[Photos] A Quick Visit To Mactan Shrine

Mactan Shrine Nov2012 (1)On a whim late one afternoon, Kristine and her friend Ghenda (the shorter girl) and I.. the three of us decided to take my first visit to the Mactan Shrine.  I had seen one or two photos before I’d left the States but still hadn’t been there yet.  Every year there is a reenactment of the battle between Lapu Lapu and the Spanish Army as native Filipinos fought for their independence.

The area consists of three locations all adjacent to one another.  As you approach, to the leftmactan map is a collection of restaurants and shops.  Entering through the gate of the actual grounds.. to the left is the famous statue of Lapu Lapu and to the right is the garden area.  If you go and plan to take photos.. go about 3 hours before sundown.  Not like me.. one hour before sundown and with no flash.  (Which is why I only took a few photos.)  However, for the gardens I’d suggest a tripod and taking photos at night.  It’s very beautiful, well maintained and quite romantic with it’s paths and benches around the grounds.

Depending on when you visit the lagoon area will either be filled or not.  I was there in November but I don’t remember what part of the month and the tide was pulled way back from the dock.  I guess if you really want to know the tide is in or not you can use this handy link to know for sure.  I plan to return with a tripod to get some better shots later, but for now I hope you enjoy these.

Henry V.

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