The ‘New Normal’: Upcoming Changes, Philippines & Expat Travel

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


  1. Presidential Communications Operations Office (Philippines)
    UPDATE: (4/28/2020)..

    Featured Vloggers of Asia..
    Travels Videos For You..
    Latest Covid-Virus News & Stats..

    My (New) Facebook..
    Study-up On Dating Filipinas..
    Skype-Consult w/Reekay..
    Support LifeBeyondTheSea..

    Airbnb Is How I Travel..
    Loctote Security Bag..
    How I Transfer Money..
    My MP3 Audio-Series..
    View My Videos by Category here..

    Need A Fiancee’ Visa?
    Get Vietnam Visa Online..
    Get an Expat Travel Insurance Quote..
    Translate Your Youtube Video Details into other languages..
    Easily Create Your Own Youtube Channel..

  2. I agree with you Reekay, this will be the new normal to Travel, Double the price for an airline ticket, Vacination record, distancing on the plane, quarantine for 2 weeks…Very sad, but the new way

  3. I don’t think tickets will be that expensive, I don’t think you will be quarantined either, this all on the deep end of the scale worst case scenario. It doesn’t make any sense to quarantine someone for 14 days when you vacation there for two weeks. I don’t think airports will do all what you are saying, they need to make things easier to travel not harder.

  4. Power to the people!  Glad to see almost daily protests here in different parts of the US against all of this nonsense.  There is way too much government over reach occurring all based on misinformation and disinformationPrices will only increase as much as the market will bear.  As for vaccines, I am a definite anti-vaccer and will not put poison into my body just to visit a foreign country.By the way, it is my understanding that the ECC required by the PH government is only for those who have been in the country for 6 months or longer.  Not required for the average tourist.

    1. Sounds wonderful, Terry!
      Any chance that you have any reliable links or legit sources for your opinions/assertions?

  5. Im retired from a major Usa Airline, what you said about social distancing on airplanes is totally ridiculous, an airline can not, repeat cannot make money leaving seats empty. As the CEO of Ryan Air just stated last week//leaving middle seats empty is Idiotic// Come on dude, what happened to common sense// This viris Bs has caused you all to lose all common sense.

    1. i agree, it is ridiculous. but it’s not ‘my’ idea. it’s what some airlines are considering, effective or not.

  6. i would think that flights could make up the loss in passengers due to the social distancing through increased freight. less people means less weight which could be used for packages under the plane. plus they can only charge what people are willing to pay. so i don’t think they could increase the ticket price too much. i am fairly new to fling to the Philippines but it always seems like i am paying around 1500 for a round trip any way. however i am not a stranger to aviation as i was working on my private licences for a while. i miss manila and i hope to be back soon

    1. as long as that added freight fits in the underbelly of the plane. can’t have packages sitting on the seats. (safety/theft issue)

  7. Is the Philippines worth the cost and hassle and risk… NO! And the PI has shown how they go overboard on these virus scares. Why risk getting thrown in jail for taking a run to the supermarket during your fourteen-day quarantine. The tourism business in the PI is dead for at least the next two years.

    The PI is going to have to update their slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” to “It’s more of a pain-in-the-ass in the Philippines”. Oh yes, and highly likely that you will be robbed by desperate Philippinos.

  8. I understand the logic of airlines passing on the costs and agree that initially they will use spacing on flights..however if they attempt to raise the fares to the extent you are suggesting, combined with quarantines, long waits for security, heath checks, ect then there will be no leisure travel…especially internationally. In contrast there will be less competition as those airlines that are not in good financial shape will cease to exist and govts will likely help subsidize their national carriers until a more normal business environment returns. The health certificates are also problematic as how are they verified and how long valid for. Emirates is already doing pre-boarding swabs on some of their flights and have said will expand to all destinations more than likely this will be the norm where airlines will test to confirm health status before boarding. This will certainly cause big delays and I think the majority of people will just choose to stay local for at least a year until a vaccine is hopefully developed and only then consider longer trips to be both safe and convenient.

  9. It’s less expensive for the airlines to give every passenger a mask. Or pass a law stating if you fly you need a mask. These big companies have a lot of lobbyists and money. As it is right now the government allows the airlines to shorten the distance between seats. Just when Americans are getting fatter.

