Valentine’s Day, Ding How Dimsum & Ayala Bloc Mall – IT Park

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. UPDATE: My Facebook is currently offline until I can complete the identity-verification it is requesting. (which is attached to my old number in Vietnam.) I will update with a video once I am back on Facebook. — Reekay

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    1. both youtube and many other websites provide royalty-free, public-domain music. this can be used without any copyright infringement. just google, “royalty free public domain music”.

  2. Henry i met an american and his filipina bride in usa
    He Said he spent about 10 thousand bucks for k1 medical green temp etc
    She just arrived
    Damn expensive !

    And he waited 9 months for k1 to be approved

    1. Uncle Ruckus: It costs a little less than $10K if you do it yourself, but it can cost about $10K or more if you have a lawyer involved. I brought my wife to the U.S last April and I spent roughly about $7K for everything (with Tickets + hotels included). It took us about 8 months for everything to be approved.

    2. About 5 or 6 years ago Congress decided that it shouldn’t cost American Taxpayers anything for someone to immigrate, so immigrants have to pay the bureaucrat’s salaries now. As a taxpayer, I like the idea, but the numbers they came up with seem a bit excessive to me. Maybe we need to look at what we pay our Foreign Service Workers.

  3. I arrived home late from my travels on Valentines Day and totally spaced it what day it was until my partner reminded me when she picked me up at the train station. oh shite ! oh well I will make it up to her tomorrow after i recover from two weeks on the road. That mall is huge and very nice. You two look very happy. That is all that matters. That Vietnam food on that menu is making me hungry. Seriously thinking of traveling to Vietnam soon just to eat.

    1. i do miss the vietnamese food and ambiance. hoping vi and i can travel there next year together.

  4. Nice video and I was really impressed with that restaurant with the electronic computer screen menu, never seen a restaurant like that here in the states. You guys looks super happy with each other.

    1. in manila there is a hightech resto. it has a hologram background.I saw it at mickey bustos blog.

    2. very cool resto that my friend, jason silverman showed me earlier in the week. we had to wait about 15-minutes since it was a holiday, but the electric-menu made ordering quick and easy.

    1. yes, she is quite loving and kindhearted. i was impressed with her right away. 🙂

  5. Gosh. You both are the sweetest couple, ever. Almost got me teary – eyed, just by watching you both eat.

  6. Instead of ordering 2 of the same 2 dishes, you should have ordered 4 different dishes since you should be sharing. Doesn’t make sense dude.

    1. each mushroom siomai order comes with 4 somai. since we each like them, i ordered 2 orders. otherwise we’d only get 2 each. so… it does make sense.

  7. Mr Reekay nice to see you, I see you have your girlfriend in your video. I’ve been watching you since 2016 but I didn’t see a sweet video like your latest one. Happy Valentine’s day to both of you.

    1. thanks. yes, she and i met back in september of 2019 and began traveling together in january, this year. 🙂

  8. Hey reekay I’ve been watching a lot of your videos. And have a question. I’ve been married to a Philippa for 32 years. She has gone home every two to three years and stayed a couple of weeks. And spends $2000 dollars in the village she grew up in plus a couple of big boxes of present for everyone. On our 14 wedding anniversary we spent 2500 dollars on the wedding.
    Now she is talking about moving back home. I’ve alway been afraid I’d get a note saying give me money or your wife won’t come back. My wife has one bother that forced his own mom out of her own home with give me money or I beat you up. He also Lost a job because stuff went missing. Question is do you think I’d be safe there.

    1. I just have to make a comment on this. Life in the Philippines is hard. People will kill for $100 or less. That brother of your wife might end up killing you for some money that to you might really be small change to kill someone especially in the States. The brother might not realize having you alive will prolong the assistance definitely you will provide as long as your with your wife. Google ” The Black Widow from Lomita (Ca.) ” A pinay that had two husbands killed both when they went to the Philippines to see her relatives. The police knew it was a relative but you know how they operate … nobody was ever arrested. The widow eventually retired in Lomita and owned a beauty shop. She eventually was murdered by the same relative after running out of money. And she was more than 6 hrs away..So being married for 32 years you had a good life and if you get killed in the PH make arrangements to be buried in Seattle or they would just cremate you or just make you disappear to save the money you still have. This has happened to so many expats already and for the immediate cash they had on them not realizing the potential income you could continue to bring in being alive.

    2. Thanks that is what I thought you would say. I don’t think 6 hours away would fly with my wife. Her I’d was to go home and take care of her mom. And at 90 years old she not going to leave all her friends. I will think on it some more but I will probably stay home in the Seattle area . The thing is you make get out from under everything and making a new start sound so good .I’m talking about stuff not my wife.i wouldn’t know what to do with out her.

    3. this is one of those situations where, ‘if’ you and your wife decide to live in the PH… live at least 6-hours travel-time away from her family.

      this way, she can visit if she really wants to. but it is enough distance that it’s inconvenient for them to harass you on a weekly basis.

      her brother sounds toxic and abusive. and i highly doubt his temperament will ever improve. ‘keep distance’ is the rule of thumb here. put your marriage first. establish with your wife that any which would jeopardize the safety or health of your marriage (including members of her family) have to be kept at a distance or even excluded from your life together.

