Results For Covid Vaccine Looking Less Than Promising

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    1. Interesting… The young and pregnant were not part of the trials and therefore the science could not extrapolate that percentage of virus risk reduction…. Over time if they continue their science and tests the percentage of virus risk reduction may improve…. The overall numbers of death is still reflected low and no more than the Common flu…
      Politics has unfortunately tainted the world conversation on this matter and most people will have to patiently wade through this quagmire till a more clear solution presents itself… Until then we will have use our best knowledge to deal with this… great job presenting the latest reports thanks..

  2. The Oxford vaccine looks like it’s doing very well according to reports today, seems to work well in the young and the old

  3. Okay no vaccine works 100%, many people get flu shots every year in still catch the flu. The world is full of too many people with different body types and health conditions for one thing to work for everyone. If the virus is successful in helping a large number of people and not making thing worse, then the virus is in some way successful.

  4. The created ‘fakedemic’ is so shrouded in layers of lies that whatever you think you know is wrong. Covid 19 was invented and patented in 2017. It is simply a fear vehicle to issue in the United Nations technocratic transition. As far as I can tell the PH is ‘all in’ with the plan. So is the US, Canada and Australia. The ‘end game’ is a significant population reduction, borderless countries a common digital currency ruled by technocrats not governments. Everyone will be ‘chipped’, tracked and traced. Check out what China has done for an idea of what is happening. Nomorefakenews,, The CorbittReport and other sites have the details. UTUBE, fakebook, Google, Amazon are some of the players and rife with censorship. Unless you want to die, or be ‘dummied down’ please refuse any injections. Knowledge is key. Read read read. Turn off the TV. All media outlets are involved in the brainwashing. The deaths to year to date in Michigan are very similar to 2019. So where is the ‘demic’? It is an illusion. Doctors are paid $9800 for every Covid positive. Hospitals $17,000 per patient. And an additional 27,000 if they put a positive person on a ventilator. Follow the money to learn the truth. The PCR test, also patented for Covid, yields upwards of 93% false positives. Asymptomatic people ARE NOT contagious. Masks are useless to prevent viral spread. Any virus is 100x smaller than the smallest openings in the mask fabric. The PH government intends to starve their population as the population reduction vehicle. We all need to wake-up, learn the truth and stop this globalist take-over before there is no turning back. Extending my love to all of you beautiful people!! – Russ

  5. I agree, we don’t know now, we have never developed a vaccine in such a short time. If we make the assumption that they are using similar technology to prior vaccines, it should work, but its too early to gauge that now. People should develop antibodies and they would spike after given the vaccine and drop down after the initial immune response. However, your memory cells should spike back if exposed to this virus in the future. Some people get shingles twice, but look at what has happened with Chicken Pox, I believe that and Hep B, Tetanus and others are very effective, let’s hope time will be good to us.

  6. Hi Reekay it only vaccine like flu is there is no cure for this virus they working on if have vaccine that hope you get as sick and also not contagious if that works it slow up of passing it on to others we all got hope we keep praying and trying to support out medical professionals as world can not keep going as we are they said next world war be chemical the virus worked just as well

  7. If I catch a cold or flu, I’m going to take tylenol, sleep and alot of chicken soup. I will not take a flu shot, or vaccine for a cold or flu. If they have a zombie apocalypse, I would take the anti-zombie vaccine. The reaction to a flu is unbalance and extra ordinary, by a large margin. This would be a sane mature reasonable approach to a simple problem.

  8. If you can get 70% of the population immune to the virus, you can get effective herd immunity. The initial testing could prove we have an effective vaccine for the healthy. Once that is in place, we can vaccinate the majority of the population and get back to living, working, traveling. Those who can’t take the vaccine may still need to be careful and restrict travel, but will have less to worry about from healthy family and friends bringing the virus to them, since they will have been vaccinated.

    Once we have initial vaccine approvals for healthy, we can expand testing to more vulnerable groups.

