The Philippines 1,000 Peso Note Fiasco – What is it about?

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Author: V. Reekay

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    Article 1..,and%20will%20be%20in%20circulation%20starting%20April%202022.
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    $1,000 Singapore Note Refused by Cashier..,cashier%20at%20the%20store%20doesn%E2%80%99t%20accept%20such%20notes.

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  2. I have 1 of this. You can safely place it on your “folding” men’s wallet.

    Because it is made from “plastic”, if you fold it in half and deliberately flatten it, it would obviously leave a noticeably linear crease in the middle of the note.

  3. problem is not with the money itself, but on who is going to accept the bill. with a lot of mis information. and with out proper guidelines that polymer bill will be a stupid upgrade

  4. On a brighter note, I’m so happy Pilapinas replaced their worn out Pp20 notes with a beautiful bi-metal Pp20 coin.

  5. Seeing how poverty Filipinos abuse paper currency by not respecting it one bit, I am actually looking forward to currency that can be cleaned/washed and hopefully gets less crumpled up.

  6. A lot of countries use polymer banknotes (Canada and Vietnam are 2.) Easily folded. I think somebody wrote an article trying to get clicks.

  7. I have gone to BDO taken money out of their ATM, gave some it to GF to deposit and we would use her Debit card. Its funny that they would reject some of the bills from their own ATM. I can see a potential have a while with the new note.

  8. Australia use plastic money..
    Been doing it for years..
    They are indestructible in average use..
    Someone is just being precious here..
    These government employees have way too much time on their hands..
    No idea if that is true..

  9. Australia has been using polymer based currency for decades, it is way more durable than paper currency and can be folded without any issues, the article is BS, it can be carried easily in a folding wallet, I’ve done it for most of my life.
    It’s a shame you’ve wasted your time on this.

  10. All of our money in UK now plastic much better than the old paper stuff no problems with folding in my old wallet ….

  11. not well thought out at this moment, I would not currently accept this in my change or from a bank, too risky

  12. Reekay this is unbelievable. Who doesn’t use a wallet which foods the note in half? The Philippines, third world country with third world politicians.

  13. Brazil launched in the past these polymer notes, all I can tell you is that after many years, I haven’t seen many last time I was there, I’m pretty sure they just discontinued it.

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