How To Listen To A Filipina Heart

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. This is a great comment you make. I’m like you, but I think many don’t get this insight. I love that you are so self aware. I’ve watched you no for a while. Someday I’d love to visit PI

  2. We have a lot in common I love the rain it’s so relaxing I also love the Tagalog language some words have a strong pronunciation I think that’s cool n kind of sexy sounding yes Filipino woman sometimes set in there ways so different them we are used to but they are at times very sensitive and I don’t realize it can be hurtful thanks Reekay good video

  3. I am very impressed with 99 percent of all the things I have studied and viewed about the fillipeno people culture and women, I am unable to visit there now , I am 64 and retired and am doing pretty well, I dream of meeting a fillipeno woman under 35 who would be willing to move to the US and be loved unconditionally for the rest of my life but I don’t trust dating apps, help

  4. My gf says her instead of him and him instead of her sometimes but hey like you said Reekay its not the end of the world. I love her accent too and would never try and change it. Always says ingat at end of conversations, just shows how loving filipinas are.

  5. Very good video…. It’s funny because last night I had my girlfriend call me through messenger we use that every day and because it was late in the evening I hurt her feelings it took me a while to pull it out of her but that was a big deal to her so I did not make fun of her I apologize because you’re right these are human beings and that’s how they are wired. As for the Aswan or other mythical creatures yeah you can’t change that and with some things like in America we have the Shapeshifter in the southwest and I do believe in that so who’s to say some things are correct in the Philippines just because we haven’t seen it. And I think it’s wise advice to be patient and listen to what they say and the intent behind what they are saying. Yes my girlfriend will say don’t forget to eat very common for a woman to say that to the man she loves. When I was there four years ago and I was taking a shower at the hotel in Dumaguete I was surprised to see her come in and wash my back and as I was getting dry she called my hair put my shoes on me and tied my shoelaces. Now I felt a little funny like a little child when she was doing this but I had to figure it was her way to say you are my man and I’m going to take care of you. I should be there in a few months just waiting for my Social Security check once that’s deposited I will book a flight to move over there not sure what I’m going to do with my house may be rented out? Hope to meet up someday with you and your fiancé.

  6. Brother you are telling Noah about the flood, I know exactly what you’re talkin about. My Filipina fiance is convinced that when she sleeps with a fan blowing on her at night she wakes up with gas in the morning because the fan is blowing air up her butt. I have been unable to convince her otherwise so now when she tells me that the fan is blowing air up her butt and she has a stomach ache because of the gas I only have to giggle. Alright agree with you about the accident I love her accent and the way she pronounces certain words I think it is very cute

  7. I love when my honey says feeyoil when she trys to say foil and yesst when trying to say yeast.

  8. Great Video !! I hear those same things from my filipina and it makes me smile and since I understand that is her way of expressing love and care I just say Thank You. Its important that I understand her culture so sometimes I ask her to explain something. Now I joke around a lot so she thinks I am joking therefore I have to tell her I am not joking and I am ignorant of this and ask her to help me understand. And she does her best to educate me. This not only helps me communicate better with her but also shows her I am truly interested in her and her beliefs. Of course this makes her happy and we love these filipina girls most when they are happy and caring !!!

  9. LOL. I can relate ! Recently I was planting & noticed this dirt (big termite mound) & thought it would b useful. I told my province Filipina & she frenzied saying ” no, no , no u no touch that something bad living in there monster” I tried reasoning & poked a bit but didn’t understand none of it then I told Pinoy friend who chuckled & relayed the superstition that exist here.
    Probably the biggie for me is when moving here 5 yrs ago people asking ” where u going, where u going”. I would stand there thinking ” why, who asks this, r u going to follow me

  10. Chinese women also say such items in care for the other. “dress warmly” “did you eat?” “Rest well”…..

  11. Filipipinos tend to have trouble with sentence structure (placing the words correctrly in a sentence) they also tend to pluralize some words Food= foods, furniture= furniturs. One of my reasons for coming to the Philippines was the rain. When I lived in Arizona I like you listened to Youtube storm videos…..

  12. Philliphino are just sweet heart and caring I would love to hear this every day all day. Damn I miss this

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