from being with the “right” woman.
    Seriously happy for you and Vi.
    Take care, keep the odd vid coming through and peace and happiness to you both.
    Cheers brother!

  37. I am happy that you are ok..i have been in Alaska on a welding job and I don’t have internet most of the time..I am glad you are back in the filipines and I hope you stay a while..I am happy you have a beautiful sweet filipino girlfriend..I think filipino girls are the best in the world..I watch you and rest of the vloggers in the filipines so I can learn as much as possible before I retire in the filipines..thanks..see you soon I hope..

  38. Glad everything is well but I would have went to the Hospital first. I’ve had that before but I was in the states and had no problem. But being in another country, I just wouldn’t trust anything and went directly to the hospital. The long wait and other problems avoided. But again, glad you’re well.

  39. Hi, you look like my handsome friend Ree Singh. He’s an Indian living here in the Philippines. I showed him this vid of yours and he was surprised you look like him and his family. He said he does have family now US citizens. I told him let’s meet you, but he laughed and backed off.. Thanks

  40. Reekay…How about the need, uses, and options for VPN in Phils. Seems referral links would be in play… 😉 Thanks

    1. Never try to remove ear wax with an object (not even Q-tips). Peroxide for 15 min followed by irrigation bulb (if necessary) . Cycle those until clear. Objects scratch the interior of the ear canal and often compact the ear wax like a ramrod.

  41. First of all I’m glad that you’re back in the Philippines you seem very happy with your new girlfriend I wish you all the best in life. As you get older and a body begin to deteriorate it’s always good to have someone next to your side to care for you. I’m glad you were able to here again. I live in California and it’s good to have your ears clean at least once a year I highly recommend is earwax candle they have worked for me very well for many years. Hello from California …Philip

  42. For Info….this might be available also in your area. This is from a retired US army friend who currently lives in Iloilo. “Medical City Hospital accepts Tricare (Tricare Overseas). Iloilo Mission Hospital also does. If VA Service Related injuries/illness, any hospital just pay from pocket and just file a claim at VA to get your money back”. You have to use the Tricare ‘Preferred’ provider because they will process the paperwork for you. Tricare ‘Certified’ providers are expensive esp doctor visits.

  43. I had my ears cleaned out in college. I was amazed that afterward I could hear everything so well. I remember hearing the squeak of the nurse’s shoes walking along the floor

  44. The smallest thing to put in your ear …. is your elbow , always see a doctor … Biz idea for deaf people who walk in the Phil … Sell them a selfie stick with a wing mirror

  45. Water from the shower can bung you’re ears up my doctor told me to use cotton wool then Vasoline My advice were a shower cap then when u need to wash you’re hair cotton wool and vasoline definitely worked for me.

  46. Hi. Since you live in Davao could you do me a favor?

    There is this “alternative” health clinic that claims to be a conventional clinic (they claim this by twisting the definition of the meanings of “conventional” and “alternative”) located on Samal Island. It supposedly uses clean water and various herbs and plants to heal patients afflicted with serious illnesses, with a purportedly very high success rate (although no proof exists to back up their claims). Everything on their website sounds a little too good to be true and there is no evidence this clinic even exists – they don’t list an exact address. Nothing comes up on Google Maps either. Their predecessor, the Dayeng Clinic interestingly does have a location on Google Maps, but it’s in the middle of the island and with zero reviews, which is extremely suspicious given they claim to have the highest success rates for their treatments worldwide. Again, Dayeng claimed to be located next to the beach and their previous website (has since shut down) had pictures showing this (though they could have been ripped from anywhere).

    No independent testimonials and when doing a Google search, nothing comes up except their website and advertising in the comments section of various health related articles of news websites – these comments are written by the very “doctors” from the clinic! The “clinic” or whoever is behind this operation are German speakers who don’t speak English particularly well, hence, there is slightly more info available in German than in English, but even then, it’s minimal and is basically limited to alternative health blogs.

    When I got in touch with them, they were very rude because I started asking a lot of questions and finally when I didn’t respond to their emails about coming to the clinic (by which time my family and I decided it was definitely looking more and more suspicious) they wrote a very strongly worded email telling me they would prefer not to waste their time with me anymore. I previously wrote them an email stating that they are scammers and blocked the address, but 4 months later one of their “doctors” sent me a mail using his email (I initially failed to block the domain) which ended up in my spam folder. After a couple of weeks, I did email him back and initially accepted his “apology” for the rude words his apparent employees back in Germany sent me, but then he became irate himself when I never emailed him back after that.

    The website for this “clinic” is http://www.viribus-klinik.com.

