Stronger Travel Restrictions in the Philippines Implemented – Cebu, Dumaguete, Manila, Vietnam

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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    1. Philippines is going to be in full quarantine next week get to your place stock up on some food and quarantine brother they have 400 breathing machines in the whole country and a foreigner is not getting one be safe

    1. Jim That’s a national daily occurrence here in the PI brother…. worse internet services in the world!

    1. Only international flights can land or leave Manila because of lockdown.( Domestic travel ) not allowed to come in or go out of Metro Manila.

    2. cannot fly to clark to cebu, that much is sure.

      if clark is part of the manila lockdown, cannot fly out from clark until april 14th.

  2. Once in a hundred year pandemic,and you are trying to get a refund, good luck.bunker down and take things day by day.

  3. Well it looks like I am going to have to wait another month to get to Cebu from Dumaguete to get my 13A visa. Oh well I guess it could be worse.

    1. Rick
      Easier way is to go philippines consulate and apply
      Its quick and easy
      You apply in philippines you need to do twice and 2 x paperwork and expense and most likely they lose the papwerwork !

  4. You can fly INTO Manila…BUT there is no assurance for your movement AROUND Manila. Already in Makati restrictions are in place over the Makati – Mandaluyong Bridge. My local agent has a business operations in Makati and lives just across the bridge in Mandaluyong. He cannot regularly cross the bridge. Building to building restrictions are also in place. If a Barangay Captain decides he needs to close traffic in and out of his barangay consistent with the Presidents order…it shall be enforced by police/soldiers on the road. Listen carefully to Dutertes press conference…the legal power has already been executed…local officials decisions will be enforced on the roads. So choose your Manila location wisely…you may not be able to move much..even in all of MAnila. I didn’t feel safe even in the Century City bubble and exitied NAIA Friday night. We will see more clamp downs WITHIN Manila. God Speed for 30 days.

  5. I’d double check your Cebu City curfew info. I believe it now applies to everyone from 8pm to 4am.

    Essentially the Mayor has requested that everyone stay at “home” except for essentials, e.g. work, food shopping, banking, pharmacy…

  6. Ricky !!!
    It says coming from neg occ and neg or to cebu is not allowed
    But it doesn’t say going from cebu to neg or
    I want to fly
    La korea cebu then take bus to dumaguete

    1. right now (things could change any given day)… it’s not possible to get onto negros island from cebu.

    2. there are no flights going from cebu to dumaguete. no ferries going from cebu to negros. you can’t take a bus to dumaguete because the ferries are halted, and the bus needs to go on the ferry to get to duma.

      bottom-line.. the objective of these shutdowns is to prevent people from moving island to island as much as possible.

  7. I was in Hanoi, Vietnam when it announced its first Coronavirus victim…. however, the Vietnamese locals were FURIOUS with the woman!! She evidently returned to Hanoi from Italy. SHE IS Vietnamese and bypassed the Vietnamese governments mandate to report immediately to the government of her foreign travels to an affected country. It was very scary to see the lynch mob mentality!! All clubs had already been shut down, restaurants are now completely vacant…not a good time to go to Hanoi.

    1. Exactly the same in netherlands.. Some idiots went to lombardy italy a corona hotspot. The returned to netherlands but not went to doctors but home. Government also didnt put them in quarantaine. Result netherlands in lockdowm caused by an idiot gov and idiots wo went to lombardy

  8. Say Reekay, any word on what BI is going to do for the visa applicants? A video trip to the J Centre Mall BI Office would be in high demand. So if you got the time consider doing everyone a favor and ask them folks some questions.

  9. Travel over the world has been limited. Hopefully, this will past over time. Very important to diagnose the cause of this virus so it can avoided in the future.

  10. My wife just flew back to visit relatives and landed at Clark on Saturday evening. She insisted on going so we’ll see how this all plays out over the next few weeks. At least we’ll have some boots on the ground around Pampanga and Angeles and if I learn anything of interest I will post in comments. Appreciate your calm manner and style of reporting. Sure beats the sensationalism of the US press.