  10. I don’t believe I would recommend coming here as a tourist if Ur over 60 or have a child U want to bring with U. So far U nor U r child won’t be allowed out of the house. What is crazy is I am in perfect health & really never have been sick other than things like having a cold in my life. I would bet big money that I am less likely to die from the virus than an overweight 59 yr. old with diabetes and high blood pressure

    1. Maybe so Ron.
      However, in the USA interviews with doctors who’ve been treating this virus are starting to disclose that what we were told, generally, is not true.

      Men of all ages are more susceptible. Half don’t start out with fever. First symptoms are often a loss of taste and smell. It can enter through the eyes and then directly affect the brain, or any other vital organs. People with no symptoms can have almost no oxygen in their blood. Asymptomatic suddenly die of heart failure at home. 40 days after apparent full recovery, some still test positive.

      Many of us feel healthy, strong, and virtually indestructible. However, the weird ways that this virus kills, suddenly, has to make anyone in the know (who wants to live) cautious.

      We’ve come a long way. In the beginning we didn’t even know that healthy people with no symptoms could infect and kill others by merely having a business meeting, attending church, or sitting next to someone on a plane.

  11. Regarding air travel, I am guessing that they could start treating the air with ozone and ultraviolet light.

  12. Back to Manila soon I have my headphones on I don’t even talk to anyone, airlines right off for two months $1250 round trip wasted two weeks avoid going there Cebu stay in Manila instead

  13. Hi Henry;…..I have a few interesting Youtube links below for you and other subscribers.  
    When things gradually get back to more or less “normal”….if airlines raise their prices too high, too quickly…. many people just won’t fly. And a great many people simply won’t have the money anyways after getting through this pandemic and unemployment…  
    The airlines don’t want to cut their own throats. You may even see a competition drop in prices at first… just make flying attractive again… to get people out and flying….. followed by rising prices later once passenger numbers are up high again. 
    Although many smaller airlines are in big trouble…. most big airlines are still making income with their cargo planes….. often simply windowless cargo versions of passenger planes.. When I look on Flight Radar 24 at flight traffic around the world, there are not as many planes in the sky as before… but there are still lots of planes flying.
    Here’s some airline info you, and/or, your subscribers might be interested in:

    1. Not China, it’s the globalist cabal/rockerfeller/gates. It’s like saying thanks USA for H1N1. Dig deeper ok?

  14. IDEA TO REOPEN, Please read and disseminate; Urge Manila and Cebu to create MANY Quarantine Hotels .. creating filled hotels with incoming clean tourists, creating thousands of food related jobs.. and after 15 days of quarantine.. those people can transfer to NON quarantine hotels or resorts.
    THIS IS THE WAY BACK for the Philippines.
    Curt in San Diego, California

  15. The ‘virus’ , if it exists, is nothing. It’s the vac zine and fyfe gee you need to be worried about. Vaccine exemptions are available for vulnerable people: speak to your doctor and get a medical letter. Don’t underestimate the power of a BenF slipped in your passport to the appropriate minion, particularly if entering Mind via Sabah by ship. Paid private passage by yacht could become a new feature of travel … even easier to deal with the minions at small-port offices.

  16. Retire to Cambodia … no lockdown. Import a Pinay domestic on limited contract. Rinse and repeat. The Killing Fields have become the new Elysium. DU30 will be around two more years, never to return, and has been very well remunerated by the banking cabal behind this, just like all their political puppets worldwide.

  17. Well also to factor in is the airline fuel costs, and that has tanked in last month or so, so 50% plus tkt increase ? in NZ many people are taking a cut in their salaries, even our our Prime Minister has taken a 20% cut , so maybe the airlines will consider measures along those lines, and now has been developed a product to sanitise areas that can make them negative, to covid19 transfer, with only one application needed for a month or more , so I believe many companies, small and large , will be cutting back their expenses in various areas, to attract back customers, and to survive, but thought provoking subject video Reekay, also noticed the shadow of your arm extended to get those views, hmm good exercise for your arm ! ta for info re September notice, NZ in level 3 as from today ( Tuesday ), takeaway only allowed re food, no customer contact, builders/forestry/road building back at work, only one case confirmed yesterday ! we are in single digits for several days now, so maybe level 2 in a fortnight, keep up the good work/info .

    1. what recently dropped was the cost of crude-oil… not refined-fuel. refineries purchase crude to become many products, including jet-fuel and plastics. just because their raw materials dropped in price is no assurance that the final product (jet fuel) will drop as well. if anything it’s a chance for refineries to make some extra gains. usually, greed wins out.

