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City At Night (45)After more than a 30 year ‘phase’ of being a nocturnal being I’ve just accepted the fact that I’m most comfortable with the evening.  It’s what I always gravitate to consistently, without effort.  How you day-walkers wake up at the crack of dawn is beyond me.  The rising of the sun is my signal it’s definitely bed-time.  


Upon arriving here in the Philippines I actually held out some hope that perhaps the 15 hour time difference would mean I’d be a day-walker too.  Perhaps I was just living on the wrong side of the planet all this time.  But.. no.  Apparently my brain has got one eye on the sun and is looking for the night.  Well, I tried.

But, I do get around in the day and have plenty of photos to prove it.  Just not many (or any) photos of me in the morning.  Afternoon, I can do afternoons.  But sunrise.. it’s like the entire planet is in reverse.

So I finally decided to start taking more photos lately at night during my walks.  I had different cameras with me at various times so the results were kinda hit and miss.  I’ll try to add in on the comments area of each pic to give you an idea of where I was or why I chose that particular location to photograph.  Most of these were shot either on Mactan or Cebu.  I’m looking forward to some night photography at the beach once I get to Bohol.  Enjoy..

Henry V.

Author: Reekay

After 49 years living in Southern California, USA, I decided to move to the Philippines despite never having been here before. I spent a year getting all the information I could online and in July, 2012, I took a leap of faith and transplanted myself first to Mactan and then began my trek through Cebu, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong and now living in Cebu City, here in the amazing Philippines.

Starting in January of 2019, I will begin a slow trek through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and possibly Malaysia, China and Japan. My itinerary is open with no big rush since I hope to share in detail what each place is like as I enjoy it for months at a time.

I am a single man taking an honest look at all that Southeast Asia has to offer, one day at a time. I hope you find my channel informative and/or entertaining. 🙂

I hope you will make use of the links I provide as they help to support some of the costs of making this channel possible. Thanks!


    1. I’m usually ‘up’ around 11am and can do my daywalker interactions after that point. But since much of what I do is online, night works best for me.. as a single guy. Now.. if I had someone waiting for me in the bedroom, now that would motivate me to make it an early night. 🙂

  1. In one of your diary posts, you said you didn’t understand how people could be “early to bed, early to rise.” Well, let me tell you Henry…there are only two breakthrough events in life that lead to that lifestyle….over 50, and marriage. You have one down and one to go! Bawahahaha 😀

  2. Henry,
    Love your writing style. Pay close attention to your “spyder sense” and don’t walk into an alley at night, never to return. Mike

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