DOT Philippines Announces Intention To Open-Up For Foreign Tourists This Year – 2021

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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    1. I have learned so much about the Philippines from your before I actually came to stay Thanks so much for all your advice you provide to your viewers. Your awesome man☺️

  2. We’ll spend our dollars go to carribean or Mexico instead going to Philippines until quarantine lifted

  3. None pilipino passport I don’t think they’ll travel to Philippines until quarantine lifted I personally myself not interested travel to philippines this time

  4. Sorry Duterte said no mgcq until vaccine in ph. But he said the vaccine would be available in early February. Where is it?


    1. Yes hotels doesn’t allow married couples in the same room now plus 6 days before testing. O M G HUGE MONEY SCAM BY HOTELS

  6. 9 million die worldwide every year of malnutrition, in Phils 65,000 kids under age 5 die from this while 11,000 older people with pre-existing co-morbidities have died WITH covid. All countries political leaders who’ve acted without regard for it’s population should be tried for crimes against humanity.

  7. Always “maybe” “could be” “thinking” “mulling”….never anything concrete, no plan no strategy no goals.

  8. You can already come into Philippines, but need to spend 6 days in virus approved hotel what I understand?

    1. no. you can only enter the PH right now if you have a PH spouse or child. and you need to secure a visa before arriving.

      no tourist visas are being granted currently.

  9. Reekay thank you for this, it is promising. April next year I will have 3 years in Philippines. Of course you understand I have to leave and come back, for another 3 years. Since you are not married, do you do the same, now that Hong Kong is under CCP rule where do you do your turn around trip? Do you have any suggestions, I am thinking Hanoi?

    1. @Dino D-American man in the Philippines yes, since 2012. before covid i usually visit the usa during the christmas holiday. so for me, i always return and have 3-years available to me on my tourist visa.

    2. I understand you have you been here for many years. You have been in and out of the Philippines many times’. I thought you have been here like 9 years now?

  10. It’s a crock. All they are doing is making people stay in hotels and paying over blown prices for the test.

  11. Good news, thanks for putting this out! So it sounds like tourism will open up to vaccinated individuals? For those of us who already reside here I don’t even know if the vaccine will be offered to us or even if you’d want to take what’s being given. If you’ve been stuck here like some of us have since before COVID it could provide to leave and be able to come back now. I was in Ayala Center Mall yesterday, the foreign exchange is closed very few expats or Filipinos walking around.

  12. They are called “vaccines”, but they don’t fit the definition of a vaccine. They are really experimental and irreversible gene modification technique, so do your homework before turning yourself into a genetically modified human being with unknown long term consequences.

  13. i need to make a visa run by august this year..hope things are more open by then…I don’t really want to spend 14 days going and coming back for what was used to be a short over-nighter

  14. Hopefully they will also lift the mandatory 7-day quarantine. No tourist will go there and waste a week locked up in a hotel room.

    1. currently, you still need a visa prior to entering the PH. as the spouse of a Filipina is the best route curently.

  15. They have no choice but to open up as tourism is a huge money earner for the country.
    The PH has creditors to pay for huge construction contracts along with it’s workers.
    On another note, all those Global leaders involved in this huge covid scamm be it for financial gain or the population control by vaccine need to be brought to book over this entire corrupt murderous man made pandemic.
    Yes the media tell you it’s from bat’s, pangolins, the media are complicit by not reporting the truth.

  16. Like you said though, they only said “this year”. Not bad news, but not “great” news either. I say that because it is only February. If they didn’t open it up until 31 December, that is 10 months away, but still qualifies as “this year”.

  17. Covid-19 is all HOAX. Philippines should start transition to normalcy. Vaccines are POISON. It is for DEPOPULATION.

  18. Sorry Henry i don’t still believe what it says on the website and the manila bulletin newspaper. I will just wait until it will really happened!

  19. I would think if you have been vaccinated and have a recent negative covid test they’ll let you in sans 14-day quarantine in 6 months or so.

