(Livecast) Will the PH Require A Visa for Americans?

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Author: V. Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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  2. Thank you Reekay you educated me on this particular subject! Thanks for clarifying that issue! shout out from California desert.

  3. It’s going to get worse and a lot harder for the elderly to move let alone stay long term in Asia as a whole moving forward. Happy New Year!

  4. If the Philippine government does impose such strict regulations on visa requirements, they will lose at least $1,000 to $1,500 per month per American expat. Maybe they are willing to forego that kind of income. Only time will tell. When bureaucrats start arguing between themselves, it is like watching three year olds bicker over playground equipment.

  5. The Philippine government will eventually move away from the west and look to the east as Thailand has…..More and more well to do Chinese, koreans, Japanese and Indians….will invest and look into retirement in the Philippines ,cheap westerners with their barebones social security, and small investments dividends ,,probably wont compare to the rich asians retiring and investing in the Philippines…

    1. Larry …they use retirement visa because that’s the easiest way to stay in the country longer and conduct their “trade”. They prefer to “retire” there because in the Philippines they can bribe their way through anything. It’s a win win situation for both; crooked businessmen and corrupt government officials.

    2. @Larry As what I mentioned before, sooner or later the Philippines will be a part of China before they know it.

    3. @A Twit in the Philippines
      China….40% Korea ..21% ..
      USA 6% ,, 63,000+ … retirement visas given out in 2019…China ranks #1…..I’m surprised too….google it….

  6. “we do have some rights but we don’t have the right to involve ourselves in a foreign nation’s politics or it’s politicians”. yes , you are right , that right is only for US gangsters , called politicians. direct meddling in foreign country’s interior affairs. (probably because of American “exceptionalism”), as in this topic example. and be sure if Philippines introduce visa for even first 30 days stay, it will not hurt Philippines one peso financially. who wants to go , will go there and they will pay for small number that would give up.

  7. They are already clamping down. They are warning many as they go through the airport after a Visa run. The PRA has stated things are changing I’m hearing from the agents. The Philippines is slow but it’s happening and Tourist Visas will probably change in the near future in some way or form. I say this because the PRA agents are telling people to get your SRRV Visas soon……Something is up for sure. Just a small criticism is you need to cut to the chase a little faster in your videos…..Way to long on a subject. Just my thoughts. Also there was an article that said this started on Fake News.

    1. I don’t see why a US expat stays in Phil on a tourist visa for years. This happens all the time and is an abuse of the tourist visa system. If you want to stay for years then get an srrv visa.

  8. Hi and thanks for all you do Reekay. Please let the guys know that while they (Filis) may appreciate our Western qualities, they aren’t blind. They know what a handsome man is and they may overlook our…. deficiencies. A man should not forget his own lack of fitness, hygiene or style. She does know what our faults are.

  9. To follow up: just as we may tire of a women’s faults over time, they will certainly tire of ours, especially if we cause them embarrassment. When that happens the man will think he was scammed when he was at fault from the beginning.

    1. @Mr. Common sense You are such a dumb ass. Philippines is NOT filled with LIBERAL expats, its the other group. But this has nothing to do with liberals and conservatives. Always some lib hating dummy that blames everything on the world on a political party. So stupid!

  10. I have been told that I can get a 2 month Visa Thru the Philippine embassy. Is that true? Things have changed at Philippine immigration. If you have many extensions you have to answer a lot of questions and they will tell you that you need to apply for a different type of Visa. I have also heard that an Americans Passport was confiscated because his ACRI card was expired . He was told to go to immigration 0ffice and apply for a new ACRI and then you can pick up your Passport. BTW They have no right to confiscate your passport. Things have changed so be prepared to answer a lot of questions and they can deny entry if you piss them off or if they dont like your answers. Its good to have a plan B and know where you can get a cheap ticket to another country.

    1. U can get 59day visa at the Philippines consulate in the US…S.F…LA..Chicago…..and other cities…need copy of plane ticket, passport, bank statement or payroll check stub….to show ur finances for this trip…and 1 photo…..takes about a week…
      Waited 2 hrs…in s.f. and pickup 15mins..from a different floor.
      Applied another time and was surprised,,only 30min. wait…
      Cost $30…59day visitors visa

  11. If the U S is trying to interfere in Philippine , then The U S is out of line. They should never try to interfere in politics of another country unless they plan on harming us.