  18. Reekay. How many people need to leave the Philippines and make a visa run overnight and return very fast to get another three years on the visa. Just think about when we go to immigration we pay for the fast lane. Why doesn’t the Philippines do something similar. There loosing a lot of money. Give us a choice either we can leave the Philippines overnight or longer. Are why not charge a fee like the fast lane. If it’s danger ous to travel then charge us ten are fifteen thousand pesos and give us another 36 months. It’s better for the Philippines to make some money and we don’t have to travel in these dangerous times. Who wants to leave and then return just to be quarantined. What’s your opinion.

    1. right now, the only place to fly ‘to’ is one’s home-country. all surrounding southeast asian countries have decided to exclude accepting any new foreigners to enter their country.

      right now, expats already inside the PH are on a grace-period so long as ECQ is in place. when it ends, we than have 30-days grace-period to update our tourist visas or deal with 3-year exits,

  19. i would be surprised if Philippines block tourism until September, since tourism is the main income source for Phils.If they do that they will have a huge economical disaster. Is possible that having a vaccine will be mandatory, but not this year cause the vaccine will be not ready until 2021. Me i was planning to open a business this march in Philippines but everything fucked up collapsed with this covid thing… i really hope they don’t wait until september to realese new tourism visas… if that happens then the only option will be to ask a business travel visa.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Yes maybe tourism is not the very first source but anyway the call centers are mostly owned by foreigners that with such situation can also decide to close their business and many call centers are also linked to tourism, plane tickets etc. etc.. closing tourism until september is a suicide in my opinion.I read that filipinos already lost around 400.000 place of jobs just in this last 2 months

    2. tourism is a ‘big’ part of the PH economy, but it’s not the main source. OFW workers sending in remittances is a huge part of the PH economy. (including the remittance companies themselves, such as Palawan, Huiller, Cebuana, etc.)

      and then there are the BPO/Call-Center jobs which make up a big part of money entering the PH from other countries.

  20. If this is “the new normal” then Philippines is in trouble and will see there standard of living decrease severely. If social distancing is implemented at restaurants and coffee shops this will be catastrophic for that industry . Typically those industries operate on very small margins, if on top of that they are only allowed to seat half the people that would mean increased prices, which in turn will lead to many bankruptcies. As it is now I think the Philippines is headed for a SEVERE recession with plummeting home prices and other severe consequences because of the reaction to this virus. I am contemplating leaving for Europe within the next 12 months.

    1. I’m in the uk and it looks like they will be implementing similar measures here and the same across Europe. If I were you I’d stay at home.

    1. airlines are booking flights with no real assurance that borders will be open again.

    1. my guess is along november, maybe even december before PH begins issuing tourist visas again. malaysia, vietnam and thailand show zero signs of letting expats in any time soon. in fact, this week thailand just extended its border-closure policy.

  21. I’ve hear people talking about high cost of flying. High cost= no customer. Discounts will be required to get people flying again. Just saying.

  22. Here’s My 2 Cents- On Airplanes the only thing that can be done is to require all passengers and crew on the plane to wear masks- Forget about every other seat being empty because it won’t matter if someone is two feet from you or one foot from you …you can still catch this virus either way. Masks and not recycling the cabin air are going to be the only safeguards They are currently quarantining OFW’s for two weeks when they return to P.I. but to do that to tourists is untenable …nobody will go to P.I. to visit for 3 weeks if they are quarantined for 2 of those weeks- only expats that are coming to P.I. to live will go thru that quarantine stuff

  23. So you’re thinking that international travel to Manila from US and then domestic might not open until September?

    1. that is what it’s looking like. in fact, a correction about ‘tourism’ opening up in september was made by the PH New Agency that tourism was not meant to be included in september. so it could be even later in the year before flights resume.

  24. reekay,i have flown with cebu air from sydney to manila a few times,every time that plane is never full i have had 3 seats to my self every time,cheers

    1. Airlines are actually ruthless… Mini cruise ships that get to dump all of their passengers after squeezing them together for several hours.

      They will fiercely resist facing their major, direct, contributions to having instantly spread this virus and will deny any responsibility for continuing to unreasonably spread this killer. They will scream for government support in order to continue harming humanity for profit.

      Airlines also control the airports even though they’re government owned airports.

