Covid: Where Do We Go From Here? – My Thoughts

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


  1. Correction: i had mistakingly used the phrase, ‘morbidity rate’ when the correct phrase is, ‘mortality rate. thanks to viewer Barwin for catching that distinction.
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  2. Over 10 million folks die from tobacco per year in India alone. Never heard of it huh?
    That’s right! because it doesn’t benefit Big Tech and liberal politics.

  3. This is an excellent question that not even the so-called self-experts can answer. Why?

    Based on the past pandemics, none of them have surveyed the public, compile any courses of action taken, or present future courses of action that should immediately be taken to stop the disease’s spread. Again why?

    In my sole opinion, they lack a common sense for humanity. They are worldly knowledge, highly educated, great speakers, and overpaid, but do not know how to put together the basic fundamental problem solving into courses of action.

    The virus is out there, and it is not going away until something is put in place to bring closure. There too many people that have not been tested. So what is the plan forward? Here are my thoughts and I suggestion:

    Part 1
    What method can a country use to test 100%
    How much money is it going to take?
    What country(s) has the resources to manufacture the testing kits, and how long will it take?
    Can this be done for free to restore the world economy?
    Part 2
    Tested and non tested: How will they be controlled to prevent the virus from continuing to spread?
    A. Test in this order:
    Emergency Services personnel
    Hospital Employees
    General Public
    B. Control and stop the spread: Lockdown and restrict movement
    a. Change and notify the public how it will be done.
    b. Implement and change as the numbers decrease to zero

    Part 3
    No Businesses, no work.

    A. ID what businesses are key and essential
    Foods and Water Markets: Designate for control
    Utilities: Water & Power
    Hotels: Designate
    B. Businesses Employees
    C. Operational Caps and Standards Examples

    A. Housing:
    Designate housing for Hospital backfills for the sick.
    Designate housing (Hotels and resorts and ensure all have the same operational cost and standards) for quarantine.
    Make all citizens housing mortgages, rental payments monetary. Foreigners are required only to pay half. The landlord will automatically extend all housing/rental leases and report all their rentals by name, country, etc.

    B. Food and water
    Designate Areas, locations, markets, stores large enough to accommodate food and water to 166K per day. Population 1M / 6 days= 166K
    Provide home delivery to the seniors’ citizens 60 + and those that do not have families. This information is only known if the city has a citizens database or web-based system that allows citizens to update semi-annually.

    C. Power
    Make all citizens (electric and water bills) monetary. Foreigners are required only to pay half.
    Power outages to conduct maintenance only on Sundays from 8 am-4 pm.

    D. Medical
    Establish mobile medical teams.
    Establish that no one is allowed to go to the hospitals if they feel sick. Quarantine yourself from your family member. Contact the medical team, and they will come and conduct a test.

    E. Transportation
    Restrictions should be base on how long it will take to test the entire country.
    Restrict Air, and Land movement
    Restrict 24 hrs movement base on priorities and emergency services.
    (3) People still must work to survive.

    Those ID for businesses are key and essential should be the only ones out in public.
    Those who do not have a This is an excellent question that not even the so-called self-experts can answer. Why?

    Based on the past pandemics, none of them have surveyed the public, compile any courses of action taken, or present future courses of action that should immediately be taken to stop the disease’s spread. Again why?

    In my sole opinion, they lack a common sense for humanity. They are worldly knowledge, highly educated, great speakers, and overpaid, but do not know how to put together the basic fundamental problem solving into courses of action.

    The virus is out there, and it is not going away until something is put in place to bring closure. There too many people that have not been tested. So what is the plan forward? Here are my thoughts and I suggestion:

    Part 1
    What method can a country use to test 100%
    How much money is it going to take?
    What country(s) has the resources to manufacture the testing kits, and how long will it take?
    Can this be done for free to restore the world economy?

    Part 2
    Tested and non tested: How will they be controlled to prevent the virus from continuing to spread?
    A. Test in this order:
    Emergency Services personnel
    Hospital Employees
    General Public
    B. Control and stop the spread: Lockdown and restrict movement
    a. Change and notify the public how it will be done.
    b. Implement and change as the numbers decrease to zero

    Part 3
    No Businesses, no work.

    A. ID what businesses are key and essential
    Foods and Water Markets: Designate for control
    Utilities: Water & Power
    Hotels: Designate
    B. Businesses Employees
    C. Operational Caps and Standards Examples

    A. Housing:
    Designate housing for Hospital backfills for the sick.
    Designate housing (Hotels and resorts and ensure all have the same operational cost and standards) for quarantine.
    Make all citizens housing mortgages, rental payments monetary. Foreigners are required only to pay half. The landlord will automatically extend all housing/rental leases and report all their rentals by name, country, etc.

    B. Food and water
    Designate Areas, locations, markets, stores large enough to accommodate food and water to 166K per day. Population 1M / 6 days= 166K
    Provide home delivery to the seniors’ citizens 60 + and those that do not have families. This information is only known if the city has a citizens database or web-based system that allows citizens to update semi-annually.

    C. Power
    Make all citizens (electric and water bills) monetary. Foreigners are required only to pay half.
    Power outages to conduct maintenance only on Sundays from 8 am-4 pm.

    D. Medical
    Establish mobile medical teams.
    Establish that no one is allowed to go to the hospitals if they feel sick. Quarantine yourself from your family member. Contact the medical team, and they will come and conduct a test.

    E. Transportation
    Restrictions should be base on how long it will take to test the entire country.
    Restrict Air, and Land movement
    Restrict 24 hrs movement base on priorities and emergency services.

    Part 4
    People still must work to survive.

    Those ID for businesses are key and essential should be the only ones out in public.
    Those who do not have a job and homeless will inform the Public office to give them a control badge to do things for themself or family.

    If all the measures are working, develop the sustainment plan that sees the economy to the end of the pandemic. Nothing else matters if you don’t have a place to live and food and water. These things should have been told to the people years ago for any calamity. This is my thought about where we go from here. You can not have half your country tested and the other not to stop or prevent it from continuing to spread. This is a must. and homeless will inform the Public office to give them a control badge to do things for themself or family.
    If all the measures are working, develop the sustainment plan that sees the economy to the end of the pandemic. Nothing else matters if you don’t have a place to live and food and water. These things should have been told to the people years ago for any calamity.

    This is my thought about where we go from here. You can not have half your country tested and the other not to stop or prevent it from continuing to spread. This is a must.

  4. …one more thing…many people are taking precautions to avoid Covid – washing hands, MASKS, social distancing etc. if no precautions were taken – many, many more infections – the BIG problem is Covid is infinitely more infectious – just sayin’

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea All medical experts – virologists, infectious disease experts say it is much, much more infectious than the flu e.g. u can catch it touching a table or door handle – not so with flu. Also, some (probably minority) have a ‘ long tail ‘ with the disease – months later still very sick, scared lungs & organ damage. Additional info – source Dougherty Institute, Melbourne – there are many more Covid deaths than reported, as a large # of people die without autopsy and if they were tested, some would have died from Covid – these people are not represented in the stats.

    2. ‘infectious’… yes. as infectious as the flu.

      but deadly, ‘no’. not when looking at over 98.5% survival rate among those under 75 years of age.

  5. Reekay I really like your channel. I found your channel more than three years ago. I like listening to your ideas. I have a Filipino boyfriend of six years who currently lives in the Philippines. Watching your channel puts the bag in my ear to think if I can live in the Philippines and what kind of work I can pursue

  6. Covid is the new political weapon, controlling the populace. The medical profession in the USA and Europe know this Covid virus is no more dangerous than common flu. Those with underlying health conditions do die with the common flu and in some cases the common cold. I live in Thailand where the infection rate was less than 4000 up until the last few weeks where there has been a spike into the teens, fatalities are less than 100 in a population of 70 million people. The recovery rate is around 96%, does this sound like a dangerous disease? I think not, this virus was also around back in 2002 (cov 1 this is cov 2) the world didn’t shut down at that time nor was there a shut down for other deadly viruses such as HIV and Ebola. You are correct in stating common sense must prevail but then again which government have you seen common sense exercised?

  7. Now take that 2% morbidity rate and separate how many of those were 80 or 90 years old and or had diabetes obesity heart disease other comorbidities. Now factor in all the increases in suicide, drug overdoses, domestic abuse, child abuse depression prescription drug abuse alcohol abuse from all of the quarantine and being forced to stay home.This entire situation is a big crock of shit. Especially if you are a relatively young and healthy person you’re losing freedoms and civil liberties for almost no reason.

  8. But the other diseases did not overwhelm the hospitals to such an extent that other medical treatments or procedures are being put on hold…
    Brazil is also running out of oxygen due to Covid

  9. Hi Reekay. Consider if the mortality rate is only 1% (half of your example of 2%). That means in the US with 350M people…3.5M people would die of Covid but for interventions. Thats not “tiny”. Yes many elderly, etc. My son has an intellectual disability…and underlying conditions. He would likely be part of the 1%. Everyone needs to protect each other…masks, distance, vaccination. Unfortunately for many it will take a mother, father, brother, sister or child to die to take the 1% mortality number and corona virus seriously.

