Are There Too Many Philippines Vloggers?

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. Having more vloggers in the Philippines can be a good thing. However, many of them are just copy cat vloggers and are vlogging just to vlog. Different vloggers perception of the Philippines and its people can be a good thing but the same information can become saturated…

  3. I’ve vlogged in the Philippines but that’s because I go there to visit family there. My channel is mostly in the USA.

  4. Reekay, your the best of the PH vlogers and set the bar. I appreciate all ur hard work and great content. You saved me from making a lot of mistakes in the PH.

  5. You can watch 50 different vloggers, but it boils down to this. Every vlogger can only vlog about their own personal experiences, that is why there are so many opposing videos on the same subject. It’s good to take advice from the veterans who have had boots on the ground for years. For example Reekey, Gio etc. People that can give you a heads up on practical matters of importance, not just where the best view is. The only way to know if you will like the Philippines is to go to the Philippines. Get practical, essential advice from the veterans and then go. It’s no different than moving from one state to another in the U.S., you won’t know until you actually get there. Your experience in the Philippines will be vastly different from what someone else had experienced. There are so many variables that will dictate each persons experience. For example, your temperament, your tolerance level, your attitude, your available finances, basically your experience will depend solely on you. You can leave your country but you always take yourself with you. I would suggest getting all of the advice from the veterans, from how to prepare for your trip to how to get settled into your living quarters, and how to avoid bad relationships. But as far as day to day living, your experience there will be as good or as bad as you make it. Don’t expect any vlogger to lay out a day to day minute by minute schedule for you to follow. One tip I will give you is this, once you determine how much money you think you will need for your trip, and you have it in your savings, double it! Also, have a family member hold some money for you for that ticket back home should you mess up and go broke. You can thank me later.

  6. “Vagabond Awake” is the Blogger
    As for me I watch “old dog”, Bud Brown, Gio & F…. Pea mainly
    I also watch “Texas Filipino” vids watching him build his home on Panay Island
    & The Philippine Info channel. So I don’t have time to explore others

  7. I watch you, Gio, old dog, Filipina Pea, sunshine shoulder, philippine info channel regularly. Oh, Mia also and sometimes Margie

  8. I’ve been following you since 2014 pretty much. As far as day to day stuff. I really only watch you and Gio. For a few years there it just seemed like everyone was copying you and the other originals. It’s very nice to see some younger people start to step in. Been to the Philippines several times. Going back again soon. It’s not all about cheap beer and living expenses. It’s a very special country there. Very long and inspiring history and culture.

  9. There may be many volggers Henry, but one thing for sure is that I ONLY watch and listen to a very few of them: You, Paul Old Dog, Gio, Hey Vern Travels, and my friend. Jennifer Terri. I really don’t care about any others from the Philippines.
    Now, since my upcoming trip in July was traveling to Thailand, I was also watching and listening to only one vlogger from there- Live, Love Thailand. Now my NEW trip has been changed again to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Why? Because of your EXCEPTIONAL videos that you did while you lived there. I am looking forward for my trip soon! Take care my friend!

  10. I like to meet the current vloggers. Henry was my mentor, met him first. I met several others later.
    I think it is fun just to sit down with someone on another island, and tell stories

  11. That’s what I do like about the Philippines and people vlogging about it. I’ve seen a variety of budgets, places and everything from these vlogs. It made me select the city of Davao.

  12. I have followed you and Neds vlogs for many years as my wife and I consider moving over there and leaving Dubai. I’ve visited several times to her home city of QC, but I’ve gained good information from you about other places to locate to and the challenges to expect. Many of the others since then are going over the same stuff…. How you need $1500 per month etc etc. The digital nomads will all move on once they’ve traveled around for a while. Good luck to them if they can make enough to live on, it beats working in an office. When I travelled the world in the 1990’s I would have loved the opportunity to pay for my travels by making videos, it was much more challenging then before the internet and the mobile phone that’s for sure.

  13. Yes there are alot of new vloggers bro and they’re doing everything under the sun to find their own spot. As far as information goes its gonna be hard to beat you and Pea. I used to watch Ned and Bud but i only stuck with you and joined Pea after you endorsed her. I think everyone just finds a vlogger that fits their style. You and Pea are mine.

