Philippines Likely to Go MGCQ Nationally on March 1st – News

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
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    1. If I understand correctly, your Chua is recommending World Economic Forum directives for Agenda 2021 / 2030. I’ve seen the descriptions at the Forum website.

    1. no idea. i just read that many barangays in manila area are now on ‘localized ECQ’. just the barangays with high number of cases.

  2. They want to imprisoned you in your own houses. Who these people think they are. Do they own the country. There should never be any restrictions of age of people who will go out and do what they need to do outside. Over here, one day I saw a bended elderly pulling her shopping trolley sad to see her but that is life need to survive.

  3. If the government will not open the economy then they have no money to pay back what they borrowed from the world bank. And now what, go figure out what’s next. If flu is more deadly than covid then what’s the problem learn to live with it and have normal lives. Covid is manageable and treatable and you don’t need a rushed vaccine that has not been thoroughly tested to inoculate the population. It would not be a coercion to take the vaccine but a choice. People research first any vaccines they are using before you dive into it otherwise you cannot come back. You have only one life not unless you are a cat, the pharma were not accountable/liable if you become a cabbage or dead.
    If the government will not open the economy and the masses were starving then you need to demand them then to provide your needs that simple. Some countries did not buy this covid circus because they know the real truth.

  4. You might want to mention your vid in the backround has people precovid walking through the mall without masks, obviously thats not how it is now

  5. Does anyone know what I have to do to be able to come back and be with my newlywed wife? I got out of Manila the day before they shut it down.

    1. no date has been announced officially yet. the DOT earlier announced they ‘intend’ to open the borders during this year ‘sometime’.

  6. It’s just the flu with a different name 99.6 recovery rate this is just a big scam wake up everybody it time to wake up

  7. Placing the whole country under MCCQ is the most intelligent and smart recommendation lately. Nice presentation and excellent interpretation. Thank you.

  8. This is just total control. Duterte is drunk with power. PH is so strict yet number 1 in covid infection in Asia.

  9. Great news, would be nice to start my daily walks again after being stuck in the apartment for this last year

  10. 2025.. or never. Its not just the PH that most open up its all other countries. And frankly, the PH elite is just starting to _enjoy this new situation._ Construes like Guatemala, Costa Rica in Central Americas have a opportunity to get some much wanted attention.

  11. The iron fisted governance in Philippines is costing us dearly in the USA as we must feed our loved ones in Philippines.

  12. Here in Davao the liquor ban and 9pm to 4am curfew has been extended to Wednesday 31 March so I really hope the national lifting of all liquor bans and curfews will happen in just a week and that it will include Davao.
    I really miss going out at night and having a drink.
    But the problem is, the Philippines was a poor country before covid. Now it’s even poorer. If we ease restrictions we run the risk of more covid cases. Rich countries need to give the Philippines vaccines. The Philippines is not like Germany and France that can give people generous amounts of money so they can stay home, still pay for food because they have money, and thus not spread covid.

  13. keep the facemask mandate in shops and malls, keep social distancing, keep the hygiene. Urgently roll out free vaccinations. But yes, the Philippines needs to reopen. Our business needs guests, we need to see a return to cash turnover. Dead businesses means unemployed workers, an increase in poverty, death from increasing poverty destruction of future economic grouth.

  14. Reekay, it was at first over age 60. In Philippines age 60 is considered a senior citizen. They had chosen at first Senior’s were not allowed out, but they changed that to age 65. I believe that is how the way it worked. Also, when all of this started they had 1 day a week only Senior’s could go out, down here in Butuan city area. Thank you for this video.

  15. I like the way how you explained in your blogs for the benefit of your co americans who planned to travel here in the philippines. God bless.

  16. I have been watching off and on, yours and different other YOUTUBE vlogs…during the quarantine periods (since March 2020) One thing that neither you or any of the others I have seen mentions is the problems that those of us Expats 60+ have getting our SSA from the banks. As I am sure you know if we have our SSA being deposited into a bank here in PI, we can not have it going into an ATM account, We can not have online backing, we can not have a representative pick it up for us (NO MATTER if Peso or dollar account)…we must show up in person to withdraw our SSA, also most of the banks it has to be at the branch where the account was opened, so if for example the bank branch is in let’s say Consolacion and the expat lives in Liloan, the the quarantine between cities are in affect plus the 60+ Quarantine is in affect, Plus if the branch is in a mall, and the Mall has stricter entrance rule than the bank, the expat can’t even get to the bank since the Mall won’t allow you in if you are 60+ or outside their city…..THIS IS A TRUE CASE EXPERIENCE (NOT a “I HEARD” situation)….I was lucky during the total lock down I managed to talk on the phone to the Manager of my bank and gave him a hard time about it (I admit) after all it is Their Gov. who sets these rules and it is the banks responsibility to get out money to us someway….So for several months I had to video call the manager the morning my wife was going to pickup the money, plus each and every
    time she had to take our marriage certificate, plus there were problems they say with my signature on the withdrawal slip i would send with her, (even though I had already talked with the Manager that same day within an hour of her going so the bank knew she was coming, and that I had approved it…..This is just totally uncalled for…and they will not give you the MAIN OFFICE NUMBER so that you can try to get hold of the Main office to try to get things figured out…SOMEONE NEEDS TO BRING THIS UP OVER AND OVER UNTIL SOMEONE REALIZES THE PROBLEM and the banks are forced to figure someway to solve this problem…this of course would also apply and help when the expat is sick or in the hospital, and needs his wife (at least) to go to the bank.