  11. Henry, as of today, any foreigner that has a visa approval letter for Vietnam will not be allowed into the country. Only foreigners that have a current multiple entry visa already in their passport will be allowed back in. But, they may face a 2 week quarantine. This is effect until April 14.

  12. What’s happening here in New Zealand anyone coming into the country have to self quarantine for 14 days large group gatherings are being cancelled we have a event coming up called the beach hop it is old classic cars we live in a small community here of about 5000 the beach hop attracts 80,000 to 100,000 people looks like that will be called off This Monday at 3pm. There may be no Rugby league to be played large sporting events effected it is huge what is happening big calls!

  13. Instead of the effort needed to enforce bans and control peoples movements..Why dont the people rally against the Government to put pressure on them to find a faster cure or antidote for this wretched virus..What the government is mainly doing is a poor minor treatment and just upsetting everyone really.

  14. Cebu Air put my ticket in a credit and I can future rebook for free using the credit. Thanks for the info!

  15. I got to Philippines on 3-11-2020 and soon as I found out about the lock down, I took a bus to Clark and flew back home (US). I tried to find a flight from Manila but it was all sold out.

  16. My wife and children are in the Philippines. I was supposed to be there from Febuary to April. I new this was going to be big and in Jan told my wife it was not a good time to travel… sadly i was correct. Be safe all it is going to be a long rough road in the next year or even two. Save your money.

  17. Currently I’m on Panglao in the Alona Beach area and most of the Tourist have already left. The good news is that this is great for getting great deals as most resorts are lowering their prices. Motorbike rentals are much lower and you can even name your price for Island hopping. I’m not sure of the connections by ferry as it was my plan to stay here until the end of the month anyway. Bohol is still listed as Corona Virus free but Cebu has still locked Bohol out until the block is finished. Trapped on the beach, is like saying twist my arm….okay I’ll stay. If you come this way I’d be glad to help.

  18. Henry its BOGO not bugooo you keep saying that we are lucky we canceled our trip this year but we could have gone there ok after Christmas and back early in February next year we are probably going Go visit Virgin beach owned by my friend Ron its nice there and reasonable price lots to see its north of Bogo on the eastern side

  19. Good job, you pronounced Palawan much better. On a more serious note, it’s getting pretty obvious that traveling out and about is not the thing to be doing. Stay home or get home if your not already home and just sit-tight and wait this thing out. Otherwise you might get yourself stuck somewhere you don’t want to be for an unknown period of time.

  20. I canceled my flight to Philippines. Not trying to get stuck there. In fact it’s just a matter of time before the whole country will lock down.

  21. I believe you might be incorrect only Filipino citizen can land in the Philippines not foreign nationals as stated by President DU30 on Thursday so I would ask you to verify the statement made several times in the video that you can land and gain entry to Manila or Cebu or any part of the Philippines good luck

  22. Well I was supposed to fly down to the Philippines on March 26th landing in Manila and then on to Iloilo I have no idea what’s going on lol my International flight is still ago I checked Filipino airlines and they’re showing the domestic flights that I have booked are still on I was told if I land a Manila they would bust me to Clark and then fly from Clark to Iloilo but you are correct things are changing by the minute down there

  23. Henry I’m planning on leaving Cebu for Malaysia round trip the end of March on a Visa run. My worry is getting out of the country but not being allowed to return because as you say things are changing daily here with travel bans..

    1. Hey just a thought i to need to do a visa run but i talk to immigration and they said to me that cancelled flights that they will extend my exist until im able to leave.

  24. Update I live in Northern Mindanao region. Butuan city specifically, they have closed schools, stop all public gatherings, no one with a large group of people for like concerts, meetings and conferences are allowed into the city from outside of the city. Gaisano mall, the guards at the door, are taking temperatures, and having people them come in clean there hands with hand sanitzer.

