[Video] – Some Unexpected Eye Candy

filipina beauty contestantsSo there I was.. just minding my own business at theICM mall in Tagbilaran, Bohol.. I’d been doing about the most mundane thing you could think of; buying groceries.  I had just left the checkout stand and when I turned the corner what should I see before me but more beautiful Filipinas in bikinis and heels than I could focus on.

Naturally, I dropped my groceries right there and got out my video to share the goodness with you.  I guess I had just caught the very end of the contest and this clip here is their final flourish before the judges.  The mall was packed and these lovely ladies were stopping all traffic.  And yes.. these are real ladies.  It was a nice little surprise to run across.  Here in the Philippines the malls really are the agora that people flock to for both their needs and as a common place for such events.  Other times it may be a children’s singing contest, modeling shows or Zumba workouts.  But today.. it was what they refer to here as “Vitamins for the eyes“.  

ICM mall is, that I know of at this writing, about the biggest mall on Bohol.  I’ll have to check out more of the island but from what I’ve seen downtown, the BQ Mall is smaller and not as upscale as the ICM.  ICM has a decent showing of American franchises including KFC and Pizza Hut.  What I really like is that any movie, any time, at the theater is only 100 pesos.  (about $2.25)  I’ve been catching more new movies since arriving here than ever before back in the States.  (Just watched ‘Iron Man 3’ a few days ago.)  

Even when there isn’t a beauty contest going on up on the stage.. on any given day at the malls here it’s just a constant parade of lovely, young Filipinas.  It makes the 1 and a half mile walk out of the jungle so worthwhile.  

Henry “Reekay” V.


Author: V. Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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  1. GREAT title! ‘unexpected eye candy…’ And you certainly backed it up too Henry. Say… For one of your future segments (crucially important to an expat) you may wish to do an episode on providing key-insight on how to manage personal finances, as an expat, in the Philippines. Examples: Does one arrange direct deposit of Retirements to a Philip-Bank? What kind of pad (amount) does one need for initial relocation, and or, daily-living? Does the money, once transferred directly, does it remain there in ‘american dollars’ or is it converted to pesos? How is the conversion rate arrived at by the Phipip. banks? Are banks there to be trusted? Is there such a thing as an ATM there — if so, good, bad? Is a credit card from a philip bank a possibility — is this a good thing or not? Banking do’s and don’ts — issues to watch for? Names of banks or links to what can be viewed as the top-three or four banks as viewed by expat foreigners there. (i.e. what banks work well, professionally and are ‘trusted’ by us expats? You get the jest Henry…

    Truly, as I mentally work-through the scores of logistics of my move (i.e. location, housing, goods to take or send for, etc.; then certainly one stumbles on the issue of personal finances and managing this issue in a safe, effective and convenient way.

    Just an idea for one of your spots here on the site — and a very important one too.

    Thx in advance Henry!

    (as well, just mentioning — traveling via airlines to get there, and to return on visits — is there a go-to site that beats others? As well, traveling within the P.I. — airlines costs in general. Is inner-P.I. travel expensive?

    Love your spots! Great work. Hope this finds you well Brother!

    Regards from P.I. bound – ‘So Cal guy’ in Michigan 🙂 Brad

    B. Arnsparger

    1. Very good suggestion! I’ll start doing some research to add to what I’ve already experienced here and try to post that in a few days. So stay tuned. 🙂

      1. This Reekay… yes…a good topic as all require this info ~ yet there is little if any such information out there regarding expat personal finances. Again…kudos on the site…great source of insight!

  2. Hi Henry, Steve from Palm Springs here, im in Bohol now and was grocery shopping at the mall at the same time. I saw a group of pinoy employees streching thier necks toward the stage and caught a glimpse of the show before the asawa returned, hahaha

    1. haha! I was over by the exit of the grocery story when I shot this. But I missed the show before-hand. Good thing is that something like this is going on at the mall fairly regularly. 🙂 How long are you in Bohol?

  3. I’ve seen something like this before here in our place. It was night time and maybe that’s the reason why the girls became more daring. Lol

    Here in our place we spend less than a hundred peso watching movies in the theater. I enjoyed watching Ironman3, not to mention the free popcorn I got when I paid for the ticket. Nyay!

    1. That’s a good deal, and w/popcorn, even better. 🙂 What city you in that has cinema for less than 100P? In Cebu I think it was about 175P and 250P for 3D/IMAX. Still a much better deal than 500P in the US! Here on Bohol, only 100P, so I’m happy.

  4. How many dates for next week, Henry? 🙂 Filipinas and filipinos they just LOVE the beauty competitions! First Miss Universum 1952 was from Finland Armi Kuusela who did come after the competition to Philippines, falled in love with Gil Hilario AND the people in Phils! They had the hotel in Makati, named Gilarm, which still exist there but not so luxurious any more. Gil was also here in Finland "the whole Finlands son in law" until he died. Now Armi y78 is married in California La Jolla Village to Albert Williams y77. They still have the same filipina cook named Remy, as Armi and Gil had in Makati. So funny that many times people hear that I come from Finland, their first reaction is "OH! Armi Kuusela! We love her so much!"..or something like that!

    1. Tom! hehehe…Gil did "catch" a beautiful girl from Finland! I did "catch" my mahal asawa from Philippines! Now it is 50/50 ! We are even up..to score 🙂

    2. Yes. Right now they are doing monthly tryouts for Miss ICM here in Bohol, a full year until the big finale. So I’m guessing there will be more beauty pageants each month. Hmm, I may have to visit their website to find out more info. 🙂

  5. Although not averse to seeing a pretty girl 🙂 none can compare to my own princess over here in Negros…

  6. HI, my name is Patrick and I really love your website and like you (at least where you are coming from). I live in Cyprus and am a journalist and divorced. I bought another ocean fronted plot, this time in the Bahamas (Exuma Island), but have come to the sad conclusion that to build there is too restricted and it is a little too high Expat octane rich for my tastes.

    I need some place simpler to go when I am not in Cyprus. And a place with a bit more ‘fizz’.’ Your neck of the woods sounds perfect – and the advice you dispense is gold dust. Believe me, I know, having lived in many countries like you. I love your entry, for example, on marriage and divorce! You can pick the fruit but you don’t need to buy the orchard, if you’re careful.

    I love the area you are in, and might (after a huge amount of customary research) consider buying there. But only after I have rented. Try before you buy, right?

    Anyway, good work. I will put you on favorites and monitor your progress during my research.

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