    1. @Mr. Common sense True! Filipinos love people from USA. Just have to point out though, that Philippines was attacked by Japanese because it was an important military target because of the presence of US military personnel in the Philippines.

    2. Are you a State Dept employee or Diplomat? If not who the heck are you to tell the U.S or any Government what to do.The last time the U.S interfered in Philippines was to save it from the Japanese.Most people in the Philippines love America and most people that know about the Philippines in the U.S love them back.these are my opinions.

  12. Never will happen. President Dutrete knows it these insane Liberals causing the problems. President Trump said many times he would not interfere with any countries internal affairs.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I disagree. Most Trump supporters like me are not bigots. I went to the El paso Trump Rally there were over 85% Mexicans there for Trump. I am not PC, where I am from they are called Mexicans or Chicano. Hispanic could mean a Cubano or other Latino

    2. even though i’ve stated this clearly in the past, i’ll reiterate. i am not a republican. i am a libertarian.

      as for the term, ‘trump supporter’… too many people use that term in a bigoted, hateful way so i do not subscribe to nor answer to that term.

      i believe in the limitation of govt intrusion upon a citizen’s life. i believe the rights of others END where my rights begin.

  13. You are one of the few vloggers who inspired me to move to PH which I did back in April. I was born and raised in Bohol and it is great to be back. However, there are so many people there with no common sense what-so-ever.
    And this visa thing would be one of them.

  14. I agree with many things said in video but disagree with better heads prevailing and making a good decision that benefits the Philippines. Just look at Thailand, they made expats much harder staying there and many have left, certainly does not benefit Thailand financially. We cannot in any way count on Philippines making a decision based on a financial decision only, there is way more to consider then just, well, we benefit from expats. Just look at China, they are stealing natural resoucres from Phils then Phils decides to partner with China and get money for several projects most of which China HAS NOT DELIVERED TO THEM. Thus far was not a great decision that benefitted The Phils, and they do have a history of making decisions that are not always financially benefit to them. They kicked out the US bases and how much did they lose with that decisions ?? But they did not want the US Making decisions for their country so they sacrificed the bases and all the money came along with them. And this issue is the exact same, no US involvement in the Phils bussiness. I agree likely not much comes of it but all that depends on how the US responds to the current issue.

    1. @Gary Lafferty you probably referring to hundred of thousands of abadoned Amerisians! There are estimated 250,000 kids abandoned by americans during their stay in the Philippines.

    2. Yeah right! Benefit with hands me down military equipment with attached conditions! USA was kicked out because they declined to renew the lease during USA-Philippines negotiations. The contract at that time was very disadvantageous against the Philippines as the US military is only leasing the airbase for 180 Million USD. Paid in installment or with gutted and condemned military equipment.

  15. The Philippine people are a good group of people.I as an American have traveled many places in Gods world and I got to say I love the Philippines.

    1. AMEN. I think When pope Paul travelled the Phillilpine s he BLESSED the land and made it a best Asian country.

  16. From my perspective: you have liberal dems who simply hate Duarte & his ‘human rights’ perceived abuses, the Phil senator is a anti Duarte senator… simple. I fail to see how an anti drug ~ criminal proviso applys here, the US state dept would probally over rule this over reaching intreptation, imo.

  17. Filipino citizen need Visa also to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries, so what’s the filipino government would do? Make people from almost all countries around the world make visa to Philippines? Even Thailand and Mexico with much more tourists than Philippines wouldn’t do it

    1. actually when you arrive you get a visa so I have no clue why this is big news, you get a 30 day stamped visa on arrival. you have to renew it every 30 days. ????

  18. I’ve presently been in the Philippines for 1 year and on and off for 10 years. The Philippines is very overrated gentlemen. Unless you are fluent in the language(s) here, it gets old really fast. When talking to your gf/fiancé is your only means of conversation , loneliness will set in quickly. If you’ve experienced this loneliness can you comment? Thanks.

    1. Been in Philippines 6 months in last 2 and half years . My fieance interpret for me would be better to know Tagalog. Many Philippine people speak English they learn in school they dont practice it between them self much unless there speaking to English speaking people. Call center require English . My GF niece 8m yr old speaks fluent English she taught her self she lives in a small province her parents dont speak English . If your lonely drink a red hoarse

    2. did you mean to say Vietnam instead of the PH? because in the PH, filipinos speak both English and Tagalog on every island. speaking with a g/f in english in the PH is not a problem.

      no reason to be lonely in the PH. there is no need to be fluent in tagalog. speaking the local language is more of an issue in vietnam or thailand.

