The Guy Who Got Scammed By Another Expat

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. My experience has taught me to never believe anybody who wants me to trust them with a large sum of my money no matter what the reason. I learned this as a teenager when I agreed to loan a flaky friend $200 so he could buy a car. This was back in the mid 1960s and it was lot of money to me. He promised to pay me back in two weeks and I never saw him again. Since then, I have never loaned anybody money for any reason.

  3. You’re content is aces above the rest. This is an excellent vid. I should have know of expat scammers. Lord knows we have a bunch in the U.S. I’m not one to be antisocial; however, illy keep my hard earned greenbacks. Thank you!

  4. i hear ya. had a confrontation with a American expat in Makati in 2004 but had several confrontations with Australian broken people on other islands , keep your guard up , and when it dont feel right just walk away

  5. A friend 14 years my senior who pointed to Asia before my first trip there in 88, told me to beware if foreigner scammers. Some stay on past what their finances will support by scamming unsuspecting foreigners. Ive always kept that in mind.
    When asked for a loan from anyone except for tried and true friends, its very simple and trouble free saying, “No, i dont loan money.”

  6. You are one of the first persons. I started to follow every since 4 years ago. When I started researching about the Philippines and I admire what you say. And i’m listening great advice, thank you

  7. It shocked me as well when i arrived a year ago. Some guys don’t want to see another expat, some only here for sex. Some bring all their baggage with them

  8. Is sugar dating a common arrangement in the Philippines? I want something in between hourly pay for play and a traditional relationship.

  9. What I learned as an expat is in most cases he is running away from something back home. Most guys are in the new country not necessarily because they wants to but more because they have to. The best way I found to handle them is to say little and wait to see who he really is. If he asks to borrow money or tries to convince me to do something, odds are it won’t end well. If I give money once, most likely he will ask again. Money and friendship usually don’t go together.

  10. Lots of expats regardless what home country they were come live overseas because of bad history at home and they are running away from something. Many people tell stories and are not the same person as they portray themselves to be. Always have to be a bit vigilant regardless who you meet and their nationality. There are no shortage of drama in any culture.

  11. I have travelled extensively as a tourist and learned that in general wherever you go there’s a THREE TIER price structure.
    EXPAT who has been there a while

    The objective of scamming is to gain trust and then exploit it and it makes sense that you are perhaps more inclined to trust someone who speaks the same language shares a similar culture.
    in terms of a “Romance Scam” the scammer is exploiting a need to be in a relationship.
    That’s why the advice “Take Your Time” is so important.

  12. Always trust the ex-pat who gives advice from his bar stool. He is always there because he lives there. He knows all and sees all.

  13. Good suggestion Henry, always be weary of others. BTW, who is this woman you have had in your videos lately?

  14. Leonardo.. love it my self.. it does make for good thumbs.. and background.. but you can still drop you face on them?

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