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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. Will someone be living with your mom when you leave?? With the short term memory issues should she be alone? I’m thinking about the obvious things…leaving stove on, driving/getting lost. Have you considered live in caregiver? It’s wonderful you’ve had this time with her, but-as you discussed-must be hard to leave, also. Happy New Year to you!

  3. Sometimes overanalyzing things can be just as dangerous as not analyzing anything. I would suggest every three months to see where you at and make 3 month to do list as your primary. This is the longer list. Your life goals as the shorter list of only a couple of things

  4. Many years since the Bohol and Duma days my friend . Where do you call home now in the RP ? Good luck to your mom in Temecula . Man ! I remember my boy playing NCAA summer season baseball there , I think it was 37C the days I was there watching the boys . Packing my suitcase as I write for my trip 6 months in the RP . Check out Mindoro / Casa Mia for a side trip when your back – love that side trip south from Luzon . I sure miss the boys in the Duma area – soem real good guys I used to hang out with there … and of course my evening stroll along the boardwalk to the Marina/Silliman . The drive back at Valencia at 930PM was always “interesting” . Good Island and good friends there . Speaking of getting to know the locals , I joined a Motor club in North Luzon . We do rides ever week . Mostly Pinoys/Pinays – what a blast ! They are family now ! Good way to meet genuine local people and contacts !! One guy is a mayors son – “one call does it all ” 🙂

  5. Hey Reekay. I’m 34 and have been following your channel since 2015. It’s amazing how this channel has evolved over the years, but your channel represents real YouTube and not boring new corporate mainstream YouTube.

  6. It is incredibly difficult for filipinos to get into the US because there really isn’t a tourist visa option for them..

  7. I totally get it Henry. My mother was diagnosed with cancer 20 years ago. They gave her 6 months to live. I was the only single child so I dropped everything and took care of her. With new treatments she managed to live almost 3 years. Everyone always express’s sympathy that I had to put my life on hold for so long, but I was glad to do it…she was my mother.

  8. Happy New Year to you Henry, and everyone in your family!
    As far as any resolutions for the New Year, it is:
    1. To maintain my health in stable condition so that I may travel to Thailand in April and spend quality time with my Thai girlfriend. And continue to improve my health when I return.
    2. To eventually plan our marriage and commence our K3/CR1 Visa (when its appropriate).
    3. To see my youngest son graduate High School in June and guide him to our local University for Pre-Med in August.
    4. To continue my PhD studies.
    5. Not sure what else but I’m sure there’s more!

    Enjoy your day and stay safe!

  9. You said your mom moved there in 75 which was the year Ne (GF) was born. Some have said that I am with an older Filipina. It is the same year my oldest son was born and he will always be a kid to me. It depends on your perspective. The one big thing I have in common with you is I analyze and evaluate everything unto the point of not sleeping well because I can’t just shut down at night as most people can. Money is important but I put people first.

  10. Passports don’t take 6 months to get in the Philippines I had my ex girlfriends get them took very little time a month as I remember two at best.

  11. She is lucky already at 88 to have lived a full life, the keys, haha i do that now at 63

  12. Offloaded, absolutely, it happened to me and my Gal for her to come and stay with me in Japan. And my Chai had her visa in her passport from Japan to come and stay for 90 days. But it was not meant to be as she was offloaded at Manila and her bags were already loaded. Bottom line Immigration wanted to see her original paperwork to get her visa which the Japanese Embassy does not return, they instead issue the Visa.

  13. Very good video I also do place more value on my time than money and relationships.

  14. Happy New Years Henry… I really appreciate your vlogs regarding the Philippines… You give a good and balanced approach to many questions for us westerners considering making a New Life in that part of the world and its possibilities….