  10. has complied data from CDC information, that shows 90% of all deaths from China flu have occurred in 65yo and older. The percentage of the percentage of the deaths is astoundingly low (compared) in those below 35.

    If you look at the second set of data points on cause of death, in those below 35, it has virtually no graphic representation, due to the low numbers.
    OVERALL, IN ALL AGE GROUPS, you are HUNDREDS of times more likely to die of something other than China flu. YES!!! EVEN IN OLDER PEOPLE!!!

    This data was originally compiled in Sept, 20, but has been updated through Jan, ’21.
    The data website was brought to my attention by an RN customer of mine. She also mentioned that a LARGE number of healthcare workers are becoming increasingly more reluctant to get vaccinated…. because it offers virtually no threat to younger adults with no underlying medical condition.

  11. Our hospital workers are overworked doctors nurses etc. Even though you say the percentage of people per population may seem low the sick and dying is affecting not only covid victims but other non covid emergencie.

  12. I had it it came in stages with lingering effects for 6 months. Everyone in my family had it one on ventilator for 2 months survived 2 ended up in hospital with pneumonia some wit little to no symptoms

  13. I see your point Reekay but I think the main issue with Covid is not the mortality rate but how contagious it is. The R0 for COVID-19 has a median of 5.7 – with such a high contagiousness rate and you extrapolate that exponentially over the entire population, if life completely went back to normal with no social distancing or masks at all it wouldn’t be long before the entire population gets infected with it. If we take a mortality rate of just 1% and world population of about 8 billion – that equates to about 80 million deaths, slightly more than number of people who died during WW2. Would it be morally responsible to just allow that to happen? It’s a difficult one but thankfully we have vaccines now and hopefully if they work we will not be forced into making such a decision.

  14. Reekay: Long time followers. Excellent video. You struck the perfect balance with the topic.
    There are some hard realities we must accept when it comes to the virus.
    For example, I’m older, I’m a higher risk. I have to accept that. It’s no ones fault.
    In summary, we must open up. That’s an obvious reality….

  15. and yet nobody is overtly angry at … CHINA … for what they unleashed on the world from their disgusting habits. Why?

  16. I agree with you about the stats you mentioned. It has been so obvious for a long time. I also study data science. hehe
    Covid is going to be with us for years to come. What we ex-pats have to do now is figure out a way on how to live our lives in SE Asia in an enjoyable way (with covid in society).

  17. Finally someone who takes the middle ground approach. This is where I stand with common sense. But sad part is many people aren’t ready to hear that…it’s definitely been political!

  18. I live in a very small town in the USA. This virus went through here back in February and March 2020. Nobody was allowed to be tested back then. Much later they closed all the businesses and told us to wear masks long after this virus had already gone through here. Many have been tested recently and have the anti-body for the virus. Sort of like closing the barn doors after the cows got out.

  19. I have been here since 2019 before COVID so I have been living through this in the Philippines and TBH from where I live in the Barangay I don’t observe the average Filipino changing much of their behavior. I still see people walking around without face mask, face shield. I see unmasked people talking on the street and we’re told the new UK variant is here. People are still attending religious services at the chapel next door. That’s the only time I see them masked. The average person has not changed their behavior. Unless you’re an expat affected by the travel ban it doesn’t seem to be affecting these people.

    1. Stephen Gallagher:I’m glad to hear that people are getting on with their lives and well they should as well as many people in Europe and especially here in the it has been proven by Physicians around the globe MASKS do not help they are for compliance to Government edicts Period.See Event 201 for further info.

  20. Preach it! So many people reject logic and embrace fear and foolishness. Im getting my 2nd vaccine dose next week, i really didn’t want to but if Im sure the Philippines will require it whenever travel opens up. Looking at it logically its unlikely the vaccine will kill me, turn me into a zombie or make my junk fall off lol Just doing what I have to keep my plans going forward.

  21. If we assume that people with minimal intelligence and common sense can grasp this simple information. Then we can also assume that the people that make up the government and pass rules and regulations have something to gain by controlling the masses. Unless we have elected leaders that are completely ignorant. Which is possible, since most people vote simply on race, gender, or political affiliation. As you stated, this is not the first time we have had viruses and we have never shut the world down. To find the truth, I believe you have to follow the money and who has the most to gain. But unless citizens of countries decide that freedom is worth fighting and dying for. Then it’s going to get worse for ALL THE WORLD.
    Great video Henry and God Bless.

  22. I kind of agree with Henry government controlling our lives for such a small little minute amount of people dying it’s ridiculous so what are we gonna do walk around our lives with mask on it’s just government trying to control the population it really is I say fuck the mask fuck the shield continue on with life and if you die you die but at least he died doing something that you liked this virus is 99% survivable people that die we’re on the verge of dying anyways I mean they were just about ready to drop fucking dead so really what’s the big deal

  23. Good common sense …….THE only comment i will add with all the facts available ,, and anyone with average I.Q.,, does not lean towards loss of rights and liberty ,,for almost a year ,… and plenty more to follow .. Alcohol ,,,tobacco ,,and drugs. legal ,,,and illegal cause more deaths ..and available every day ,,,,,U. S. A. motor vehicle/ deaths/ in 2016,, 37,461…….. About 2,000 children die every year in traffic collisions ,….do we shut down country … no ….. this covid agenda is impossible to swallow .. if we lock up a dog ,constantly .. is the dog living or just alive

  24. Bill Gates’s and WHO’s plan to depopulate the plant of nearly 7.5 billion people is working, but you haven’t nothing yet. Wait until 100’s of million people take the covid vaccine. You have been warned. People are not dying from covid-19. They are being murdered. This was all planned. Don’t believe me, go do research on what Bill Gates said is going to happen.

    1. i made the statement that conspiracy theories are at best difficult to prove and largely circumstantial.

      you should pay closer attention.

  25. “I have yet to hear of a country that has done 100% of testing”…
    The table on can be sorted by tests per 1M population and shows following at the top as of today 21st of January 2021:
    Faeroe Islands: 4,4 Million tests per 1M population.
    Gibraltar: 4,3 Million tests per 1M.
    Luxembourgh: 2,9 Million tests per 1M.
    Bermuda: 2,5 Million tests per 1M.
    United Arab Emirates: 2,4 Million tests per 1M.
    Andorra: 2,3 Million tests per 1M.
    Denmark: 2,1 Million tests per 1M

    Of course many of these are multiple test for one person, but still… Seems that there are indeed some places (at least the Faeroe Islands and Gibraltar) where a very high percentage of the populations has been tested.

  26. The asymptomatic cases appeared in pregnant women getting check ups. They got tested fo COVID and showed positive yet had not had any symptoms. That’s where you get into carriers that “may” spread the disease but are not harmed by the disease. So wider testing will result in markedly increased numbers of total cases in a population. They will result in a lower mortality rate when all is said and done.
    End the end COVID will prove to be a poor choice for decreasing the population if that’s what the conspiracy theory people believe.
    The 1918 pandemic is estimated to have killed 50 million people. Most of them were in their prime of life years 20’s and 30’s. The population of the world was, what 1.5 billion back then as well. A far more deadly disease.
    COVID “SARS2” kills mostly, note MOSTLY, our oldest population and those with preexisting disease. Your not killing a big part of people in their reproductive years.
    We can argue and theorize about COVID but as an introduced disease to reduce the human population it’s a big fail. As a bad disease that has taken our loved ones yes it’s that. As a global disrupter of freedom and commerce it is that. It’s overall economic disruptions may end up destroying more lives than it has taken. This is especially true of the poorest peoples in the poorest countries.
    The precautions were put in place to keep hospitals from being flooded and overwhelmed by COVID cases. This second round can do the same. More cases than beds and personnel to handle them. So protect the most vulnerable. Your elderly your frail population and just take common sense precautions.
    Debates will rage during and after this passes but historians will tell the truth we cannot get today or in the next few years. 20:20 hindsight is always the clearest point of view I’ve ever encountered.

  27. Thank you for the update sir, great information. i arrived in Manila last year February 17th 2020 , i am 60 years old in great shape but i had previously spent several days in multiple country’s prior to the Philippines.. 7 country’s to be exact.. I am married to a Filipina and i am currently stuck here in the USA waiting to go back to the Philippines to her to our home and our properties. I just wanted to say that in all my travels i have noticed nothing regarding feeling sick, getting a cold bla bla bla.. i think its all about the money and big Pharma.. Currently trying my best to fly back to the my wife… Sad the Government makes it so difficult to travel there.

  28. What would we do…if in MARCH….we said…bummer…flu is going to be 3, 4, 5 or 6 times worse for the next year…much worse…as much as 6 times the deaths…certainly we would have adjusted…would we be acting anything like we have been for the last year?

  29. You neglected much information in your post. For example, are you not embarrassed that America is doing so very poorly in relative COVID deaths compared to so many countries with (supposedly) inferior healthcare systems? I am. America prides itself as a nation of having “world class” healthcare. That so many Red States insist on keeping open, and that f—kin’ idiots refuse to wear a basic mask is truly the utmost in selfishness, stupidity.