  9. I appreciate how you verified the “expert”. I also noticed that some parts of Britain are going back to tighter lockdowns. Everyone is paying for the ills of the few. We all want to hear good news after 8 months.

  10. As anything else, it needs further corroboration from other professionals…..u can’t go by the opinion of just one guy, it would be the same if he had said the opposite…..

  11. I think the shortest time a successful vaccine took to develop was 4 years , most take over 10 years . Remember they have not got a vaccine for SARS , COV 2 , HIV , and so many other things . The BEST we will get for some time is a treatment procedure . Get used to it . it will also mutate slightly . Off coarse a vaccine may have long term side affects , imagine if it reduced you getting the Virus by 50% but you were much more likely to have your immune system reduced , or higher degree of getting heart problem , Kidney failure , women having a harder time conceiving , Higher rate of birth defects etc .

    1. that’s the inevitable conclusion all this is leading to. covid is here to stay. we have to learn to function with that fact.

  12. In a way, it’s good news because it forces governments to stop their dithering on opening borders on account of an impending vaccine silver bullet. Modern people must accept the limits of human nature. We cannot create some mortality utopia. Be prudential and open the fuck up.

  13. We don’t need a vaccine. We need common sense policies a la mass rapid testing, people prudently social distancing, good hygienic practices WHILE OPENING UP EVERYTHING!!!! Fuck this year!!!!

  14. One of the biggest things which people seem to be missing, is the last line at 4:22 which says, “several trials have already been halted after participants became ill”
    I have heard other reports on this, also hearing that a huge percentage of volunteers had adverse reactions, and not just mildly ill.
    If they have halted several trials, and the recovery rate for covid is above 99.5%, I for one will trust my immune system, not the vaccine.

  15. If you’re an American living in a Red State with a Red Governor, you’re toast. This thing will not end anytime soon. Also, even if there were a vaccine that was 100% effective, there are just too many Flat Earthers who hate science will never take it anyway.

    1. i called ph embassy in nyny–sorry
      sir we dont know..typical answer they never know anything…because bloomburg news just out…ph open to visitors didnt mention what type of visa
      and i call ph
      embassy and no surprise they know nothing and use famous pinoy answer- sorry sir i dont know..sorry sir we dont have etc

  16. I knew it from the start. It’s likely a bio-weapon. Scientist have modified the virus to make it more deadly and easily transmitted. This makes the cure difficult.

  17. Reekay, you may want to read the article again. The title of this video implies that ALL COVID vaccine candidates are less than effective in ALL cases. That is NOT what the article states. The report simply states that the ongoing COVID vaccine trials are not taking into account the frail or seriously ill people as well as other high risk groups. These people are not part of any COVID vaccine trials, with good reason, so the efficacy of a vaccine in those risk groups are unknown. The vaccines may work or they may not work in those high risk groups. Unfortunately due to economic pressures the pharma companies do not have 2 years to develop and thoroughly test their vaccine candidates. These are the decisions OUR governments have made in order to open the world back up. No amount of crying or bitching is going to change that.

  18. Flu vaccines were never intended to stop you from getting the flu. That’s not how these flu vaccines work. What these vaccines offer are to increase antibodies that help your body fight off the infection. There was never a magic bullet. I wish people would do a little bit of research so they can understand the risks of either taking the vaccine or not. BTW, if the vaccine offers a strong immune response as they are designed to do then we should have a reduction of long term covid effects (damage the virus does while your body fights off the infection).

  19. A vaccine has to hit 50% to be approved. But if the philippines needs a vaccine to give duterte the warm fuzzy feeling inside that lets him open the country then by all means give them folks a vaccine

  20. Screw the vaccines guys….Look up and research what nutrients/ lifestyle choices/ supplements builds up immunity to viruses IN GENERAL – pandemic or no pandemic. .and do that. Look for scientific studies. There are enough pathogens, viruses, bacteria in everyone now that if you didn’t have an immune system to protect you – you would die in days. Yet you are alive. There’s no magic bullet. Further, just having antibodies doesn’t mean you don’t get the disease, assuming the vaccine is able to generate antibodies – it’s not guaranteed. NOR do all people that catch mild forms of the disease and recover show evidence of antibody presence that “cured” them.. Some people have had the disease have recovered – yet have no antibody titers. What is clear is a few pharmaceutical players stand to make trillions….7 billion people on the planet. It might not be ALL about the money…but it’s definitely there…

  21. We’re learning about Covid, so there is no expert. We would be wise to wait and listen for the good news. Broadcasting dystopian conclusions benefits nobody.

