Quarantine: Cebu-Mactan Airport: ALL Passengers Via China

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Author: V. Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
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  1. Thanks Reekay for all you do…you have your hand on the pulse of the latest news and we all appreciate your efforts…

  2. Here is what I found. In Wuhan in china. The locals are very mad because a big new trash incinerator is giving them a lung infection from toxic smoke killing them. And that’s why the government locked them in. Only the city residents are locked in. The virus is a cover story. China always does that so it looks like to the world they are doing the right thing. But the protesting got so out of hand it scared the government because it was really big and by locking them in. The government starves them back into submission.

  3. I wonder if that includes Hong Kong. My eca flight from Houston thru Taiwan to Cebu only runs about 20% on time and if you miss the connecter they will route you thru Hong kong

    1. @Robert Warren FYI: 1st Verified case (1/30/2020) of the wuhan coronavirus in the Philippines is a 38 year old woman who arrived from Hong Kong.

    2. Yes – Hong Kong is included. Here is a quote from the news article: Governor Garcia said the mandatory quarantine requirement would apply to all passengers arriving either via connecting flights or direct flights from China, including Hong Kong and Macau.

  4. Very dodgy and dangerous way to go imo and not a plan lol, I thought they would just outright ban everyone to keep the locals safe.

  5. Thank you for this News. This seems like a Really Insufficient action to me. No mention of Flight Crew such as the Flight Attendants. I would expect the Quarantine Facility to be quickly at Capacity. Halting Flights seems more sustainable.

    1. Halting flights would indeed be very effective, but you know…it’s about money.

  6. good to know. If they quarantine a bunch of people in a facility, how are they going to separate the people who have been there almost 2 weeks from the new arrivals? If this is poorly planned, they are going to guarantee that things get worse.

  7. The Real Deal!
    How Chinese agents stole Coronavirus from Canada and weaponized it.

    National Microbiology Lab (NML)

    A biosafety level is a set of biocontainment precautions required to isolate dangerous biological agents in an enclosed laboratory facility. The levels of containment range from the lowest biosafety level 1 (BSL-1) to the highest at level 4 (BSL-4).

    How Chinese agents stole Coronavirus from Canada and weaponized it.

    n July 2019, group of Chinese virologists were forcibly dispatched from Canadian lab – the only level-4 facility equipped to handle the world’s deadliest diseases where #Coronavirus sample from the first Saudi patient was being examined. #CoronaOutbreak

    One of Canada’s top scientists says he’s surprised and dismayed an “administrative matter” resulted in the sudden eviction of a prominent Chinese Canadian virologist, her biologist husband, and her students from Canada’s only level-4 lab in Winnipeg and prompted an RCMP investigation.

    Sources say Xiangguo Qiu and her husband Keding Cheng were escorted from the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg on July 5. Since then, the University of Manitoba has ended their appointments, reassigned her graduate students, and cautioned staff, students and faculty about traveling to China. (Governor General’s Innovation Awards) Chinese Researchers Caught Stealing Coronavirus From Canadian Lab

    China using espionage to advance its strategic interests

    Dr. Qiu is from wahun where the out break happened. There is a Level 4 Lab biological warefare lab just 20 minutes out side of Wuhan China where someone got infected. They say it came from the butcher shop in down town Wuhan but this is unlikely.

    Reports surfaced that Dr Qiu was a leading chinese biologist who was granted permission to work in Canda at another BSL Level 4 lab dealing with SARS, MRSA, Ebola.. She even helped to find a cure for Ebola with her Canadian Counter Part which allowed her to stay in Canda at the Level 4 BSL only to steal and transport biological warefare agents made from SARS, MARS, Ebola to China to be used to stengthen there biological warefare operations.