    They also have a YouTube channel using the same name, which in some ways seems very conspiratorial. Also very peculiar is their use of computer voices, rather than a real human. Their predecessor’s channel, Dayeng Foundation was shut down by YouTube possibly over false claims or a copyright claim.

    Now personally, having been down the rabbit hole of truth regarding aspects of health care, some of the things they claim do actually have a basis in reality. Some though, not all. They also present certain factual errors, but overall naive people may get sucked in to their claims if they don’t do their due diligence first, as I have done.

    Just thought you might be able to ask around locally what’s going on here, because whatever they’re trying to do, the way they’re acting is highly suspicious and I strongly suspect a scam, whereby they are trying to suck in desperate and vulnerable sick people, for whom both mainstream and alternative medicine hasn’t worked.

    1. The real Name of this guy Menser is Holger Wolf.
      Ingenieur, International Lawyer and now a doctor.

      I have found the family of his wife on facebook.
      Search for “Dayeng Foundation” and then look at the pictures.

  47. Hmmm. Ok so, note to self: Go to the Hospital and get my ears Lavaged after I get home from airport… Like 25 minutes after I get home… Got it! ;-). Glad you’re ok man. 🙂

  48. I have experienced the same ear wax problem a few times , mostly from swimming. My doctor in London gave me a ear wash . Sucks out the wax in minutes.

  49. Hi Reekay. You mentioned sore throat. ” Listerine ” works absolutely flawlessly to fix sore and infected throats, and its cheap ! Just gargle with it on a regular basis till the sore throat, and infection is gone. It works fast, and will save you a bunch of money , rather than buying over the counter pharmacy medicine.

  50. Q-tips are very dangerous to stick into your ear.. it only shoves the wax further into the ear and packs the wax harder. Bad idea.

  51. Same thing happened to me in Phuket. I knew it just needed irrigation (my mom used to do this in the U.S. as a nurse, it’s real simple). So I went to the best hospital on the island, the International Hospital… and to my disbelief, the doctor couldn’t do it, he said only an ENT and could, and they were not available. My mom wasn’t even a full RN, much less a doctor, and she could do it! The next day I happened to be on a flight to Singapore and went straight to the international medical clinic where an Aussie doctor did it with a syringe and a little pan, was all good within 10 minutes.

  52. “a thousand Pesos”, that sounds like an expensive cup of coffee, and in the US probably cost a couple of hundred dollars.
    Glad you got all your hearing back ,Ears and hearing are very important ,also your inner ear is responsible for your “Equilibrium” =sense of balance ,you don’t want to be wandering around like you had one too many Red Horse or Tanduay.

  53. That’s too bad it take so much effort out of you. If you were still in VN. Go to any barber shop. These barber could use Ear wax pick cleaner remover tool and clean your ears less
    than 10 min. Cost less than $2. Done. Easy peachy.

  54. In Manila and a month ago, caught some virus (not China one) with headache, nose and a cough that I couldn’t shake… long story short, went to ER one night when I couldn’t breath normal. There they did chest x-ray, ECG, and blood work. Not up to par with U.S. hospitals, but not that far off. Got three different meds for a week. Total cost of hospital, labs and meds was 6,000 php ($120). It took a week on meds and another few days to get back to normal. Overall I was happy with everything, especially the cost, lol. Love your videos, I have been here for 6 months and still learn so much from your posts.

  55. 50 yrs ago my ear doctor bill was $100 for exactly what you just described, except they vacuumed out a pencil erasure looking chunk of wax from each ear then flushed really hard with alcohol and then packed in some antibiotic ointment on cotton tubes and gave me some kind of antibacterial injection – and a prescription for some antibacterial pills. Mine hurt and he said moisture mixes in the wax and grows black algae, much like the same algae an uncared for swimming pool might grow that eats off the gunite finish. Florida USA ear surgeon in his office. I walked out of that office and could hear cars rattling and their tires rolling and thumping down the red brick road, almost scary loud. The next time it happened I asked the drug store pharmacist what he might recommend to remove wax… grocery store hydrogen peroxide 2 or 3 times a day. Let it fiz for about 5 minutes.

  56. I had to see what you did to flush out your ear. Years ago i had the same problem.
    The Doctor used a large syringe–remove the needle and use warm water.
    Put as much pressure as you can do. Also saw a friend go thru the same thing.
    Later i bought a syringe and did it myself./–The baby booger snacher would have worked if you had more pressure. You had the right idea.
    I think the syringe i bought was at least 200cc.
    Always enjoy following your adventures–I tried living in the philippines a couple years..good luck and stay safe always..

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