Fresh Support To Enable Divorce in the Philippines

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. Righting allllll the DYSFUNCTIONAL families..could be biggest blow to expats imagnibile. 😛 Great content REEKAY!

  3. Just remember just because they have divorce doesn’t mean they’re going to adopt every divorce law in the United States

  4. I don’t know the exact statistics (I need to research it) but just from living with Filipinas, there are a whole lot more single mothers here than in the US. It is hard to find a girl over 25 that doesn’t have kids. The younger generation has seen their parents stuck in a bad marriage and can’t get out of it, so they stay single & the guy ends up taking off without repercussions. I don’t completely agree with you on the influence of the Catholic Church in a country that doesn’t have separation of church & state. I believe politicians can be influenced by the church. Also keep in mind birth control has been legal since 2012 the church still teaches that it is a sin. Ask a Filipina if children are a blessing & no matter what their circumstance is, they will say yes. It has been pounded into them all their life.

  5. Divorce is frowned upon in Philippines, yet being single mothers and sleeping with other partners is not??
    Sounds like hypocrisy!!!!!

  6. As with the United States there are many lawyers in Philippines. Geez all the people in congress have law degrees. I can see lawyers wanting this as a avenue for revenue in the Philippines and putting pressure on the lawyer politicians there. Unfortunately one may see more in tatum of motorcycles killing of lawyers in the future if this is passed.

  7. Well, that is too bad. It looks like this guy has been influenced by Satan and is trying to take the RP down the same road of family destruction that has been followed by Western Civilizations for the past 50 or so years. Legalized abortion through 9 months of pregnancy, euthanasia and assisted suicide will be next up on the agenda. Just wait.

  8. Here is another solution: don’t involve government in any relationship. No legal marriage = no need for legal divorce. Problem solved.

  9. Absolutely right about why there is no divorce, I’ve said the same thing for years, just another form of corruption in government, really enjoy your content, thanks.

  10. I heard if you are separated for 7 years the marriage is considered over. I have not checked up on this. No idea if lots of legal paperwork are still. Needed. Or if this is doable.

  11. The Supreme Court in May 2021 made getting an annulment easier now than ever by changing the definition of Psychological Incapacity, almost to the point where lawyers believe this is their way of allowing divorce there.

  12. I was not aware that the Philippines recognize foreign divorces, unless they are registered and approved by the Filipino Court. Are you sure this is correct?

  13. No divorce is one of the things I appreciate about the Philippines. In the US No Fault divorce makes marriage the ONLY civil contract where the one who breaks the contract gets rewarded by the court, 80% filed by women. The innocent party loses.
    In the US the civil contract of marriage means nothing, so why get married.
    . The man makes this civil contract with a woman who he thinks he can trust. , builds a family, buys a house and builds retirement money. Then he loses access to his own kids and loses the life he has worked towards. The vow of til death do us part is meaningless.

  14. And to the price there it’s insane Filipino cannot afford to pay that high price even if they could get a annulment or divorce.

  15. It needs to go through I have a friend who is married . and has been separated for 22 yrs and raise 4 kids on her own. She deserves the right to be able to divorce and remarry and have a good man with her if she so choices

  16. Except video and very timely for me. I divorced my wife but she trying to bend me over for 400,000 peso.sje has a copy of of the USA divorce papers but tells me the Philippines won’t accept it. She wants her family name back so she can move on but I think she really looking for another payday.

  17. Great news for men who loving being in divorce court. Men aren’t very bright. The want divorce so they can marry their Filipina and don’t see that gives her more options to divorce them. Not having divorce forces partners to be a little more understanding. With the divorce tool there’s less reason to try.

  18. Long road ahead. It’s been worked on for 20 years and there is still a huge amount of resistance from various sources. I hate divorce, but…. this would sure make some things easier.

  19. Philippine women deserve to be able to get a divorce especially when their husband leaves them and they’ve been alone for 22 years and still married and raised 4 kids by herself.

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