  20. Filipinos did this to themselves.. listened to the corrupt government yes men.. that is the demise.. that is why people hate on the usa, because we dont fall for the bullshit, well at least some of us that are not controlled by fake news cnn

  21. If u are a dual citizen and u have already your Covid vaccine, Will u still be quarantined and How long? What expenses shouldcwe be expecting? Thank u

  22. The MGCQ and this news are good news that life is slowly going back to some kind of semblance as it was pre-Covid, which is excellent news! I will be waiting, however, until I got my vaccination before making any travel plans.

  23. I’m Pilipino American, I rather retired in either panama, Ecuador, colombia or Argetina it’s friendly retiree visa too and good health care ,

    1. Im Australian Columbia is so much better than the Philippines wish I had of discovered south America earlier

  24. I’m Pilipino American, I rather go to colombia , panama, or Argetina no need retirement visa and good health care too

  25. If than isn´t much quarantine for vaccine foreign tourist & not for Island travel & the home country allowed it without a 2 weeks quarantine than it´s possible.

  26. The issue is that they might still have the required quarantine in place. Who can afford to waste their vacation in a damn hotel. Also, for younger people, they might not have had opportunity to be vaccinated as they are still working with elderly people and those who are at risk. They should have opened a long time ago and done away with these back and forth quarantine measures.

  27. I’ve already got my first and second covid shot I’m ready when they are I just hope you don’t have to quarantine still because I still work. I can only get a Max of two weeks off work at a time.

  28. If your not suspicious of this so called untried untested so called vaccine you deserve everything that’s coming to you and there’s more than one wow its a miracle but still no cure for the common cold strange that by the wat did the other flu and cold bugs have a year off?? maybe they needed a break eh.


  29. they need to get rid of the mask and face shield requirements, otherwise people will not come there, I know i won’t travel there if mask/shield mandate is enforced, same with vaccines, i’m not putting that poison in my body

    1. filipinos are afraid of everything and the government controls them like sheep.. pretty sad just like fake news cnn here in usa

  30. Hey Reekey,! All great news for us here away from our families there!
    Bob Doyle, Panama City, Florida!
    Hoping to be there for my and my Filipina’s birthdays in August and September! All ready have both of my Vaccine shots! Easy Pizy! Great show there from you! Thanks!

  31. People are getting crazy desperate and predatory torwards forignors they need to open or do something faster

  32. Good quality Information as usual. This channel is one of two channels that are my go to channels now for Philippine Immigration. Good work!

  33. They will require a test and 5-10 day quarantine on arrive I strongly suspect, which is like doing nothing at all because no foreigner wants to come here on vacation and quarantine. Just like the Thailand “opening” that nobody is coming in for. Sorry/

  34. I have been here for going on 3 years now (Dec), as such I am required to leave the country for at least 24 hours.

    So will I be able to return back?

  35. Cant wait Henry very happy hope to go see my Filipino wife family and take a little our son to see his Gran parents

  36. The news I been waiting for 4 over a year so thanks for the updated. I watch you for years & you are the best. Help me out in so many ways u have no idea haha 🙂

  37. Lets be frank. DOT has to put out BS like this to keep foreign guys on the hook. If they tell you the reality of the situation then guys will start looking for alternatives. Its the old “Bait and Switch” con. In the Fall they will put out a statement about tourists returning in early 2022 . I wouldn’t trust anything they say until they announce Visa on Arrival is now available.

  38. I think that alot of us who have been paying 30k to extend their 3 year period of tourist visa need some good news and a guaranteed re-entry after a visa run flight in and out of the Philippines

    1. No more 14 quarantine for those who will travel here in Philippines as of now only 7 days … but every week change protocol for travel restrictions

  39. are they going to lift the 7 day quarantine March 1 ? I have my spouse visa and a ticket for the first of March should I cancel it and make it for the 15th ?

  40. Dominican Republic is open. I’ve been hiking here alone so it’s really safe and many unbelievably beautiful beaches almost without a living soul.

    1. Dr. Is a unbearable dump with reggaeton blasting everywhere and every vehicle has their muffler removed and the food is atrocious. Was there a few months ago never again. The beaches are beautiful though.

    2. With chinas government aggrestion toward everyone i think alot of expats might be looking down that way instead of the philippines.

