A Simple, Happy Life – In The Philippines

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Author: Reekay V.

Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat and spent 1999 living in Vietnam.

Share with me my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Hopefully you find my observations helpful in your own adventures.
— Reekay


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  2. Glad you found what you were looking for in a relationship. Best wish to you and your fiance.

  3. Same as you, but I know that is going to be complicated to find a young, collaborative and agreeable filipina that doesn’t want kids; on the other hand, I’m offering a life time holiday…. will see

  4. The finest times are over in the Philippines. Have the Philippines people not learned from their past
    or are they so poorly educated to elect a MARCOS

  5. Peace of mind is something I have always wanted, especially after experiencing a bi-polar wife whom couldn’t control her moods or where her mind was taking her. No arguing, no drama from someone always looking to get her needs met. Someone who is the same person every time you wake up in the morning would be pleasant. Someone not going into a violent rage trying to hurt me for a perceived hurt someone caused her ages ago. No attention seeking behavior that I have to attend to or her world unravels in seconds. I guess normalcy is what would make me happy and of course a kind Filipina.

  6. Its rare for a filipina not to hav kids can VI.accept that.?

  7. My goal is a simple life that I can enjoy with my Filipina in the Philippines. She wants a simple life too which she already lives. I don’t want the rat race but the snail pace. I went to the Philippines for 3 weeks and loved it. I’m going back in October too

  8. The Philippines was never a place that I ever thought about. Quite by accident I met a filipina who was OFW in Singapore and became friends with her. The friendship grew into something much more to the point of me traveling thousands of miles to meet her and spend time with her. Never in million years did I ever think I would be retiring in Philippines to be with her. We have had ldr for 10 years now. I hope that the relationship with her will last for rest of my life. My interest in Philippines only came after I met this woman. Been following you and ned and couple others over the years and enjoy your videos and helpful information.

  9. Sounds like you’re 2 steps ahead of the game bro. Ive gotten the first 2 phases done and im looking for the land on my visit to the Ph. So many ppl look their whole lives for happiness. Im happy youve found yours.

  10. Im much like u & enough can’t be said about simplicity. It’s much easier to achieve in the Phils as most of populace is simple as most have little living week to week or day by day & survival is more appreciated & not taken for granted. IMO it’s just part of the makeup for expats who live here & get caught up in the drama show. The other side of the story is where they came from there behavior is usually no different….

  11. Okay when I decided to come to the Philippines I started meeting girls online and when I was about ready to give up after meeting about a dozen girls I finally came across one I ran her through a little test I sent her $35 and told her to buy some food for a nice dinner for her family and use the other half for herself then I sat and waited for her ask for more money amazingly she didn’t ask she met me at the airport and I spent a month of vacation with her in the Philippines we ended up getting married in 2015 in 2021 we decided to buy a house and I have never been happier in my life

  12. I meant my Filipino 3 yrs ago on line. I am living happily on Siquijor now with her! Getting married next month couldn’t be happier

  13. Water, food , groceries, place to walk and stretch your legs. Then gym. Close to malls are a huge part

  14. Reekay I believe that many of the expats in, or going to, PI are looking for the same thing after leaving all of the baggage of the western world behind – a simple happy life – for you to have found that with Vi is a blessing.

  15. Hey Reekay, so happy you got what you want in life, a nice simple life with a wonderful filipina to share your life with. I am in a 18 month LDR, just want the same thing but we have a double whammy against us. Dictator Justin Trudeau will not allow unvaxed to leave the country, and the Philippines still do not allow unvaxed foreigners into their country. We want to be together so bad but both of us will not take the poison jabs. We will both wait it out as long as it takes, hopefully soon. Not sure what the new government’s stance will be on this in the Philippines.

  16. Hi Reekay…. Good food for thought.. I am 67 and I’m just now going to get my Social Security which should be about 2800 a month as well as a small pension and I’ll probably rent out my house we should give me about another 800 to 1000 a month…. So I do have a girl that is in the Philippines and at my age I don’t want to play the game of playing around because I would like to have someone there for me at the end of the day. Much appreciated with your thoughts I should be there in the Philippines in a few months I know you are visiting your mom still use your self in the Philippines this year? Best to you and your girlfriend

  17. Nice plan and suggestion. I am also hoping to spend time traveling then have a home to grow your own vegetables….

  18. Reekay, the God Father of Philippine expats. Like many your channel was the first light that opened my eyes to Southeast Asia.

  19. I got the answer ” i want to work and take care of my family” Filipina would say that often to me. It didn’t fly because them working and sending money to the Philippines does nothing for me or my goals. I just want a quiet life and get some kids. My fiance wants kids and to be with me, she would prefer to have that in the Philippines though. Other than that we are on the same page.

  20. I might be one of those guys you envy. I married the 1st filipina I met, and married her, 18 years now. I’ve been following your channel for years, maybe since the beginning. Hope to meet you when you get back to the Philippines.

  21. Hi reeked, I’m planning to visit my family in pinas this year.. I want to buy Lock Tote, can you give the link if you get a chance? Thx appreciate it.

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