    Dr. Qiu was caught stealing biological research from Canada and sending it to China’s Level BSL Labatory outside of Wuhan. (read below)

    >only 70 BSL-4 labs in the world
    >only 1 BSL-4 lab in all of china
    >this *lab is in Wuhan and is located 20 miles away from where the outbreak started
    >in July 2019, 2 chinese spies were arrested in Canada for sending coronavirus samples to the BSL-4 lab in Wuhan

    >one of the researchers at the BSL-4 lab is Xingyi Ge; A specialist in coronoviruses who worked on a project in 2015* that aimed to see if it was possible to genetically mutate a SARS-like coronovirus from bats to become human-to-human transmittable (it was succesful) the wuhan-corona virus has got striking similarities with SARS

    Dr. Xiangguo Qiu is a Chinese biological warfare agent caught smuggling Coronavirus from Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory to China.

  8. Thks for the info…..my flts connects thru HK

    so need to sit and wait now to see how long this will last

    1. Me too. March. This does not make sense cause if China flights land there will be at risk too Then quarantine too ? This sucks but safety first.

    2. My flight is also through HK. Have you tried calling your airline yet to see if they offer anything? I’m not going to sit and wait because it may be too late. My flight is in March.

    1. “Governor Garcia said the mandatory quarantine requirement would apply to all passengers arriving either via connecting flights or direct flights from China, including Hong Kong and Macau.

  9. Hi how would it effect from London to Hong Kong 3 hr lay over then on to mactsn cebu ….would or do they class hong kong as china rikay ???

    1. Or even a connecting flite from doeha kuwait or cattah to maktan ….many many thanks ….

  10. ENTIRE AIRLINES industry should have STOP flying into / out of China a month ago!! For every day that airlines fly, hundreds of thousands of people are carrying the virus ALL over the world!!!!

    1. Let’s wait to see the wording of the EO. Hopefully the airlines will be flexible for those seeking rebooking to Mactan as this unfolds. I doubt it will be two weeks. Probably longer.

    2. Governor Garcia said the mandatory quarantine requirement would apply to all passengers arriving either via connecting flights or direct flights from China, including Hong Kong and Macau.

      Read more: https://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/285032/gwen-on-n-cov-threat-mandatory-quarantine-instead-of-stopping-flights-from-china#ixzz6CXyVc4tf
      Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

      What the governor says seems to be a suggestion not a rule yet. As far as i know airlines still fly to and from HK but not mainland China. I will await the situation and possible rebook my ticket 48 hours before and never buy a planeticket again 6 months in advance like i did 🙂

  11. Does that coronavirus issue is not going to affect us, who aren’t from China and planning to travel to the philippine though Singapore?

  12. Glad to see some effort. But we know many Chinese will take a flight to somewhere else like singapore, and fly out from there.not connecting flight to get around quarantines, hold ups, an such.. so maybe Chinese passport holders should be considered as well.

  13. My flight, feb. 6, has a layover in beijing, but arrives in manilla, how worried should i be?

  14. So they’ll fly into Panglao and take a short ferry ride. This really needs to be coordinated nationwide by the national government.

  15. I have a flight that leaves the US and stops in Hong Kong for a connecting flight to Phnom Penh. Guess I’ll have to find out about Cambodia’s policy on this. Thanks for posting this!

  16. I just saw the announcement that there are confirmed Virus infection in India and the Philippines!! This is like closing the barn doors AFTER the horses have escaped….too little too late

    1. can tho Magandag Gabi Po! There is a Chinese lady that already died in the Philippines. She had the CoronaVirus.

  17. At first I thought this was a crazy idea because of the limited number of beds avail. Then I realized, that this was the right thing to do. Who in their right mind would fly to ph to be put directly into quarantine jail? Only ph citizens returning home to be taken care of by their country. I thought that was a very humane thing to do. Although, this is going to wreck their tourist industry and airlines for hopefully just a short time. Good reporting. Thanks…

  18. I was coming to Cebu from Los Angeles via Shanghai February 20 for three weeks. I guess my trip is off haha. I hope they cancel the flights so I get a full refund.

    1. If you booked directly with airline I believe you can. But I booked with CheapOair and they would not. They said they can only change day/ time ( which is worthless) they issued me a refund. I asked if I’m receiving 100% and they did not respond believe it or not.takes 7to14 days to receive credit.

