[Video] — In Search of.. Good Mexican Food

Having grown up in a Hispanic home and in Southern California, I am a huge fan of Mexican food.  My Mom is an awesome cook who ran her own Mexican Restaurant which did very well in Riverside, CA.  So, I know good Mexican food and was getting hungry for some after my first 2 months here in the Philippines.  

Bottom line.. ‘good‘ Mexican food is hard to find here.  Every so often an ex-pat will mention a good place on some other island.. but (so far)  I’ve not yet found any near my area in Cebu.  I’m guessing the Ayala Mall has some good franchise-Mexican food.. but if you know of a good Mom ‘n Pop Mexican place please leave me a Comment so I can go check it out.

In this video (below) I went to a place that has Mexican decor and wonderful waitresses in Mexican attire.  It is a franchise-type place called Mooon Cafe but it came recommended so I figured I’d give them a try.  I’d seen some really tasty photos of Mexican food (on my Facebook page) from one of my favorite places in Temecula Old Town (CA) and it got me to thinking of Rosa’s Cantina, Casa Jimenez in Perris, CA and the many awesome Alberto’s and Taco Shops in the San Jacinto and Hemet areas of California.  El Indio, in San Diego, is another landmark Mexican place that I’ve not been to in years.  My favorite dish?  Hard to pin that down but the Chimichanga definitely rates up there in the top 3.  Tamales and a good Enchilada plate are hard to resist as well.. not to mention some really tasty, fresh made tacos.  By the way, if you ever need some catering for a small party in the Temecula, CA area.. you absolutely need to speak with Gabby at Gabby’s Tacos.  They come in and cook fresh, AUTHENTIC Mexican Tacos with all the fixings and fruit drinks right there at your event.  Terrific food and at all-you-can-eat for $6 per head.. it’s an awesome deal.  They handle both home-parties of 75 guests and corporate events up to 400 people.  I highly recommend them, but book early as they are always in demand.

With that I’ll leave you to enjoy my video-report on how it went at Mooon Cafe here in Mactan, Philippines as I go in search of a good Chimichanga..

Henry V.


Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. Henry, there was a restaurant in Olongapo City near Subic called Papa Gayos that had decent Mexican Food. Don’t know if it still there however.

    1. Thanks! I’ll keep it on my list, I’m guessing taxi drivers can always direct me to it. My next stop is a place on Mactan called, “Chicago Joe’s” which only two weeks ago opened a full Mexican menu along with American and Italian food. It’s run by an American, whom I’ve met, but I’ve not yet been there for food yet. He said they even have Menudo on the menu as well as Breakfast Burritos. I’d make burritos myself at home but the stores here don’t carry tortillas. (only at the membership-type stores similar to a Sam’s Club)

    1. There’s an SM Market at Island Mall, not too far from here.. I’ll check them out for tortillas. If I can get them it’d be nice to make my own burritos every so often again. Maybe even make some of my awesome Chicken Tacos. 🙂

        1. Ahh.. that might explain it then. Ordinarily they’d be near the bread section, on a dry goods shelf. Frozen tortillas.. hope my Mom never finds out I used frozen ones.

  2. Where on Mactan is Chicago Joe’s? Try Banana Moon Cantina right down from Gaisano Grand Mall. It is on the right side after Mactan Doctors Hospial and before the mall.

    1. Chicago Joe’s is right next door to the Imperial Hotel, in Maribago.. over on the east coast side. The now have a menu of American, Italian and Mexican food that I’ve heard is very good. As for the place, it’s more like a party compound, not just a bar. It has marina access, swimming pool, kitchen (big menu), karaoke upstairs (8 private rooms), a big outdoor patio area with lechon manuk cooking, A dance-club/bar that is really, really huge with great lasers ‘n lights. You gotta check it out sometime.

      I’ll keep an eye out for Banana Moon. I saw a place called ‘Tex Mex’ down from Grand Mall, but it’s really small and closes around 11pm. Seems to be more of a restaurant than a club. But I’ll look for Banana Moon. There’s another club behind the BDO down the street from Grand Mall but I haven’t checked it out yet. So far.. Chicago Joe’s has been THE place to go. It’s up an alley alongside the Imperial Hotel where the bakery is.

  3. That is the place. The Tex Mex stands out more than Banana Moon. They also have rooms. Its combination bar and restaurant.

  4. I have tried the chicken fajitas and beef enchiladas. They were okay. I have only been here since July, but they are the best I have found.

  5. I love Mexican food. My favorite dish is Chili Relleno. My personal rating how good the Mexican restaurant is how their chili relleno taste. Fish Tacos of San Diego, California is another dish I love. Sounds like you are Having FUN in Mactan!

    1. Yes!.. I’m very glad I landed here on a smaller island and didn’t stay in the ‘big city’. I love going to Cebu for certain things but city life is not for me, I grew up out in the country back home.. I like lots of open spaces and plants around me. Love those fish tacos as well!!

  6. We are coming to Cebu tomorrow, for a few days. I hope to spend part of one day on Mactan hunting down the guitar shops there.

    Doing a search revealed a mexican restaurant called:

    La deliciamore
    Pueblo Verde MEZ-2 MSG Building Mactan Cebu Philippines
    Lapu-Lapu City 6015, Philippines
    032 238 5830

    It had a good review. Know anything about that one?

    1. Pueblo Verde.. hmm, doesn’t ring a bell here in central Mactan. But I’m curious as well if it’s good. If so that would be fantastic. I can always ask a taxi who knows where it’s at to try it out soon if so. Post an update here if you go! Would love to hear your feedback on it. 🙂

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