  25. On a side note, thank you very much first of all for the information about the travel restrictions in the Philippines. The question I also was meaning to ask you is probably something I could easily fine but I will be lazy and ask you if you are still teaching English classes online?? I would be curious and would like to pick your brain. Please advise when you have time as I know everyone is busy.

  26. Was planning to visit, but its on hold indefinitely.
    I hope the PI government comes to their senses and disconnect the 5G PROBLEM…

  27. I feel so sad for you guys but this is for everybody’s sake and it is hoped that this is being taken on a positive note. In fact, to-date, Cebu is [still] free from any infection and it would seem your good mayor is making sure that it stays that way. You guys stay safe, and healthy, which is the best medicine for any or most sicknesses (beef up your resistance). Ingat…

  28. Just a FYI my May flight from Cebu to Hong Kong was cancelled by Cebu Pacific and they did issue us a full refund.

  29. And consider if you travel to the Philippines in the Summer and the coronavirus breaks out again in the Fall. The worst is if they tell all foreigners to leave the city you’re in. I don’t see why they can’t give foreigners the option to pay for a test and allow them to stay if the result is negative.


    The Cebu City Government led by Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella imposed a total liquor ban on the entire city effective March 16, 2020. This to prevent people from social gatherings amid the Covid-19 threat in the country.

  31. Thank you Reekay for keeping us all updated on the changes due to the virus. Would like to add another province to your list of quarantined places. We left Siquijor yesterday (Sunday) after we learned that all ferry traffic would cease as of Monday. Like you, we are parked in Cebu until Friday when we will take an international flight out to of all places South Korea, where we transfer to go to Chicago and on to Roanoke, Virginia, our home.

  32. “The sky is falling!”
    Gee, my estranged wife was scheduled to fly to The RP, in the first week of April. I think she plans to re-book, today. I guess you foreigners in The RP will have to hide with your honeys in secluded beach bungalows, living life like castaways. Gee, tough break; you’ll probably start a new baby-boom generation!

  33. During the presidents speech. I jumped on line to grab a flight to Davao City. We are not allowed to leave the city,which is fine by me because I always feel safe in the within the city borders. I read that Airbnb is now allowing renters to cancel there reservations without penalties. I’m hoping to find some good deals on condos over the next month.

  34. I be flying to Manila via Japan from USA on Tuesday 4/21/20. What do you think or how do you feel these lockdowns will end as by that date. I will be on my way to Baguio City, maybe I should cancel my flight & book with PHIL Air to Clark. Although I did not buy refundable tickets.

  35. Nice to hear you are thinking to visit my absolute favorite island Camotes! Hopefully you can reach there asap…. maybe it is only 1 way ticket when you get to know how perfect place it is…:) First only stay safe now and God bless!

  36. I left Cebu City to USA on Feb 10th and was hoping to return April 22nd. I been checking the fares of premium economy and they have not dropped. Maybe economy has some good fares now to Philippines.

  37. Going to Manila for International Flight out of Manila: Travelers from outside Metro Manila may enter the Metro Manila area to take international flights departing from Manila (NAIA) to overseas countries, but will be required to present proof of their CONFIRMED flight itinerary at the Metro Manila border entry checkpoint, showing that their departure is within 12 hours of entry.


  38. Right now is the time we all need to ban together, be responsible and STAY HOME. We need to beat this virus and everyone needs to cooperate to beat this virus as quick as we can to get back to normal as soon as possible and that is not going to happy if some choose to be irresponsible and not cooperate. Not only that which is the most important reason to STAY HOME but because it will onkly get worse from here and your going to end up stuck somewhere you don’t want to be, incure unwanted expenses and for who knows how long.

    Now is the time for these bloggers who have many followers to do the responsible thing and advise them to STAY HOME and let’s beat this virus together , the quicker we do this the faster things get back to normal. Don’t be that irresponsible person who goes out and spreads this virus around making everything worse for all of us.

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