    Here are some things missed, off the top of my head: 1. If someone gets sick with COVID, often insurance does not pay these bills. Hospital bills can be in excess of $50,000 to 1/4 million dollars and greater. And, since US insurance is private and often based upon employment, many of those out of work have to foot the bills themselves. Sorry, many people do not have $50,000 for unforseen medical under their mattress —- do you? And yet, so many countries with State insurance, their cost is not only far far cheaper (like a tenth what the US pays — thank you government regulation of Big Pharm) but they have far less CV deaths. 2. Opening States up literally puts up not only those individuals at risk, but their families, and everyone that person is in touch with in Harm’s Way. Yes, even their dog walker, and yes, even their neighbor’s dog.

    3. You are also missing that when it spreads, infection rates are not linearly but exponentially. In other words just opening a month means huge huge increases in cases, deaths (no matter how you calculate those case numbers, as you stated, deaths from COVID are pretty certain). This is why COVID increased from like one death last February, 2020 to (an estimated) 500,000 deaths plus February 2021. If we let this go another year, by 2022 America could see five million, ten million deaths, or more. Again, growth increase is not linear but as EXPONENTIAL . 4. The more the virus spreads, the more it mutates. And the more it mutates, the less effective any vaccine. 5. Many of those who actually “recover” are not really recovered. Covid damages the lungs, heart, brain, muscle, and can effect literally and and every organ in the body. Those who do “survive” Covid can have difficulty concentrating (or brain fog), endless coughs, muscle pains, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. In other words, as I recall (and I could be wrong here) around 15% of the people have severe long term medical effects so that person is never again 100% and these effects will likely last a lifetime. 5. Long term effects are still completely unknown. Covid may come back a in a decade or longer, just as chicken pox eventually returns to shingles decades in the future for some. We have no clue what these long term effects will be. Also, I have to say that I find it most ironic that it is those who are older from 50 years old and up, are most liekly opposed to basics, as wearing masks and most likely to call this virus a hoax and other conspiracy theory nonsense. And these are the same people most likely to die from this disease.

    Here is an interview with Howard Stern where he interviews Dr. Cody of the Cleveland Clinic. Highly recommended you give listen.

  30. You are right. We should all go back to normal.. Yes keep apart 6 feet. Wear a mask. Wash hands regularly. Apart from that go back to normal life. People are dieing from starvation

  31. Hard to show sympathy when these people turn their noses up at restrictions and laws and refuse to self isolate than catch it and pass it on. I say if you catch it, you didn’t isolate and should be charged criminally as a threat to others.

  32. Most of your conclusion is based on what? media? How much research have you performed on long term effects? I’m a respiratory therapist. I watch people die. You over simplify this issue without being a medical personnel. Freedom of speech is live and well here.

    1. Right Reekay, his view is skewed. Sorry I couldn’t help chiming in here. You say you’re a respiratory therapist and you see people die. I mean that’s like saying I’m a cardiologist and I see people come in with heart problems and have heart attacks and die. But your office is not on a nature trail full of fit people, or in a gym full of fit people with very healthy hearts, where you will see a lot smaller percentage of people die…

    2. based on math. now, you are on the front lines, as you said, watching people die. which gives you a hugely unbalanced ratio to work with. it’s like asking a hooker if she thinks married men are faithful. all she ever sees is married men cheating so she says, ‘no’.

      the mortality rate is very low compared to either the ‘cases’ or the population as a whole. the fact that you have a front-row seat to those dying from it is distracting you from the big picture.

  33. First of all the test for Covid is highly inaccurate because it doesn’t test for the actual virus. The common cold & flu is a type of corona virus and will test you positive for Covid, verified by a study done in late May of 2020. As a alternative reference point, donated blood was tested from 2015-2018, 40-60% came back as positive, but Covid didn’t exist yet!!!! The second problem is 12.5% of Americans are actually considered healthy, so if your not going to put any effort into your own health then good luck to you. And if you think the vaccine is going to save you, look deeper well over 15-30% of people have various complication as well as death, its just not publicized.

  34. Looking forward to listening to this on my drive to work tomorrow morning. Great to see you back Reekay, take good care in Cebu with Vi.

  35. We are being Lied to. Hospitals have an incentive to inflate the Death rate from Covid. Its part of the Global Reset why do you need a link? OPEN YOUR EYES, Lies and more Lies. 99% of people that get Covid survive,That is a FACT.

  36. Where do we go from here? Unfortunately, I personally don’t believe that “We” have a say on where we go from here. I will say the press is an incredibly powerful tool, to whomever is pulling the strings. Apparently Bill Gates is one of the men who is deciding what our freedoms will look like in the future…silly me, I thought he was just a software guy.

  37. Hello Henry and great video. Several months ago at my oldest son’s job, three people had contracted Covid and had symptoms so they closed down the offices and told the rest to test themselves asap and work from home. So the next day, all three of my sons got tested (since they all live together with their mom), and my oldest and my youngest got tested positive. I’ll never forget that day when the results came back because I cried my eyes off. They didn’t feel any symptoms even several days later and all 3 got tested again (along with my ex-wife), All tests results showed Negative and none of them ever showed any symptoms at all.

  38. Hopefully we can at least travel again…I have been waiting for 11 months to travel to the Philippines and see my fiance…I think people should be able to travel again and quit shutting economys down as more people are starving to death than what the so called virus is killing…The leaders of countries are making everything worse.If people are vaccinated,they should be allowed to travel…the vaccine is proving to also kill people…life is very different than back when we were free….be safe and stay healthy

  39. Everyone got tested death count same hospitals still overloaded. Sorry I’m going by professionals on this not you and not trump for reals

    1. @Daniel Fuller ha!!! now that is funny. 😀 people had varying opinions on covid since early last year.

  40. Reekay, you can preach all you want but in reality you are dealing with another strain of a flu. You have proof that those who died in your family got Covid but also had other health issues. For many years, people die of a flu and countries don’t shutdown. Its common sense and you don’t need links when you have common sense. Keep keeping it real.

  41. I totally agree. The Mass medias Push U this c subject to the finest. Why they are doing this? Whos interrests are behind this?? They are creating Panic to……??Balance in any subject has dissapeared sadly Long time ago .

  42. 400,000 cumulative deaths. This is across states which went in full lock-down and some that laughed at the thought. If you include large population states like CA or NY, over 50% of the population were masked and/or sheltering in place.
    If you look at the excess deaths since covid ( , you are talking of an increase in excess mortality in excess of 15% of normal death number. Guess what happens with the new variant rumored to be more contagious if you do not wait for vaccination. It is irrelevant whether the relative death rate is x or y%, the relevant number is the absolute number of deaths. Also, the shutdown of the economy which has slowed down the pandemics has one major decision parameter – the ability to treat contaminated people which is the number of available hospital and ICU beds. If treatment is not available then the potential for recovery for less at risk age class also diminishes. Not to mention the fact that recovery is not – oh just a bad cold, all is well –
    common sense is waiting for vaccination which is 6 months away for vast majority of the population. Not an eternity and there are many financial resources already ready and coming through with existing unemployment benefits, PPP and the new Biden Administration package.

  43. You’re absolutely right the media hypes it up just to sell the ads all about money you know that this crisis doesn’t affect the rich just a poor

  44. You’re absolutely right! The lies that are being destroyed right now it’s not an even trade off in my mind. I’m 67 with some medical issues but I would never want to see the world stop for me. I see in Thailand are protesting the pro democracy you’re done with the king. This world is a mess right now I’m trying to get to the Philippines myself but at this rate who knows. I do have one little porn when I tried that starting a business I found that you don’t need $75,000 you can open the business for $125. Check it out

    1. Be smart, do not trust any online site, it is where the sharks troll and Never Ever send any money to someone you have not met in person first!! That said when you come to the Philippines (one month in advance or so) you can go on the sites to chat to possibly meet a gal or two that you would like to meet. See Reekay’s past Youtube video’s on this subject.

  45. Once it became politicized, all hope was lost…

    Good ask to supply some sort of link to your data if you are part of the far left, or far right 5%…I had a high school friend post on my FB page the other day that over 55 people had died in the US from the vaccine. When I could find anything to support those numbers, I asked him where he got his info, and he sent me a link of two guys talking about why the vaccine wasn’t actually a vaccine. Way too much misinformation out there. Even if you look at the 23 deaths in Denmark, 50% of those elderly patients were terminal, and all were over 75 years old with multiple comorbidities. If the world doesn’t get used to dealing with this virus soon, the world as we know it will be a thing of the past. COVID is here to stay. And will be back every year in a slightly different form, just like the yearly flu bug…Salamat

    1. You really consider flip flopping, sleepy, sleazy, and corrupt Biden as competent??? What a dumb ass DemocRat!!!
      You shouldn’t worry about billionaire getting into politics, rather worry about politicians becoming millionaires on their salaries.