    1. Roy – one Idea I have for you is to have your SSA into a US – online type account – then do a currency transfer to your asawa’s account. I use a currency transfer company to cut transfer costs – Azimo for this. I can even send my Philipina GF a cash pickup option to M hullier if there is ever a problem with her bank. Hope this helps

  17. How about those above 70 years old but still physically and mentally healthy ? Can they allow them to go out of their houses ?

    1. it often comes down to the security guard at the mall. if you look young enough and they aren’t too strict about it, they won’t even check.

      ever since this covid thing, they spend more time getting the temp and asking for a q-pass.. while ignoring the backpack check. suddenly, sneaking a weapon in is not a high priority.


  19. XRP peaked at $3.84 when the market peaked at 800 billion. Today the market value is 1.7 Trillion and XRP is at .55¢ XRP right now is very under valued all due to the SEC lawsuit. It should be worth more than $7.00.

  20. The government had a chance to save the economy early on, but they totally sat on their hands.
    First, all air travel should have been stopped.
    Second, the government should have offered a tax holiday to all building owners, landlords if they gave free rent to their tenants.
    Give three months free rent, get a six month tax holiday, give six months free rent, get a twelve month tax holiday.
    This would have kept money in the business tenants hands to keep paying staff, pay for receivables.
    Instead, huge numbers of business have closed permanently, drastically cutting government tax base for recovery.
    Instead the government has allowed huge amounts of businesses just to die of, gave no support whatsoever which sends a loud warning message to any future foreign investors to stay away from this country.

  21. Relax the current measures and a lot of people will be relaxing permanently, six feet under.
    The extremely contagious Covid-19 variant is no here and the numbers are a lot higher than reported due to the lack of mass testing. Meaning that the number of infected people is more like twenty times the official number.
    Relax the measures and you will see a huge spike in covid numbers, higher than they have ever been because of complacency and this very contagious new variant.
    Mark my works.
    I hope I am wrong but the brewing storm clouds…..

  22. come to Cebu province (not the city, they can go hang themselves). they got a governor who’s not afraid to speak out and speak out against this so-called “science”.

    1. Exactly, all are getting very complacent but I think many will get bit by reality by this extremely contagious new variant.

  23. Chua may be working for China who themselves are starving for more food and trade. They started the pandemic and now they’re very desperate. Thank you China!

  24. I agree Henry.. cratering 3rd world economies.. I truly believe 90% of the world will be open by August.
    Curtis in Las Vegas

  25. I ain’t ever heard so much unGodly B.S. in all my life. Gradually “allow” someone to go out of their house? Allow? Does the gov’t think they own the people? I’ve got a few recommendations myself.

  26. Politicians there have starved everyone, destroyed healthcare, destroyed businesses, resorts, and nobody did anything. The army or somebody should shoot them all.

  27. Philippines in economic disaster because of fake covid-19. A lot of people worldwide have realized Covid-19 Hoax Propaganda is being use for as Cover for Economic Reset and jabbing people with poisonous vaccines so Watch out folks this is dangerous path going on.

  28. My Filipino fiance is waiting for me in Davao I was hoping I can go in June will I be able to fly I am getting my Covid vaccines shot soon here I was hoping to get married in June what are my chances?? Would it be better off for me to wait ?? Just miss her dearly and we planned for a June wedding but Covid stop everything just curious if I can go to the Philippines to get married

  29. Great news. Thanks for sharing Henry. Best vaccine is vitamin D. It is God’s Best way to built up God’s immune system. Vitamin C and Garlic is another great way to build your immune system. Hydrogen Peroxide is a powerful tool and cheap. Reekay you have contributed good info along your journey in the Philippines. As a long time fan i want to advise you to do your research before taking the poisson vaccine. Main media will not report how many die after receiving the vaccine. You can start with Dr Buttar. One of the truthful Doctor not paid by vacinne manufacturer.

  30. Can a person coming from US WHO had already their vaccine still be subjected to a quarantine? If so , How many days? What Expenses are we expecting? Thank u

  31. As Gates said in an interview, he and his billionaire cronies stand to gain a profit return of 20 to 1 with the billions they have invested in vaccines. They masked, separated, locked down, and paralyzed us with fear 24/7 in order to usher in their vaccines without resistance. Heck, they even took our jobs, schools, restaurants, sports, and entertainment. They own the media, so they control the people. Our governments have already paid them billions, and with their yearly vaccine-subscription scam in place, they will be getting trillions of dollars in perpetuity. Follow the money.

  32. That’s good information I hope the president past this I can’t wait to enter the philippines and be with my fiance and marry her

  33. Just watching people’s vlogs there are already places that already going back to “normal” as in functioning as normal as can be, usually out of urban areas, like in a bubble. Metro Manila is a different country really, and gov’t decisions are based on what happens in MM. Even around the world, there are no uniform rules regarding the pandemic, one day it’s ok, next day, it’s not. Agree, the “vaccine” has been over hyped. People will just have to live with covid and just follow proper protocols everywhere, especially the social distancing part (you know what that’s like in the PH). The “Asian Bank” you mentioned is the Asian Development Bank, similar to the World Bank, Japan is the biggest contributor, PH contributes as well, their HQ is in Ortigas in MM, so they don’t have to go far to “borrow” money. The acting economic planner (Karl Chua) is a very bright guy, career bureaucrat (not political), ex Asian Development Bank. Thank goodness.

