Know This: Before You Fly To The Philippines

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Author: V. Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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  2. I would suggest everyone check with their local airport for PCR testing. Our airport offers PCR test results within 30 minutes. This will greatly reduce the stress of the 48 hour rule.

  3. What about (non) jabbed…? Are they allowing that ? It’s gonna be a cold day in hell before I get that poison stuck in my body… but still hoping to get back into ph

  4. I can understand how a lot of men will now be jumping at the opportunity to go and be with their wife or girlfriend, but as I am no longer in a relationship with a Filipina right now, I will sit it out until this the covid restrictions are a thing of the past. In spite of being fully vaccinated and boosted, like you I prefer not to see the Philippines through plexi glass and be able to see people’s faces.

  5. I would have little faith in anything going well in the Philippines until all restrictions are over. Liquor bans, travel restrictions, masks, shields, lockdowns, quarantines. When they let anyone enter unvaxed without quarantine and testing, I will happily get on a plane.

  6. The airline tickets are still WAY to high… $4700 to fly from the USA to Cebu, compared to $1700 from USA to Phuket

  7. What do you expect to happen with ticket prices, up or down? How long do you think you will take for any significant change?

  8. Man I got to hand it to you, you are the best person to get great advice from if going to the Philippines. Lots of great information your spilling out with that the regular Joe Schmo has not thought it out this well. You may have very well saved many young or old guys that are not thinking because this young beautiful filipina has managed to put the blinders on the typical guys that are hyped up to meet the perfect lady that has used apps to fool him for months.

  9. All i can say is guys when you go to Philliphines don’t rush. Take your time i am saying this from experience of going there. Philliphines has some dimes that will shock you. If i am honest just forget online dating just be there on the ground most solid girls you won’t find them on Tinder or one of those dating app. I would say dating app is full of single mum and it’s not worth your time. Just resist the temptation of chatting to these girls and be there on the ground..

  10. I dont think Philippines will be anywhere near normal until 2023. Thar is when the vaxx trials end. Mo thanks into then.

  11. Hello, in Manila you don’t need to sign anything before you enter any establishment. Only vaccinated can enter the malls and restaurants

  12. Some people see all the time they invested in a girl and developed this fantasy relationship. When they meet and fantasy doesn’t match reality and know they should walk away and will stay saying the have too much invested. Like traders when a trade goes bad they can’t cut there losses and ride it for a bigger loss.

  13. Hello Henry. I enjoyed watching this video and you made many excellent points. I wanted to reach out to you about an event we have planned here in the Phils this August. It may be of interest to many of your subscribers. Thanks and with best regards.

  14. hi reekay very good advice we are from new zealand married we were going back 3 years ago where airlines were $1300 to $1500nzd each so i though i check the price $3500 nzd each so the plan is my be in November to be there in Christmas we hope

  15. Hi Henry, nice to see you again. Just like to know if you had your vaccine and booster already? I excited to go to the Philippines but not done my vaccination.

  16. Great Info and thoughts as always. I just hope everyone listens to the realities you try to convey. It can save others from a lot of disappointment

  17. In Cebu now …since 2016 break…it’s no mask no entry into malls and shops , even 7/11 stores .
    And my bank asked for vaxx card too ..just to use the indoor ATM .
    Executive order issued Cebu Mayor Rama ….this is how it is for now …..and Alert level 3 , is extended now til 15 Feb ., No face Shields , no contact tracing forms now ..but …temperature checks still
    In play ……since the typhoon Odette hit us here , it has been weird ambiance ..and creepy …its not a
    Cheerful or happy feel here …it feels tense ..and uneasy here …not a good
    Time at all to go here … on the ground perspective as I read it here now , real time…..

  18. great info…. Its so true to have a clear perspective and stick to them either wise its easy to fall into problems… Thanks for the updates… you are one of the very best regarding travel relationships and being successful..