  19. I booked a flight on Chinese airlines from San Francisco that makes a stop in Taiwan. Should I be concerned?

    1. @Jo John OMG, Stop with the unscientific BS… !! The virus has killed a small percentage of those infected, mostly in WUHAN, CHINA. It is still less than the 2003 SARS outbreak (over 10% killed out of 8k worldwide cases). Most infections are concentrated in WUHAN. I work and live in Shanghai, China, and the cases are still relatively low here. I think Xenophobia is alive and well my friend. Everyone wants to be safe, work, play, and live a good life. But to make blanket statements about a country and its people of 1.4 billion when 140+ have died…. the seasonal flu kills more yearly, is wrong. The media has a way to lead the blind, ignorant for mass consumption. Facts first over Fiction please!

  20. O C#@#, Anyone have any ideas on course of action to take. Coming from USA, Feb 14th, booked flight over 2 months ago on CheapOair, connecting flight in Shanghai then to Cebu. Is there anything I can do to rebook without spending? losing a ton of money? I think it would make more sense for airline to reroute their flights.

    1. If you also bought Travel Insurance that Cheapoair offers when buying a ticket, then you should be covered in either getting to re-book, canceling altogether or re-rout your connection to a different hub without any additional cost to you. You should contact Cheapoair to get info specific to your situation

  21. Thanks for the update indeed – Change Your Flight!! Haha. This decision is a horrible one. The PH should ban flights not offer quarantine for potentially infected people. They simply do not have the capacity to take care of their own citizen let alone incoming tourists. Serve the people who put you in office first! One plane holds 250+. Sigh…

  22. Stupid elite psyop, no danger to cold virus, less deaths per thousand than standard American flue that supposed killed over 50,000 last year which was mainly to old or already immune compromised people. No quarantine for those people in the USA. It’s a good way for China to take more control over Hong Kong.

  23. Agree the deadly virus started in china and is infecting people all over the World Smart move to keep the people

  24. Right on Mayor Garcia!! Protect your city. The rest of the world is slow to react due to $$$ with China.

  25. Please keep us up to date. My flight arrives Feb 6 10:30 at night. From USA to South Korea to Cebu.

    1. Anthony USA Magandag Gabi Po! You should be fine. But bring your own masks. There are no masks Lapu Lapu, Mactan. Out of stock sir.
      Best Wishes.

  26. I am in the US now. They don’t have any flights going though china. I will be taking a direct flight to Manila and then to Davao

    1. @MBTravel72 FYI: 1st Verified case (1/30/2020) of the wuhan coronavirus in the Philippines is a 38 year old woman who arrived from Hong Kong.

  27. OK I freaked out earlier. Been on customer service with airline and CheapOair. They will not change airline or connecting airport. They told me they would reimburse me 100% of what I paid. email I received from them “Thank you for choosing http://www.CheapOair.com for your travel reservations. Your reservation with booking ####### made on Friday, November 29 2019 has been cancelled on 01/30/2020.
    Any authorizations made to your credit or bank card will be released within 7 – 14 business days.” ……….. Although I don’t see any money amount or !00% refund noted. I’ll have to wait the week & see what happens. I can imagine what a ticket will cost now trying to book a trip in February. But at least I wont be in Quarantine for 2 weeks LOLOLOLO

  28. By the way. Thank You so much Reekay for the timely information and keeping on top of this situation. I guess I should give you a plug lol… Did a consultation with Reekay many months ago. Well, well worth it. It was Fantastic.

  29. Its to late the boat has already sailed, its already spread around the world .
    All goverments should be held accountable for and responsible for the lack of action .
    All planes out of china should have been stop after it was announce

  30. Lucky guests have a fantastically cleaned, disinfected apartment with a box full of free disposable surgical face masks. And pillows with protectors underneath the pillowcase, to prevent contamination. YEAH, it’s the best. http://www.horizonviewcondo.com

  31. What if you get a ticket going from California straight into Manila from Manila to Cebu and then have an onward ticket to Taipei??