      Don’t get suckered by the airline paid doctors who will continue to feed you fake safety BS. Buy stock in the 1st airline that figures out how to actually transport people safely.

    2. i agree. the idea for social-distancing on a place (in my opinion) is negated by the recirculating air. which ‘could’ be cleaned with ultra-violet light and ionizers.

      but what i’ve seen happen so far is that regulations are not always based on logic or information, but rather on someone in charge needing to “do anything” to make it look like something is being done.

    1. Rob,
      The virus is very effectively dispersed in aerosolized droplets of saliva and mucus up to distances of 4-6 feet as the result of a cough or sneeze.

    2. i agree. the idea for social-distancing on a place (in my opinion) is negated by the recirculating air. which ‘could’ be cleaned with ultra-violet light and ionizers.

      but what i’ve seen happen so far is that regulations are not always based on logic or information, but rather on someone in charge needing to “do anything” to make it look like something is being done.

  25. I disagree as the fuel cost are going to be very very low for awhile and I do not believe social distancing will be enforced on international flights.

    1. what recently dropped was the cost of crude-oil… not refined-fuel. refineries purchase crude to become many products, including jet-fuel and plastics. just because their raw materials dropped in price is no assurance that the final product (jet fuel) will drop as well. if anything it’s a chance for refineries to make some extra gains. usually, greed wins out.

  26. When I traveled the far east in the 60’s and 70’s Vaccination (shot) records were required for most countries, I still have mine with entries up to June of 1974. I did not travel overseas again until the mid 80’s and they were no longer required. If you did not have the shot record you usually were quarantined at the county you were entering.

    1. Joe Coyne: A few vaccines are considered to be good for life now. But many require re-vaccination or booster shots for continued protection. If you were to travel today, your vaccinations from the ’60’s and ’70’s are most likely no longer effective.
      Most of my tropical disease vaccinations I received in 2012 for overseas travel in third world tropical countries now need booster up-dates.

  27. My son-in-law just flew from Denver to London yesterday. He said the plane was nearly full. No every other seating

    1. the changes mentioned here are a slow roll-out of lessening quarantine levels in the PH. has nothing to do with denver or london, or anywhere outside of the PH.

  28. This is all about CONTROL and losing your rights…this virus is no more deadly then others in the past…
    But main stream media (Propaganda News) is trying the Fear Factor to control the population…and then the virus will be blamed for the failing economies around the world…The new Normal is just SHTF….Nobody should ever take these vaccines that Bill Gates is pushing…they untested…and will kill you….wake up…and stop believing what the damn TV tells you……

  29. I’d disagree with your math on costs of air flight. I agree that there will be 1/3 less passengers but to assume that the passengers will have to bear the cost of this loss isn’t realistic. The airlines have fixed costs for leasing the planes, maintaining them, airport fees, etc.. Their profit used to cover their fixed costs, variable costs PLUS profit. They NEED to cover their fixed costs. If they simply jump up the prices and expect customers to bear that then they will find many people will not fly. This could result in less than 2/3 of the seats being filled. So rather than expect the passengers to bear the full loss, they have the option to reduce their profit.

    1. It’s bs even if they remove the middle seat it’s impossible to social distance on a plane.

  30. September? If you are anywhere close on your predictions, Philippines tourism will die. I don’t see how in the world Filipinos will survive waiting till September.

  31. As restrictions ease you can expect airlines to initially offer steep discounts as they entice more people to fly again. Flights will be more expensive long term as the aviation industry recovers.

    CDC will continue to recommend social distancing but it will take congressional action to force companies to adhere to guidelines.

    1. i don’t blame you. wait it out, come when things settle down and can actually roam around and do stuff. 🙂

  32. This video is too much speculation. Financial pressure will accelerate all of these predictions. As it is, remittances are down worldwide. A Covid vaccination will never exist. We still don’t have them for the flu (we have flu shots that never work, but no vaccine), and we don’t have one for the common cold. When other countries open up and tourists take their money elsewhere, the Philippines will react.

    1. But dont rule out Billy Gates and his plans, governments and people have fallen for his lies before will happen again if he doesn’t get Taken out of the picture.

  33. Good stuff as usual. Your right changes in the future. Traveling will never be the same . I actually have a small booklet issued to me by the New Zealand Ministry of Health [now gone] back in the early 90s. In it I have International Certificate of Vaccinations Polio, Typhoid, Hep 2 . Bust shots. Couple of Technics with cut and so forth. I can see this the new norm.