  19. Thanks for the info bro. I think ill wait til after the rush is over. Ive waited this long to see my Nannai so i guess i can wait little longer.

  20. I’m here in Lapu Lapu. No more face shield. Masks, yes. But, a lot of people just pull it down to talk or to breath better. Vaccination card, yes. You can also show the guard a picture of your vaccination card.

  21. Interesting vid. tks. However, how can it be “good news” if unvaxers can soon travel internally? We don’t want them anywhere near us!!!

  22. A critical point about the flexible ticket that you correctly advised; in relation to negative PCR tests within 48 hours of departure, there’s been plenty of instances where, because these private companies might have a backlog, people haven’t received their results until AFTER the flight-date. Therefore, obtaining your results are out of your control.

  23. Great content.. the first part I knew but it is so good to actually hear someone say it… Because it is so true and yet so ease to forget… thanks Reekay

  24. Not trying to steal any thunder,Thanks Reekay, another great video with great advice. This is what is happening in Butuan city. No more faceshield, yes you have to be vaccinated to get into the malls and show at the door. They do not require the contact tracing.. My facebook friend, they have dropped several reuirements here. Like the stupid colorred pass thing, no more faceshields, have to show vaccine card at the mall.

  25. I am flying home from tialand ( what a mess)i havent seen my girl in 2 years i will just send a post card.

  26. Also Mr. Reekay fully vaccinated there is no quarantine on the same date, and visa free again. Hope that helps others.

  27. Philippines or what i call it bastard islands
    All girls have one kid at 18 and 2 by 25
    And no husband
    Been there 7 times and will go again
    But have vietnamese girl friend in vietnam
    But love philippines beaches and people

  28. Outstanding! I was in group 2, two years ago. Learned the hard way. Now I’m in Group 1. Arriving Feb 10.

  29. Probably better to wait until after
    The election in May . And see which
    Direction the country will go …with the new administration ….here in Cebu on the ground since 2016’s been a rough ride….

  30. thank you love your work,i would like to know if we can still keep extending the tourist visa for 3 years like pre covid cheers mate

  31. April flight from LAX , under $800 for roundtrip. EVA. THE COVID TEST IS REALLY THE Wrench THAT COULD BREAK IT ALL.

  32. Definitely a reality check. Good advice. I’ve been video, texting a Filipina for two years. Reality may very well be brutal. I’m booked for a month starting April 3. So many things could be going on with a Filipina 8000 miles away. We plan on spending the 30 days together. I’ve been thinking the same thing as you’ve said. Reality may be brutal. Thanks for the reality check.

  33. “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
    Know when to fold ’em
    Know when to walk away
    And know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you’re sittin’ at the table
    There’ll be time enough for countin’
    When the dealin’s done”

  34. Wise men will celebrate the Canadian Truck Convoy rather than the Philippines saying “if you inject yourself with an experimental drug we will let you see your loved ones”…….

  35. EXCELLLENT video presentation Reekay. Thank you. I have never been to PH but after seeing your video my plans now are to wait until 2022 Oct, at least, for a more normal experience. I am in metro Los Angeles, by the way, not far from the inland Empire……

  36. It is good news that the Philippines is open again. However, it’s more complicated when your final destination doesn’t reside in any of the available airports. For example, once I fly into Manila, what are the travel restrictions for me to get to Subic Bay… or Mindoro? Do I have to take an additional PCR/Antigen test? It may be better to wait a few months to let this virus fever dwindle a bit more…

  37. can you comment on the type of vaccination card that are required in the ph— are they accepting the white CDC card issued in the usa? Thank you!

  38. I was getting ready to go in 2020 as alot of other people until the big C changed the world’s plans,for me best thing will be to go slow and let the dust settle such as letting things get back to some sort of normalcy and especially wait for cost to settle and all the other craziness. As usual Reekay great advice.

