Vi & I Visit Vikings Buffet at SM Mall Cebu, Philippines

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


  1. Vikings Buffet…
    lunch is 11am-2:30pm @ 688php/person
    dinner is from 5pm-9pm @ 888php/person

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    2. there is no such thing as mental illness and ready to battle that, either way that is against the constitution amendment on human rights that isn’t included freedom of travel & right to movement act, i refuse to accept the ban. that is included in the 14th Amendment…

    3. pls don’t take offence, expats set up one another (cabal) then make expats angry to change it on me. I’m not sure if Dr. Robert Duncan is responsible for that or not? but the set up is on me, kill me or not i’m not accepting the ban in the Philippines. they will come to ask questions neural warfare, hopefully not put thoughts in you’er brain that isn’t yours. PS, try to set me up crazy you will lose because declassified.

  2. First time back to your channel as I didn’t know you came back from Vietnam. I’m glad to see you back here in the Philippines! I live with my Filipina wife and baby daughter in Lapu-Lapu and we frequent Vikings often. It is our go to place for birthdays. This past year of course less so.

  3. Wow.. Vikings looks so nice. I wish we had one here in San Juan! Heck, we dont even have Grab. lol.. After this Pandemic is over.. I want to take a trip out to Cebu for vacation! I have a Friend out there named Ken. From usa. anyway.. great video! Sushi looked good. Looks kinda like a buffet in say Las Vegas hotel!

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea yeah.. you are lucky! There is a buffet or two around here. But not as good as yours for sure!

    2. i’m glad they didn’t shut down due to covid. it’s nice to have a good buffet nearby for once in a while. 🙂

  4. The Philippines has taken the mask thing to ridiculous levels. Once a place to enjoy retirement is no longer a viable place enjoy.

  5. My kid and I went
    to Vikings in Bacolod..
    we’re vegetarians
    and there was a lot
    of options. I like
    when they sing

  6. I haven’t tried Vikings when I was in Cebu… I think I will love their foods there ! Vi is always beautiful !

    1. you won’t be disappointed. quality food, good presentation, nice variety. it was 888php per/person, but i considered it worth it.

  7. Hello, Reekay, I’m a new subscriber, like the look of your cool channel! I’m sick of watching Philly in Philippines. . haha yuck! Wonderful food at Viking! I’m here in Las Vegas, will be coming back to Philippines this Spring! Thanks!

    1. at vikings i enjoyed it. this time it was ‘medium’ cooked. i like it ‘rare’, which is how it was last time i visited. other than once in a while getting bulgogi beef (korea/frozen).. vikings is the only other place i look for good beef. anywhere else is either too expensive or not good quality.

  8. Thank you Henry and Vi for showing us the wonderful food they had there and the beautiful Christmas displays at that mall! Enjoy!

  9. I was there a couple weeks ago. I was luckily enough to go straight in, no wait and no reservation. For me this is better than 101 in Mandaue.

    1. arriving at the beginning of lunch or dinner time is best. friday-sunday evenings can expect a wait without a reservation.

  10. The measure of tyranny is the so called “protective” equipment u HAVE to use in each country. In the Philippines u have to wear not just mouth clothes but eye shields, too. In Europe, u have to wear mouth clothes only and in the US or in some SANE countries like Sweden or Belarus, you can walk FREELY. Coz this isnt about protection, its about OBEDIENCE! I can only hope that enough people wake up before the forced vaccinations. WE HAD ENOUGH of this so called deadly virus, with a 0.3% mortality rate! It’s real cause is to bring world economy down for the “Great Reset”! How many phillipinos suffer coz of the lockdowns? Watch Sweden’s statistics without any lockdowns! They lock down the people, not the virus!

  11. With an American woman there would have to be a nice dessert someplace else, a movie, and some cocktails or maybe a quick visit to a nightclub on your wallet, before you get a nice smile like that….

  12. Hi Reekay….Just to let you know I am subscribed to that guy from England as he is still bashing you and I have not used for the channel anymore that seems to be his only goal. I know you’re a nice man and I’m sorry this is happened to you.