    3. Heard its similar the ph dont know about cost wise though . I am sure theres more freedom there thats not hard to accomplish

  41. I don’t think that is possible. The Philippines and other countries still have covid cases in the significant areas tourists travel to and from, like Manila and Cebu. The international airports.

    OFW returning home, that is what countries are supposed to do, take care of their people. If hotels are gearing up, they are pretty much behind the power curve. In another article, I wrote about this.

    In another article, I wrote that the Philippines would have had total control of the covid if they would have designated hotels for quarantine for all incoming. From family, friends, and reading other resources, they had a good plan until they started allowing home quarantine. Is this true or not? I am sure someone will comment.

    Having a vaccine will be great, but once I arrive, I still would have to deal with people that don’t have a vaccine. There is medical personnel there now who have not taken the vaccine or want to because of the things that have happened to those who have taken it. There are many unknown factors to consider, and one is traveling to a country that still has cases.

    I want to come to the Philippines now, but why should I when there are still cases in the places I need and plan to go. Cebu and Leyte. Put I am 60+, so I would be restricted, so if ReeKay had not mentioned it in his last topic, I would have walked into a door if I had flown to Cebu.

    They have placed restrictions on the foreigners already living there. What will incoming tourists be walking into when there is no list of restrictions posted. Don’t forget that each province’s mayor and governors have set restrictions that DOT has no control.

    Domestic tourists traveling is great, but that also has caused the virus to spread as well. I am sure this is why the province’s mayor and governors have set restrictions.

    For example, in Ormoc City, has the ferries start running again? From why I am told, unless you live there, you can not get in.

    To say they will be opening up for tourists in 2021 is propaganda to keep the people at bay because they don’t have a real plan. Thailand used the same tactic and is now back peddling the truth to the people. Yes, people are taking that chance to travel, but it is not enough to make a difference to the economy.

    Bottom line, as long as there are cases that they don’t have control measures to bring it to an end, I can not see the country opening in 2021—vaccine or no vaccine.

    Thanks, ReeKay

    1. Okay i will stay in my home forever by fear seing netflix, good luck to your economy and you not forget feed new thousands of kids, maybe you forgot hungry its a worst disease than common flu sorry i mean covid

  42. If they run it like they’re talking of running it in Oz. You wont be allowed on a flight without first having a negative COVID test with in 2 days of the flight, will have to wear a mask and face shield on the flight and don’t be surprised if they roll out the heat sensing cameras and have people with the thermometer guns at the airport as back up for the cameras. Don’t know how the facial recognition system will work on someone wearing a mask and face shield though.

  43. Are they not concerned with the influx of the new Covid 19 variants? There is now more concern about the variants than the original virus.??? All you need is for a few cases of the variants to enter the country and they will lock down.

  44. to be able to travel freely and unmolested by the slimey legal gangsters.. Will likely entail being Tested, vaccinated/genetically mutilated and heavily tracked.

  45. I hope that’s going to happen ASAP always careful when any government department in the Philippines makes any statements. But hoping so

    1. Biden? What a joke. He will be take out by Harris on the 25th Amendment if the military doesn’t take over first.

    1. vaccination is not mandatory. the article simply states that ‘preference’ will be given to those already vaccinated.

  46. I wonder what will happen to those of us who put in for an extension NOW that we can travel and possibly come back into the country?

  47. I think that the controlling factor is how many vaccines can arrive in the Philippines, the faster they arrive, the earlier they’ll open the border to tourists.

  48. what programs do you use for your YouTube and backdrop. Do you use a green-screen or is the backdrop a part of the program you use for YouTube, how do you put your comments directly on you front screen

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea thanks, maybe you can do us a show on that.

    2. i bought a program called chromacam, which is a digital greenscreen handler. i also bought filmora and use the two programs together.

  49. Good news. I believe as the vaccines role out as the year progresses, this will become more likely. My guess is sometime after June.

  50. I actually read that the dept of tourism is looking to open up the country to foreign tourism by March 2021, requirements include certification of a Covid Vaccine and a seven day quarantine stay at a assigned hotel,,,,

    1. Seven days quarantine at a facility or hotel is ridiculous. Imagine what would happen if the US did this… We should be allowed to quarantine at our destination.