  22. Why do this message not surprise me , till today there is no cure for no corona virus infections from the past so offcourse they aint going to find one now no matter how hard they try , and for sure not with the speed that they are going , this vacine train is going to a dead end halt with no sollution in sight , let see which other magic bullet do they have up there sleaves , ????

  23. The guy has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about ..FDA approval for Remdesivir has just been approved as of 10 minutes ago before me posting this message most of these doctors in other countries have no idea what they’re talking about their doctors but they’re not real doctors

  24. First, I believe we need an effective rapid test because a vaccine will be at least 6 months to a year. These trials are designed to test for safety also and saying we’re not test on elderly is true because you want to make sure it’s generally safe before you try it on weaker patients. So why he’s saying this at this stage is nonsense. Also, the UK just announced they are going to test a vaccine by vaccinating then infecting people directly with covid-19 to make process quicker. Dr John Campell’s channel has info on this. Just my opinion. Thanks

  25. No Covid vaccines no flu vaccines it’s all a money grab. You wouldn’t settle for a car,, internet, electricity or plumbing working 30-50% why would you with your health.

  26. i just wanna go to ph i should not
    have left in march ..ill never listen
    to ametican embassy agsin they said this would last only few ileft. and now cNt return,….fuck!!!!!!!

  27. Covid has never been isolated/identified, and, according to the CDC, effectively there’s no evidence that it exists.

  28. Pardon me Reekey but this journalist is NOT a credible source because he’s not an Expert nor is he involved in the research. I heavily filter information from the media and focus on the experts like doctors and scientists although all information should be researched and vetted.
    Regarding the trials, the scientists are analyzing the progress of the vaccines on a cellular level through blood samples. The blood cells of the very young, very old and sick will react the same as low risk subjects. Their white blood cell counts might be lower and their biological systems may be weaker but the scientists take that into consideration. That being said, science and medicine do embrace a great deal of theory.
    God bless us all.

  29. Every year people take their flu shots and still get the flu. More than one strain of flu and common sense says there will be many strains of covid. Get used to covid and its many strains…..forever.

  30. I obviously have nothing to back this up, but I don’t think there’s going to be a vaccine. We’re going to have to live with China virus for a while.

  31. There is a rarity that an effective treatment is found for most viruses. No cure for SARS, MERS, HERPES, HIV, 1967/68 Hong Kong flu, 1918 Spanish flu and many other viruses. Life goes on. Educate yourself and get healthy and stay healthy. COVID-19 is not slowing down or killing professional athletes who have had it. The answer to this COVID-19 is simple. GET HEALTHY.

  32. On the Good side …the uk death rate in Intensive care Units..for ( covid ).
    Due to better understanding and treatment has come down from 40% to 15% …

  33. Hi Henry, Have you heard of the upcoming trials in England? Starting around January volunteers will be given the smallest dose of the virus {that would infect a person}with a vaccine or placebo. This would help determine if each vaccine works and by how much etc…Anyway with so many people working so hard I have positive thoughts for the outcome.

  34. They will probably never be a magic bullet because this is been around in one form or another since the beginning of time coron a when they weaponize a virus they’re the only ones that has the magic bullet because they develop a pit before they ever weaponize the virus they have to have an antidote and do you think the Chinese is ever going to let that out cuz that would be admitting they weaponized it it’s not called covet 19 for nothing the people in the know that knows about chemical weapons knows that it’s been weaponized 19 times to find the type and strain they wanted

  35. Effective or non-effective it doesn’t matter for 99 percent of the population. All the countries of this world need to open up…..

