[Video] – Return of.. the Giant Spider

I’m not especially afraid of spiders, I used to keep a black widow as a pet in a jar and feed it flies.  Well, until all the babies hatched and ended up all over the room, that was kinda not good.  But the idea of a spider this big, moving this fast across my face while I sleep is not a comforting one.  My first week here I was greeted by a Giant Spider on the floor when I came home one day and it freaked me out.

I was sitting at my laptop when this thing appeared outside the doorway.  So big even out of the corner of my eye I knew something was not right.  They say these things are not poisonous but.. nah, not even gonna let that thing in the house.  I’ve had pet snakes in the house but.. nope, no room for the Giant Spider in my living space.

Henry V.


Author: Reekay

After 49 years living in Southern California, USA, I decided to move to the Philippines despite never having been here before. I spent a year getting all the information I could online and in July, 2012, I took a leap of faith and transplanted myself first to Mactan and then began my trek through Cebu, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong and now living in Cebu City, here in the amazing Philippines.

Starting in January of 2019, I will begin a slow trek through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and possibly Malaysia, China and Japan. My itinerary is open with no big rush since I hope to share in detail what each place is like as I enjoy it for months at a time.

I am a single man taking an honest look at all that Southeast Asia has to offer, one day at a time. I hope you find my channel informative and/or entertaining. 🙂

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    1. I’ve seen the black one, with a large white pentagon on it’s back, but that was in the tree over the hammock outside. So far only one spider has made it’s way into my studio. Time to spray the perimeter with Baygon again, just to be sure. 🙂

  1. Henry, I’m sure you know the urban legend of swallowing spiders in one’s sleep. In the Philippines, the legend has giant spiders wrapping you in a cocoon while you sleep! Especially the ones that you throw rocks at and chase off with a broom! 😀

  2. Don’t worry about those spiders Henry, they are just cane spiders. We had them in Hawaii and they do bite if cornered but they actually help keep the insects under control. We have them here in Guimaras too, the only thing I don’t like is their webs are so darn big and sticky. One time in Hawaii I reached up for a can of food and a cane spider the size of my hand came down with the cane. They do tend to freak you out and it freaked me out too. Have a great day Henry and worry about the “Black Widows” instead, lol.

    1. My ex-g/f told me I need to be careful.. that late at night there are “witches with no panties” looking to take advantage of me. But she didn’t tell me -exactly- where I might run into them. ha!

  3. You are lucky the spider didn’t take the broom away from you and kick your @ss! I had the same experience in Moalboal on our last trip to the Philippines. Has a tendency to make a light sleeper out you. :o)

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