  46. Your in the wrong business Rekay, with your extremely high intelligence and absolute logic, I’m sure you would make a superb global leader and help in getting things right based on logic and not fear

  47. No-one wants these lockdowns. They are a consequence of our hospitals have x amount of capacity. If lockdowns were lifted completely, as they were briefly in the UK for Xmas, the hospitals get stretched to their very limits. When that happens doctors and nurses become both physically and mentally exhausted trying their best to save lives every working day and yet day after day folks are dying. At the start of this year we had approx. 46,000 hospital staff off ill – can you imagine what the moral must be for these folks? The purpose of the lockdowns were to both buy time for the vaccines and to avoid choosing who should live and who should die. In todays society everyone expects to be looked after, regardless of how well they have treated their body (obesity, drinking, smoking, etc). Perhaps if we all took better care of our own health that would be a good place to start. Also bear in mind that many of the folks that have died probably never believed they would die from Covid either. It is a crap situation but going back to normal too soon would have direct consequences on those folks who have dedicated their life to saving the lives of others. They are the ones who would have to bear this burden. In the UK we will get there, as will other countries with the vaccinations…. just a bit more patience is required.

  48. The number of deaths since COVID, is on par with the number of deaths per year in the last number of years.
    Remember H1N1 – it’s death rate was off the scale and no shut down of our country and no panic peddling news sources.
    The number of H1N1 cases in the USA was over 60 million and so far the number of cases of COVID cases as of today is under 24.5 million.
    The level of control by the government is not warranted at all. They are trying to get us used to being told what we can and cannot do!

  49. Very intelligent argument and a side so rarely heard. Thanks for being brave enough to speak the truth. So sorry to hear about your family members. In the US we have considerable censorship, and people who try to question the number of Covid deaths get canceled and censored very quickly. Every once in a while we hear from a medical examiner who comes out and says, “How is it that this person with multiple bullet holes died from Covid?” Edit Here’s a link to why this is happening.

  50. The world needs to isolate the vulnerable people of ages 60+ and people with high risk health conditions and let the rest of us get the fuck on with our lives this is ridiculous.

  51. your correct it is only a small number of deaths compared to 7,000,000,000 inhabitants of this rock. in fact even smaller than you think. the infection to death ratio is only about 0.48%. BUT the number of infections is still rising and and so will the number of deaths. if left unchecked the whole world will eventually be infected. 0.48% of 7 billion is 35 million. As much as i want to get back to the philippines that is tooo high a price to pay. We have to stay the course and let the vaccine do its job.

  52. I disagree. They’re trying to keep more of the population from getting it. If more of the population gets the disease then the death rate will go up even more when the hospitals are full I’m sick or dying patients they can’t even go in for a normal surgery. Right now in the United States they have like 22 million people they say I’ve had it. There’s 400000 died. When you go to 350 million people getting it they will be a lot more than that dead. And same way with the Philippines.

  53. Teekay you failed to mention how in America your hospitals are over run with cases.
    I am also in the middle.we here 8n Victoria Australia had the hardest lock down in the world.
    We have zero cases in the community but have 12 cases in hotel quarantine from Australians returning from overseas. Cheers

  54. I would tell you a Covid joke, but there is a 99.7% chance you wouldn’t understand it. It’s just a variation of the FLU!

  55. Very well said and my condolences to you and your family on your losses. I agree we need to just start moving forward as we have done throughout history. Life will go on as history has proven.
    God Bless and keep up the good work.

  56. Only time WE can move on is when WE the people begin to stand up against the governments that preach false tactics. Just like Germany and Italy just did, people opened restaurants and business against the government lock down orders. If all countries follow then WE can all go back to the norm.

  57. Henry, I am glad to see you ‘get it’! I have tried, in vain to succinctly explain this to my friends and family to no avail. Everyone seems to want to fight to ‘be right’ and change the minds of others to fit their own echo chamber logic. Thank you for explaining in such a way everyone can understand.

  58. Agree 100%.
    It exists,but it is nowhere near as deadly as it is being portrayed.
    As for “conspiracy theories”, there seems to be some anecdotal dot connecting that could point to a sinister plot behind it(mostly due to timing of the virus discovery/China’s fast recovery without a vaccine),but I think the biggest contributor to the rise of “conspiracy” is the “Lemming train”/ “group think” responses by worldwide government agencies.

  59. We not having another 2020 because we won’t have the tax base to sustained a functioning society my neck of the woods our hospital are not being over run , but they still implement restrictions, plus it’s not a bed issue , it’s a doctor and nurse issue , cause Obama care requires so much paper work , they had to hire so many bean counters and less doctors and nurses , to deal with the insurance,, even the most radical governor of New York Cuomo just said we have to open up the economy fast because if we wait for the vaccine, we won’t have nothing to open

  60. This is how covid has affected me. I am 71 and error on the side of caution regarding covid. I was set to retire in the Philippines. I sold everything that I have including my car. My visa was applied for then the second strain of covid was discovered, the Ph put a travel ban on the US and others. The Ph consulate has my marriage certificate and passport and won’t give them back despite many emails. Because they have my passport I can’t travel to any other countries that are open. If you have read this far, bless you. I just had to get this off of my shoulders…..

    1. I feel your pain sir.. my wife is in the Philippines and i also received my 9a visa and was suppose to fly out on the 20th which was yesterday..had to canceled because the Philippines gives you updates at the last minute. anyway, i did get all my documents , passport, birth certificates back.. its scary knowing they have your Passport because you really can’t go anywhere..good luck

  61. There is no increase in average number of deaths annually over last year in US. 99.9% of people who get covid survive it.

  62. My Mother who has spent the last 7 years in a nursing home died of covid-19 on Xmas day. 40% of her fellow residents also were effected. Nursing home has been locked down since March 2020. Who is transmitting Covid? Nurses! Nursing homes and long term care facilities make up over 40% of USA covid-19 deaths.

    Another 40%+ of deaths are over the age of 80 not in nursing homes. The rest are critical care people with serious co morbidities.

  63. I lost a x work colleague before Christmas to covid only in mid forties he was over weight died of a failed heart. Such a good guy, my best Buddy work colleague lost both parents over Christmas and new year due to covid,terrible for him.when will this all end.anybody who thinks covid does not exist are crazy UK over 90k dead and rising. Still in lockdown. What I want to know why did a certain government tried to cover the virus up even arrested people for blowing the whistle.

  64. I fall in the middle I know its a real thing I know some who have died both old and young. I wear a mask I wash or sanitize my hands every chance I get more because its not a big deal and I dont want to be hassled by others when I do go out. Honestly I get a cold every year, this is the first year I have not gotten a cold, been tested twice now for work and not detected. There is no doubt in my mind their are some sketchy stuff going on with the numbers and the media is the worse for this and many other things, I have checked out of mainstream media for a while now. Since control and profit maybe in play now I doubt things will get back to normal not gonna get too deep in this I hope travel gets back to something more normal asap.

  65. You have lived abroad in many countries. How long do you stay in each country and what type of visa do you get to stay long term in each country?

    1. over the last 8 years, i’ve spent 7 years in the ph and 1 year in vietnam

      for the ph, i have been here on a tourist visa, which is good for up to 36-months and then an exit is required. but such visas are currently not available.

      for vietnam, i got a 1-year tourist visa. but vietnam is also closed to tourists right now.

  66. These people that have had covod and were not tested and recovered from it could have infected other people even if they were totally Asympyomatic. We should have been doing testing and tracing back in March of 2020 when We had a small amount of cases. Going forward the Important consideration is this: People are the most contagious with covod one day before they get symptoms and that’s why it’s so important that everyone wear a face mask when we are in public places and will be around other people….even around friends and relatives that we don’t live with. We can’t drop our guards…..We can open things up safely but we can’t just say “Let’s just go back to normal with no masks and do herd immunity” like some people have been saying in the past….

  67. What your saying is so true. Many at my work place and in my family have been sick only a couple got tested the rest of us just treated it like a the common cold. Suppose we all ran down and got tested the ratio would change greatly.

  68. I got it about 3 months ago. I didn’t change my life at all this year, kept all my freedoms as if nothing was going on. I golfed, shopped, went out to restos/bars, socialized, had gatherings with friends/family (some). I was expecting to get it because of my decisions but wasn’t afraid of it. I’m not obese (which probably affected my decision) and for 3 weeks I had a mild cold, a little run down and lost my sense of smell and taste. By far the worse part of it was not being able to taste my cooking. haha. (I like to cook and am a pretty good cook. IMHO) Making Thai green curry chicken as we speak. Lots of wild game and plenty of ethnic dishes… Thai, Filipino, Mexican… I know at least 30-40 people wo have gotten it, even a couple ladies in their 80’s… no deaths. I have siblings who have hardly left their house in 10 months. As you can imagine, there is a little bit of a divide right now in the family. (I have 11 siblings) Politics! We’re split 50/50. Now that Trump’s out of office and us republicans can think rationally without mind boggling hatred, we can probably start coming together again. Oh, I see NY Gov. Cuomo now says we should start opening up. Who didn’t see that coming??

  69. Statistics can be very misleading. There was a time in history when the average age of death was 38. Today, I’m expected to live to 86. That’s the number social security is using to calculate my benefit pay out. Some of the increase is due to better medical care for late life health issues, but not as much as you might think. The biggest boost to the average is the reduction in infant mortality. It doesn’t take too many people dying before their first birthday to bring the average *WAY* down.

    1. The “average” is a word that is not typically used in statistics. A statistician either calculates the mean, the median, or the mode. The “average” is sort of a term that is used in an attempt to convey statistical information to people who don’t understand statistics. It’s what the media does all the time, but since the talking heads also don’t understand statistics, they frequently use the term “average” when the statistician actually calculated the median, the mode or a series of other things that the talking heads cannot comprehend.

