My Experiences Dating Older Filipinas

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. How were you able to stay in Vietnam long term? 30 day Visa runs I would think would get old..

  3. It’s really the same. Both have a older they are looking for retirement and fear of growing old alone

  4. I was 54 and she was 34 with a 13 year old son.. Her lack of discipline of her son really bothered me. It has cost her and her family much grief and money. Some times I felt like I was raising her. Her maturity at times was lacking for myself. We made 3 1/2 years together before we floated apart. Was even offered a house to stay with her. Her family was great and we got along, We still keep in touch periodically.
    I was 58 and her 56. Two grown children out on their own, Parents deceased. The difference in maturity is amazing. The expectations from family extremely different. She had the same BOSS babe attitude as your restaurant owner. I explained very directly that attitude not acceptable to me in a nice way.. Noticeable change happened. So far so
    There is definitely a societal pressure for both of my experiences for the ladies to not lose Face . Best advice I can give, If you are really interested, Take them away on a vacation . Learn the real person, similar to the road mentioned.

  5. My priority is an over-40 woman. On problem I’ve found is dentition. They can be missing a LOT of teeth. The record so far is 13, some of which were bad & I paid to be pulled… and for dentures to replace them! Just being nice to someone in need… I can’t marry her (too many kids but it wasn’t expensive. I tend to share what God has given me. A second woman is wealthy and beautiful, but has a 30 year old special-needs child who is with her 24/7. She can’t live full-time in the US, so close, but not a match.

    Interesting 3-D effect in some of those pix, Reekay. Made me feel like I was back at sea in the Navy!

    Were the first few pix of Vee (Vi?)? Very pretty, whoever it was.

  6. I’m sorry to hear of her passing away. I had seen the videos you made with her. I’m sure you still felt pain from her passing. I recently lost a good Filipina friend who treated me like gold, she died from pneumonia since the hospital would not admit her without a Covid test and she could not get the test past 5 pm. Another hospital want $1,000 up front. If I had known I would have sent the funds even though she was not an official girlfriend. I learned 3 months after her death since she was not responding to my texts.

  7. It’s a very long time since I been to Dumaguete , I stay in North West Leyte, easy boat to Cebu . ,seems a lot of guys go there . To me that’s too far from where I like to stay and I been hearing much problems there , think I’ll pass.

  8. Don’t let it bother you on the age gap, I’m sure you’ve found it doesn’t mean a thing here. Your the chooser you been living and working in your life , you have earned the right in your life to do what the HeII you wish to do .

  9. My gut reaction is no big age gap relationships.
    However my dating/relationship experience has been in the west.
    I have been in a relationship with a woman 18 years younger she wanted an intimate loving relationship with someone who would treat her with respect. Marriage was not on the table. That lasted 4 years and we were happy and separated amicably.

    What I will not compromise on are
    Lack of communication or mutual respect.
    I won’t do it to her if she does it to me it’s a deal breaker.

    I KNOW WHAT I WANT I’m not willing to compromise nor am I in a rush to find it. I’m in my 60’s recently retired.
    I need to establish
    1. Can I live in the Philippines
    2. Can I cope with climate, cultural differences etc. Until I answer those questions finding a partner isn’t a high priority.

    I accept time isn’t on my side compared to a younger expat but that’s no reason to rush or lower expectation. Why?
    Because I don’t want to screw up and pick the wrong partner just because I’m worried I’m shirt on time.
    I look upon the search as an investment in my future and, hopefully that of my partner. That’s worth putting time into.

    So if I happen to find a much younger partner who in all respects ticks ALL the right boxes for me?
    I may take extra time to assure myself she’ll be a good partner I won’t be rejecting her because of the age gap.

  10. Well there is a school of thought going on about mature women are more Trouble. They have more baggage and if you come across one that is poor and needs money, they are better in getting into your bank accounts and credit cards.

  11. Hire a maid, lot cheaper, always “yes sir ok sir” am I handsome? Yes Sire. Less then $200 a month in the Filipines.

  12. Experiences with dating women with children:
    1. You are not his father.
    2. You are not her father.
    3. You are not their father.
    4. You are not my father.
    5. You are not our father.
    6. You took them in. You gave them a home. You acted in the place of a parent. You are responsible for them. Your child support payment will be $1,000 per month for each child, and you will pay an additional $2,000 per month in alimony for separate maintenance for your former spouse.

  13. My “older woman” was 42 when I was 57. The fact that I didn’t want children wasn’t an issue because she already had a 14 year old son. What broke up our relationship was the experience I had with my ex-Filipina-wife, which had made me much more alert to red flags than I was when I met my 25 year old wife at the age of 40.

  14. I agree on the discipline which is actually teaching them not beating them and yes the lessons are sometimes stearn. She will end up with a nightmare of a son. Boys need real men not a mean man but a strong real man to help them see the right path to a good life.

  15. Is it possible that the BIL was just hoping to pawn her off on some unsuspecting foreigner in order to get rid of her ?

  16. Great video, What gave you the green flag to go ahead and merry your present wife? What might be some red flags to look out for when dating? Boundaries on money and expenses?

  17. You really don’t have to “discipline” kids by whooping them. That’s what happened back in the day because it was accepted and nobody really thought about alternatives. I know plenty of people who never got a hand layed on them but were disciplined and turned out really successful and respectful. When that’s the only way you know, that’s what you cling on to.

  18. I found a 39 year old Beauty Queen of Cebu. Im 53 years young and enjoy the older sexy women more because of their maturity and experience as well as grown children. No drama

  19. I do remember the 49 year old Vietnamese woman. I found her pretty and charming. It’s a shame that she got ill.

  20. Ideal would be a woman between say 25 and 35 that will be looking and behaving youthfull and in great shape. As long as she doesnt want kids or if older than 40, has kids already grown.

  21. Great video Reekay. It’s like dating women over 45 in the US. They have their ways and usually set around their family or careers. There are past hurts that have not been resolved many times with older women. I stopped dating over 45 20 years ago. I find younger Asian women far more open minded, open hearted, emotionally available, accommodating to a relationship. The younger Asian women are far more open to allowing men to take a lead.

  22. I have been watching your videos with interest, I get engrossed in them so much I forget the thumbs up and have to go back again LOL. I am married to an older Filipina, she is 54 and I am 74 and our relationship is working out beautifully. That doesn’t mean that problems don’t arrise but we are mature enough to handle them

  23. no, man, not more than one kid and not more than 40 years old for the woman. Next thing you know it’s thosuands of dollars per year for her medical care.

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