    1. New Zealand, although heavily dependent upon foreign tourists, did really well conquering this virus. Opening up now, NZ, is only allowing flights to/from its neighbor, Australia.

      NZ, S. Korea, Taiwan… will be the test countries and models for tourism going forward. They all have the huge advantages of early and good testing, contact tracing, and strict isolations.

      This pandemic is not about selfish personal freedoms. Its about personal responsibility/obligations to act smart by not killing your mother, your family members, yourself, others… And not contributing or causing the hospitals to crash.

      Read the news carefully. Hospitals crashed in Wuhan, Italy, Spain, New York… Hospitals were not able to take/care of the normal patients And they were not able to render full normal care to the virus infected.

      No one that I know wants to be hospitalized in the Philippines, even in normal times. We need to be more vigilant, smart, self disciplined… in this 3ird world, poor, country, the Philippines, than ever before.

  34. I’m hoping that Hong Kong will open up and the Philippine will allow visa run. I read somewhere that you can overstay your visa for almost a year. But you must pay the penalty for being late. If you go past a year you get black listed
    But I don’t want to spread fake information so everyone must do their own research!!! I’m not sure!!! And I’m locked down on a island with no immigration office. And now if you leave the island when you return 14 days of isolation. If they allow you back in!!

    1. Immigration offices here in cebu have been closed for many weeks. Rumor is that we have 30 days After the end of our Quarantine to pay or do whatever we would have done in an immigration office had they been open, without any penalties.

      Exit process and fees are being handled by the immigration officials in the international airports.

      Check Philippines immigration website for the latest official processes, fees, open locations, rules…

  35. whats your thoughts on how impossible its going to be with public transport.
    trains busses taxis jeepneys
    howwill they social distance and people getting off people getting on.
    half empty busses half empty jeepneys
    and how do you sanitize WITH PEOPLE GETTING ON AND OFF

    1. 911 security has been primarily a dog and pony show. Passenger screening is mostly a fake process, primarily at Gov’t expense to shift liability off the airlines and to placate all those who feared airline safety.

      This virus may get similar treatment. It all depends upon the numbers. Contract tracing and herd immunity, years from now will minimize the adverse consequences of flying.

      Make no mistake, air travel, internationally, will never be the same.

    2. i don’t see, ‘how impossible’ as a correct phrase. something is either impossible or possible.. not somewhere in-between.

      as for, ‘how difficult’.. past experience shows that social-distancing in public areas is followed in the PH. but it didn’t get to a controlled-state of distancing on jeepneys.

    1. “Sweeper Flights” out of the Philippines are continuing. Schedules and requirements are posted online. Check the US State Department’s and Embassy websites And sign up for their regular emails.

  36. I’d say your perspectives and forecasts are pretty much on par with what will be happening in the next few months. It’s not going to be fun this year for travel, even if it does open up. It’s all so depressing 🙁

  37. Aren’t you over 60? According to the rules of the “new normal,” you’re not going to be able to out at all for any reason. In fact, it’s on one of the slides you showed; only persons aged 20-59 can leave their homes.

    1. Double check new metro cebu Pass rules Reekay’s Lifebeyondthesea. Didn’t they just change/tighten the rules to restrict Pass use to 3 1/2 days per week?

      Perhaps you need to look into getting a new pass as a member of the media. That might let you travel all over the Philippines, unrestricted. Vi could serve as your Boom (mic) assistant.

    2. no. i am not over 60. in fact, my barangay pass is good 7-days a week for food, medical and banking.

  38. thanks for the info. september? or call it “how to destroy a whole economy?” 4 more months locking down tourism ist massive and will push so many into poverty….greetings from bohol

    1. peter metz I agree with you. I am a German living in Bohol and invested all my savings here. Now, no more income and absolutely no help from the government. Bohol is thrown back 50 years. Nobody will be able to pay his mortgages anymore. All the brand new cars and big scooters. Most of the foreigners will leave soon here, going to Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia . Goodbye Bohol.

  39. What about us older men 65 and over and stuck here , no beer , can’t go out , how are we supposed to eat ? Luckily my lady is with me . Take care and always enjoy your videos .