    1. We have an Eatery Business and I will tell you that we pay tax and a lot of it. They make more than we do.

  34. Why now this MGCQ? The restriction they placed on everyone during the pandemic only affected foreigners. Probably this is why most Japanese and Korean left the country, which was a debt for immigration. The Filipinos at the age of 60+ did not stay home or did not move around. I know this because family and friends in the Province who are 65+ were going to other Province to visit family members. So for them to come forward now like they are doing everyone justice is BS. I am sure other expats out there would contest if they were into blogging.

    I am not there but, I know I would have voice my concern about it during the pandemic. Thailand did not place any restrictions on the public. How many other restrictions have they put on foreigners that others may not be aware of? Expats should be voicing such things to their Embassies. That is why they are there to assist in changing such stupid restrictions.

    Thanks ReeKay, another good Topic

  35. What about expats that want to stay over because of the virus, even if they met the requirements limited to their tourist visa.

  36. Thanks for the update. I just need to get my foot in the door since I am all packed and ready to move there now. Just my luck on this pandemic just as I sell all my stuff to move lol.

  37. Ricky, how many people have died from covid, the flu , pneumonia, heart attacks and stroke in the same time frame? Now compare those stats to the last 10 years.

    1. I’m here in the Philippines. On day last July my sister in USA called me saying our sister-in-law had called and was an emotional wreck. All she could say was, “He’s gone”. My sister jumped the car and upon arriving put me on video call. The emergency team had my brother on the floor trying to revive him. When 30 minutes had passed with no response they pronounced him dead due to Covid-19. Covid-19?! No way. Just 3 days before I had talked with him. He was his usual happy, jolly self staying busy in yard, volunteer work and assisting my mother. Be was 72 yo. His wife said there were no symptoms prior to his death. Yet without a test, without any evidence at all he was pronounced as dead from covid. He did NOT die from covid.

    2. Top 8 causes of death in America kills 2.5 a minute and 2 a minute for abortion according to 2017 report, lots of death are being counted as Covid related…..very lax here in USA.

  38. The vaccine rollout in PH will take a long time to reach over 7000 islands/remote areas in the provinces so my guess is (1) late this year at the earliest for removing/relaxing the travel ban on tourists and (2) that only those with “covid passports” will be allowed on flights or to enter PH. No jab = no entry.


  40. With the new variant now here in the Philippines, you relax safety measures and there will be a lot of people relaxing six feet under.

  41. I hate to say it, but i’m considering ending the financial support i provide my cebuana gf. I haven’t seen her for over a year now. Looks like it will be at least another year before i am allowed to return. I hate to do it, but i’m starting to lose interest in PH.

    1. Because the government were too scared to their masters that is why they’re creating all these stupid rules their masters telling them to do. And out of 100M+ inhabitants had not lift a one finger to do something. So, if nobody will say something these corrupt officials will do everything as they please to you people because they thought you’re all dumb. The government is trying to show off what they’re doing to the world which doesn’t work, why all these fuss anyway. These people think they will be excused when the real deal comes. They are just being used by the elitist/globalist. Don’t sod off people fight for your rights.

  42. I’m confused by this video. I booked a flight from America to Cebu with a 1 week quarantine at the hotel. So international flights are allowed.

    1. @JNino i wish i had better news for your situation. hopefull things open up by sept. crossing fingers for you.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea yeah, after reading your first comment and doing some research, I realized I was wrong. Accept my apologies.

    3. @JNino even before covid, a visa has always been required. it was simply a “visa upon arrival” program for 30-days. (before that it was 21-days. but that was years ago.)

      since march 30th, the PH immigration dept has canceled all visas upon arrival and all foreign visas at its embassies/consulates, apart from those married to a PH citizen or possessing a valid SRRV (and married to a Filipina).

      this is a quote from the ph embassy website, recently updated;
      “As of 01 February 2021, as a general rule, foreign nationals are still prohibited from entering the Philippines, except for those listed in our COVID-19 Public Advisory No. 49. Exempted foreign nationals, except for those availing of the Balikbayan Program, will still need valid visas to enter the Philippines. Please be guided accordingly.”

    4. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea not true. Americans staying less than 21 days may enter with just a passport. No visa needed.

    5. yes, you can pay for (book) a flight and the airlines are more than happy to accept your money.

      but if you read the warning-text while booking, it usually states that it is your own responsibility to be aware of any covid or visa requirements. which means… in order to actually ‘board’ the flight you will need a valid visa to the PH.

      if you are currently married to a filipina, or have a child in the PH.. then you should be able to get a valid visa for entry to the PH at your nearest PH embassy/consulate prior to your flight date.

      but if you do not have a valid visa, all you really have is a paid flight that you cannot board without a PH visa. the PH won’t let you in, so the airline will not actually take you there. they will instead offer you a delayed date for your travel itinerary.. if you notify them ahead of time.