  51. Definitely good news but those variants could put a kink in the plans if they get out of hand. I don’t think many tourists will be going there on a short term basis if they have to quarantine at all (either in the PH or back home), so that will have to be off the table or the tourist numbers aren’t going to be high at all. For example Hawaii opened up for tourism months ago yet due to strict rules in many of the source countries, tourists stayed away. In Canada its stupid, they want a negative covid test withing 3 days prior to boarding the flight to Canada and once in Canada a 3 night quarantine in a government picked hotel (at your own expense, up to $2000! and then quarantine at home for the remainder of the 2 weeks). Ummm, no not gonna do that BS. I’ll wait thank you very much.

  52. Thailand has been open to tourism for quite a while but hardly anyone showed up because nobody wants to spend two weeks in a quarantine hotel and then when you get to places like Phuket, nothing is open. It’s a good job our tourist numbers are crap compared to Thailand and it has not hurt our economy as much.

  53. It’s optimism but also all about the $$. The result of what happens with strict ongoing lockdowns & the eventual resulting financial effects of it. They said the whole country will be MGCQ on 3/1 but I also hear now that it’s up to the LGU’s so I guess it’s anybody’s guess ??

  54. Thank You! Reekay for the info I can not wait to see my Filipina girlfriend again its been three years as I was meant to go in March 2020 to see her in the Philippines but because of the lockdown can not.

  55. The article says “especially those who have already been vaccinated” to me this means that those vaccinated for sure this year. Maybe or maybe not those who have not been vaccinated. I think they will open in 2 steps. First those vaccinated in June. And maybe those who have not been vaccinated by the end of this year. Even if you test negative for the virus before get on the plane to come here , you may contract the virus while you are here if you have not been vaccinated. And you may add the the strain on the health care system or take up a bed and ventilator.

  56. Reeks…you are Mr. FACTS. Don’t quite get that here. QUOTE “Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat on Wednesday said the tourism department is HOPEFUL that the country would reopen to foreign tourists this year.” Hope is her quote. Hope is not a plan. Hope is not intent to act positively. “this year” is already talking in terms of 2021 or not. If I am truly optimistic, I would commit to third quarter. This “hope for this year” is “PA ASA” = “FALSE HOPE” Read again QUOTE HEADLINE “DOT HOPING to welcome foreign tourists in Philippines in 2021” Quote again ““We’re HOPING slowly. We’re HOPING SANA this year we will be able to open up to other countries not only confined to balikbayans,” she added. SANA = HOPE Therir words are full of HOPE. I am full of HOPE, OF course. HOPE is not what will open the Philippines. AT LEAST they are TALKING. But VAGUE talking in HOPE terms only about 2021. TODAY on Feb 17, 2021 we are alreaady facing 2022 opening as the most probable outcome. Sorry if that is not the best for live streams. But you ARE MR FACTS. I would love love love to be wrong. But love and hope are sweet nothings. PA ASA TALAGAAAH! Happy to say I AM WRONG…on a plan. For now, we have some HOPE a push comes for Christmas…fail that and we are 2022.

  57. I’ll bring my retirement money there when they drop the vaccinations crap, masks, face shields, testing and quarantines. I just saw a current video of Swedish life with none of it, and they aren’t having a problem worse than anywhere else in the world.

  58. That’s good news but you know as good as I do they’ll be things that will be attached to it they’re always is

  59. Salamat Reekay for sharing this with us. Many of us have been standing by itching to visit, including us. Provides some hope. I would prefer to not be vaccinated so we will have to see about that.

    1. YEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Korek ka jan. I HOPE is soon. Typical filipino. Sana sana sana = HOPE. Hope is good. WE all hope. Hope does not open the Philippines.

  60. The problem is the LGU’s make up their own rules. Cebu for example is open to traffic from other islands, but our local municipality makes us quarantine for 14 days when we come back. They will doubtless keep doing this.