  70. Some reports have Covid-19 being in America since October 2019. The flu season normally runs form October to March. I work in a hospital and we had an unusual amount of people coming in the ER for flu like symptoms during November and December 2019. In early January l took sick and had every symptom of someone who was infected with Covid-19. It was three days of pure hell and by the fifth day I was getting much better. Didn’t take any medication, just ate plenty of citrus fruits and cleaned up my diet. Oh yeah and I am 58. This Covid-19 is not seriously harming most people who gets it or killing them. Covid-19 will be here for a very long time if not forever. One side note. If HIV/AIDS did not shut down the Adult film industry. Humans have survived and thrived through wars and pandemics. One civilization goes away and another one comes in.

  71. We need to start to live our life again. I think most people are willing to wear the mask and hand cleaning for as long as it takes . I also feel the average persons wants the freedom to travel and for business to be able to reopen that have been closed .. I think that many people are willing to get vaccinated even knowing the vaccine is not a cure . We want life to open up again as the since world works to find a better cure ..

  72. Reekay, I suspect that your position of moderation would, if maintained, simply perpetuate our unchecked global expansion of Covid-19. You’ve used the word “only”, “tiny”, and “tiniest” many times in your commentary, but the virus is still spreading in an exponential, not a linear fashion. So long as you keep comparing the growing numbers of infections and deaths as “only” being “X%” of some larger number, then you get to keep moving the goalposts. Suppose that 3.2 million American will be dead from Covid-19 as of August the 1st of this year. You can then say that “only” or “less than” 1% of the population died of Covid…let’s consider easing these restrictions and get back to normal life, etc. In that case, you would be existentially accurate on the percentage of dead people, as the U.S. population is about 328.2 million, but you would be grossly understating the increasing threat of the virus from that point going forward.

    1. or… we could go the other route. continue with lockdowns and restrictions, continue the unemployment with a measly $600 a year or so in stimulus money and do that for what? maybe another five years? until all businesses are pretty much shut down? return to the lifestyle of the 1800’s?

      we already know the effects of lockdowns. from small businesses to major corporations.. without customers there is no need for employees and no economy without either. at some point we have to open things up if we want to keep even the infrastructure of electricity, indoor water and gas flowing.

      add to that the other item that the majority of healthy people under 80(ish) seem to be dealing with covid well. but we can’t persist with this lockdown mentality much longer and somehow hope the lights will stay on.

  73. NFL, NBA, etc has tested whole organizations daily for months now. (Sorry, no link provided)… Hundreds of heathy young people have tested positive. NO Deaths.
    My company of 400 personnel has had 78 positive cases. All under age 50. No Deaths.
    Very sorry for those that had died. But the fear monger’s need to take there masks to their caves and leave the rest of us alone

  74. You know man I been a subscriber to your channel for a long time,,, and I never comment on your vids ,, but today I felt compelled to let you know what I think.I dont care if anybody believes the way I do about anything. If I believe there is some world wide conspiracy to wipe out humanity or to thin the herd ,,,that is my belief and I should not have to produce any evidence to prove it.Im not trying to get you or anybody else to believe it.I dont care .But I do believe there is something very strange with all of this covid crap going on.I cant quite put my finger on it ,, but it is very conspicuous about whats going on.So there you have it,,,, I love your channel ,,, its very informative and entertaining.

    1. i respect your opinion. i do. and i want what i believe most all of us want, which is a safe society for ourselves and our loved ones. a society that regains the freedom we had prior to 2020.

  75. Commen sense will not prevail as long as political demagogues have an agenda that does not have the best interests of the People in mind.

  76. Open the world back up this is not a big a deal as they the media and governments of countries put out for it to be people should make up their own minds and if they want to stay locked up in their house that’s their prerogative Me myself I would rather live my life and take my changes because yes eventually one day we are all going to die So if this is what takes me out so be it I could lay down and go to sleep and never wake up That was the way it was meant for me to die So that’s my thoughts

  77. I don’t disagree on the sickness..
    The numbers will purposely start going down and they will quit reporting it…
    When enough is enough people will rise…. But oddly enough the longer it goes the more it becomes the Normal

  78. It’s going to take more than a few strong politicians to stand up and demand common sense for the craziness to diminish. And the politicians we have now are more concerned with their lifelong government jobs than being true leaders.

  79. Covid is much less deadly than what was predicted. Closing the economy and social life has been a big mistake. The cure is much worse than the disease. My only explanation for this craziness is that governments have made a mistake when predicting the danger of the virus and now they don’t want to admit their mistake so they continue doing the same crazy thing. They don’t consider the global impact of closing the economy, they only consider the impact on covid infection as if there was nothing else in the world.

  80. Spot on, thankyou, I’ve been trying to convey this myself to family and friends, with nothing but scorn. this video should be shared to everyone.

  81. My anecdotal. Know about 13 people that got it. 8 no symptoms, had no idea they had it. 1 said it was between cold and flu. 1 lost taste/smell for a day. 1 was perfectly healthy, runner, low bodyfat, but in his early 60s, got very sick, said it was like the worst flu of his life. 2 died, 1 over 60, 1 over 70. Everyone I know who got it and recovered say they have no lingering problems or symptoms. Just anecdotal, I know. But my anecdotal seems to be jiving with most people I know, including yours.

    1. Medical experts say you can deduct 1year of your life from catching covid, no matter what your symptoms have been

  82. You do bring up some very good points. Of course if they tested more people cases would go up and death rate would go down. The problem is with all the information you leave out. You seem to be stuck on death rate and comparing covid to other diseases. The hospital in my area is full to capacity but you never mention that. To get Aids one needs to engage in risky behavior for the most part, Aids is not spread very often like covid is spread by not engaging in that risky behavior. Going to a grocery store one can get covid but is very, very, very unlikely to get Aids. I know a guy got covid going out to a restuarant, how many people get Aids doing that.

    You can not compare Aids to Covid, they spread completely different. You never mention longer term affects some people are experiencing, organ problems, breathing problems, you never mention how covid is new and we don’t know much about it. You mention old frail people being pushed over the edge with covid but never mention guys training for marathons dead from covid.

    You only seem to bring up points that point in the direction of what you personally would like to see happen which is to open things up.

    If you look at the right information you will be better suited to understand where we go from here. Although you do bring up very good, accurate points, the things you leave out prevent you from understanding the entire picture and where we go from here.

    Vaccines need to be effective to lower hospital capacity rates, we need to learn more about the virus and the longer term affects that will take time to do both those things but once we do
    things will open up more and more the more we learn and the more effective the vaccines are the quicker things open up.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I’m sensing, in your comments about media spin and big pharma,, that you share the views of some of the conspiracy theorists so I guess we’re coming at this from a different place. Nonetheless, as you say, if we end up at the same point, it’s a win for us all. I’ve read that there is huge resistance to the vaccine in the Philippines so I guess the Government there has its work cut out to convince the people of its merits. Here, in Europe, the percentage of people who say they won’t take the vaccine is much lower so I would be hopeful that we can reach the figure required to create herd immunity, particularly if the elderly and vulnerable are fully vaccinated.

    2. @Brendan Ryan the vaccine. yes, the vaccine will make all the difference.

      by the way, it’s a vaccine that many people have expressed they have no intention of taking. ever. so we can forget about 100% inoculation unless military action forces it upon us against our will.

      but i will say this.. if ‘enough’ people take the vaccine and the media decides to spin that into a yarn that says, “it’s okay to go about your lives now”, well then that’s good enough. we accomplish the same objective. those worried about covid can voluntarily take the vaccine and those who don’t want it can go about their lives again.

      it’s a win-win for everybody. including the vaccine manufacturers.

    3. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Putting words in my mouth is a disingenuous way to argue your point, I never mentioned 5 or 10 years or anything even close to that. The vaccine rollout has already begun here and should reach a critical mass within six months whereby we can start to return to someone like normality. As for closing down the economy, the only areas that have been shut for the most part are entertainment, dining and bars. Excepting two time-limited strict shotdowns, retail has remained open and most people are continuing to work from home where possible. The two strict shutdowns have been the inevitable consequence of people disrespecting the ability of this virus to wreak havoc across communities. If people had followed the advice of public health officials, there would have been no need to take such steps and our hospitals would not be under the pressure they are right now. Ultimately, what we’re discussing are two different and incompatible social philosophies. You were raised in a country where many people share the view that taxes should be low and health care is something you pay for whereas those of us who were brought up in western social democracies believe for the most part in the social compact, a higher level of taxation and the availability of healthcare for all. I don’t feel that we’re going to be able to cross that divide.

    4. @Brendan Ryan and you think keeping the world on lockdown for another 5 to 10 years is sustainable? at some point we need to salvage the economy while it’s still possible. already there is a long list of companies (ie; jobs) that have folded and won’t be coming back.