  13. Will try the place when i return. 1 thing is strange, not use to seeing a empty mall esp during the christmas season. Well it is the new norm for now. Thank You for the posting

  14. Excellent video Reekay, that buffet looked amazingly good!!!! If I ever get to the Philippines if they lift the ban, I plan on Valencia, but would be willing to stay in Cebu for an extra day or two just to try that place out, and visit a cycle shop.
    I know you probably have mentioned it a hundred times, but I wanted to ask how old Vi is. Thanks. Stay safe !!

  15. looks like u avoided the rice ..if i went there I would eat like a pig but avoid the cheap rice ,,,just fill up on the expensive stuff

  16. It’s also my favourite eatery in Cebu. I love the huge variety of fresh food on offer. It seems the prices have gone down. Last time I was there they were charging over 930 pesos per person.

  17. REekay, they just opened new Sm Mall in butuan city. i was hoping for the Viking Buffet. Not happen here in this mall, maybe because of the market here. I am sad!

  18. Reekay is that face shield mandatory in the Philippines? If it is not please remove it. It causes you and other to be more in problem with covid. This is one of those stupid advices that some idiots gave to Philippines government. I m specialist and researcher in radiation Biology and had some research as well in virology. Those shield eyegoogle and face mask in tropical hot country causes sweat and spread virus more. My god.

    1. a ‘face shield’ is mandatory to enter the mall. the ones we’re wearing are sold at the mall entrance, and of all the wierd designs they have this is the least obtrusive. it’s pointless (imo) for dealing with covid. we’re just going through the motions so we can enter the mall.

      p.s. face-shields are even mandatory to ride in a taxi. we were checked for face shields at a checkpoint on our way home.

  19. Henry, if you get a chance, and go to the J-park resort, with their day entrance fee you get a free lunch time buffet.. It is not as large as Viking, but the food on every international bar was excellent.. The entrance fee is a bit expensive… Thanks for the video…

    1. @Goodwood295 the trolls are not ‘white knights’ at all. they are posers and hypocrites. they pretend to be all offended, and yet their own channels show how they cater to the red-light district of Angeles City. they themselves are exploiters.

      it has nothing to do with truth. they only play the part to mask their own outright hatred for vloggers who have real relationships, enjoying the PH for retirement.

  20. Ridiculous mask and goggles but at least you have a buffet, here in Calf. they would not let you serve yourself. Your girlfriend looks similar to my wife. 3 years ago we saw you drive by on your scooter in Dumaguete.

    1. @toString Must be something to it. The Governor of California threw a big party in a fancy restaurant with no masks or social distancing right after he issued new restrictions for normal people.

    2. It’s even more pointless once you get inside the restaurants and no one is (obviously) wearing a mask! Maybe they think covid only transfers walking around in the mall but not inside the restaurants..

    3. it’s pointless either way. to think covid can’t go around plastic edges or through a cloth mask is truly pointless. nobody working at the mall security, customers or the buffet cared. it’s all for show.

  21. That looks like a nice place, with lots of great food options Reekay. I’m glad you both enjoyed your meal, and nice to see Vi again. Are there many taxis working now. ?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea thank you. So 18.40 USD$. Not a bad price for what they have. I could eat there 1-2 times a week. Glad you all are having fun. Looking forward to Vi’s next recipe. I made my first ‘Asian’ dish the other night, turned out well. Have a blast dude.

    2. it’s on the screen briefly, but 888php per person for the dinner after 5pm/weekdays (that’s what we did). lunch-time is 688php per person.

      lunch is 11am-2:30pm
      dinner is from 5pm-9pm

  22. I’m 27 years old and been to the Philippines 5 times now. Every time I say it will be my last time, but Reekay keeps making me want to come back. I miss the kind people of the Philippines. Congrats on your relationship. I wish you well and much success.

  23. Cool! It was too fast during the filming of the buffet. Maybe slow it down next time so we can see the food selection. Thanks.

  24. It looks like the mall is ready for christmas there. It reminds me of Iloilo SM mall. The buffet looks amazing, lots of good food…

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