  43. The philippines will go bust and be owned by the banks unless it changes it’s LOCKDOWN and allow foreigners into the country.
    The PH has entered into ppp) private public partnership with various projects and those partners need to be paid, because those partners have private investors hence how the money was raised to start those building projects. The longer it stays closed the more it will cost the country, and sad to say the hard working filipino by way of raised taxes and wage freezes.

  44. 7:53

    Island to Island travel in the Philippines is currently a nightmare …

    You can’t leave an island like Palawan without a bunch of permits and paperwork, but worst is the return procedure, where they always require a minimum of 14 days quarantine, no matter where you are coming from.
    You even have no choice but to spend your entire quarantine in a government accredited hotel, costing 14k + testing you will end up being charged around 20k …

    All this just for leaving your province for domestic travel.

    It’s a catastrophe

  45. Thank you for the update. Those businesses that have shut down SADLY will NOT come back and there are thousands of them. I knew that the government cannot remain shut down for long period because it will devastate the entire economy. I am glad Governor Gwen Garcia saw this and made a commitment NEVER to shut Cebu again. I am saying this as a Cebuano who moved back to USA last August 2020 due to the WUHAN VIRUS!

  46. Mr Chua is the only one so far talking with COMMON SENSE , Thanks God , there is NOW someone with a BRAIN !!!! These NONSENSE policies DETAINING children and seniors 60 and above in their houses for more than a year shows enormous IGNORANCE of these people in authorities on COVID 19 and its DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES .

  47. the speed at which things are moving in the Philippines ,and else where …i would not hold my breath for going any where this year ,not without a bunch of extra hassle and expense

  48. Heard that the philippines government are going to hold up the vaccine and some politician are trying to make money out of the vaccine to gain its own profit.
    As for me here in Singapore,i’ve taken my 2doses of the vaccine(PFIZER BIONTECH) as im one of those front-liners.

  49. Millions of pesos disappear or people. There are areas still locked down in the Philippines. The country hasn’t even start vaccinations. And they want to open? That’s insane!!!

  50. So where are the people suppose to get the money to return to work from the province? Before lockup many people were hard up for money and now many have not worked over half a year. Kawawa

    1. only in the areas still under ECQ and GCQ. the vast majority of the PH has allowed for over 60 since about 5-months ago.

  51. Reekay, check cbn abs news, they just wrote that the DOT will open the Philippines for tourists this year 🙂

    1. Its no worse than a flu. Flu also mutates, thats why vacces dont work for coroaviruses! In US no one dies of flu anymore, they all die of covid. Work that out. 99.9% of cases are mild. So really masks, travel restrictions, vacces, lockdowns, etc dont work. Its all a scam by Satanklaus of theWEF, Gates, etc, to advance their agenda.

  52. here is something to truly consider. below is a video of the skid-row area of los angeles, calif. shot just 3 months ago. lots of homeless people living on the sidewalks with little to no bathrooms available.

    almost nobody there (the homeless) are wearing a mask. no running water. they are in close proximity to each other all day. exposed to the weather. basically the very opposite of covid measures and social distancing. and yet… nobody has reported any covid outbreak among the homeless as any worse than the rest of us running around with masks and face-shields washing our hands with alcohol everywhere we go.

    so.. honestly, what is up with that? by all accounts we should be seeing homeless people dying by the dozens of covid every week where the homeless live. but, nope. something to consider.

    video link;

    1. Most still required hospital time which is very expensive in this country.
      So what is better, paying 6k for a vaxcine or 150 to 200k for hospital time. Serious covid case is pegged at

  53. I sure hope the entire Philippines goes to MGCQ. I want to travel around. Just get in my car and drive far! So many things to go and do and see and vlog! Please… Let us travel again!

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea yeah.. sorry.. i meant MGCQ. I edited my original comment. Actaully.. i would like No CQ of any kind! 😉

    2. GCQ would be a tighter limit than MGCQ. 🙂 more travel options with MGCQ. or better yet, the “Low Risk” status that rarely, if ever, got used.

  54. All of these Asian countries are afraid to open. Everyone is waiting and watching everyone else to make the first move. What a load of crap!

    1. Well the Western countries aren’t exactly opening their floodgates either are they – so why should the Asian countries? These countries are not just playgrounds for foreigners – their governments have a duty to protect the lives of their citizens, just like everywhere else…

  55. Mayors, Governors, and barangay captains seem to make their own rules in their own areas and do not seem to follow the protocols set by Malacanyang.

    1. what everybody ‘should’ have been paying attention to was the mortality-rate, not cases. only now are they barely beginning to realize that many cases, with few deaths, is a more realistic metric to make decisions.

  56. ecq, mecq. gcq, mgcq ……. names changed but that was basically it. its still an alcatraz like feeling here in bohol. still no inter-island travel here…..

  57. Not gonna happen until they get the virus shot going and they still don’t have any. Also it would blow up like in Japan when they lifted their quarantine and had to go back to it. Good luck but it won’t happen until then

  58. Much is about population control. People are starving to death more so now than ever before due to covid restrictions. The more the population is reduced thus fewer covid infestations. The only other mass population control is every day driving. The old saying still applies. Rush Rush, meaning anything goes, is a good day to die. Traffic fatalities and accidents that causes the reduction of abilities to work have increased dramatically. Weaving in and out of traffic, drugs and alcohol related deaths are very high matching or exceeding almost all other causes of death combined in the Philippines, cancers being a lagging 2nd. However this is one of the most prolific way to control population.

