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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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    1. When YT stops disconnecting me every month as a member I’ll watch the rest.
      They are getting as bad as FB!
      Cheers Henry.

  2. just stumbled upon your channel – very impressed by your content and demeanour
    Having worked/lived in Saigon, can’t wait to view this one

  3. hello Reekay, I just released my very first video on my new channel ( Filipina love connection. I have only a few subscribers
    but I know that you know 3 of them. 1 is the Filipina Pea 2 is Ging from Ging’s Adventures and 3 is SPG , Short province girl.
    I also subscribe to your channel. in my first video I talk about and mention you and all of them as well. If you could would you please
    subscribe to my channel. And if you ever feel like interviewing me it would be my pleasure. Again it’s Filipina love connection. thank you for your
    consideration. your subscriber and friend. Bobby.

    1. just a side note when The Filipina pea subscribed to my channel it was called My Filipina dream , I changed the name.
      But she is still there as a subscriber and she knows me as Bobby. Just thought you should know. One of the reasons
      I mention you in my video is your my favorite male vloggers. You are very thoughtful and so honest with everything
      you talk about. When you were talking about your 3 biggest mistakes your biggest mistake you had tears and tears coming
      down the old guys face. i can’t even imagine that. So just wanted to thank you for sharing such a intimate and personal
      relationship and event You have a fan for life my friend.

  4. Reekay have you ever decided to do a video series on the Philippines constitution comparing it to the United States Constitution?

  5. I think that there are to many me to YouTubers out there. They have no idea what they are doing. They think they can just turn on the phone and that’s it. No forethought of what they want to cover. Copy others go to the same places, copy each others music etc. You should give lessons on how to make a YouTube channel. Even then some people don’t have the talent for it……

  6. What happened to the video……it seemed to have ended abruptly at the end??? Very unusual for your videos and format.

  7. Your my first life stream ever on YT. I thought YT was 90% a music video channel (Yes I am a Dinosaur) I had a planned vacation to Vietnam, and when I searched for “American in Vietnam” you came up. Saw a few video’s and had two life sessions with you. The information you gave me about Vietnam… how to get around… hotels… the different areas… were to eat and visit… was very useful. It is hard to be tourist with limited information. I also remember Vietnam from growing up in the 60’s, not a good memory and you cleared it all up for me. I would of paid 5X the $35, it is a great deal. During our life sessions you never mentioned women, marriage, prostitutes, or push private courses. You were very professional and answered my list of questions. Sadly COVID put my vacation on hold (as well as my life).

    We all know COVID is here, and New York’s two week lockdown is still going on 8 months later. After seeing your channel other expat sites started to appear on my stream. I met a lot nice guys, seen a lot of cool video’s. SE Asia appears to be an interesting place, and one day I hope to make the rounds. It is amazing how many bloggers turned up since I started viewing YT 8 months ago. Most have there girl friends start a channel as well – which is usually a very boring and hard to watch channel.

    It is my impression that you enjoy Vblogging, you spend hours on life streams, and always give good information to the viewers. You also spend hours on your video’s, I am sure if you crunch the numbers the money you make does not add up to the time and effort you put in.

    As you appear to be one of the first and very well known Vbloggers, it puts you in the spot the light. You should limit your personal life in your video’s and life streams. Having a young GF brings out a lot of reactions from people, and you talk about Ve all the time. It is better to keep your personal life your personal life. Your channel started about you, not you and your GF. You now have a group of people tearing you apart, not good. I feel terrible for you, but you have to take some of the blame, do damage control and learn from your mistakes.

    No one gives more free and relevant information then you. The private groups I never joined, as I have no interest. You said you are a “public figure” and with that comes a lot of eyes and ears. Your a smart guy and a hard worker you will be a success at would ever you do on YT, or other ventures.

    I am sure this current video is because you are giving a lot of thought to how you conduct your channel, and what direction to take it. When I had trouble in my own business 20 years ago, a wise friend told me to go back to your roots, the roots that made you who you are today.

    Your friend Ed

  8. Yesterday fat and broke fixed the camera on his gf chest and said booby shot… Classy… One of his vlogs had a 400% increase in views in one day .. Bot nets

  9. I blame the YouTube algorithm itself for your trolls. It actually builds up the trolls’ numbers because once a person views many of your videos, the troll videos start appearing on their homepage. Each time I click on one of their videos, frankly I am amazed by their fascination with you. They’re obsessed with you and I simply don’t get it. One Hispanic guy is clearly obsessed with you, and another guy is about 60 years old and acts about 15.