  9. My coworker Marc ran into you at Army Navy the other day at IT park.. He sent me a picture of you guys.. Very cool.

    1. yes, small world. his g/f has been in my fb-singles group for a while. i’m glad to see her with your friend Marc now. i believe they’ve been together for 6 months now.

  10. Oh great… I had to watch a Bloomberg commercial before your vid, haha. Better be a good episode Reekay!

    1. UPDATE: My Facebook is currently offline until I can complete the identity-verification it is requesting. (which is attached to my old number in Vietnam.) I will update with a video once I am back on Facebook. — Reekay

    1. i’m in the ph, cebu for now. doing a slow tour here with plans for vietnam next year.

  11. She is definitely into you and a keeper at that. It’s easy to tell by your camera. Good luck to you both!

  12. You look good together if it feels right its right, i remember a previous video called what was i thinking! life is short, regards joe

  13. Do you think you feel more comfortable in PH partly because you kind of look like a big filipino guy?

    1. i think it makes filipinos feel more comfortable. me, i rarely give it a thought. i just interact with people one-on-one, wherever i am. 🙂

  14. Hello Reekey and Vi I am going thru withdraw already being away from there. I am missing I.T Park already and all the nice places there. This video is killing me already. Thanks for hanging out with me and I will hopefully see you guys again.

    1. she and i both like spicy food, so that opens up more options. 🙂

  15. Nice vidio.i like it because walking is together not her behind you. She seems happy and very willing to be involved in your vdios. I am very happy for you both.David

    1. we’re usually walking hand-in-hand. sometimes she lags behind since she takes smaller steps, but doesn’t’ let go. 🙂

  16. Hey Reekay,
    I’m following your chanel since many years. Great to see that you found a really sweet lady. You both make a great couple. All the best to you !!!
    Cheers from Canada

  17. Congrats on your new girl Henry she is very friendly and not shy to the camera , I look forward to seeing more of her in your future vids

  18. Nice video. I’m in the Philippines right now. Came from San Francisco , CA. vía Singapore, straight to Clark and short drive to San Antonio, Nueva Ecija. With my girlfriend, “meet the parents “ time. Lol. I love the province vibe, soooo. Different from Manila, which I visited in the past

  19. Hello Reekay,
    Can you or anyone reccomend a good and reliable florist that deliver flower arrangements in a vase anywhere in the Philippines?

  20. Has anyone ever noticed you don’t see the dating pattern of middle aged white women from the USA dating 20 year old Filipino guys in the Philippines?

    1. I saw an older German woman not long ago with a young Thai man. He looked like beaten puppy that wanted to escape.

  21. Congrats on your Valentine, I recently started watching some of your video’s and you do a great job! I think I heard you say you have posted almost 900 video’s……..and to be honest I did not notice when that one was released. I wonder if you have put out a ‘reference’ table that indicates the main topic and then the URL to that content? That would help people find the content they are interested in……….just a thought. Keep up the good work and hope you and your Filipina ride off into the sunset!

  22. She’s bubbly! LOL! You two make a great looking couple.  Many blessings to you both, Reekay

  23. Hey Reekay, so how’s the corona virus scare there in the Cebu? I wouldn’t recommend anyone going anywhere near NAIA airport right now. About a month ago, there were a lot of Chinese stuck there. They would let them in, but they were not allowed to get out of the Philippines. My flight back to Hawaii was delayed as they were trying to get a handful of Chinese people off of our plane.

    1. plenty of masks worn by employees at the malls and such. but it’s business as usual.

  24. Hey reekay, I’ll be visiting my fiance in march. I would love to meet you and pick your brain…i hope to be moving there by the end of the year.

    1. “if”… but she doesn’t. she and i already discussed that in detail when we met.

      but if she absolutely had to have a kid then her and i would no longer be compatible.

  25. Watch the carbs Reekay … there’s an outbreak of Jollibee belly in the PI right now, and you don’t have Vi’s youthful hormones to burn them off.

  26. Cool video. That new Ayala Mall is impressive. I’ve been to the old Ayala Mall in Cebu. Didn’t realize the new one in IT Park was so huge. I’ve never seen a computer menu like that in the US. Well done.

  27. Is people in the Philippines are so poor, how does a mall generate enough income to keep its doors open ?

    1. Check out The Juicy Vlog , they are in BGC in Manila , life is much better here in the States

    2. …..and offer great prices too in those multi-million dollar structures. I guess it the volumes that they sell and sensible rents to tenants.

  28. happy valentines, couldn’t eat that rice dish though. That restaurant just made me miss the Sea food harbor restaurant in Los Aneles and LA China town.

  29. Very nice Reekay! There is no place more beautiful than the Philippines on Valentine’s Day! Glad u both r so happy brother!

  30. Gosh how I wish I could just up and move to the PI, but looks like I have at least 10 years before retirement. Maybe one day, hopefully civilization will last that long.

  31. Yummy foods,I miss that kind of food.hope to visit there soon.have a wonderful day to both of you.

    1. if they do (at ayala mall).. i’m not aware of where. but plenty of places will offer vegetables on their menu.

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