  59. When see the mass exodus of Expats from the Philippines because the Philippines has dropped from #5 last year to 186 now as ratings for countries that are Expat friendly. 1000 expats equals to over P1.8B pumped into the local economy monthly! Money talks BS walks.

  60. I personally don’t fear this so called Covid but i definitely fear this vaccine (who knows what their putting in this thing) be careful my Pinay friends

  61. 99.8 survival rate and that’s not even the real number just the reported cases. So only 2 out of 1,000 die of the elderly and sick (and again the real number is lower) so glad we shut down the whole world for this nonsense.

  62. Can u handle the truth ?
    They been broke along time ago !! They will never recover. Now deep in debt.
    It will be interesting to see if the other Asian countries merge or sell out to highest bidder.

    1. yes. the most recent loan from the asian banks (again, not china).. becomes due in 15-years. these loans are just kicking the can down the road for a future presidency to deal with.

  63. What if I’ve been Vaccinated and my spouse is there, Can I enter, from USA, my wife has already recovered from it and has the antibody, I had her mass dosing vitamin C 4000 mg daily and she was barely sick from it at 43 years old, Myself I was mass dosing Vitamin C 10000 mg daily and was around it, did not contract, I follow a Chinese American Doctor, who recommended the Mass dosing Vitamin C, just as it was hitting Wuhan. Now after a year being a critical responder, I am fully Vaccinated with a CDC card,

    1. vaccination will not change or improve visa status at this time into the ph. however, even without a vaccination, since you are married to a filipina.. the two of you can enter the PH, if she obtains her PH-passport and uses that for the both of you to enter. (you will still need your usa passport, of course.)

      but she needs to go to the nearest PH embassy/consulate and renew her PH passport in order for the both of you to enter the PH as spouses. you, yourself may also need to secure a visa at the embassy/consulate as well, so ask them for more info on that.

  64. Sir. Philippines was not in good standing before the Virus. Since then, they have made 2 ( two ) loans.
    I have to tell you that…it’s going to be bad for a very long time. Philippines will be taken over by another country. Because of financial reasons.
    They will not recover.

  65. Boy one things for sure whenever they do open those gates up you’re going to see foreigners coming over here by the hundreds of thousands with rock hard cocks on because they’ve been away from their girlfriends for so long there’s going to be some massive babies being made for sure the month the gates are opened up

  66. Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany do have separate bicycle lanes on high traffic roads, it makes riding bicycles much safer

  67. I would never have believed it could last this long. Based on the published numbers and my personal experience of what it was like visiting ten plus years ago their economic development has been set back by at least a decade. It also hasn’t bottomed out. Many of the people who have not been allowed to work will soon discover they have no job to go back to. When I was doing computer repair one of the chilling truths I learned was that a company which lost more than thirty days of business data had less than one chance in five of avoiding bankruptcy. That’s with no physical interruption of business, just loss of data.

  68. They are 9 months tardy in the realization that shutting down an economy will cause you to go in debt and ultimately broke. Slow start after a year doesn’t really cut it. There are lead times for the full economic disaster to reveal itself. That wave is still offshore, but will build and of course, break hard. Many years, not months to recover to pre-COVID status.

  69. open everything and get the tourist economy going, covid is a scam and is no worse than the common cold or flu which everyone is subject to catching anyway, covid is a way to control people

  70. Government ‘officials’ are such pirates. “implementing health and safety measures”. Absolutely a bloody joke they are.
    The enormous health issues that has been around for decades, are due to the toxic chemicals allowed in our food supply..
    especially the processed foods. Talk about a REAL crisis that was allowed to continue and poison the masses.
    This latest so called crisis.. wake up people, its a trojan horse. Ushering in a system of monumental control. There are
    plenty of inconsistencies in their narratives because they are full of s*#t.
    Agenda 2030, the “Great Reset”, Agenda 21, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. Connect the dots.
    Its time for people to wake the hell up and stop putting our faith into a parasitic system, designed by evil thugs

  71. The philippines will need to change the foreign ownership laws about cant own land or a house or even a business, stupid laws ,the economy will never improve borrowing money from other countries is not the answer need to bring in foreign investment for future past pandemic stage to get the country back on a even footing ,can,t open up as the virus will spread even worse out of control .

  72. “Persons between 5 years old and 70 years old”? That means children 5 or older, teenagers, young adults, adults of middle age and seniors up to 70 years of age may “gradually… go out of their houses.” Wow, some change! How gracious of the leaders. What about young children less than 5 years old and seniors older than 70 years? No change for them? They’re still in “lockdown” as they’ve been all along? This is nonsensical. My wife has been sending several balikbayan boxes a month now for a year (living room’s a warehouse — ugh!), ever since she returned from the Philippines in early March 2020 (just days before the lockdowns went into effect — lucky us!). Everyone’s been asking for canned food, rice, flour and other non-perishable food items. They’re hungry! This is news? Duh! I’m sure Duterte hasn’t been subsisting on infrequent deliveries of canned sardines and warehouse rice from the local barangay. Shall we ask his chef? And what has this guy Chua been dining on, canned Spam and Vienna Sausage? I would bet not. “Hunger incidence,” “income loss,” reestablish inter-island travel? Brilliant, Sherlock!

