Do You Want A Filipina Who Is Working?

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


  1. Reekay, It was a requirement that my Filipina girlfriend had a job. When my girlfriend lost her job, her family took her in and hired her as a nanny. Eventually, she got tired of being a nanny and found a job in Manila as a package courier/office janitorial worker. I paid her rent but not for her spending money. She had to work and save. We’ve been married three years now and she works here in the U.S. She doesn’t have an entitlement mentally because she worked BEFORE l met her, during our dating and engagement, and even now that we’re married. We don’t need her salary, and she knows it. But the self esteem she has by contributing is priceless. I personally recommend this course of action when choosing a Girlfriend or Bride.

  2. Since iam a Doctor in computer science I would like to have a girlfriend that is intelligent that we can communicate many subjects instead of talking about the weather or the price of fish married 3 times last wife in China has a MBA I know it’s not the type for expats

  3. If you are retired, do you really want a wife/girlfriend who is working? Do you want her to leave every morning and only come home in the evening? Do you want to get stuck cleaning the house, doing the laundry and preparing food? After all that’s what you would expect her to do if you were working, so fair is fair! Do you want a woman who comes home tired of working and falls asleep the moment she hits the sack? Or do you want someone to wake up with in the morning and chat over breakfast, go to the market or the mall together and spend the afternoon at the beach or scouting the surroundings? If you decided to live in the Philippines, I think you will go for the latter, because you can have all the rest in your home country.

  4. When I started chatting with my now wife,she was a waitress(according to her work permit/id) in Angeles City,supporting her elderly father and 3yr old daughter in the provinces.She did not not want to be in AC,but it was were she was. we chatted everyday for 7 mo. before I met her for 3 weeks.
    2 months after my return to the States,we discussed and I agreed to support and her needs and moved her back to her family.
    I have paid for her to go to college,and since we have since invested in and she works on a rice farm,also raises pigs and is starting to raise chickens.
    If we had been able to bring her and her children to the US,she would have willingly worked.
    For me I was glad that the woman I fell in love with had/has a good work ethic,however had she not been working at the time we met,I don’t believe it would have mattered.As I understood then and now how difficult it is to find a job.

  5. Can you do a video on delivery services? For example, I want to buy my Filipina a gift, other than floral shop. An example could be something from Robinson’s Mall. What would be the best way?

  6. Great video Reekay with wonderful advice as always.

    “I won’t have any woman of mine go to work…I won’t, no…They can if they’d like but they don’t have to…I would expect to take care of her. You can work but you don’t have to…I don’t want to see them coarsened in the labor market.” – Christopher Hitchens

  7. I’m in the “Camp” that my Filipina does not work or go to college. Part of the reason is in the Philippines the amount of money she earns is very limited, even if she has a professional career in usually only $600-$1200 a month and it’s really long hours and a big commitment for her. If you bring her to USA and she has a career that salary could be $50-$100K. That’s a different situation and a drastic change in your perspective living situation. Definitely not an island vibe of living by the beach, unless you are fortunate enough to be able to afford living near a beach in USA. Even then USA beaches are not anything like Philippine beaches.
    So my selfish intention is what I have manifested. My Filipina does not work and she considers being a housewife her career. She is able to support me as I have my hobbies of cycling and fitness activities and we can go anywhere we want anytime. Her family home now our home is near the beach and has that island vibe. Sure, this means she depends on my income but that’s not an issue for me. The bottom line is we spent many years discussing our future and I traveled back and forth to the Philippines over 5 years before we got married. This was not an instant gf relationship nor an online “chat mate” that created some type of pseudo relationship then fetched me at the airport when I arrived in Philippines. I traveled by myself to PHL and worked training companies call center agents. I’ve met many working Filipinas, some with very high career ambitions.
    As you always say “boots on the ground” and know what your intentions are before you make commitments.

  8. For me at 62-my thai gf is 41-went to school for nails-eye brows-lips tattoo-option to set her up a small business (maybe part time) so she can make $$-in the meantime (can’t travel all the time-not good to be w your spouse 24 hours daily)-ultimately if things work out will put her in my will as we will go pass on sooner than our younger wives

  9. Probably won’t make a difference to me, since I’ll just be dating while I’m there. Wouldn’t need a Filipina to move with me because there are single Filipinas in other cities lol

  10. As an American with a Filipina girlfriend who is the teacher, in a place I don’t want to live, this video speaks to me. I believe she’s an excellent teacher but she’s not married to the job. She wants to be with me and she’s bored with where she grew up and now teaches. But I am aware that I need to be careful about asking her to quit a job she’s had for 10 years. So until I’m willing to get married, I will have to compromise so that she can keep her job. It’s one thing to ask a woman you’re dating to quit your job, it’s another thing to ask the woman you married and are willing to support for the rest of your life to quit her job.

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