    1. You can NEVER TRUST A DAMN thing they say about anything! They change the rules every time they wipe their asses. And yes it may be one way for one island and another. Not only that but when they do make a rule they may no communicate it to the powers that be in that area so no one knows WTF is going on or what is legal or not. The dumbest run country on earth. IMHO. When it opens that’s the time to celebrate other than that its just talk.

    2. @Slim Jim YEZZZZZZZZZZZZ…a man who knows what he hears when he hears HOPE. I hope all goes well, too. Even a PLAN is no certainty. Thailand operating for 4 months already…and not even a PLAN from the Philppines…this is a kick the CAN down the road…”PLAN” Talk sweet…buy me some more drinks. WAITRESS!

    3. That is the big problem with all LGUs..
      Also the IATF said schools should open but prez said no….
      The prez can over rule his own top ministry…..That is another problem…
      I hope it all goes well.
      I wont leave CDO unless there is certainty..

  61. I live in Camiguin . I will wait and see if tourist are allowed without a negative test . Were Thats why were safe!!!

    1. Texas cowboy. I am just across from you in Bohol. I have been wanting to visit Camiguin soon as the boats start. Can you recommend a good place to look at staying. ?

    2. YESSSS…and even frustrated Filipinos feel the same with respect to the risk of COVID. They know the health care waiting for the aveerage citizen…and they ar not sol BOLD as other countries. President has aa 90 percent approval rating – iron hand firmly in place.

    1. Just be ready for awhile wait… you will have to wait until 80% or so of Filipino’s are vaccinated.. or until good Therapeutics are free and work good for covid19

  62. Sounds like they might open for people that have the vaccine first. And later people without the vaccine. Normal tourist. ?

    1. @John Youngafter a few weeks if you get the vaccine and if you do not have the virus then how can you spread it.

  63. I say around September or October because of Xmas, Sinalog 2022 and most people vacation by Nov to May in the PH’s. Plus the USA is leading the vaccine shots with 50,000,000 people a month and the CDC just said that Covid vaccine can be transferred person to person vi plasma cells build up.  Duterte wants or will want that plasma!!! I’ll give a punt of blood but Duterte better give me a free 90 day visa! LOL

  64. Thanks Reekay.. Great News .. I am very excited to fly back to Cebu to be with my Fiancée ..I am already in line for my Covid Shot ..

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea at the same time you have this press release from DOH
      PR No: 2021-02-18-02
      18 February 2021
      Press Release | 18 February 2021

      Following the enhanced genomic biosurveillance in the country, the Department of Health (DOH) and the University of the Philippines – Philippine Genome Center (UP-PGC) today confirm the detection of SARS-CoV-2 mutations of potential clinical significance in samples sequenced last week from Central Visayas. The DOH and UP-PGC however emphasize that current available data are insufficient to conclude that the mutations found in the local samples will have significant public health implications.
      no one has a clue but htey know they need to do something as it is costing so much in pain, aggravation and lost revenues

  65. I don’t think many people will start traveling again until the requirement to quarantine upon return to their home countries is removed. That is certainly the case for me in Thailand.

    1. .. True, that’s the bottom line .. Not many can afford to waste 2 weeks in ‘prison’ before they can gain their freedom and see their families .. The quarantine is the most idiotic thing man has ever devised, the fools

    2. True. 2 weeks holiday in the Philippines with another 2 weeks isolation when I get home.. 4 weeks of my holiday pay gone.

  66. I still think foreigners will be allowed in by June. The PI economy is horrible and those summer months are the big money months. If they want to get a piece of that pie, they are going to have to pull that trigger. Of course, if Covid does something strange then all bets are off.

  67. Thanks for the update. I will visit or move there so long as I don’t need a “test” or a needle injected into me. I turn 35 in 2021, so it would be nice if the retirement visa is reinstated.

    1. Ya. I’m sure they’ll at least want a test though if not a vaccine. I also heard some people saying on other channels that they’re going to probably change the retirement age to 50 for retirement visas and make them stricter like Thailand. 35 is kind of ridiculous anyway, who the hell retires at 35, realistically? They need to create a modernized work Visa for foreigners thet are working digitally/remotely so the Philippines can collect taxes from these people and charge them fees. Philippines goverment will get more $$$ from this.

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