QR Contact Tracing App Now Required At Philippines Airports

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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    In this video I discuss, “QR Contact Tracing App Now Required – Philippines Airports”

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  2. Just read a headline news that the russian and china vacine trail will be implimented in the phillippines , hope all will go well and no side affects will acure…..

  3. I like it to get a QR-code to ease the hassle.
    Speaking of tracing, they’ve already proven that your phone is picking up more locations when it’s turned off then on so we already are supervised 24/7.

  4. The Philippines has sold out and injected its head completely up the US satanic government’s A$$$ with all of this plandemic Covid hoax malarkey!

  5. Just read on WebMD that an American dies of COVID every 107 seconds. And this number will and is going up. Choose your poison.

  6. Yeahhhh, not gonna happen. They are going to kill their economy if they keep up this kind of control measures. Total slavery is not what the people need there or anywhere else. The whole idea behind the tracing app is to control everything a human can do, go, buy etc. Thanks for the information Reekay. Do not download this app or any app like this.

  7. I’m willing to carry a piece of paper with the code, but not a phone with a tracing app. I generally don’t carry a phone around with me anyways. Phones are not that important to me. If someone gave me a phone with the app on it, that phone is trashed as soon as the giver is out of sight. On a positive note, I can see these codes used as voter IDs.

  8. I forgot my phone at home and I’m dyslexic or something. Also my religion doesn’t allow to share tracing history.

  9. old people dont have those phones or even know what an app is …so they will have pfoblems..
    trump lies but i believe we will have vaccine in weeks not months
    aka things will improve and # s of dead infrcted will go down and maybe feb/ march expats can return…no fuckin apps or other shit…covid yesterdays news….hope. so…

  10. Thanks for the informative video Reekay! I hope all your followers appreciate the time and effort it takes to create and edit video content for us to enjoy.

  11. Yet another hoop to jump through. Oh well, if this sort of thing can get me back into The Phils, I’ll be downloading a new app I suppose.

  12. This is one step towards worse things likely to follow. If they require a vaccine to travel that will be a deal breaker for me.

  13. good content ReeKay whether it be good news or bad thanks for sharing i believe this will be the norm for flying anywhere by the end of the year.

  14. Although it sounds like big brother aka communism, this could be a step toward reopening. I will reluctantly comply. I know many guys think it is absurd because all data is permanent according to the many. Welcome to 2020. This year will go down in history. Thanks for being the point man on all of this, Reekay.

  15. As far as Privacy…
    As far as Security…
    If the Government want’s the information, They will require/request the Airport/App to provide it….
    Hmm printing a QR code would not be tracing you…
    If you don’t use a Technology Advanced Phone/ Smartphone
    Then the paper QR code can not trace your activity other than the information you provided…

  16. QR Code? ….more like BIG BROTHER spying on you! Simple fix, just turn off the app when you check in a flight.

  17. These are all signs of the New World Order,. people slowly are being sucks in. Telling you that it’s only for this purpose and that purpose. Yet not revealing the really true meaning which is : Total control of human life and domination . If we go like sheeps and accept everything, we will be the slaves of this New World Order.

  18. Remember when Clapper, from Obama’s NSA, swore up and down, under oath, to Congress that the NSA was not spying on Americans? It didn’t take long till Snowden blew all that to “H”, “E”, double toothpicks.

  19. Have Andriod10 OS on phone and tablet. The app says incompatible with all my devices. App says it good with Android 4.4 and up. Fucked up app needs to been fix.

  20. Those slips of paper are a joke you can put Robison Crusoe any address phone number and who would know guards don’t have the time or inclination to check the info

  21. Hi Ricky. Just looked at installing ,,t,, app
    It only lets you open app if that can access all photos and video stored on the pH memory .
    Thay are using the app to find out everything about you.
    I’m going to by my self a cheep
    ,, Cherry phone, with no photos on it are any thing . A blank phone
    Then thay can spiy on nothing

  22. I can’t find it in Netherland. The “CoronaMelder” app as wel. No signs when we gonna be able to travel yet?

    Find truth link, but it for Phillipins or Asia region only!