    5. Well of course some hospitals will be at normal capacity, the virus is not so bad at this point that “ALL” hospitals would be at full capacity. Alot of that is because of the lockdown.
      If we did not have the lockdown other hospitals would be at full capacity then it very well could get to a point of being to late so those responsible do not want to be held accountable for such a mess.
      I’m just explaining to you why they lockdown and once you understand this then you’ll be better inform to make a good judgement about how things will unfold in future.

      But having some at full capacity with the very real possibility that others could be in the same situation as the virus sprerads is a contributing factor in why goverment wants to lock down and your failure to mention these things is all I’m pointing out.

      I never said you said Aids and covid transmit at the same rate. What I said or meant to say in case you misunderstood me was, you can not compare Aids and Covid as an example of why did we not lockdown over Aids but we did with covid.

      The 2 diseases are different in how they spread, Aids does not reguire a lockdown while covid does because of the very big difference of how they spread.

      But you fail to mention that when comparing the 2 diseases and saying why didn’t we lockdown with Aids ? Well, there is your ANSWER, we didn’t lockdown because it does not spread like covid does.

      You have to engage in risky behavior for the most part, that is on each individual to decide for themselves and does not reguirte a lockdown. You won’t spread Aids to me if I happen to pass by you at a grocery store but you could spread covid to me.
      That is the difference of why we lockdown over covid but not Aids.

  83. You’re glossing over a major point. I spent over a month with the vid in the hospital. Im 64 and was uber healthy. The sudden explosion of outbreaks can and is draining health services. Im in Tennessee and its close to crucial.Similar outbreak in the PI would crush your system. This is why most governments seemingly over compensate regs. Societal breakdown with no resources for “regular” immediate Healthcare is the real emergency. When stats are complete look at total deaths in 2019 and 2020. Its telling. Live and enjoy life safely folks.

  84. Out driving on the 5th day? Good riddance, thats why the virus keeps spreading out of control… People being selfish and stupid and starts doing whatever as soon as they feel ok.

    1. Yes, this is why it’s been around for so long now. Idiots going about their daily life 2 days after being in bed all day. It’s the attitude of.. well im ok, that’s all they matters. I’ll go and queue up in the post office now..

  85. You missed one more point. Take the deaths last year and see how they compare to deaths in the previous 5 years. You will find that there’s no difference. I also saw a heat map of flu in 2020 compared to the previous years and there was practically zero cases of flu in 2020 (North America). I will try and find links and post them!

    1. Where did you find the statistics that show that COVID did not affect the world wide mortality rate year over year at all? Which source did you use for this information?

  86. Wake up people . This “Crisis” is a trojan horse..ushering in the greatest transfer of wealth, control and power in all
    history. “the Great Reset”.
    The game changer..The inventor of the ‘covid test’ they are actually a “PCR” test, invented by Kary Mullis.
    He stated clearly..the test is /was “NOT INVENTED FOR ANY INFECTIOUS DISEASES”.

  87. You are right on. There are extremist on both sides. I personally think they are both crazy, but feel they should both be able to live life their what ever way fits their belief. I start objecting when one group of extremist wants to force everybody to live life based on their extreme beliefs. For people that are so afraid of the virus, by all means lock yourself in your house and quarantine yourself. that will keep you safe. No one will stop you. Then let the people that believe enjoying life is more important than just existing and are willing to take the risk, live a normal life. it won’t effect you because you will be locked in your safe house, where the virus can not get you.

  88. Influenza claims on an average of 25 to 60 thousand deaths each year in the US. Looking at studies influenza cases this last year have dropped considerably, while testing has increased. My point being we didn’t shut down an economy for influenza and it’s been the cause of 25 to 60 thousand deaths a year, for years.

    1. @Mike Masters Almost everyone dying from this are over age 80. They are at or beyond their expected life expectancy, which means that they are expected to die at any moment, statistically. How can 300,000 have died when the US death rate has not increased during 2020?

    2. covid was 300, 000 a year and that was with shutting the country down. How many more would there be if we did not shut down ? Likely more then double maybe triple that number.

      And the deaths per day are going up even with a shut down.

      And your comparing that to 25, 000 to 60,000 ???

      Where is the common sense there ???

  89. Everyone is different and it will effect us all differently. The airlines, airports and governments need to get together and come up with a globally agreed test and trace solution. The world needs to move forward. My own choice is to have a vaccine shot because my view is it will reduce the chance of catching it and even if I do, it will reduce the effect it has. Make up your own mind.

  90. I’m sure there’s been many that have died of Covid but not at the high numbers you’ve been hearing on the news. Most who have died had underlining health issues but that’s not addressed. Many out there don’t know that there is a lot of fraud in this pandemic, and these hospitals are getting thousands for each person dying from Covid so in turn everyone gets slapped with a Covid toe tag. I have a friend that’s a RN at a hospital in Texas and he called this pandemic, a lot of bullshit and he filled me in on that fraud! Covid is real but don’t be believing in the media, they keep it hyped up to push an agenda/fraud. I hadn’t heard the name flu or of 1 person dying of the flu this year and the flu kills around 90K to 120K people a year……….hmmm I guess the flu took the year off.

  91. Great job Henry, I wish a lot more people would get this clear view from the current situation and make it public. Especially politicians who currently scare most people. They pretend to save people’s lives, but …

    Most of the Covid-19 victims who had passed had not been completely healthy before, they had one and several known or unknown pre-existing diseases. This was not always given by God, but was often the result of their individual way of life before. For example, some had been unhappy, maybe because of loneliness or because of a lot of other human made suffers, they ate too much chocolate, had overweight and diabetes, heart failure, transplantation, high blood pressure and so on, or others were unemployed and poor, not enough money for healthy food, a lot of worries and bad thoughts, they may have drunk a lot of alcohol and, as a result, decreased immune system effectiveness, which could be happend because of the other above reasons as well.

    And what is happens now: The result of the political activities make people lonely, unhappy, workless and poor, and as a result, they get sick and their immune system weakens, which makes it is easier to get a serious infection by a lot pathogens, not only thru corona which can kill them.

  92. The swab test is highly inaccurate ..considering the numbers for called asymptomatics , about 90% positive tested are asymptomatic …and or mild symptoms ….first of all ..what the numbers showing here in Philippines DOH reports …second of all the inventor of the swab test ..reportededly stated test is not designed to distinguish between a cold and covid …covid is actually in the corona viruses category btw…which includes the cold …the
    Morbidity rate is low …less than 2% it’s true …people are dying ..non the less from a respiratory type virus matter what name you label it …but people were dying before too ..with flu , colds , and pneumonia .. death rate was actually higher ..if I recall my research right …and all respitory
    Illnesses it viral or bacterial are quite contagious too ….I feel it’s suspicious to blame all deaths and positive tests on just covid…maybe we lack evidence for that …but sometimes you don’t need ..certified ..court evidence to know what’s true . .by observation and logic and common sense ..not everything that happens in this world evidenced …yet it happens ..I feel we probably won’t be seeing a return to the normal we ever had . ..but like they say …a new normal …likely long term to permanent . .

  93. I do look for a pass that says you have taken the vaccine when available in the Philipines to enter places where people gather. Like Malls restaurant, bars, gyms, etc.

  94. We could have had it in 5/19 I had a bad respiratory infection & Ne (GF) had flu symptoms. Age isn’t the factor as much as the health of the individual. I figured out when I was about 4 that something was going to kill me & worrying about wasn’t going to change anything. So no, I am not scared of it. Odds are I won’t die from it.

    1. It’s possible, but there’s alot of evidence supporting the theory that it came from the Wuhan virology lab.

  95. Unfortunately greed in society trumps everything else . $ is to be made out there, when one nation starts the drama others jump on the bandwagon too it seems. You mention common sense, this pandemic just may prove globally it doesn’t exist anymore.

    1. And our “leaders” don’t want to be the first to call for the end of it. They see the demonization of the governors of Florida and South Dakota (USA) for re-opening and back away for fear of their cushy government positions. That has to end, NOW.

  96. Well here’s the thing, some ICU beds are at 50% and over and if you do survive you could be parting with a gift that keeps on giving and not to mention you could end up with an autoimmune disease. I’ll let you all do the research for that but in the autoimmune community (which I belong to) it is common knowledge that some autoimmune disease are caused by bad viral infections. I’m not really here to change your mind about how you should act around covid (frankly I don’t care if you’re careless). But if you want to test the waters and see if you catch something else by having a nasty viral infection, by all means go ahead, perhaps I’ll see you in one of my support groups. See the thing is with most people, they think if you catch covid and live you’ll be able to live your life in great health then on after, hell no. Consider yourself warned by someone who caught something from a bad viral infection. Ok I’ll tell you what I caught, I have Sjogren’s Syndrome and Autoimmune Neutropenia. Neither run in my family. More than likely I caught it from a viral infection that through my immune system out of wack. Again, I’m not doing your research (even though Reekay said to reference), I’ve done hundreds of hours of research through medical books. Dry as hell and I’m not looking. I know I read about it. Nobody is stopping you from looking. Good luck to all in whatever path you choose.

    1. Compare that number to other deaths to put it into perspective. The death counts are being shifted from the common flu and heart disease over to the “covid” column. Deaths in the US in 2020 did not increase beyond expectations accounting for an older population. The true death count for “covid” is probably around 25,000 when you subtract out flu, pneumonia, heart disease, heart attack.