  19. After getting my passport, I applied for a One Year Multi Entry Visa. Mailed the application, Passport, Money Order, and a SASE, and it came back a week later from Philippines Embassy. Enabled me to stay up to 59 days per visit instead of 29 days. I figured if I flew halfway around the planet, Iight want to stay longer.

    My second trip, I decided to extend my stay, and got a LSSV, which gave me a 6 month extension. ₱13,500, including ACR-I Card.

  20. HI great livecast & topic. Watched to the end. But i didnt here any thing about the expats already living here. I know you make it sound like,just easy and pay for the visa fee,when you arrive at airport. But what IF they pro long the visa process and take up to a year to approve each Visa that apply ? Like they do for all filipinos applying for USA visa. Your thoughts please.

  21. Last I heard, the two US senators have been banned from entering Philippines. I think that will be the end of story.

  22. Do you mean I cannot go to the Phillipines without a visa in advance? I can get a visa on arrival for 30 days. Not sure what you mean.

  23. You’re right reekay, don’t go to philippines if it will hassle you, it’s not the end of the world..leave it!

  24. Get a 9A Visa before you go to the Philippines it only cost $90 dollars it go for a year extended for another two years

  25. Here in America they said it about a woman and a journalist being locked up and human rights act over there in the Philippines. About allergied drug dealers Bing killed without due process

  26. “Westernized Filipina” means
    Philippines born pinay who
    moves to foreign country either
    due to marriage, college, job, right
    Reekay? Not foreign born Filipina

    Fil-Am means Filipino American
    (pinoy born and raised in USA)

  27. This is all to do about nothing. That guy that has “Living in the Pacific” on facebook posted about it last week. Just a Filipino Fire Drill! lol

  28. I am here in the Philippines now as this is the evening of the 3rd. I traveled here on my bluebook from Japan where i live and work on Sofa status for the Department of Defense. I arrived Dec.28, 2019. I was given 30 days to stay just on my passport alone, no visa for entry needed. My reasons for stay are entirely personal while on vacation. I am visiting friends here. So there you go. Thanks for your time and hope i helped out. Those Politicians sticking their noses out where they do not belong, speaking of those from the U.S. in dealing with foreign issues to me they should be dealt with harsh discipline from within their own Government. These are my own personal beliefs and i know nothing of the sort will probably happen. This is just my own .02 cents worth. But really i whole heartedly support any action the Philippine Government wants to enforce. It is their country. Respect others and keep your personal ideas within range of your own control and just behave yourself. Enough said!

  29. Reekay, I was thinking of maybe going to the PH . you think I can get Visa for 30 days? my intention is try to be there for only 3 weeks. any other requirements huh? they want proof of income too?

    1. If you spend 30 hours on a plane flight to get halfway around the world, you should plan to stay longer than 3 weeks. Jet lag takes a while to get over……

  30. Good morning kuya. Reekay that senators! Makes the visa issue! Which i dont like the idea of visa requirement i dont want that to happen. To americans ! Americans. Our Brothers delima is toxic! Goodluck to yur videos!

  31. I hope and pray that thre will be negotiator for that. Matter! We need peace not war ! Mama mary is crying for these! Children is fighting!

  32. I just return from caloocan city manila Philippines visit my fiancee third time there . Went Boracay Philippines for three days .

  33. Looking to visit phillipines in march, if i like it i will most likely move here. Only obstacle i see is prescription insurance. I take a rather expensive medication for psoriasis. Does anyone know how prescription insurance in phillipines works? Is it available at all?

  34. Hey I been there twice to vacation with my Filipina gf I’m concerned about the whole visa thing I was so happy before all this

  35. I totally agree, it’s all about money and Philippines will not make Americans get visas to enter,,,,, they won’t risk losing the money

    1. Ask Jack!!
      This is not about money this is about corruption and justice!
      That two senator is super stupid!
      Human right??
      The two u.s senator aact like they knw everything!the philippines is independent country be respect!

  36. somebody or some persons put a bug in those two senators ear and they stuck their nose in the philippines internal business which they had no right to do. the philippines is a sovereign country with laws.

  37. Wanted to thank you sir – In five videos you convinced me to stay away from the Fillapian love scene. No women is worth that BS! Thank you sir Have a nice day!

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