  14. A lot of vlogers come to the Philippines because the Philippines is number one on youtube when it come to viewers of foreigners blogging in the Philippines. Recently a guy who was vlogging for sometime in Thailand said he noticed that foreign vloggers who go to the Philippines tend to raise their views. In Thailand he was averaging about 1K to 2K views. So he wanted to see what would happen if he came to the Philippines. His average views jumped to 15K after about a week in the Philippines

  15. I wonder what Jennifer Terri will do for content once all this pandemic mess is over with?

  16. You and ned were the first couple guys that I followed and I already had filipina and wanted to know what the country and culture and customs. It is almost 8 years since began to follow and now I have been to mindanao and have house there so I now focus on vloggers in that area. You were very helpful when I first started this journey

  17. Means nothing to me if there were millions, if they have information relevant to my needs and don’t come across as a tool I’ll listen.

  18. Reekay, thank you for your contributions and assisting others with their blogging pursuits.

  19. I followed Reekay right from the start. That’s when I started getting interested in the Philippines. Now I am very interested in the country. So much so I plan on living there for 12 months to see what it is like. 2012 is when I started watching vlogs on the Philippines. 2012 to 2016 there weren’t that many. A couple I watched are no longer going. I noticed particularly from 2020 to 2022 there was a big increase of vloggers on the Philippines.

  20. even some vloggers from other parts of asia are going to philippines to vlog. they realize that they can pick up viewership. too many vloggers with crappy content. got to have something that can get people interested. one day i came across, paul in the Philippines’ youtube channel. very charismatic and communicates very well. its no surprise that his channel membership keeps rising while others are stagnant.

  21. i hope you’ll keep us posted from time to time on YOU reekay .. we’re close in age (57 here) and i feel comfortable with you .. thanks for all you’ve done over the years 🙂

  22. Are there too many vloggers?? Well wen i was there just before the pandemic I didn’t see any vloggers in manila or davao I prefer to not walk around a lot with go pro if you want go to the Philippines dont need to vlog more fun raw walking around finding out stuff for ourselves kills the travel experience in my opinion only telling people this and that I prefer on my on steam I knw the Philippines very well !! I dont need to look at PI videos .everyone is different but they can be good info on food hotels etc for first timers

  23. Hey Reekay, I am coming there soon in July and was curious how you feel about Marcos being the new President? He pretty much got elected with Chinese money, but his family has close ties to America. I understand if you can’t really comment online….was just curious on how this might effect us expats in the future…if at all?

  24. I’ve been Vlogging here in the Philippines for over 2 years now. 500 Videos, and I make a whopping $100 dollars a month.. Barely. If you think you can come to the Philippines and Live off of Vlogging income from YouTube.. Good luck! lol.. Thanks Reekay for listing my Vlog on your webpage. That did help a little! Cheers, Mark

  25. Before covid, most expats were retirees, but nowdays – more and more are Young Digital Nomads . This is why you see more young Vloggers 🙂

  26. I think i know what guy you mean he made a recent video moaning about being in Thailand getting like 8k views and saying how vloggers in the philippines are getting like a jump to 70k so he flew to philippines and he was getting like 90k hits within days. I dont watch as i prefer vloggers who come or live here for passion and love for the country not to make a quick buck of its name

  27. I think about making a few pesos for most & content is often weak. Yurs informative & helpful as I disvovered u 2 yrs before my move in ’17. U gave me the confidemce & info I needed for the great escape & w/o it I don’t think I would be here either. ….

  28. Hi Reakay : I think the guy that you were referring to in the start of your video is Harald Baldr , He helped Tim K’ to get his start in Vlogging . .. . I still enjoy your Videos Reakay Keep it up

  29. I have been following you probably since you started. Seems to me all the new vloggers are repeating everything you covered, it’s getting kind of boring. I liked you Bud, and Ned. back in the old days. I’m tired of all the click baiting, and e begging.

  30. Many thanks to you, I’ve been a long time subscriber, you have taught me all about the Philippines as well as the people, especially the beautiful ladies. I will continue to watch for your channel.

  31. Reekay, yes a lot of newbies but I stick to proven volggers who over time have performed outstanding content thanks Reekay .

  32. Everybody over there is vlogging nowadays. Been following Reekay since early 2013, who in my opinion, has vlogged outstanding content over the years. I only subscribe to about 7 other vloggers that I enjoy.

  33. For some to survive, they have no choice but to jump on the bandwagon. watching the illiterate ones is amazing as they try to patch content together.

  34. I’m arriving to Dumaguete at the very end of June I’m looking to rent a studio apartment somewhere close to downtown I was recommended Dumaguete studio apartments have you heard of these apartment . it this something you can recommend

  35. YESSS and mostly your fault.. as well as so many expats in the philippines.. Apparently there is a lot of spare time when you live in philippines..

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