Update: ‘Goodbye, Facebook.’ Hello, MeWe

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


  1. I’ve had a very similar experience with Facebook. They tell me my account no longer exists.There’s no way to contact him via telephone either. I believe I’ll be switching also. Anytime you can’t get a hold of the company the company is not worth getting hold of!

  2. Ugh. That sucks. Same thing happened to me in February and, like you, had my previous account for years…since 2010-ish? Best of luck to you, Reekay.

  3. Facebook will soon be a thing of the past as they have gone completely Communist and are control freaks with power

  4. I too just created a mewe account. I have wanted a new social media site for many years now. I added you and thank you for the new site!

  5. Ohhhh Now I understand what happened. I will have to check-on this too. Thanks Reekay for sharing your story with us. I wish you the best always!

  6. Facebook sucks! They are terrible at communicating back. I don’t know how many times I contacted them and never heard a word back. I agree – very poorly run.

  7. I just created an account, added you there and signed up for the group. Looks pretty neat, I’m into tech and never heard of it, thanks for the heads up and FB really sucks.

  8. I also had a Facebook account deactivated by Facebook and they would not tell me why. It really frustrated me because I lost tons of pictures and memories. I swore I would never let that happen again so I created a new Facebook account, but would not upload any pictures or make any posts. I just use it to follow others and chat with my friends on messenger. Unfortunately now because I have no profile picture, many consider me to be a poser, or trying to hide my identity which is far from the truth. I honestly believe that while it might feel a little lonely or isolating to live without Facebook, you are way ahead of the pack because sooner or later many many more people will be leaving Facebook behind too. Good for them, wanting to bring people together and instead created a mass exodus!!!

  9. Good for you Reekay. Forget about the haters. Not worth your time. As for FB, they really stink. I had two accts for years and since I moved to Asia, have had nothing but problems. FB disabled both accts, got em both back. Then again two more times. Got the one back but the other not back. So I keep it to comm with family, etc…I don’t post much political stuff. I think that’s what got me in trouble with them. I might check out MeWe later, but for now I don’t wanna mess with more social media accts. FB has got to big and they think their slop don’t stink. Need to be broken up or something. Keep up.the awesome vlogs.

  10. I joined mewe. One thing I noticed is that it’s a lot like a budget airline. Low air fare, but they nickle and dime you for anything extra, like baggage, bag of peanuts, etc. Example, you get 8 GB free for storage, but anything above that is a cost. I’ll give it a go and see what happens.

  11. if they followed your post they would know there so stupid really wonder why you facebook wasent any posts ohh well we got you hear Henry thanks i just joined up on MEWE same user as hear

  12. Reekay, I have had a Facebook account since 2007. I have noticed more and more that they are a far left political machine. I believe that they search for key words in our posts. anyone who is anti progressive or anti feminist or just critical of the left will be flagged as an enemy target to watch. They block a lot of shared opinion posts that they disagree with also. It is nonsense as you said.

  13. Created an account but cannot log in. Incorrect login or password it says. I reset the password & still cannot log in. Spent 30 minutes doing the puzzle about 12 times. I’m down to 8 seconds. Total frustration so good bye MeWe.

  14. Signed up on mewe but cannot find reekays life beyond the sea. What am I doing incorrectly?is it necessary to upgrade?

  15. Sorry, you are going through that mishap with FB. I am sure there are better and different avenues you can utilize. Wishing you good success in all your endeavors.

  16. FB, YouTube, Google, all birds of the same feather! Dishonest, self serving organisms! Maybe your moving to a new platform will begin a whole new trend, Reekay!

  17. Don’t feel like the lone ranger. I have been to faceboook jail sevral times. They make up all the rules as they go. By edit and or fiat.

  18. Sorry that FB is being so unfair to you. It is a shame as you put a lot of time and effort into everything you do. You are very generous with your knowledge and deserve better. Because of boredom from the quarantine stay at home order, I have recently started watching youtube videos and bloggers from different areas, many from South East Asia. You guys are great, sadly I have noticed a jealousy among bloggers. It is my guess that someone is falsely reporting you to FB, and it is easier for FB to suspend your account and give you lame excuses, then be honest with you and do a full scale investigation. Easier to ban you then risk what the trolls are saying is true. FB wants to stay away from any possible liability from all parties involved. Remember anything reported to these social media sights are kept confidential so you will never know the who, why and what. The bottom line is we are disposable to the Social Media Giants, and they could care less about us.

  19. fb has done the same thing to me. fb algorithms are pure garbage. I’m constantly getting posts deleted for no reason. I mainly stick to Instagram.

  20. reekay, I’m a big fan of you. you can go live on Instagram too . post your pictures as well. now, Instagram is also owned by Facebook. but more relaxed then fb. I’ll follow you on Instagram. keep up the great vlogs.

  21. I guess I will have to keep my wits about my wits to myself I need FB for business!!!! I use a fake name on FB any way everyone should

  22. Its because your useing your profile for business purposes we can advertise our business on Facebook but you can’t run your business from it there algorithms pick up on it and start to shutdown your account I have had lots of accounts shutdown they also don’t like when you start directing people to another platform ie YouTube thay want us to pay for adverts.

  23. I rarely use fb for a couple of years now. But I still use their messenger. Your fault or not, you made a wise decision.

