Q&A: Adjusting To USA & Dating in Vietnam

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. It is bad. I can’t stand the California lifestyle personally and can’t wait to return to the PH.. Not to mention, everyone is becoming woke idiots.

  3. 11:30 Low SMV men and older men need to avoid the illusion of love. Keep it clearly on the no-love lies side, with clear sugar terms. But, since there’s no windfall profit in sugar dating, this can be hard to negotiate. How do PH, Thai and Viet compare for finding a sugar live-in with no pretenses of love? Peace.

  4. Hello Henry, been following you for a few years now thanks to our mutual friend Rob. I agree with all you said on California and the Philippines. We are both looking forward to our future return to the Philippines. You and Vi will be together sooner then you realize, as time flies. We pray your mom is still doing well and going strong. My wife and I are both looking forward to seeing you again, take care and God bless

  5. The default is the people are a bit more guided, great way to express your thoughts on this subject, yes the friendly nature of the Filippeno I to miss Reekay, I see Quantas Airlines have given a time-line re where they will be flying to, Saigon, Bangkok, Manila April next year depending on Governmental ok, but they seem to think borders will be open by then so that is what they are looking at , so good news I guess ? enjoy your thoughts re asia what has your g/f been doing these past few months ? helping out mum and dad ? guess they enjoy her being around, as your mum with you, cheers and beers from New Zealand ( only 15 cases yesterday ) !

  6. Put it this way the squeeze is not worth the juice in Vietnam, even a 40 yrs old Vietnamese lady will put obstacles for you to jump, and they don’t care if you are Vietnamese, white dude or black. Also you tend to find alot of girls single without kids even in their late 30’s.

  7. Helly Henry and hope you are feeling well.Before I met my Filipina Fiance 3 years ago, I had been watching your channel for 2 years before that and went on Vietnam Cupid before I started searching for Filipinas. I met several beautiful Vietnamese women but their English was so poor that I constantly had to use Google Translate. I video chatted with one of them and finally gave up after 3 attempts. She hounded me each day for about 2 weeks to continue but it was just too much effort on both of us. My advice to ALL- if you can’t COMMUNICATE, forget it!!!! That’s the basis of ALL relationships!

  8. Yes, i have been to both place’s Vietnam is no go, first the language, secondly the age gap third is the whole culture. In the Philippines, i was blown away by their friendliness and attention and these were coming from really cute beautiful women. So if you are black, white, yellow does not matter the Philippines is where you wanna be.

  9. Oye Reekay… if possible… u have email address that I can contact you? Stay cool amigo… Pinchi heat wave won’t let go!!

  10. AGents are saying PRA is allowing SRRV applications from outside the country and a visa exemption to enter for the limited purpose of completion. I’ll be home for Xmas. 😉

  11. From the recent videos of German in Venice it seems they are really cleaning up Venice beach from all the homeless and the trash lately

  12. Great vlog again Henry ! Salamat. I dated a woman from Vietnam in tge Bay Area where I”m from = very different than dating here in Phil.!

  13. You have more nerve and ignorance as a typical USA fool to even consider that you would be considered as someone would be accepted by those people in Vietnam. After the atrocities the USA committed..

  14. Good video , the cone of silence is a classic and get Smart was my favourite on TV . Just wondering is it better to marry my lady in the Philippines or Canada, i would still visit Canada 6 months of the year . I am not well off and on pension.

  15. Good thing I spent 5 years in thailand. So the Philippines hopefully won’t affect me so much.

    I do miss just the ease of life in s.e. Asia.

    Being back in socal..I can safely say
    I vividly remember why I wanted to leave in the first place..lol

  16. I’m in south Florida so the Philippines weather is similar to mine here. I’m used to it.

  17. Go to Phil’s bbq in San Diego. That will help your portion control. Get the onion rings and fry’s with the beef rib!

  18. Hey Reekay bet u cant wait to get back I was there but now moved to Vegas in So.Cal if u even look at a girl in a store 99% of the time u will get the death stareI had to leave been there most of my life just couldn’t stand the attitudes anymore

  19. I live in San Diego , California the weather never got above 85 degrees and that’s only one day.

  20. Your video came across my YouTube tonight. I used to see more notifications. Any way to increase your visibility ?

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