  40. Thanks for the update. If this come I will never travel to the Philipines any more ! I will refuse to submit to any experimental vaccine by Bill gates. Social distancing seems quite stupid on a airplane when you are in a closed enviroment and breathe the same air. Better people who are afraid to get the virus stay home. Tyranny is coming, This was the whole plan with this virus from the start and I will never submit !

  41. Dont call it “new normal” or it will become just that.

    Call it temporary measures, otherwise people will slowly but surely accept it as normal. Thats not only about travel restrictions, but also about increased powers for presidents, increased govt surveillance, curfews based on ridiculous age criteria, checkpoints everywhere etc. Dont make yourself part of their attempt to brainwash the public into accepting all this as normal by adopting their Neusprech.

  42. The question is whether a 50% increase in fares will discourage travelers so much that the airlines will still lose money. Mandatory quarantines will also decrease tourism significantly.

  43. Have you heard anything about visa extensions? I heard just wait until Immigration opens back up and then we can get our visa extension without a fine if extended within 30 days after the quarantine lockdown is lifted.

    1. that is the situation. same in thailand. so just wait until access to the ph-immgration office is available again and renew within the 30-day grace period. (late fee was 1,000php last time i checked in 2019)

  44. Hi Reekay,another great video… 14.07 you say “Not only do you have to have your passport,not only do you have to have your visa”)…..but since when did we have to have a visa before we came to the Philippines? we always had the 30 day visa upon entry,we didnt have to have it before we left our point of travel,wondering what you meant.Stay safe.

    1. when i say you have to have a visa, the only way you can have a visa into the PH is if they are giving you one. currently, no expats are being given a visa to enter unless married to a filipina.

      so, in the future, entry to the PH can ONLY happen if the ph begins granting a visa or visa-waiver upon entry again. right now, those have all been canceled.

  45. I hope that they don’t enforce the over 60 age limit for the mall and stores. I am 62 and live alone, I need to go to the bank, supermarket, drug store. It was 65 years old in Cebu before. If they enforce the over 60 rule I will have to move back to the USA where I can at least buy food and my needs.

  46. If they require a 14 day quarantine once you arrive then forget it. They’ll loose a lot of tourists and business.

  47. Hey Henry,
    I’m in Moalboal & want to get over to Leyte asap. Have you heard when the ports will be opening for interprovincial travel

    1. nothing official, but i believe May 15th it could open up again. changes are moving toward a ‘general’ quarantine, away from the ‘enhanced’ we currently have.

  48. Must suck big time for those being separated, no? The way I see it, the only way you can guarantee remaining together hassle free is if you share the same or equal status. For most, that means citizenship, permanent residency or equivalent. I would think that making a plan to attain this in the future should be a priority. Don’t you want to be able to take off at a moment’s notice, not just you, but with your spouse, partner or entire family? What good is it if you can’t travel together? You would always be constantly worrying. This pandemic will be over at some point but that doesn’t mean another one won’t happen again- or some law gets passed that doesn’t make it quite worth staying. Where will you be then? At that point, you just might be too old, tired or broke to do anything about it. Just saying.

  49. 1/3 less passengers, food and luggage should significantly decrease the live load of the aircraft cutting jet fuel costs. Can the fuel cost savings help offset lost airfare revenue?

  50. Not sure about your expensive flights becoming a fact. Right now I can book a flight from JFK all the way into Davao for around $600. (that is in September and October) I will take those prices everyday, all day!!

  51. As soon as I got the opportunity, I’d get the heck out of the Philippines. I would be surprised if Duerte left office.

  52. Just curious who do you think is going to pay $1400 to fly to the Philippines for 3 weeks and spend 2 of those weeks in quarantine…sorry but that is never going to happen. Just like always greed wins in the end. How many of these empty hotels and restaurants are going to survive in the Philippines without tourism. Once they open up it will be back to normal in 30 days.

    1. with regard to the PH, it’s my belief that expats won’t have to even make that choice until after january of 2021.

  53. I hope you are wrong about September til things get back to normal and I hope you are wrong about the injection as I don’t trust them either. stay safe reekay

  54. What most people don’t understand about vaccines and immunizations is that it is often the country your traveling from that makes you get the shot so you don’t bring it back with you, not the country you’re visiting. When I was a kid this was almost routine even when traveling to many parts of Europe. The yellow card is still routine for many countries in Africa.

    I think you’re probably right about what may occur although there is still a lot of information that needs to be found out from covid 19, most importantly is whether or not you build up an immunity from it, which is likely but how long that immunity last is unknown.