  36. Reekay – here is an article that clears up your misunderstanding that “Only 6% of Covid deaths are real”. Hope this article helps. Since you are conveying information to many people, I thought you might want to read the real scientific evidence. Maybe you can feature this FACTUAL article based on real SCIENCE in a future news episode. You would be doing your viewers a real service as this misconception seems to be a very common one. (You’re not alone.)

    By the way, I’ve been a big fan of yours for many years.

  37. I agree with what you are saying 100%. However, as a participant in a stage three trial, we are monitored weekly through an app. This app gathers information on side effects and any covid symptoms. I was specifically picked for this trial because I am an Hispanic male over the age of 60 with serious cardiac risk complications. It takes time to determine the long term efficacy and safety of a vaccine. This trial covers a two year period. A SARS2 vaccine needs to have a 50-60% efficacy rate to reduce the virus. So, you are right, 30% will not get us to where we need to go.
    On a side note, there is a challenge study that will take place starting next month in the UK. They are going to give the vaccine to 90 healthy people between the ages of 18-30, and then expose them to various levels of the SARS2 virus. This will all be done in a laboratory setting. But, it will still take until June, or July, of 2021 to see the results.

  38. People are not rats are they that these Elites want to give them a test shot that will make them sick as an experiment? Give it to the devil worshipping Elites the corrupt judges and doctors and corrupt Medical establishments all who are behind the covid-19 scam demek and using it to bring the world to its knees to usher in their new world order in their Antichrist and their communism you take the shot. Fill yourself up and we will stand by and watch the outcome of the experiment on you first

  39. Let the elites the Liars in the thieves the murderers the fake criminal governments take the shot let them take the trial covid-19 shot the rich man the white man let them stick their arm out and be a guinea pig! You governments that turn your people into guinea pigs you do not love your children and you are murderers and an abomination

  40. Covid-19 is a plan a scam demek for the bankers to take everything back to reduce the population to bring in a new world order to get rid of democracy and freedom and bring in Antichrist to rule over you, to Rob your soul and condemn you in the eyes of the Lord the Richman will buy everything back at low low price when the people are dead , the economies are ruined because of their plan demick of death greed and communist control and the removal a freedom in all religion except the new world religion under Antichrist New World Order mark of the beast or they will behead you

  41. Do not let your government use you people as a guinea pig to take the test covid-19 shot. Give it to an animal a pig a rat. Let the white man stick his arm out the rich man let them the government agents and the scientists and doctors who are making the shot take the shot! Do not be a guinea pig and risk your life and your health you cannot trust these bastards! Any government that lets its people be used as guinea pigs does not love it’s children

  42. I would caution not to put too much stock into what Doshi has been saying. He doesn’t even have a degree in the medical field. One should question whether or not he’s a credible source of information and whether he is an expert in the bio-medical field.


  43. Why can’t they write a report that people can understand ?but it has to be explained by a professional for people to realize that the test doesn’t work! it’s a scam! and it’s a race to get rich for the elites! cause everybody on Earth to take a shot for a fake virus! to fill you full of sickness! abomination

  44. This whole vaccine thing is a scam. The recovery rate using just our immune system is over 99.99%. So why do we need a vaccine?

    1. @Legend Killer you must be watching CNN most of the hospitals are NOT full in fact they are laying off nurses for lack of patients

    2. Because of people like you wearing your tinfoil beanies who tell lies and panic and break out in a sweat when you see a needle. That’s why. As of 18:52 EST, on October 22, 2020……total infections, 41,933,018 Total death, 1,141,510 1,141,510 is 2.7% of 41,933,018.
      100 – 2.7 = 97.3 For a recovery rate of 97.3% So go to hell with your stupid lies and exaggerations.

