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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. Tampos are a big issue for me. My ex pretended she didn’t have them, er … Drove me nuts, ruined holidays and certainly contributed to her being an ex (other issues caused it)

  3. I’m entering week two of my wife’s latest Tampo episode – we’ve been together for seven years and have a family and are settled. I accept it as part of her culture. What she is slowly coming to realise is that I am actually better at Tampo than she is and it really pisses her off. I don’t mind the silence because my life/work experience has actually required weeks of my saying nothing/not making a noise. I don’t pander to it but simply ignore it and go about my merry little way. I am comfortable in my own company, with a book and a beer. I suspect that she can’t quite recall what exactly I did to annoy her in the first place (drinking with the trike guys until after midnight and watching sports at the local trike stand – my bad, I know) but eventually she will get tired of it and life will resume as normal.

  4. In my experience, the maturity of the Filipina depends on their birth order. The elder Filipina’s are much more mature than the younger sibling Filipina’s.Filipinas.

  5. It comes to the old adage…..looks or personality……very rarely will a person have both in spades. I too was divorced in the U.S.
    I am now at the point in my life, where how we get along, do we see life the same way, can I stand to be alone with her……..much more than her being a model,or a beauty pageant winner. i take it much more into account, how she acts in public ,is it the same as she acts at home.? Does she “protect” me around her family? Does she genuinely respect me.?

  6. Moved to Philippines 2003. Met 2 different girls online it did not work out. I met my now wife in 2006 had heart surgery in 2007 spent a year in Alaska recounting. Returned to Philippines 2008. My wife and I discussed marriage but never got around to it. Until 2015. She was happy staying home in the Philippines. When I developed some health issues I returned back to USA just before COVID hit. Hence my wife was told by her mother she belongs with me. So I bought a house (permanent residence) and for her 41st birthday I filed immigration petition for her. Guys she is a needle in the Haystack. I am 73 and she is still 41. But if you have had bad dealings I do know a gal who is just about as good as my wife. She was my housekeeper and OMG can she sing!!

  7. When I asked for her hand in marriage her father dug deep in his pocket and said this is all I have… mother yelled out I have more pesos No Returns… 7yrs

  8. If u want a more traditional simple girl then the Philippines can make u a happy man. Take it VERY slow, think with the right head & never underestimate the strength of family ties with a Filipina……..

  9. If you gave Filipinas free birth control, no fault divorce, alimony, feminist ideology, affirmative action privileges, and sexual access to top tier rich good looking men who pay to fly them out for foam canon parties all over the world, how long would it take for them to develop the same attitudes and treatment of average men as western women?

  10. My suggestion to all Americans whether you are single,in a relationship or married. Let the US consulate in Manila know that you are here. Give them your passport number, phone number and location. Also information on who you are with. Thing’s can change rapidly here

  11. Please that you got what you looking for. Patience is key to knowing and marrying. You older now and wiser. In 10 more years you will notice the difference in your ages. You be slower and she want be. So as long has she can deal with that more power to you.

  12. Age gaps are only a problem to others, those who look at your relationship and feel that their own relationships are miserable. So they project their own misery over onto you and your relationship in an attempt to feel better. Whose business is it if me and my Filipina have an age gap of 30 years? If we love each other, then we are happy. Don’t let others’ misery destroy your own happiness. Age is not important, maturity is.

    Then TAMPO… Gosh, it is a ridiculous and immature act of disrespect. It doesn’t help me one single bit to get over the reason why it started, what the Filipina think that I did wrong. It will just cause a lot of confusion. How can I fix something that I don’t know what it is? How can I apologize if I did something wrong which I am not aware of? How can I NOT apologize if I don’t agree that I would have done something wrong?
    Tampo is for immature kids. NOT for adult women. I want a woman, not a child. I would get rid of her. No second chances of that.

    Yes I agree, no need to be in a rush. Live with her first for 2-3 years to pass the major crisis that WILL come. Then you will live with her to see how she really is. THEN marry her, not before.
    Mutual trust, mutual respect and good communication are key to a successful relationship. If you can’t have that, then move on.

  13. My wife has not spoken to me for 2 days because I had 3 bottles of red horse instead of my limit of 2 bottles . Any advice to win her back over ?

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