    1. if you freeze-frame or see it quickly enough, some guy was taking a piss on the shrubs during midday.

  55. Excellent take on all this Reekay,however I have a bit of a different thought on the start of int. Flights I am thinking people are going to be hesitant in the begining so booking flights say us to phils will take longer to fill n possibly cheaper to get people started boy alot of varibles to think about right? Thanks for this video it was really good might be a popular subject to go over for the next year even. I so want to go back

    1. no fun, that’s for sure. i miss going out to restos, strolling the mall with my cutie. :/

  56. You will probably need 2 tests within the last one month to show you are negative to the Virus before you can get aboard the plane , maybe even have to produce the documents a day or two before the flight .This may prevent you having a 14 day isolation Vaccine is probably 2 years away and we may have a slightly different virus by then . Its also possible that having the virus up to 30% may not produce anti bodies ! There are already some cases of people getting the virus for a second time ,I believe there is someone who got it 3 times . In Australia’s case we may not allow travel overseas for at least a year . Australia has had about 7,000 cases including recovered ) and about 95 deaths which is extremely low for a country of 25 million .

  57. I think they may require a quarantine certificate from your home Barangay or city , before you can fly to
    Cities in Philippines … That makes more sense then … What you’re thinking … About quarantine in country
    Travel … For 2 weeks , upon arrival …

  58. Number of “Virus” deaths worldwide 217,193 / World population 7,577,130,400 = 0.00002866428 I’m just going to leave these numbers here and ask. How freaked out would people be if something happened that actually killed a whole 1 % of the people on the planet? I am past the mad stage and into the sad stage about this thing.

  59. Guys, foreign travel isn’t happening for many months at the earliest. Australia for example won’t allow international travel until October. Plus who is going to want to travel with extra restrictions, a potential for another wave of the virus in the Fall and potentially higher costs for travel? Although the costs could be less if airlines are so desperate to fill seats and low oil prices. This is worse than the 2008 financial crisis so the tourism industry is in trouble.

    1. scott80ca nobody here is aware of the global change which is happening just right now. We experience a worldwide financial crash even worth than 1929. Our lives will be totally different from now on. And people are discussing about travel restrictions. OMG

  60. That is why the airliners and big businesses already got their billion dollar bailouts so they can do this scam..

  61. Oh man, I was trying to come there after the lockdown in may or june… September geesh…smh…I hope u wrong on that…but thx u for the info, God bless

  62. Just talked to a couple yesterday I worked with the wife in the past, the husband took a consulting job in Sweeden 2 years ago, his time is over and they flew back on April 21 from Cophenhagen to New Jersey. They said only 30 people on a plane that held 300. They said the was no price gauging, the ticket was the same as a normal price. Certainly those 30 people were not going to pay enough to make up for a 300 person plane to turn a profit. It does not work that way. They were saying alot of younger people working overseas for the first time and it was like a funeral on the plane, when the plane was going in to land in Jersey was like going into a death trap. CDC came on board and told everyone to just sit back down with social distancing. CDC did lots of checks and they passed through fairly quick . But going through TSA security was a glusterfudge, people trying to rush to beat others and bumping into others nobody really encouraging social distancing. She says CDC did not track where people were very well, nor where they were going, there was not even any place on the paperwork to put your passport number. She says all in all it was pretty poor with both CDC and TSA security .

  63. Don’t think the most people would go and be in Quarantine 2 weeks usually on. Vacation be dumb waste that much time see adds for Manila 307 dollars I better get that one

  64. I think you are right, and the airlines will try to increase prices if the planes are flying at two thirds capacity, however the bigger driver will be demand. Already struggling, the airlines could kill the demand for flights if the price is too high. Maybe over a period of time they might increase them. The social distancing on planes although logical seems slightly strange, considering however far apart we sit, we will all still be breathing the same air. Thanks for sharing your information and views, stay safe and sane you two.

  65. PAL sucks . Period! Terrible service and food. Pinoy washrooms for sure !!! Air Asia and others will undercut them. PAL made deals to do sweeper flights at 5-8 times the price with strong arming embassies . PAL is a 3rd world airline enriched with corruption. A~B~C checks are random at best for maintenance. I see ramp violations all the time. …. I could go on . DU 30 did a good job , but the mistrust of Chinese helped policy. I volunteered at checkpoints and saw a lot and spoke to many “ insiders” .

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