    I am certain that you will arrive at some great options of semi rural locations to set down roots and live a quality life with a softhearted woman…. you have hit the jackpot… I applaud you and found more inspiration from that… That is really where the tire hits the pavement for an enlightened man…

    God bless… and bon voyage…

  15. Reekay, Your unusual -you are the only you tuber that took care of your mom for close to 2 years! Most visit for a month some do not leave at all when their parent die. Luckly I took care of my dad so now I can move in peace! I know in your culture you respect and love your parents

  16. For me, I think spending time in USA is more productive and necessary. My mom is living independently in but she’s aging and may need assistance. My dad has my stepmom and they take care of each other. This is what keeps my roots in USA. My wife (Filipina wedding in PH) have discussed her traveling back to USA with me and I think we will attempt this after my next stay in PH. To help with the travel visa clearance we will travel to Thailand first then maybe Costa Rica so she has some foreign country stamps on her passport (that has my last name on it now) my wife has inherited the family home and some property so hopefully showing immigration that she has assets in PH will help.
    Anyway, looking forward to meeting you and Vi in PH.

  17. When I started researching the Philippines in early 2013, I came across the Life beyond the Sea website and video’s. Been following ever since.
    Been a long time since your days on Bohol.
    You’ve been a pioneer in Vlogging.
    Quite a journey.

  18. My wife and I did the K1 visa and I stayed in the Philippines throughout the process, we both regret not doing the Spouse Visa which would have been a 3-4 month longer process but less expensive and faster route to becoming a US Citizenship. The scrutiny was still there due to our 15 year age difference. Best of luck to you and Vi in 2023.

  19. 7:35 Their tourist visa policy is so strict, it does seem like it would be easier to fly to Mexico and just walk across the border into the U.S.
    I have thought about it, not considered it, just thought about it. It just stings that much worse when you see what’s going on with people crossing over freely, yet the tourist visa for honest law abiding people gets denied 3-4 times in a row even fulfilling more of the requirements each time.

  20. sometimes doing nothing is doing something..smell the roses and relaxing helps .lol happy new year Sir

  21. I’m interested in reading your short stories and other ventures you’re pursuing

  22. 2012! That’s when I started watching your vlogs! 2024 I will be in the Philippines. Time has passed by so quickly.

  23. Notimetimobesad vlog in Thailand brought his mother from Texas to Thailand to live the rest of her life why you can’t you just a question she’s 75 years old

  24. Happy New Year I was going to move their changed my mind bought a ranch that is self sufficient that is the magic word in the future with things going on in the worldreekay contact me on messenger

  25. I love your Mom, I remember taling to her live with You and her. She is really special lady I hope to see you when You come back. I am in Siquijor now, and could travel to meet you. Best wishes my friend

  26. I tend to evaluate almost daily. Nothing heavy. Am I happy? Would I be happier doing something else? New ideas come up often. Getting a house ready in central Phoenix to sell or rent before a move to SE Asia. Sell or rent? Renting makes good financial sense, but I don’t like being a landlord and I think I have enough money. I love living in Phoenix so that’s an adjustment. I move around because it’s good for me to learn adaptability. A year ago I was very interested in the idea of meeting a Filipina wife, but after watching many videos and understanding better I see many of the same issues…in most ways women are the same everywhere.

    So I have a lot to think about. I’d prefer to live remote in the mountains but I’m 66, healthy, but being close to good hospitals is a comfort. Age is really playing a big part. 20-30 years ago “Sure, why not?” I could be impulsive because I had time for other adventures. Now I’m really picking my last or almost last adventure so SE Asia is attractive for that.

    I retired 21 years ago so I’ve had the US retirement experience so ready for a new life.

    It’s kind of amazing how long it takes for a brain to really focus on what path to take. Too many choices? That’s a good thing imo. Better than too few.

  27. very admirable your relationship with your mother hope everything will works good for you and you will join your loved one soon happy New Year

  28. For The New Year Traveling, Boracay, Cebu, Camotes Island, Alona Beach, Dumagette, Siquior, Angeles, Baguio, San Jaun, Coron, Quezon, Saipan, Boracay All From 12/27/22 – 5/30/23

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