News: LapuX2 Vaccination Requirement, Manila Lockdown & More

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
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  2. Graphs show the current vaccine efficacy on the new Delta variant would require a near 100% vaccination rate to reach herd immunity. But, the jab still appears to reduce severity and hospitalizations. I have my doubts things will open up anytime soon. Peace.

  3. So much about nothing. Testing positive does NOT mean you are going to get sick and hospitalized; For the elderly and people with preconditions, getting SICK and hospitalized does NOT mean they are going to die. This is just a mutated strain of the FLU….and like a yearly FLU, people will die! CDC has noted that the survival rates is 99.97%….wish the Government would STOP the fear MONGER and open up businesses and stop the LOCKDOWN!!

  4. Here it comes ….can’t buy or sell …without the jab …so now it’s a choice between not able to buy food, water , etc …unless you take the jab …..guess they gonna kill you one way or the other…..The jab is not safe ..for all …btw …they don’t care …

  5. Reekay, I’ve noticed some of my comments go unpublished and they are in no way disrespectful. Are you screening comments and only allowing those that agree with your viewpoint? Tsk tsk…

  6. Well when you have made transportation so difficult and incomes very dire how are people suppose to get vaccines. It’s been a total lack of organization and central leadership.

  7. The world will never be the same again.. reset and adjust to the new world. Change with the environment disasters and embrace the new social media technology that’s keeping us all communicating with each other. I had plans of retiring in the Philippines. Since the pandemic I’ve seen more tents and homeless and opioids than I’ve ever seen in my life my goal is still to go there and retire because I feel that the quality of life has gone down equally around the world. We should learn to embrace the good things that we have now because who knows what’s ahead of us.

  8. Government’s way to control the people,don’t be surprised the U.S. will do that as well,just for the record I am not and won’t get the vaccine and my rights will not be taken away,WAKE UP People!!!

  9. Say whaaaa more lockdowns phssss and pfffff it ain’t no more fun in the Philippines new SLOGAN….

  10. Why are people so scared of getting vaccinated? It takes 5 seconds and is totally painless.

  11. Does not require regulation….the WORD is on the street…all NCR natives have been afraid of both the virus and the vaccine…but after the WORD was passed…REALITIES have been MADE CLEAR…and now every local I know is standing on waiting lists…waiting to to take vaccination. FREEDOM. 😛 May 2022

  12. I think it’s a good idea to lock people out of places if they are not vaccinated no excuses, there are some people that have a legit excuse but her in USA numbers are rising it’s mostly un vaccinated this calls for more strict lockdowns then before or this will never end n who knows stronger versions of this damn virus

  13. Covid started in Wuhan and spread to every corner of the world..Wuhan is very close to Beijing & Shanghai. Why have these citys never had a lockdown? How come the Government there have never had Covid?

  14. Also.. i think you are right. Manila is going to go into a mass lockdown. ECQ in another week or two.. as soon as the Delta Virus gets spreading… There will be no stopping it do to crowded streets.. markets.. squatter areas and low vaccination rate. Best to fly out of Clark.. or Cebu! Stay out of Manila if possible.

  15. Want the world to open up? Get vaccinated. It’s quite literally as simple as that. My personal guess is Philippines will open when they achieve 40 to 60% inncoculation. Making vaccines a requirement? Heck yes. Enough already with the holdouts slowing us down and keeping us in perpetual lockdown. Stop whining and get vaccinated, people.

  16. Requiring the Vaccine to get into malls is the only way the Government can get Filipinos to take the Vaccine. only 46% are willing to take the vaccine. I tried to get the vaccine here in San Juan La union, Philippines, but missed the cut off by 4 people. They only ad 250 doses available to distribute here in San Juan. And San juan has a Population of over 40,000 people. If you do the math: It will take 13 years to vaccinate my city! Lots of luck.. lol.. Anyway.. that is my experience trying to get the vaccine here. I have heard of another Foreigner getting the vaccine here in SJ. But he was older and met the guidelines. Now with A4 getting vaccine… Lines are long. and vaccine shortages are everywhere. I vlogged it.. if you want to see my experience…

  17. Responding to the comments online, Chan said Tuesday, July 27, that the implementation date was made later so residents would have a chance of getting inoculated before the policy becomes effective. He added that he would reconsider the controversial section. (Give me the chance to weigh the following data or numbers: first, the cases of COVID per day; second, the number of people vaccinated per day.)