  32. Thank you so much for keeping us updated, I’m coming to the Philippines in March but I’m leaving the usa with . R connecting flights in Korea I don’t think I’ll have any trouble thank you for your help

    1. @steven johnsrud 1st Verified case (1/30/2020) of the wuhan coronavirus in the Philippines is a 38 year old woman who arrived from Hong Kong.

    1. @Rolando Roy FYI: 1st Verified case (1/30/2020) of the wuhan coronavirus in the Philippines is a 38 year old woman who arrived from Hong Kong.

  33. I have several friends living in China and one of them is married to a Chinese Doctor. He also has taught English communication skills to many doctors from various hospitals and he says that the Chinese Government is holding back on the ACTUAL death toll and the SEVERITY of this illness from the people of China. It is actually WORSE than what it is and he recommends EVERYONE NOT TO FLY INTO CHINA!

  34. Where are they going to keep all these people? I don’t think this will be sustainable.

  35. I have a connecting flight (in March).. through China and landing in Manila.. have you heard anything about a quarantine in Manila?

    1. Tony McGuire Magandag Hapon Po! change flight connections, better be safe than sorry. Also, bring your own masks. They are out of stock.
      Best wishes.

  36. At the moment 2 flights on their way to Cebu from China and 1 from Hong Kong. About 600 passengers. If she quarantine them she is already over capacity. Stopping the flights seem a better idea.

  37. Hello Reekay. I hope you are enjoying every minutes with Vi in Davao. You look absolutely thrilled. I just watched your you tube video on a 2 week quarantine for all passengers arriving to Matcan-Cebu airport who are travelling through/from China. My question is to you is… “I have a connecting flight through Taipei, Taiwan from Canada in March 2020 to Cebu, I this Island country considered China?” Or could anyone else have any input on my question please?

    1. Contact the airline/travel agency whom you bought your ticket from. Most likely they are the ones who would have accurate information pertaining to your specific situation. Reekay was only disseminating info that’s already out there. He’s not in the travel industry to know or respond to everyone’s specific situation.

  38. Just cancel ALL flights from China world wide until this is brought under control. I guarantee you if it was reverse. you couldn’t get into China. These western governments playing Russian roulette with its citizens lives. Nothing personal to the Chinese people but use freaking common sense. Geez

  39. Hi,
    Coming in April thru HK, will see in March, british airways inform me in time or change my flight, i think …..
    But for me is totally blabla politician who serve nothing, the Coronavirus already in Phils LOL
    So ????
    Hope they find way to cure those infects.

  40. Somebody else asked this. When a person is screened in Cebu who pays the bill for that?

  41. I booked a flight through Hong Kong in March. I don’t know why this includes HK which is separate from mainland China? Air Canada flies through HK and I’ve used it before. I hope Cheapo Air prepared to refund or reroute flights

  42. Thanks reekay for corona virus quarantine for flights in from China…i will pass on your info…thx

  43. these are some of the most up to date videos relating to ph. very important stuff to know especially for people traveling to ph very soon. thanks this is very helpful

  44. While on my layover this weekend in Tokyo, I saw 3 Chinese airlines aircraft at the gates!!

    So, the spread is inevitable worldwide still at this date! Irresponsible government!!

  45. To make it clear: “From China” also means the SAR (HK) and Macau. And since two days it also means Taiwan. I know of two persons that were just going to Taiwan three days ago and wanted to return the day after. They were not told that they would not be allowed to return (flight from Taiwan was cancelled; they took a different flight route then), and right now they are kept in the airport building (together with a lot of others). Furthermore, the officials also claim that they need to check their houses ! As far as I know, they have not been given food or water yet!

  46. This ‘4 corners’ documentary on the virus aired in Australia last night. A good overview of how it started and the current situation. Moving footage, eg, authorities welding apartment doors shut, so residents can’t get out (31.15). 45 min. Take care.

  47. Cebu/ Philippine is smart. While US / drug companies seemed giddy and eager to vaccinate / drugged ( without testing the vaccines) all of the citizens. I’m betting perhaps the drug companies are losing money on vaccines ( citizens getting smarter / informed) so vaccinate more people to make more money.

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