  73. lockdown masks, etc has all been BS. It scares me to see the Philippines following the government just because they are government.Cleaning common surfaces,washing hands with soap and water and simply being healthy has made the biggest difference.Save the jeepney.

    1. PH follows WHO recommendations, just like many other more progressive countries that’s supposed to know better.

  74. A “Heads Up”, PhillyinPhilippines, Brian has resorted to name calling…he says many vloggers are offering false hopes, & now he’s attacking any/all vloggers who depict sexy Filipina’s as “Beater Boys”, which I assume to mean: “Wankers”. Sad. Maybe he’s worried about making the payments on his new Van. He wants to Hog all the vlog business. Who knows!?

    1. all these fucking talking head wankers all Philippines experts,all e beggars ,but notice how none of them are living like KINGS ….

  75. Should be interesting. In many countries many people have been demanding everything open. These people seem to be under the illusion that somehow a government lifting bans will make everything go back to normal. Sweden kept everything open through this whole thing and their economy shrank almost as much as their neighbors. Factor in the cost of dealing with lots of sickness and we get closer to a wash. The problem isn’t the lockdowns, it’s the virus. People generally don’t like getting sick or dying. So they tend to reduce risk “do I really have to go out for ice cream?”

  76. Throughout Scandinavia, there are many remaining tumuli in honour of Viking kings and chieftains, in addition to runestones and other memorials. Some of the most notable of them are at the Borre mound cemetery, in Norway, at Birka in Sweden and Lindholm Høje, and Jelling in Denmark.

    A prominent tradition is that of the ship burial, where the deceased was laid in a boat, or a stone ship, and given grave offerings in accordance with his earthly status and profession, sometimes including sacrificed slaves. Afterwards, piles of stone and soil were usually laid on top of the remains in order to create a tumulus. Additional practices included sacrifice or cremation

    thats the explanation for the Smog Issues in Beijing

  77. I don’t understand why the Philippino peso doesn’t loose value as the American dollar it is due to the pandemic and closed downs

  78. I doubt they’ll open up island to island travel; when we currently can’t travel the whole of the island we live on. Time will tell though.

  79. If they are smart they open up with no restrictions for tourists before Western summer holidays in July and Aygust. If not an economic disaster.

  80. There seems to be a great deal of uncertainty about how effective these vaccines are going to be in reducing the number of new covid cases. If all they do is help mitigate the severity of the symptoms without significantly increasing immunity, we could be looking at longer travel restrictions worldwide. However, as you say, there is a practical limit to how long the economies of various countries can be kept shut down, regardless of the consequences.

  81. I hope that whenever they decide to open the borders, they don’t try to restart the economy on the foreigners money, I don’t want to pay for the Philippines economic problems.

  82. Thanks my friend. Finally getting doses of good news. Just wish they’d let foreigners back in. Haven’t seen my fiance in over a year.

  83. At this point I have lost all faith, I tried to reunite with my filipina gf a month ago in dubai but they didn’t let her out of the country… even though we met and prepared all requirements. Dubai was safe , i just took a test before arrival. How hard is this to allow visitors who tested negative?

    1. same here, last week we were supposed to meet in Dubai and go to Maldives they denied her exit from the country regardless of her documents. Now she is on quarentine in Manila before she can go back to her home island. It is sickening what they are doing to LDR relationships. Be strong and bless bro, keep your faith. You will meet her soon, just like I will meet mine.

  84. I like your “Reporting the News” format. I think you will be happier if you drop talking about your personal life and dating etc. With love from a long time follower 🙂

  85. This definitely is good news for those already in the Philippines and those going there on long term visas but I don’t see the short term tourists coming back for awhile still. Way too many restrictions even in their own countries (quarantines,etc). But still this is good news because it is moving in the right direction. Is the inter- island travel just restricted in a few islands? I saw some foreigners have traveled from Manila to Borocay.

  86. to do the economy any good they need to reopen the philippine’s I was there for 3 years and i myslef spent over $500,000 usd

    1. Richard Meadows do you realise that Philippine lives matter too? They have family and friends that they want to protect and I guess the dollars that you worship must come second at this moment in time…

  87. Small baby steps to be sure, but positive steps regardless. I have to believe that somebody in the government there, sees the positives that international tourism could bring. For me alone it would be 3 or 4 AirBNB’s, one or two meals for two at a restaurant each day, boat rental, car rental, trike rides etc…and that’s just me in a 3 week vacation. It may not be worth $1K a day, but close to $1K a week. Add the other 100,000 people that want to come over to visit their girlfriends, go diving, or just chill on the beach. And pretty soon you are talking real money being pumped into the Philippines economy.
    Thanks for posting Reekay…I’m still holding off on rescheduling my flight over on March 22nd, in the hopes that more good news will come in early March regarding tourist visa’s. I have my fingers crossed, my legs crossed, and my eyes crossed, that they may open to vaccinated tourists in May or June…But I’m not holding my breath.

  88. No country knew what it was doing for a response to a pandemic.
    No country had a plan to reopen after a pandemic.
    Experts like the WHO, the CDC, or Fauci are all incompetent with regards to this pandemic.
    But, if there ever is a real pandemic, at least there are some lessons learned from this fiasco.