    Chan said he instructed the vaccination team to hasten the vaccine rollout in Lapu-Lapu. Walk-ins were also allowed in the city’s vaccination centers for senior citizens and persons with co-morbidities.

    This is a scare tactic and will never be implemented. I live in Cordva City just across the the bridge from Lapu Lapu City. If this is implemented we will have to close our 2 bridged that connect us to Lapu Lapu City. As they will come pouring across the bridges creating lines a mile long at all of our stores and markets. Stripping our food supply and bringing the virous with them.

  18. Hey Reekay, I would love to see a vlog on a topic that is affecting so many LDR couples, just to get your opinion on the matter. So many foreigners are ending their relationship with their Filipina because of the continuing lockdowns. I am refusing to take the experimental jab, and so too is my Filipina gf. It could be 2023 before I am allowed into the Philippines, or maybe even never. I have been chatting with her for 8 months and we love each other so much. I am willing to wait forever for her, I love her that much. But am I being selfish to expect her to keep waiting for me for god only knows how long or should I end things with her and let her find someone local so that she can get on with her life? I know she would say she will wait as long as it takes, but I am not sure if I should allow her to do that. I want nothing more then to have a life with her, but sadly, because of these insane rules, it really is starting to look unrealistic.

  19. Gosh, here we go again one more thing to add to the list of why you shouldn’t move to the Philippines

  20. polymerase chain reaction tests have been scrapped. Influenza was being counted as covid. Once again proving those tinfoil hat wearers correct.

  21. They tried this in the UK people are burning London to the ground I doubt it’s gonna go over any better in the Philippines

  22. Reekay you do not believe. My visa already arrived after 6 months however my plane ticket cancelled twice . I checked the airlines they have flight but they change their price 4 times higher. Ridiculous. I suggest no one travel to Philippines this time. They become scammers really.

  23. Don’t be shocked if those requirements surface here in the the not too distant future…

  24. Thanks, nice, succinct situation updates with supporting links unlike certain Philippines based vloggers who keep milking the same subject on live streams. I get it they have nothing meritorious to talk about and the continuing covid situation creates donation opportunities for them. However, to keep saying the same thing over and over about the current travel ban which no vlogger has control over anyway makes no sense. Your vloggs are always on-point which is appreciated by this long time expat.

  25. Mandatory shots… This rule is the beginning of NO RIGHTS for anyone….. Their reasoning is a lie because there is no upswing here

  26. Hello Henry and thanks for the update. My advice to ALL foreign tourists is LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE to spend your money for traveling. Philippines isn’t getting any better and its ALWAYS been a case of ups and downs if you haven’t noticed it yet. And yes, my Filipina Fiance is also there but I am not going to be dwindling my thumbs for these INCOMPETENT IATF IDIOTS to get there thumbs out of their butts and start using common sense. Thank you Henry for all you do my friend!

  27. Going backwards again mid 2022 if we’re lucky it’ll be the new president that changes the Philippines one way or another

  28. Makes no sense they barley got any vaccines there how the heck can they make it a requirement? Do they want no one to come to the mall then cause no one will have cause 1. They can’t get it or 2. They don’t want it take it. It’s not just the PH it’s everywhere now so what’s next…the next varient in the Greek alphabet then u gotta take another jab cmon stop with the nonsense if they were smart enough they’d work on a pill or something like a Tylenol where if u get it u take a pill so u don’t die or get really sick. Even those with vaccine hesitancy would take a pill before a shot. So whoever is studying this use your noodle people are more comfortable taking a pill than any shot especially in the PH where people don’t want to take a shot because they r scared of the what if and they have every be concerned cause no one with certainty can say if there will be long term effects. The cdc and fda have terrible track records and have approved drugs in the past that they’ve had to recall years later cause of serious side effects. Those r just facts so yeah people r hesitant especially for something we dont know much of and developed so fast on something we’ve never dealt with before.