  39. As usual…good and wise advice!
    Personally I have stopped going on dating sites. I don’t want to find myself prisonner of a filipina and her place on my arrival. I’m gonna wait next fall to make sure everything is back to normal ( if it ever comes back to normal one day because I’m convinced things will never be as before again))and I will chose the place I want to be in the Philippines. When it comes to filipinas I will meet them on site and in person. There is no need to rush…


  41. Oh yes Filipino two that’s the one that’s waiting for you that kept you interested hoping you would not forget her and she’s happy you’re coming now

  42. Thanks for the very sobering information; most of what you’ve mentioned is why I don’t plan to go until the fall. One thing: what’s up with the vaccine card requirements? As far as I know, most Americans have the white CDC Covid Vaccination Record Card, which may not be accepted by immigration.

  43. And also there’s two types of Filipinas for the last 2 years number one Filipino she has been sending you videos pictures of her and she’s married only because she wanted a monthly income Filipino two has been sending you pictures and videos to keep you interested and she’s not married

  44. Rushing into the Philippines might not be such a great idea!! Perhaps it’s best to let time filter out things and hope for the best. Don’t want to visit the Philippines and test positive on your return trip!!

  45. I was looking at Airbnbs in Makati. There is a 6 month minimum stay mandated by the city of Makati! ( that might change after Feb 10 hopefully ) Sure there are some in Makati that are still willing to rent for short term, but when you show up with all your luggage and the guard questions you… you might not be able to stay there.

  46. Great advice – Not looking forward to wear a mask or have restrictions on my movement while I’m on holiday

  47. Thank you for such a great explanation. I went in 2018 and I think that I will wait until the stupid restrictions/masks are over with.

  48. when i book my hotel i will state there will be 2 people staying there will that be ok? my filipina wantto stay together the whole 3 weeks. im wanting to rent an aprentment for 3 weeks in march

  49. The girls Lie a lot (to save face)……you guys should know this. Most have kids (several), many have a filipino guy on the side that they won’t tell you about, they have other foreigners sending them money on occasion ….birthdays and xmas. they won’t tell you about that either. get ready for disappointment……..had a friend Fly from Tampa, Florida all the way to Manila and then Daveo, Mindanao……to meet his “sweetheart” after a year of chat……they never met. Mistake ! She brought 10 family members to the hotel restaurant to meet him and it did not go well……I was there at the Marco Polo Hotel, Davao when it happened……she did not speak good english, did not look like her picture on FB, and her family was replying for her to this guy who was sending them money……….he flew back to Florida disappointed and out 5000 bucks for the week there.

  50. The last time I was in Philippines was 2019. I can’t even imagine how much the place has declined since then in that “short” time. I think the biggest thing dudes flying there to meet their online Filipina girlfriends need to be careful of is – especially if this is their first time going – how problematic the logistics of doing just about anything down there are. I’m sure there will be lots of begging, scams…and as you pointed out, some of these women, in the pandemic, shacked up with another guy.

    After all, for that whole 2 years it would be selfish to believe she “waited” for you.

    It would even be more foolish to believe she would tell you considering you’d stop sending her cash to support her during the pandemic.

  51. Airfare has risen. Vacation stays have declined. I think I’ll wait till 2023 to revisit the Philippines.

    I spent this year’s travel budget on a business class flight on Emirates from JFK to Dubai to MALDIVES.

  52. HI Henry, I think there is a further risk you didn’t touch on, namely that the rules are likely to change at short notice, going on the past two years it been difficult to understand the reasoning around the ‘lockdown restriction rules’ i agree they will continue to reduce but expect a few bumps in the road especially if another variant pops up. On a related matter they seem to attempting to align the various burangi rules so there will be less problems dealing with different rules as you move from one part of a city to another, but I do think that risk remains that that cooperation could break down if things take a significant turn for the worse. I think it’s a low but significant risk to consider. YouTuber Amazing Philippines has some good videos about the complexity of moving around Cebu if anyone is interested. I also think supply chain will continue to be a problem for perhaps the rest of the year, people should consider / plan for failure of banks/shops/water etc (but not get too stressed about it) but I guess that’s a subject for a separate video. Would be interested in your thoughts on this.