  45. People need to take health as seriously as they do finance. Pay attention to your body always, especially people with health issues. Dont count on pills to save you, good health starts with good lifestyle choices

    1. I agree with you. Unfortunately the people that are becoming seriously ill from Covid often have pre existing, and in most cases preventable with healthy life choices, conditions. This is why the vaccine is critical especially here in the America where being obese along with the it’s long term effects (diabetes, high blood pressure etc) is the norm.

  46. If you put your finger tip close to your. Eye and hold it there and stare. Thats all you will see wont see the truck that is going to run you over ..FINGER TIP =COVID. TRUCK =SCAMDEMIC

  47. you can verify results by looking at the number of positives, and death. If these two variables decrease, then the vaccine works, or we have reached herd immunity. Either way those are good signs.


  49. I had Covid-19 last week, honestly for someone older or not taking care of their health Covid -19 is lethal. The first two days I had a massive headache, body aches loss of smell, very high temperature, stomach pain, shortness of breath. On my third day, I was feeling better on my seven days I was back to normal. Mind you I am really into fitness and I am Vegan, I don’t drink or smoke so I guess my immune system did the job. But I would not wish this covid-19 to anyone. People take care and drink a lot of herbs and hot tea and stay safe. Vaccination will take years

    1. I agree about the conspiracy nut job. However, you assertions regarding veganism, drinking herbs and hot tea are also laughable and without merit.

    2. @Richard Nyak These deniers are hilarious. You are telling me that ALL OF THE WORLDS GOVERNMENTS are in on the COVID hoax. Think about that statement. We live in a world were we cant get two countries to agree on anything yet they want to shut down their ECONOMY to make a few big pharma companies more money? Idiocy at it’s best. No wonder the world is going to hell in hand basket.
      Glad you recovered BTW. My neighbors parents (both passed away) were not so lucky.

    3. @MEN 101 yeah… like you did a culture swab on him and you’re a doctor. Sure ! Regular flu does not rob you of smell. And I’m betting he was verified Covid positive.

    4. @Richard Nyak
      Cheers Richard. The professions of science and medicine agree that vegetables and fruits are critical to our health. Of course exercise, low stress and plenty of sleep are very important as well.

  50. They will never make a vaccine 99.74% effective of which our immune system has already shown to be.
    As for the ‘Silver Bullet’, Dr Bartlett found that an Asthma inhaler worked 100% on over 1000 infected people. Some even had cancer and on chemo and still survived. It costs $3. Why aren’t they pushing this? Hmmm Surprise surprise!

    1. True….. but they have to try. Thank God they tried for Smallpox and Polio and some other nightmarish diseases you never hear about anymore.

  51. Its truly amazing how much blind trust people put into the governments , media and the ‘health’ (sick) care system.
    It is always about money, control and power. How the hell can’t people remember this reality? Amnesia..cognitive dissonance..
    stockholm syndrome. All applicable. The lack of critical thinking is all too common. Time to break out of that paradigm , for those that are
    missing it.
    Do yourself a huge favor and investigate Kary Mullis, the INVENTOR of the PCR test (Covid test).
    He himself was openly admitting the
    As for the upcoming vaccines. Who in their right mind would trust such short lived , fast tracked UNTESTED syringes full of neurotoxins?
    Admittedly will warp our RNA/DNA.
    Don’t believe it? You had better start researching people…

  52. My take: The CCP_CV-19 is dangerous because it spreads also over not sick people and it is much more aggressive. How ever, what happen now, is political and has nothing to do with the malady! The Gov. loves the lock downs and the travel bans! The trade deficit of the Philippines was never so low as now (less costly consumer imports), what means the Central bank is cashing and shelving billions of dollars, since the exports are sill not much affected, which later can be distributed to phony projects benefiting the influencial clans and politicians and their helpers. This is how high stake corruption works! Plus – since crossing provinceborders is difficult, there is much less crime going on but also much less investigations into crimes. Communities need to spend less money to controll the rather undisciplined and care less population. Traffic is reduced to about 50% what means less gas and diesel is burned. The list can be extended at will …… The Gov. has NO REAL INTEREST to open the country!