  89. This is pretty much a solid analysis. COVID-19 is with us for life so there is no way they can throttle their economy based on infection rates for much longer. Economics is now at the table and it is having a bigger and bigger say on when the Philippines should reopen to everyone. My prediction is 1st quarter 2022. I saw a video on YouTube showing a poor Filipino family eating a rat to survive. Eating rats to survive will be the new metric for when things need to open up and not the infection rate.

  90. Thank you for the latest news. I’m subscribed and look forward to the advise/news you give. I’m looking to visit the Philippines for the 1st time when I’m allowed. Please keep giving as much news/advise as possible to people like me. Thanks

  91. I have given up on international travel until mid 2022. No one knows anything yet about when travel to the PI will be allowed. It’s all speculation now

  92. Love the concept of bike lanes. It has been a game changer here in NYC. That along with bike sharing has allowed more people to find other means of transportation to and from work. I hope they can implement that throughout Phil.

  93. CDC said only 6% of fatality are actually from Covid. The other deaths were a combination of other issues that the patient already had. In Michigan one person died of a gun shot and they said it was because of Covid. Other death was a car crash and was dead on arrival. Doctor reported that it was Covid related and the family sued the hospital to have that removed from the death certificate. The doctor said they took the test at the hospital after he passed away but the result showed negative. It’s more money if you report it as a Covid death.

  94. Good morning new subscriber from Indianapolis with 12 inches of snows and negative temp —5 F keep us inform thank you

  95. Won’t be a country much longer if they don’t get a grip on reality, plus if the us economy crashes and it probably will with Beijing Joey in control the exchange rate will plummet and expats are going to be paying a whole lot more.

  96. The government has finally realized that whether you die from covid or starvation, you’re still dead!!!!!!!

  97. I have been hoping to come to the Philippines in January 2022. I have also heard that the government’s goal is to have half the population vaccinated by the end of 2021. The Philippines might be open in 2022, but I’m starting to think it won’t be in January 2022. Maybe I’ll start thinking 2023.

  98. I believe they are aiming loosen up the restrictions further to allow for regular start of school year which is June. Students need to get back to school which would allow some parents to get back to work as well. In case anyone is wondering why the change in tone, there was a major religious event called Feast of the Black Nazarene that was feared to be a super spreader event. However, no rise in cases was reported. I am optimistic that things will return to close to normal this year in PH. Take care.

  99. Might have a little bad news don’t know for sure they’re finding a different strain of the virus here in the USA more contagious and more deadly Colorado Wisconsin and Florida so far

  100. With the vaccine not stopping the spread it will be a long time before they open up here. They have proven the vaccine may lessen your level of sickness but you can still spread the virus that is why they are recommending to still wearing the mask and social distancing. I bet the qurintaiins continue for arriving people at least the rest of this year.. and tourism will not come back if you have to qurintaiin most of trip..and take multiple PCR test..just to get around the islands.

  101. So no end in sight for martial law, which is what it is. Oh, but expats up to 70 MIGHT be able to leave their homes after a year! Woohoo! (Then again, they probably have all killed themselves by now anyway.)

  102. They open up to rise case numbers and go back to super full lock…..down, then jab people to make them infertile.

    1. “luxury” is not real anywhere considering small businesses are being destroyed in the west and
      freedoms/liberties dissolved..

  103. Thinking also they will open up, they desperately need the money for government. Thanks for sharing the information.

  104. Good to hear Henry hoping the lockdown here in UK soon gradually relaxed. vaccines are well on the way here 15 million had there first dose already I should get mine in March the death here is awful around 115k have died already we lost a young 34 yr old co worker to the virus

    1. Studies in Denmark and Sweden shows that face-masks is not effective as the face-mask was invented by the Chinese to stop bacterial infection ( *not virus* ). If you observe all protocols (like not picking your nose, shave several time every day and change face-mask every 4 hour) it is effective to *10-20 %.. not more.* The *Hong-Kong* flue in 1968 was more deadly, more transmittable (about twice) and was fixed by not panicking. PH is one of the countries that will go down due to economic hardship and will be purchased by China.

    2. Economically they have to. If not, the biggest mall like SM will to close. Their employees plus their families will go hungry. It will be worst than COVID19.

  105. We have seen the EXECUTION during the whole COVID process…May…to September…worst case December,,,weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! You are a month away from 2 0 2 2! Election May 2022. The people need leverage…NOTHING PUSHING A 90% President. ANNNNNNNNND…I say ANDDDDDDD…what happens if the 90% party gets KAMALA? iyak Tayo ha!

  106. thank you for the great update… regarding the current practical info on the Philippines… My prayer is that they can quickly recover through out the Island chain economically and its general prosperity….

  107. IF…I say IF…we believe the approval survey…President’s approval rating is 90 percent…not sure there is much pressure to do anything he does not feel like doing. Filipinos are highly skilled at “going to the mattresses” and surviving on and on… Foreigners help lift a good portion of the population….but are they necessary….MEEEEEEEH.

    1. Do you believe those polls? What do you think would happen to a poll taker who reported 30%? Remember ABS-CBN. NOBODY anywhere actually has 90% approval.

  108. I agree . The government should promote good healthy diet . Lots of vegetables and fruits to boost up immune system. The healthier a you are , the more resilient you are in fighting the virus .

    1. The one huge benefit from this virus is that it opened the eyes of many to how dirty and filthy this country really is and that change is desperatly needed.