  53. Both myself and my Filipina GF will not take the vaccine. We will both wait it out for how ever long it takes for them to end the mandates. The world knows now that the vaccinated can contract covid and transmit covid with the same viral load as an unvaccinated person. So why should this have anything to do with travel? Pure foolishness. An unvaccinated person that do not have covid is not a threat to anybody.

  54. Reekay I thought you can’t even get or take the PCR until 48 hours before the flight. If so, you may be at the airport before getting the results. I hope I am wrong.

  55. Your videos are very useful and informative. Where is the best place to meet phililinas that can communicate well in English?

  56. Suspend is the accurate term….rather than repeal…suspend will flip flop for awhile…if the border stays open…without flip flops…then all the silliness will sliiiiiiiiip away. Feels like they are going to live with a revolving door at the border….that will flip flop for a period of time…and eventually slip away. The election is a big opportunity that could break either towards faster opening….or more flip flops. VOTE WISELY….May 9, 2022.

  57. Thanks’ for the updates. That’s critical information and I think your correct. Best to wait until most things are normal again before I book. Also wondering what the risks are prior to flying home with testing before flights and if positive what then?
    Could become lengthy and costly

  58. I won’t be able to visit until July-August time anyways so I’m hoping things have settled down a little by then…

  59. Some of your information is a little dated. Since D-30 dropped the shield, requirement, nowhere here requires it. Gio went from Cebu to here in Davao City 30 days ago and they never asked for a vac. card or a test. We have never been asked for one anywhere in Davao City. I have only been with Ne for 3 years but it has been night & day. I am sure you have spent more time with U r GF but I believe I know her well enough to trust her while I leave and come back the next day.

  60. Please acknowledge the unvaxxed also. They are people too. Not everyone has drank the “vaxx necessity” Kool-Aid. Natural immunity is actually a real thing, at least until gov’ts and gov’t medias have brainwashed many from common sense.

  61. Good for you!!! Most other channels are sugar coating everything…. It’s not all unicorns and puppy dogs!!

  62. All you relationship guys it’s time to go see your woman get to know her real good all you party guys and I candy guys will wanna wait until the travel is unhindered bye restrictions

  63. Philippines is going to get all the Thailand tourists. Thailand dropped the ball with the long list of stuff.

  64. Now if you wanna do the recreational dating in go places and explore the Philippines yeah I would agree do it later in the year but not if you’re in a relationship already n wanting to meet for the first time in a relationship I think that’s the best time to go if you already know the woman and you’re going to meet her for the first time and get to know her

  65. Ticket is booked but prices are steep. $2800 from lax to mnl before connections. Boy, the price was steep but worth it. Thanks for your video as it puts things into perspective. I just want to spend time with her.

  66. I will say if you’re going right after the 10th like saying March and you wanna meet your woman that’s the best time to do it on me not crowded not many places crowded with tourists can sit down and take the time to get to know her down and no distractions

  67. Hey Henry, what do you think are the chances the Philippines is still open come April?, when the airline prices are a bit more reasonable (like 530 bucks) vice the 1500 they are going for now

  68. I am In Group # 1, I Went To Plan B and Booked A Trip To Thailand From NY On 1-25 Then Bam Border Opens So Taking A 18 Day Vaca To Phuket 3-24 to 4-11 Which Was Cheep For 825 For The Package and Refundable In Philipines On 4-11 $200 Also Cheep Onward To Kuala Lumpur $120 All Refundable, So We Will See, What I Do Is Get A Cheep Side Hotel Room

  69. Got my plane tickets already for April; can’t wait to see my fiancé. Thank you for the information Henry.

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