  24. Who did you get mad? That sounds like someone is reporting you for something criminal… weather it’s real or alleged they will pull the account first ask questions later.

  25. It’s deliberate; someone intensely dislikes you. My FB account is under a made-up name, yet I’ve never been requested to verify my identity by any means.

  26. Yeah! FB and these other social media’s are very political. If your don’t agree with us, your against us! I will join you on MeWe!

  27. Yet they allow some like the a-hole in Rayong to post videos harassing those dying of cancer , and constant threats to others. And NOTHING happens. I don,t blame you. Sadly my only direct source with my family in Thailand is from Facebook. Without it i have no direct way of communication.


  29. They probably have some mad catwoman feminist working there, that doesn’t like the fact that men her own age are not interested in her and are heading to the Philippines.

  30. Facebook, Google, and Amazon really everyone tracks everything you do online. with your IP and cookies.

  31. I’m done with FB and Instagram. The only Facebook product I use is WhatsApp but I have alternatives like Line, Viber, etc.

    I think you should pay the $3/month (on a 2 year subscription) to get a VPN that has exit nodes in countries you visit. But I’d try to always have your exit node be the USA. Also, make sure they have an app for your phone Android or iOS before signing up. Do a speed test and if it’s close to your expected speeds based on your location, leave that on 24/7 on your phone. And have it boot at startup on your computer. Maybe just buy a cheap 2nd phone to use for your social media accounts so that it can always be on a USA VPN exit node so your IP is a USA IP address. And have that phone logged into your Google account associated with your Google Voice number. Then only when you log in on a computer, turn on your VPN on your computer. Only log in via Incognito mode in your browser so it doesn’t auto log you in every time you open your browser. That way you don’t reduce normal browsing speeds when doing other activities but when you open social accounts, you turn on the VPN then log in via a browser in “incognito” mode.

    You may want to move to Skype if the Google Voice / Hangouts Dialer / Hangouts doesn’t work well. A lot of times FB can see those are not real phone numbers by mobile carriers, etc. I have never done anything inappropriate on FB but had accounts for different global regions. They were always messing with me. Does FB Messenger still work? If enough of us leave them, then eventual problem solved. I refuse to let corporations without clear reasoning & explanation of their reasoning for annoying me or suspending profit from my use of their services. And the best way to do this is to move off their platforms.

    Gmail does this when I use my VPN. Even though my VPN exit node is 30 miles from my house, they know it’s a VPN and try to authenticate me with a phone. And I don’t want any of these companies having my phone. Because then they can see how many accounts you have, etc. I legitimately use one account for business, one for family, and one for fun/travel.

    By the way, I’m such an early adopter I was using Grand Central before Google bought them and turned them into Google Voice.

  32. I ve been harping on Facebook for months. Their censorship and predatory tactics have become unbearable. Let’s hope more people have the guts to say goodbye to Facebook and relegate them to the dust heap. They are just a propaganda machine for the CIA anyway.

  33. Do you logout of all accounts on a regular basis?

    Lots of hackers in Philippines hack people that do not logout NOR close and clear the cache in a browser.

  34. i have three fake facebook accounts i setup for a phone gaming app that needed to be bound to FB early in its lifetime. oddly, just one of them (the one with a profile pic of kim jong un) repeatedly gets turned off and then back on for no particular reason. logging in with ip’s from multiple countries, and especially from a new device will set off all kinds of red flags. i can’t imagine anything you post would be deemed offensive. multiple trolls reporting your account might also be the issue.

  35. Hacked by Trolls screwing up your account I’ve been blocked a few times think it’s time to try MeWe again

  36. Lately, I haven’t been happy with Facebook, because Facebook gets too involved with political issues, and it’s easier for people to report you for anything. Plus the people there tend to be too sensitive. I’ll check out MeWe or even minds.com

  37. I had the same experiencs. Third ‘verification’ was enough. Bye-bye FB. I found I could live without FB.

  38. Hi Reekay..I’m puzzled as to ‘Why/Who’ at Facebook, would want to interfere with someone who has been an Ambassador to Philippines, by way of stimulating and promoting the idea of travel and a better lifestyle. Its definite, that you done so much good, for both Filippinas as-well-as intending Expats, in looking out for both groups.
    I have gained much good information, from your experiences and insights, as in what to consider and what not to do, when travelling in the Philippines.
    To hell with F book,… they obviously don’t deserve, to have someone as informative and dedicated to his passion of travel writing and V-logging as you are.

  39. I will be coming to join you too
    thank you for the info as usual spot on work Reekay.
    You two please stay safe.
    Kind regards Phil and Maria.

  40. Reekay I have an idea why, they are trying to limit your storage all your videos. Get them on ur own drive so u dont have them on their servers..

  41. Can’t say I blame you I tryd to delete some advertiser and blogs from other people I know that I didn’t invite it took me more than few times to get it off someone is that community is constantly putting groups on my invites and I removed and the next day back on there again. Bunch of BS

  42. And if they continue to push I’m going to register this phone with the FTC see if they can do something about it.

  43. Yup, same thing with me! I used FB to try to promote my channel, but when I posted a ‘controversial’ video, it kept getting deleted!

  44. That is outrageous actions by fb Reekay. I recall you flew from The Philippines over to Vietnam recently for a day just to deal with that phone number situation. I’ve been watching your videos for 6 years ( since 2014 ). Not a good situation. Cheers.

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