    1. Yep, all small businesses who are less likely to pay taxes closed. Bigger business with accurate accounting open?

    2. Governor Abbot of Texas is getting flack for having Texas open at 75%. Restaurants (some have a bar) are open, yet bars are closed. Whats the difference btwn the two? Thats if you have a hamburger in hand while having your beer. Covid is a damn lie. Cover-up for the elites/bankers and political theater. This is a scamdemic

    3. You are correct, the governments are being told to not open up the countries. They are using “covid” as fear porn.. a trojan horse to
      usher in a New World Order Technocratic CONTROL system.
      They are trying to crush the old system and in with the new.
      People are being distracted and duped..meanwhile they are screwing us into the sick beast system.
      One will not be able to buy, sell or trade if they do not take part ..
      Talk about a true crisis

  53. Do be honest not so surprising to me. In general science has shown us that on average vaccins are effective only for 40 to 60%. So somewhat disappointing that the vaccins for Covid-19 are expected to have an even lower level of effectiveness. 
    However it is sad to notice that media and governments are not sharing this reality with the public. There is only one way forward and that is going to reach a certain level of herd-immunity, like Sweden’s approach. And even herd-immunity will not be 100% effective but at least will significantly reduce the risk of transmission and death, in that normal live can continue again.

    1. One way forward? Herd immunity? “Like Sweden’s approach”? I’m afraid you have been subject to and are now repeating disinformation. Antibody studies published in Sweden on September 3 show 7.1% of Sweden’s population had been exposed to covid-19 by late June (If you have any more up to date stats please feel free to post them here.) As of mid-August, herd immunity was still “nowhere in sight,” according to a Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine study. Sweden has 586 covid deaths per million population compared to France 521, UK 649 and Italy 609. This is hardly a glowing endorsement of Sweden’s approach, especially if you compare Sweden’s covid deaths per million population to their direct neighbors; Denmark 119, Finland 64 and Norway 51 deaths per million population and are countries considerably more successful with their results than Sweden.

  54. Thank you for keeping us informed. You tell it like it is even if it isn’t good news. I would rather hear the truth than a candy-coated lie.

    1. YES, Government, media and corporations = never ending lies and deceit. Why do people suffer from amnesia, forgetting how it all works?
      mind boggling if anything..

    1. Notice how media is blocking any kind of treatment? It’s a flu like illness, of course there are things to treat it.

    2. The president is a puppet, an actor. He will say whatever the federal reserve bankers (trillionaires) will tell him to say. CovID is a made belief virus that only exists in the media. Everything else is a regular flu and colds.

    3. as though puppets tell the truth with anything. Its always about financial gain/theft, control and our loss of freedoms.
      When ever a government claims something is about safety, it means more CONTROL

  55. Small point but he is an associate editor of the BMJ as the text you put on the screen clearly states. The British Medical Journal has 8 associate editors and numerous other different editors. (This does not decry the importance of his statement however)

  56. Gonna start on a positive note hey 30% reduction in chance of getting it I guess that’s better than nothing and a place to look for better solutions, on the negative side I’m curious what exactly they are doing to test these, is this a throw it at the wall and hope it sticks trial? Crossing fingers and hope for an accidental full on immunity trial?

    1. and 300 if you take 10 , but sadly thats not how it works . They will base their ingredients out of the same area, so “same shit different name”

  57. It is about what I would expect of a phase 3 trial which is really designed to prove safety. The clear cut answer about real efficacy comes after injecting the population. I personally never thought ia vaccine stopped covid or any flu any more than i would expect that of a seasonal flu shot. Scientists have to give it their best guess and some vaccines will be better than others.

  58. Reekay, as always you’re ahead of the curve, bun intended. You should be an investigated reporter. LOL Thanks for the update buddy.

    1. Another year of virtual education. Sorry, the shutdown was not shown to be effective and that did not stop government policy by made up science.

    1. I am down with Covid-19! It’s not fucking fun m8… I thought I would be fine if I get it! It’s a fucked up thing to deal with, I understand how it kills people now.

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