  109. Please put Davao City back on MGCQ, You saw the pictures I took of City Gate Mall here, it looks like a ghost town. They even had to close the coffee shop that we go to. The owner told me she didn’t make enough to pay one employee. I would say between 70-75% of the stores are closed.

  110. Thank you, Henry for this wonderful informative talk!! It is really welcomed information for all people in this country!

  111. vaccines has lead to the opening of israel… south korea is starting mass vax on feb 26 so we will see if it has the same effect…the vax could be the answer to phils opening.

    1. I can see it happening in 6-8 months if they continue to ramp up vaccine production and distribution around the world. We just have to be smart and give time for people to get vaccinated and slowly start opening things as we progress.

  112. That sounds like good news to me. Open up slowly, but start opening the gates. I will take this as a positive. Even with this move, I am still believing it will me new year 2022.

  113. Hi Reekay hope you are right and we start to open up the country. The Philippines can no longer strangle the population any longer

  114. None of this makes sense, foreigners who are SRRV and other visa types are permitted to enter the country along with Filipino nationals and their foreign spouses. Its become an excercise of controlling the populace versus reducing the spread of covid 19. Either keep everyone out of the country until the virus is under control or allow anyone who wants to visit provided they meet the entry requirements. More people have suffered under government control than the virus itself. What is the percentage of fatalities directly linked to the virus? Low single digit? More people die on motorbike accidents in a month than all of the covid fatalities in a year!

    1. Exactly!, here in Vietnam motorbike accidents have killed more than this ‘worlds most dangerous virus’. About 600 deaths so far this year.

    1. That one is hard to figure out. It’s as if each separate province-island is a kingdom where the governors rule their turf by decree. They will use the excuse that some islands like Siquijor have to be extra careful because they have poor health facilities and the governor there will for sure continue on that track no matter what IATF says…until they run out of money. But if they actually opened up inter-island travel, patients could get on ferries on get treated where there are better facilities so it is non-sensical. Also, Siquijor has always been a risk for people with health conditions that are not even covid related so why are things any different now? The island king makes his decrees and the people must obey. But when it comes to the point where the king gets no more tax revenue to pay his staff, he will make different decrees. Hopefully that is happening now but I am not holding my breath.

  115. Smells like we may be going from unpredictable lockdowns of many months to totally opening the floodgates. But then again by March 1st it may all be totally different once again.

    1. @Howie Howie
      Only because people get stupid and have parties, drinking sessions, etc.
      It’s only a few that are responsible for the suffering of many.
      Remember that we are dealing with a very contagious virus which has just gotten 50 to 70% more transmittable.
      I think the real storm will hit towards the end of March.
      Hope I am wrong.

  116. Even if that happened
    Unfortunately LGU’S can make their own rule changes…. SO do not be surprised that anything remains different from barangay to barangay..
    Daily I see kids and adults not bothering with rules about masks.. Shields… And social distancing…
    Opening up does not mean people have jobs waiting for them… Or that businesses have money to reopen

    I hope Panic does not come back but this is the PHILLIPINES and people are worried… Heaven help us

  117. On another subject. Please allow me to give JRC in Cebu and Dumaguete a big thank you. They filled my 13A In Cebu on Jan 12 == I was approved in Manilla on Feb 11. = super fast!! One month. .You can have confidence in them!!!

    1. I filed my 13a at los Angeles Philippines consulate and got in 2 days
      And when you apply at consulate you only need to do once
      Not twice like when you apply at BI in philippines

    1. In 2015 during the Presidential Campaign Duterte and his then personal assistant Bong Go went to Beijing for a meeting.
      When they returned Duterte’s campaign kicked off with expensive videos made by top international political advertisers based in Hongkong. His campaign materials also visibly improved from the home made cardboards and plywood to sophisticated materials. Duterte then abruptly shoots up in the polls from number 5 to number 3 then number 2 and number 1.
      In a public speech Duterte admitted that he received a campaign contribution from an anonymous Chinese person.
      A month thereafter a Senator came up with an allegation that he has raw intelligence report that over 200 billion pesos came in to Duterte’s account at BPI bank Laguna branch.
      The senator then challenged Duterte to open his BPI bank account for inspection. Duterte denied such deposit but admitted he indeed have a BPI account. Duterte sent his lawyer Panelo who open the present statement of Duterte’s account but refused to show the entirety of the account records corresponding to the alleged date of deposits.
      Duterte is so popular with the public because of his commoner appearance and so the issue died down as the public supported his refusal to open his bank account for scrutiny.
      When Duterte became President in 2016 he announced during his visit to Beijing the “re alignment” of the Philippines ideologically, militarily and economically from USA allied to China. He also threw to the garbage a UN Court Decision rendered in 2016 for a case filed in 2013 determining Philippine superior claim and legal rights over Spratly against China. Duterte then signed a Joint venture agreement with China sealing the invalidation of the UN decision and allowing Chinese further exploration of Philippine Islands in the West Philippine Seas under a joint venture arrangement.
      Very obviously Duterte has been in the pocket of the Chinese.

  118. My guess is that the tougher lockdowns return after deaths from the injection, which will be called a c19 “mutation”. We will see.

  119. So the top politicians received the bribe from the WHO at the expense of the citizens, and now realize the shutdowns have killed far more than this cold virus going around.

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