    I disagree with your politics and all the conspiracy theories. Having said that – I have learned a lot about the Philippines from you. I just try to ignore your politics and take the information that I’m looking for from you.

    I have my own small channel on YouTube that has never really taken off, so I’m not one to criticize someone with over 55K subscribers. I watch your channel for information about the Philippines. Period.

  10. whats your take on these youtubers making claims about your personal expat content and the kind of verbiage you’re using about relationships and how to treat filipinas?

    1. I think those dudes are just bored in quarantine. I’ve heard the leaked tapes. It’s “locker room talk” at most. The kind of stuff guys talk about in bars.

    2. part of the bachelor course deals with sex and how that works in a relationship. it is at most maybe 10% of the content discussed. mature adults can talk about sex. juvenile-minded losers cannot.

      keep in mind that these same trolls will find fault and create gossip where there is none. whether it is lying about some vlogger cheating on his wife when he isn’t, or accusing me of committing murder when i never did.

      gossips amuse themselves trying to create a mountain from a mole-hill. and they rely on hyperbole and lies to do it. anyone that takes a troll’s word seriously is asking to be led astray from the truth. nothing good comes from them. they are truly, in all sense of the phrase, a “waste of one’s time”.

  11. So what is the deal with the Philippine government suspending the retirement visa program? Please elaborate if you know about it.

    1. they’re trying to stop chinese expats from starting pogos. it could be political but who really knows. unfortunately other expats are affected by this decision

  12. Henry, I am your old viewer from Corpus Christi.. I have watched you for years.. What bothers me seeing trolls on other channels or Facebook talking about you as if you were a pervert.. It makes me mad enough to intercede.. I explain that in all the years of watching your channel, I have never heard or seen anything that would equate you to a pervert… I know of the one you know of AO, and his ridiculous rantings, and now the new one JLB is a lunatic in my opinion.. He, I thought had straightened up, and had started a FB page that seemed OK.. In the past he has bashed other vloggers with no proof.. Take it easy Amigo… Bruce

  13. Well said. However covid changed the whole game for travel youtubers, and either they have to reinvent themselves or go bust as there’s restrictions on movements. It becomes difficult to hold an audience that was specific to travel, unless the youtuber posseses a charisma to keep them hooked with other sort of interesting content.

  14. Without a doubt you are the best informative travel blogger and all-around informative blogger out there Reekay. You do a great job and cover almost every detail even very small things others won’t even notice. For some reason that goes beyond anything I can comprhend many people seem to really like video’s that lack any kind of informative information and just show a bloggers vacation with some music playing, I don’t get it myself but those bloggers do seem to get alot of subs.

  15. Thats a tough decision to make for some i guess. Its too easy to stumble back and forth across that fine line but fortunately theres that little grey area for you to develop a ” thicker skin” so trolls dont get on your nerves lol.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea i feel you bro but isnt it necessary to develop a “kind of” personal relationship with the subs?

    2. not every new vlogger can develop that thick-skin. for them it’s best to just stick with their focused content.

  16. Mate, you share more of your personal life than any blogger I know here. Does this mean you’ll be changing direction? I Agree that the more personal stuff you share the more trolls come out of the woodwork…

    1. i somewhat began holding back on my personal-life once i returned from vietnam. i do understand that a question among viewers is, “once i get to the PH, what kind of social life can i expect?” and so i try to share that part of my life here to answer that question.

      but, as you know, there are hateful losers out there who can’t stand the contrast between a happy vlogger and their own empty lives. so they lash out to cover their own pain. for that reason i do what i can to protect my g/f. myself… i’ve been vlogging for over 7-years now. the opinions of losers who stalk vloggers for jollies means nothing to me.

  17. My channel is of my personal life. I’ve documented the dull life I had running the rat race in the States, working for pennies to having no life to packing up and boarding the plane. To my transition to happiness and a life in the Philippines. I remember watching you Reekay and all of your advise and wondering what it would be like before I left. It’s been more and less than what I imagined but I’m happy and that’s what my channel shows.

    1. I would never expose myself. I have someone running around using a similar name as mine and insulting bloggers. I put all my info on private. The shocking part is I never knew I was that important.

    1. Yes I understand that,but your small channel will grow with her in it ,and maybe I’m just saying it should be her decision

    2. i enjoy having her on-cam with me. but i also have to protect her from juvenile idiots who lack manners or decency.

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