    2. Suicide matters bankrupts matter 100 million on the verge of starvation matters , we lost an election cause the virus basement Biden won etc etc
      Cause of . 7 % death rate , the whole world is on verge of collapse

    3. no one is saying it does not matter. one death matters. More than 28,000 people died in car crashes during the first nine months of 2020, a 4.6% in crease from 2019, according to US government data. 28,000 in under a year in the US alone doesn’t matter, when does that matter? should we close all restaurants in the world, because some of those people died driving to a restaurant?

  97. Hello Henry,
    Thank you for putting forward reasonable thoughts today. Sorry for your pains losing three of relatives,, I lost one too!
    My point of view, is that all communities and organizations must take this pandemic very seriously!! For the following reasons:
    It’s deadly!! There’s no questions about that!! It’s man killer of first grade!! that’s my personal opinion!
    Secondly,, the way / the method of Infecting is mainly by air!
    Thirdly, it hits a vital organ of human body, the lungs! making it deadly to the elderly and babies! And many people with diabetes and HBP.!
    Fourthly, The way the virus generated in the human living cells is very scary, in a way it’s extending root-like to claim the nearby not yet infected cells!!
    For those reasons and many others,, I would agree on whatever measures to be taken in order to wipe out this evil virus from earth!!!
    I pray to Allah the Almighty God, to help find a cure and a vaccine for Covid-19!!

  98. I don’t think we will ever have an accurate death rate but I do know the rate will never be higher then governments’ statr.

  99. The WHO estimates that the actual number of people infected with Covid-19 is 10 times higher than number of registered confirmed cases, which means that the fatality rate is probably closer to 0,2%.

  100. We Never Had A President That Has Exposed The Danger In One World Order So The Powers Of The World Had To Take Him Out

  101. It’s a ridiculous over reaction from many countries, for whatever reason you choose to believe. Only one percent of the population are affected, so we lock down the other 99%. The figures are misleading also, with many many other deaths from other causes, put under Covid because of a positive test. The vast majority of deaths are people over 80, or people with other health problems who would probably died from flu anyway. The PCR test, by its inventors own admission, is not suitable for diagnosis in humans. Even normal flu, or a common cold, would produce a positive test. Protect the elderly and vulnerable, and let everyone else get on with their lives. My life at the moment isn’t worth living.

    1. No doubt it’s being used a way to clamp down on the people. It’s not about the people’s well being. The media is silent about suicides, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and economic ramifications caused by lockdowns and restrictions. Why? People are demonized for asking questions.

  102. For those who STILL think Covid doesn’t exist, is made up etc etc, so don’t abide by the rules…these people will only realise when they or a family member is struck down by it.

    Personally I would like to drag these types into a local hospital & make them face those that are losing their lives due to it & of all ages.

  103. When will common sense prevail? Good question, considering half of the people are dumb as a bag of rocks I would guess never. You’re spot on Reekay as usual, you’re wicked smaht!

  104. Reekay its not about Health Care. There is medication HCQ and Ivermectin, that will KILL SarsCov2 virus dead after 4-7 days. But instead Lockdowns, PCR, Track and Trace and Vaccine is only Government solution advocated. Our own God given Natural Immune System can deal with SarsCov2 and is easily boosted with Vit C, D3, Zinc, etc etc. Unless you are over 80 and very ill, 99.97% of people will survive.

  105. They want to keep the morbidity rate “high” at two percent so they have an incentive to not test a large sample size.

    1. The morbidity rate is much higher than 2%. The mortality rate, however, if that’s what you mean, is around 2% in aggregate, but varies by age category and morbidity factors, because the word morbidity means pathology rate, whereas the word mortality means deaths.

  106. Reekay, please look up Dr. Sam Bailey channel. She has a very different look at the virus situation. Also, she did an interview with a German Virologist who says the same things that you mentioned in your video.

  107. If they can control the access to testing (and they have done so here in Riverside and LA County), then they can control the data and ultimately control the number of “new cases.” What infuriates me is that the criteria for the quarantine restrictions in LA County is constantly changing. There will always be a justification for continued quarantine because there will always be new cases because again they control the access to testing. My grandmother (85) and her caregiver (60) were tested and two weeks later when they received the results, they were inconclusive. Maybe I’m being a bit of conspiracy theorist but I don’t think that this mismanagement of access to testing is unintentional. The results are that now you literally see homeless families living out of their car in the walmart parking lot and little kids asking for money in the grocery store-no joke, this is what is going on in Temecula/Murrieta/Menifee. It is HEARTBREAKING to see families literally begging.

    1. In a country like the US, there was already a lot of poverty before COVID came around. COVID has surely been a factor in making it worse, but the US as a whole has been going down hill for a very long time.

    2. It’s real. I had it and was sick for a week. Everybody must make their own decision, but based on my experience, the vaccine is not worth the risk.

    3. The guy that invented the PCR test (Kary Mullis) said that it was NOT meant to be used for infectious diseases. He happened to die in August 2019. Basically you can find what ever you want when magnified to the degree that they magnify.

    4. I agree 100% with you. I too believe it’s a conspiracy from the DemocRats. The virus was used as a scare tactics by them and it actually worked. I can’t believe that people are so blind. Do they really believe that the mask will really save them from the virus?? Half of the people don’t even wear it properly, and the other half don’t even know that they are wearing a wrong types of mask.
      The government doing the same things over and over again and expecting some different results is the proof that this is bunch of BS. We are losing our freedom right before our own eyes. Just look at how many politicians got caught doing completely the opposite from what they were preaching. Rules for thee, not for me. Perfect example is Gavin Gruesome getting caught attending a dinner party at French Laundry, while we are supposed to stay home and away from other people.

  108. The published morbidity rate is not “truely and solely due to Covid” as you say. As Covid death any case is being counted where the deceased person was diagnosed as having Covid and Covid “could or has contributed to the person’s death”. This definition is being used by all countries. Nonetheless, the media and politicians keep saying those deceased died “from Covid”. As much as they do not mention either that practically all deceased persons had underlying health issues and/ or where 70+ years old. Most countries have an average age of people who died with or from Covid which is even higher than the country’s average life expectancy. Also, the average morbidity rate for people who died with or from Covid is currently around 0.05% of the overall population. This number roughly applies to all countries which take record of Covid cases.

  109. Your comments upon Covid-19 and evidence are, of course, right. I agree with you, yet the same evidenciary approach should also be applied to the existence of gods and prophets.

  110. Oh Reekay, We Just Surpassed 400, 000 Deaths Here In America. And, By The Way, If Someone With AIDS Was Near You Just Talking, Coughing, Or Sneezing, You Wouldn’t Get AIDS From Them. So, There’s No Reason To Isolate, Social Distance, Wear A Mask, etc.. And Also My Man, Many Of The Folks Who Died Here, Were Under The Age Of 60.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I am sure wwe could go on and on and will not agree. But just that we understand each other, I do not dispute what you have observed and experienced in the PH. And I actually believe that what you say is correct, based on what i have observed here in Europe. Many small businesses as hair dressers, small shops and bars have also gone bankrupt. Where I think we disagree on is whether the measures have had any effect. Now I don’t know enough about Vietnam or the PH for that matter, but I know a little bit more about what has happened here in Europe where I live. Sweeden and Belgium that had originally much more relaxed measures than the rest of europe also have proportionally a lot more cases and deaths than the other countries and they have now altered their policies. when it comes to the confinement measures, their effects are well documented in most West Europeans countries, like Spain, the UK and even here in Scandinavia. Again, I don’t pretend to know everything about the Covid, either here or around the world, and I know that not everything that has happened is explained scientifically, like why there are so few deaths in Africa for exemple. But what I know is that the measures have had some effects here in Europe.

    2. If Someone With Tuberculosis Was Near You Just Talking, Coughing, Or Sneezing, You Would Get Tuberculosis From Them we did not shut down the world for Tuberculosis. Like AIDS we learn to live with it.

    3. @Joh Ekollo you bring up a good point, about taking much greater measures against covid than just slipping on a condom.

      here in the PH, they have isolated, quarantined, masked, shielded, tracked and locked down the country like it was the new national sport since March of 2020. PH has used checkpoints, fines, threats and after 10 months of this.. how effective has it been?

      with all these measures, the PH has been the poster-nation for covid prevention. and yet, look at all the cases being reported daily/weekly here. the only real change has been the numbers of people brought to near starvation, loss of wages and separation from their own spouses.

      and before you say, “but it could have been worse without those measures.”, then explain how vietnam did not take these draconian, militant actions and yet has better numbers than the PH?

      my point stands. govts have hurt and destroyed so many small-businesses and families with these measures and it really hasn’t dealt with spread of infection. lockdowns only spread poverty, depression and misery.

    4. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Well, the method of transmision is relevant to what measures you take. Nobody had to isolate as such because of AIDS, but I can assure you that a whole world started using condoms instead which were basically unknown to many people. i can also remember that quite a large number of people reacted to that as well and meant that it was conspiracy of some kind. I also think there is a little flaw in your reasonning as well. let’s just assume that there were no confinement measures at all, then the number of people who would be infected would most probalby grow exponentially and most probably the number of death as well and not remain constant as you seem to believe. We actually don’t know if the number of deaths would grow proportionally even more than the number of people infected. I do agree with you that there should be more common sense in tackling the Covid. But I also think that in most countries ( at least those I know of) the governments are quite aware of the trade off between the economy and public health. After all no country I know wishes to go bankrupt.