  23. Ricky this app is not available for download on Play store in England…
    Traze – Contact Tracing ples can you give a link to this as I’m English and have filipion wife a son

  24. Never let a crisis go to waste. The airlines have the passenger list. Virus my ass. Authoritarians are on the move in 2020.

  25. Who is mandating this? A new communist leader in government? Its all about governement control. This is the beginning of the end for the Phillipines. Its a a clear violation of Human Freedom. Once your freedom is gone, its gone! This technology will only grow from here to full scale control on people. Why not offer everyone proven therapeutics instead of taking everyone’s Freedom away?

  26. IMHO this sets a dangerous precedent. It assumes:
    (1). We all have cell phones and submit to having them – our personal private property – used by government.
    (2). We trust the software developers of this app. Made in China, by any chance…?
    (3). We all have data plans overseas.
    (4). We all have roaming plans for regular voice phone calls, and can be reached on a mobile number at any place, any time.
    (5). We trust the government’s software and database at their end to not make mistakes – so when it says we were in potential proximity of an infected person of course we all trust that it’s flawless.
    (6) Coming Soon… we all trust this stuff to the extent that we would submit to quarantine if it told us we were in harm’s way, or were a risk to the public.

    Yah right.

    The moment we as a society buy into this stuff, we lose a HUGE slice of liberty and self-determination that we may never get back. And under the guise of “its all for the common good”…

  27. Good information as usual, that’s why I sub to your Chanel,,,my question is how long is that Traze data good for 1 year or longer?

  28. Thanks for this info Reekay. Some won’t like it, but if it’s a step towards being able to go back there, I guess there is no choice. Not a big deal for me tbh.

  29. Hmmm, the App says it is incompatible with all my devices.
    (Im in the USA at this time)
    Including my Samsung Galaxy 10, Samsung Tab 4 & my LG that currently has a globe chip in it..
    super epic…
    I will have to pay for load before I arrive back in the PH & hope that it is suddenly compatible once im on PH data

  30. Beat ya to the punch Henry.. I downloaded Traze yesterday when the word came out on a American Veterans FaceBook page… I read on that page that people were have problems downloading to their IOS phones.. I have an Android phone.. I went to the play store, and typed in Traze contact tracing into the search engine.. App does not exist was the answer I got.. I then typed in #Traze, and the app came up for install immediately.. I did not read the part where the info will be purged from the system every 30 days.. Does that mean we will have to re-register every 30 days?? I wouldn’t think so.. Anyway you have to play with it a little bit to get it to perform correctly.. There is a Philippino flag in the upper right hand corner of the app, and I had to click on that before the other two boxes in order to project a QR code, or to read one… Thanks for the info!!! Take care..

  31. Yes …another agenda 21 lock down here in certain areas only ..park closed on one side of street. Line ups for your alcohol on.other side of street. ……what a joke

  32. the contact trace has pretty much died out now nobody is using the app or slips of paper and the shops and malls done require it either

  33. QRs are “optional” in Digos City but no supplied sheets for signing in are provided at malls. Scan is required to enter malls and every individual store within. So it is essentially required. Davao will soon be releasing one which will be required to even enter the city. I smell big brother. Davao has just reissued a stay at home order for under 20 and above 60 again by the way.

  34. So… QR codes, face shields, face masks, personal air purifiers…. Fuck right off Philippines, I’d rather just stay at home, they think people will want to come back with all this bullshit? I don’t think so, Philippines has so much red tape anyway this just adds to the mess.

  35. Yes good infor.. But it is all B S this is not about covid. It will go a long way to tracking people to for other reason in the near future. As written in the book of Revelations.

  36. Interesting useful information thank you. I just received visa clearance will be flying to Cebu 28th November 2020. Travelling I’m sure will be a headache but better to be with wife than locked up in an ever increasing failed UK.

  37. Hope this aids in the spread there in the PH… So it’s ap “app” that generates a QR code (i.e a picture) that a scanner reads upon entry and exit to facilities? Its unavailable for download in the Play Store from Thailand but I guess there is not a lot of traffic from TH -> PH… I’m hoping this is progress…

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