How I Knew I’d Found ‘The One’

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. Thank you for a Very informative clip seems like you have a a lot of experience. Hard finding the “right ” one for many. I see many people trapped in bad marriages. No time left for mistakes when we get older. I’m thinking companionship is ok not necessarily get married or finding the “right “.one

  3. You don’t get to really know a person until you’ve lived together for a sufficiently reasonable time. And the courtship/dating period is definitely pretty much not a reliably revealing episode of real character, attitude, values or morals of the person. Moreover, consider the psychological fact that a person in love or thinks being in love, is most vulnerable at the time, and this happens not just to young people but, to the old as well! It goes both ways and the environment, situations, culture and, above all – BREEDING AND UPBRINGING play vital factors!

  4. What a great video….Food for thought. And I am really very happy for you-and Vi. To have found the “perfect one” for you is a true blessing.

  5. I have such a sweet long distance gf in Mexico city. Yet when we are together in person its difficult to always know what’s she is thinking. But with me, i am blunt and direct and say things and unfortunately i guess i come across a bit crass at times or impolite to her. She has US tourist Visa, has come to my home a few times yet I am apprehensive to agree with her that she resign her civilian teaching position work the government there and move here permanently. My kids are in their 20s and live on their own. I miss kids. She has a terrific 14 year old daughter that is sweet and has visited her too last year with her mom. She has said we can be a loving family together yet i have cold feet. I’ll probably never make it to the Philippines (b/c of chronic spine pain) to be able to date among the women there. And all you guy’s know there is no one to date here in the USA

  6. Hi Reekay. Great video. I thought I met the one. We don’t agree on too many things. Too much sparing. She also has a 16 yr old son who is very unfriendly. It’s sad as so many other things are close to perfect. I pray every day for a long, happy, healthy, tranquil life. It’s not peaceful as I hoped. Unfortunately, I moved in with her which makes the breakup more difficult; but still necessary.

  7. My friend told me “select, don’t settle.” Unfortunately, I didn’t hear this until after I got married. Glad you waited to find that special someone. Much happiness to both of you.

  8. I have a Filipina girlfriend that I have mutual trust with. We started out with an LDR and finally met in person. We still trust each after meeting one another in person. In an LDR, it behooves you to be honest even though it’s possible to be dishonest. If we had not been ourselves in the LDR, we may not still be together after meeting in person.

  9. no such thing as “the one”, “soulmate”, “other half”, etc. People change over time. You can’t guarantee a partner for life. It is dangerous to think in these terms.

  10. That’s great that you found the one. My question is why is it taking you so long to return to the Philippines? The entry requirements have been eased. Go East, sir!

  11. Hi Reekay! I have followed your journey for some time now. I have really happy for you that you have found the one in Vee!
    You guys are really comfortable and happy with each other and good for each other too.
    My question is do you both need to get married?
    Why not just live together and still make your happy forever after?

  12. Character, values, authenticity, honesty and trust….. if those don’t exist as the foundation for your relationship, things will start going south soon after the sexual allure wears off!

    Good advice about what to look for when choosing a partner, Reekay. Thanks for highlighting what’s important!

  13. Christ humbled himself to the point of death on a cross. Therefore God highly exalted him.

  14. It seems to me that what you found in this person beyond her humility is a “Purity” about her… You got the sense that she is genuine and that she is an inspiration to you in the deepest sense… You have found your Unicorn..

    Having a quality criteria in a companion was worth the effort.

    Your patience has rewarded you with a partner who is good for your soul and all the other main aspects of a relationship…


  15. Trust, honesty, communication & humility ( lol, I thought of these 4 before u just said the last one ). My wife is humbled & so simple we clicked from day 1. Married 3 mo.ago after living together 21 months. I knew girls whose English not very good & we both had difficulty knowing if either one of us was coming or going w/what being said. If u can’t communicate & never on the same page yur just going down a unknown path….

  16. You were not my favorite Vlogger but you sounded like me in this Vlog – I am happy for your happiness – I think you are talking about complete honesty and acceptance. I am with you on that . Good luck my friend

  17. So much wisdom here. I don’t like sparring with or figuring out how to make someone happy. I like someone to be happy intrinsically.

  18. I am one of those honest people Reekay. That is the best way to be, and I like how you describe your friends. I dislike people who are fake, and put on a show to make others like them. To me, it is a narcissistic mindset.

    Also, I 100% agree… a woman with humility is a woman worth marrying! Thank you Reekay! This is beyond helpful!

  19. My girlfriend from the Philippines is finally coming here October 5th after 3 years of being on the phone I’ll finally be able to spend some time with her on a B1 B2 visit visa for 6 months and I’ll know from there if I’m compatible or not

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