  111. A good summary of where things stand now Reekay and there really is a question of the equity of shutting down so much economic activity and the ability of people to make a living, especially in countries with little to no government safety nets like Thailand and the Philippines. At first it was reasonable as it wasn’t known how lethal the virus was or how transmissable. We know have this information and as we now know its 2% or less for morbidity (1% average let’s say). We are keeping the world shutdown for this?

  112. Enrique.your just put it

    As it is amigo.
    It does not make any sense.
    I.m in darwin covid here
    And in australia only a few .case no more than a few.
    The amount of paranoia
    The amount of sycosis
    Put up by the governments. And official media. Is jus unbelievable.
    Bottom line enrique
    1 year stuck
    Relationship in bohol in tatters.
    She is a beautiful. Gracious.generous .
    woman.but separation
    Has kills our storia.i think.
    Now i come back here the 7 of march last year
    I left cebu on the 6 th.of
    So is going to be one years ,soon alright. But that is nothing .
    The government and health .officials. are thinking. In keeping us here .another year 2021.
    Just madness.mate madness.
    Nice to see your well,, and putting this sensible subjet
    On this matter.
    Great job amigo.
    John in darwin australia

    1. John,
      You’re absolutely correct about mainstream media giving false information. The government wants to dictate your life. We are losing our freedom right before our own eyes.

  113. What if an expat dies in Philippine ?? Where do they bury the corpse..or they send the body to the Country of origin..thx

    1. many opt for local cremation and then, if family requests, the urn can be shipped back to their home-country. this requires planning with the family. same if they want the non-cremated body returned, there are shipping costs and paperwork to be fulfilled by the family.

      without that, local cremation is what usually happens.

  114. Reekay, isn’t it ironic that there seems to be no mention of deaths due to regular flu this year. Every year we have a spike in deaths due to flu, and that’s why they call it a flu season and urge people to get flu shots, but it appears as though flu just disappeared miraculously and it’s only the virus deaths. What we need to look at is do we have excess deaths compared to previous year? According to some data’s given, we are not even experiencing excess deaths. What do you think?

    1. There is not one word about the 20/21 Flu Season. No one has died from the annual flu virus this winter. According to the government. It makes one wonder about the 34,000/62,000 who were reported to have died in the winter of 19/20.

    2. They are adding flu and colds as covid and vaccines are big business . They say cases are increasing but do they have symptoms , slight cold or just a regular cold ? They also say this virus has destroyed the economy world wide , no it’s the Government’s that did this . We have an immune system for a reason and I would take my chances with no vaccination and I never get the flu vaccines either .

  115. Be great to see the numbers of people who don’t fully recover.

    My own thoughts are I could not care less about cases, only number of deaths and number of those that don’t recover fully. Personally I am shocked by the number of deaths in America and Europe. Add the number that don’t fully recover and to me it is appalling.

    The discussions that people die in a car accident etc and are listed as a covid death I think are silly. Death certificates will always show co morbidities so listing covid on it is really standard.

    I think nothing much will open till countries are vaccinated.

    Zdoggmd is someone I like to listen to. I would recommend people have a look at his discussions.

    1. What do you mean not fully recover?? Either you recover or you don’t. It’s a respiratory infection, there are no side effects from the infection after the recovery.

    2. Adding COVID as cause of death gives that hospital additional $ 43,000.00 per death. Someone in Florida was shot in the head but his cause of death was COVID. Hospitals are making a killing due to the virus.

  116. I agree with you if the death rate is lower then the people having covid-19 and recovered and if people want to take the vaccine or not then I feel that we need to get on with living life

  117. People best be waking up to reality. Governments are talking heads, and are NOT our friends.
    To know what covid is truly about..turn off the tel lie vision programming and search on the pro Globalist
    websites that admit their goals. Look into the “World Economic Forum ” and “Agenda 2030”.
    Their explanations make it sound so cute , fuzzy and harmonious..LIES…and usual.
    Stop drinking the Kool-aid brothers and sisters. We are drastically losing our freedoms, and MUCH more to come.

  118. I take your point that the percentage of deaths is very low however we had another 1,600 grieving families in uk yesterday, i understand the need to slow the spread because of the pressure on our NHS but to almost shutdown the whole planet sure sucks for the want of a better term, keep up the great work you do, regards joe

    1. Road of life is 100% correct. This virus is trying to see just how far the government can try to control us. Doing the same things and expecting different results is a definition of stupidity. Mask & lockdown has been tried for close to a year now. Did it work?? Nope. Yet the government wants to keep doing the same thing. How dumb is that??

    2. A lot of manipulated Government data regarding CV19 Cases and Deaths. PCR Positives are based on 97% false positive Coronavirus test (including influenza)…this is perfect for hype hysteria and government propaganda to control people.

    3. thanks. as i mentioned, the big question for the future is, how much longer can companies remain solvent with these sort of quarantines if they continue on indefinitely. at some point, things need to open-up again.

  119. hmmm i find it hard to rationalise someone right to life based on percentages. If it was your parents that died would you feel different? many countries have put measures in place that have minimised deaths. Globally over 2 million deaths this isn’t a small number and people complain about some small discomforts.

    1. “many countries have put measures in place that have minimised deaths.” please put a link to back that statement up. something that scientifically proves the measures that have been put in place prevented one death. you only believe they “minimized deaths” i can not prove they did or did not make a difference, but in most countries
      the measures they put in place destroyed their economy, made people homeless, left people without food and both the daily infection rate and daily death rate are increasing not decreasing. that makes me believe the measures put in place by most countries have been ineffective in controlling the virus and has only hurt the 99% of the people. it is time to admit those measures are hurting not helping so it is time to end them.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea enrique .well put it again
      People or some people.
      Just do not get the real picture.
      Life is a bloody big risk
      In itself. I think

    3. What a dumb comment. Did you feel that way about people that died in 2018-2019 due to just a regular flu? It was in the millions. Do you even know just how many people die every year? MSM wants you to think that this whole virus deaths are the only reason that people are dropping dead like flies. Watch Dr. Sam Bailey on YouTube since you’re already in the channel.

    1. @SmartControls yeah, just see the cover of the new issue of Cosmopolitan, they say those women are “Healthy” so the publisher must know, right? They’re Experts.

    2. Jin Chang the an average person can NOT identify what is medically obese with one look. Donald Trump is medically obese. i have a 34 inch waist and i am medically obese. medically obese does not mean fat.

  120. Most of nowadays medical workers became greedy and corrupted and that is not a conspiracy theory for anyone who encountered with their ,,help,, …
    So I don’t believe any word what they are saying about covid….

  121. Henry you got it 100%.
    Basically if we tested more people the deaths would stay the same and the morbidity rate would become even tinier as more people tested positive.
    We have MASSIVELY overreacted. As you say, when is common sense going to return?

  122. Once again, Covid is here to stay. Government, hospitals etc. are getting huge paychecks. This is allowing the city politicians to make new laws and restrictions to have total control of people’s lives. I don’t believe they will give up that new found power over the people. Hospitals are getting huge kickbacks for diagnosis of Covid. The strange thing is, is that this strain of flu virus is actually less threatening than the average yearly flu virus. I believe that this is all fake and was concocted for government to have more control over people. They want people to be scared and in fears so big government can step in and take control. It’s just ashamed that this has ruined people’s lives with all they’re fake statistics and lies, which seems to be the way of the world now a days. Bottom line, the Filipino are eating up the new power to control lives. But eventually, they will be punished for they’re abuse of power.
    The only way that this scamdemic will stop is when the people stand up and say enough is enough. Period!

    1. the hospitals would get their pay checks from the government. But where do the government get their huge pay checks from you mentioned?? Our taxes have not changed

    2. Well said Ken!
      It is staggering how many people are involving themselves with uninformed consent.
      One of the biggest game changers..the test they are using..NOT INVENTED FOR ANY INFECTIOUS DISEASES.
      Stated by the inventor Kary Mullis.
      Along with the fact that the scientists HAVE NOT ISOLATED ANY VIRUS to prove anything.
      Not to mention the recovery rate of this ‘crisis’ flu is 99.7%.
      Add that up to the reality of loss of freedoms, and the “Great Reset” policies..its obvious this is a
      Biblical history making theft of wealth, control and power.
      The new Bolshevik Revolution is being set up

  123. Hey … I live in Washington USA …
    I have a girlfriend in Tanjay … I wanted to go to the philipines is this the wrong time???

    1. @stangeriam From my experience i had really massive headache, loss of smell, very high temperature and shortness of breath, truth the breathing was scary.

    2. Richard Nyak Yes Covid is real and you really don’t wanna catch it. I have experienced it and it’s no big deal, i was sick for a few days like 99% of the people that get it.

  124. Dropped you a line directly on MeWe. My msgr is broken again. So sorry to hear of your loss.
    Glad to see your as good as you can be all things considered.

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