  29. People have been getting vaccinated since they were children. They probably don’t even remember.
    News Flash “there is an uncontrolled worldwide pandemic with an evolving virus.”
    I’m sorry, but the world has changed and you have to change with it.
    Like it or not being vaccinated is going to be mandatory just about everywhere.
    So, you can’t just keep running, moving and hiding forever. And, yes I got vaccinated even though I didn’t want too.

  30. That’s terrible..i hate this setuation now, about vaccine.. like pursuing you to get a vaccine, then you can do whatever you want.. but you still wearing mask ..

  31. Never understand the night time curfews…coronaviruses are nocturnal and only infect people at night?

  32. Seems the CDC just released more bad stuff on the United States [too, perhaps]. Not liking the general trends

  33. So, if for the next 28 days before you have to be Vac to go to store. One might ask, if its not now being non-Nac isn’t all tha important or they would do it now.

  34. Actually, the 7 day average mortality rate has dropped to 66 people per day out 107 million. Daddy wants to tell you what to do for your own safety.

  35. Incredibly sad situation. I hope Gov. Gwen Garcia reconsiders. There is such a need for common sense and real critical thinking.

  36. The main reason I am getting the vaccine, I believe you will be more restricted if you haven’t had it.

  37. A fantastic decision. And if it has the good effect that the fools who will not be vaccinated travel to the Southern States in the United States and die of Covid there. Then it has a fantastic effect. Then the rest of us can start and have a normal life.
    The only wonder I have is that to my knowledge there are not that many Filipinos who have been vaccinated. But there may be more pace to that process.
    Now the Philippines is just missing and giving permission to tourists who have been vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna. No quarantine but OK with a test before arrival or on arrival. Then come the tourists from Europe and Canada.

  38. THINGS ARE PHUCKED UP EVERYWHERE, looks like asia will be closed for years, i thought it would open in 2023, but its not looking good,,,,, very sad this situation, the whole world is at a stand still,, something has to be done, do they want the world to end, ? and then who is they?

  39. Yeah, I was chatting with Kristine yesterday, and she was telling me about this. Doesn’t seem to be getting better there, only worse. Beginning to look like it will be sometime 2022 before we can get back there.

  40. Thats the bad thing about living in a dictatorship. Imagine if two years down the road the vaccinated ones start to develope cancer, those who force the vaccine should pay the price.

  41. ☆5☆

    How much longer will billions of Free Men,

    continue to allow a few million ‘Psychopaths’

    to call our Grandfathers and Grandmothers “Useless Eaters”,

    while at the same time

    ‘Psychopaths’ have been for months and years

    planning and NOW intentionally KILLING

    Our over 65 year old: Fathers, Mothers, Grandfathers and Grandmothers?

    I’m just saying:
    Its not going to look good chiseled on any Free Man’s Gravestone:

    “Here rests a once Free Man, who choose to be another ‘Shameful Coward’

    when he stood silently by and watched,

    but did nothing to STOP

    the ‘Psychopaths’ from murdering his Granny and Grandpa.

    May GOD,

    and all of the grandparents and children

    of those once Free Men,

    Forgive Them.”



    Watch how “60 Minutes” correspondent Mike Wallace covered the 1976 swine flu mass vaccination program which was halted after 4,000 reported adverse events.

    Now, think about this.

    There are currently 463,456 reported adverse events and 10,991 reported deaths for the COVID-19 vaccines in the CDC’s VAERS database.

    Why is today’s media completely silent about this❓

    Full Video:

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