Philippines Seeking Fast-Track For Vaccinated Tourist Entry

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
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  2. On the PROOF of VAX requirement…I see one country requiring a primary proof document and a secondary document….LIKE WHAT…exactly? Good Lord! I guess save your reservation emails? Oooooooooooopppps

  3. I think they will be asking for digital proof,like the digital card we got in the USA or in Europe ,so they can scan it and get to the source.when i got my shot i got a digital card with scannable bar code

  4. So one thing to hold a reaonable belief that we do not know as much as we would like about the vaccines. That is wholly different from FORGING TRAVEL DOCUMENTS. If forged documents are a criminal violation…is it worth the risk for many here? I respect PRESIDENTE way too much! 😉 If I choose to enter, only by jumping perfectly through every hoop.

  5. So just thinking if VAXed is enough. I don’t see them departing from Thailand regime…NEgative PCR 72 hours before…VAX…2 PCRs and 7-10 days quarantine on landing. Which I would take today….yayhay. In the US, you got 50% Max Virus and 50% Min Virus. Pick your tribe…and push for your side. That is NOT the Philippines. In conversations with 100s of Filipinos over the last 15 months….I cannot find a single Min Virus attitude. About 30% are frustrated with mismanagement. But everyone defends the seriousness of the virus and the need for the government to protect the people. HAPPY HAPPY to be wrong and hear VI tell me that the virus is non-sense. WEEEH! Where on earth do you find people with everyone wearing the ridiculous EYE SHIELDS. ONLY in the Philippines. The Philippines is NOT HAPPY to let a single case slide through the airport without total defense. That’s TEST…VAX…TEST…Quarantine…TEST! Their country…their reality…their welcome to the Philippines MA’am Sir! Let alone if they can execute in the 6 months before Dec 1. Tick Tock.

  6. If they’re waiting “for the whole world” hopefully the Tourism Minister didn’t mean that literally. If they’re waiting for the whole to open up they may never open up. I’d say this is positive news in the right direction but maybe they could start with vaccinated SRRV Holders first and then gradually open up to general tourism. The problem is now even Residents like single SRRV Holders cannot enter without EED.

  7. Thanks for the update Henry, and also for having a balanced view of the vax. You’re right about the issues with a copy of the card, and there is some evidence of this already. That is why the Uk government, is pushing for vaccine passports for everyone that will go on a National database linked with an app on your phone. At the moment there is a big pushback against it, as it has big privacy issues about what further information will be on it. They have their eye on the Chinese model I’m sure.

  8. Those of us vaccinated in California received an official CDC card. I received mine from San Francisco VA, which has a government stamp on it and signature of the nurse who administer the vaccine. It’s white in color and a little larger then a credit card. By order of the VA, we are to keep this card in our possession at all times. It’s like having a passport.

  9. Discrimination and Segregation. Just like when the Nazi’s ordered Jews wear the “Star of David”. It will be very disappointing if the Philippines will allow this communistic approach. The C19vac is still an experimental biological agent with no safety data. Clinical trials will end in 2023.

  10. Great news. Let the vaccinated carry on with their lives and let the anti-vacers stay at home rambling about long term effects and fake pcr tests. I’ll happily get on with life fully vaccinated and let them rant and moan as their time runs out.

  11. Thanks for the update Reekay. I’m retiring in September and my wife (who is a Filipina) and I will be retiring to Iloilo. I plan to work my married retirement visa once we get resettled. I know your not in Iloilo area but I plan to travel and hope to be able to meet up with you later on. Take care and always enjoy your videos.

  12. Safe?? They have a whopping 19k deaths in almost 2 years.. whole covid is the biggest scam in World History!

  13. In Europe they are working on an app to be ready on 1 July’21, which contains your personalised QR code, if you are fully vaccinated. With this QR code you are able to freely travel to all European countries (the code will be scanned upon departure and arrival at the airport).

  14. Philippines can fold vaccination requirement into Visa granting process. In old days, You could not get any visa to US from India, unless at the time of visa interview, you could provide doctor’s certificate for having vaccinated for Diphtheria, yellow fever and so on. Philippines does require Americans to have a visa for entry to the country. So they can easily fold vaccination requirement in the Visa process. Case of Thailand is different, which does not require American passport holders to get a visa to Thailand in advance. I do not know, how they will handle it. American Government is dead set against issuing vaccination passports.

  15. vaccines will never keep up with a mutating virus…just like a flu shot…and how are they going to keep up with that when it’s determined the first vaccine is no longer effective against the new strains?

  16. Salamat Henry…i have my vaccination card ready…im in for the green lane …but not the government quarantine hotel stay like you went through…my ldr gf in Duma is anxious… but covid appears to be spiking there now so im not getting my hopes up

  17. Thank You for the latest update, you are very informed and a good person. Hope you’re Mother is still feeling well and improving, I am sure just by you being there helped a whole lot. Take care
    Wade McDonald
    Huntington Beach, California

  18. Notice they ask for protocols to be develop, so you can bet they will create a bunch of hoops to jump through that will all cost money. Not getting my hopes up at all. Just more talk. Just like the required requests for reentry endorsements for 9 A and SRRV. Sounds great. They will let us in. just get the endorsement exemption, which no one is getting from DFA. Why??? because they route the request through PRA, then to DOT, then to DFA. Only problem is none ever make it to DFA. So, they (DFA) get no request so don’t have to issue any exemption endorsements. Or something else like the arrival caps fir international travelers will remain at present or lower numbers.

  19. Here in europe whe can have a vaccinationpass greencard from july 1 i hope it will work in philippines also

  20. That is good news.
    It looks like they are trying to copy the tourist department in Thailand with their Phuket city experiment for vaccinated international travelers.
    I agree with you that it is not easy to prove you have received the vaccine. There is also no international central database of vaccinated travelers. A cheap little index card with a signature from a nurse is very easy to fake from someone with bad intentions…

  21. I’ll just stay my azz in the USA. I’m not taking a vaccine that they ADMIT disables any natural COVID antibodies you had before the vaccine. Look it up! They are not accepting donations for convalescent plasma from people that have been VACCINATED because the vaccine wipes out your natural COVID antibodies! And if it wipes out your natural COVID antibodies, wonder what other antibodies it wipes out? For those that think I’m making it up:

  22. Sounds like Great News .. I have been vaccinated ( Pfizer vaccine, No side effects ) Just do it . I was given a vaccine card , with the dates I got my shots and what kind of Vaccine it was .Even Passports and Visas and ID cards can all be faked as can so many other documents. .So if you intend to cheat the system you screw the system and you screw yourself over and the rest of us . So Just get the vaccine ,Stop freaking out over getting vaccinated .If you fear getting vaccinated just stay home. You do not belong traveling abroad with fears such as to taking a vaccine ..

  23. In China they have a booklet that looks identical to a passport. It has all the persons vaccinations in it. It is in Chinese and English.

  24. No doubt you will have to be quarantined for 10 days upon arrival (at your expense), and once released you have 2 weeks to visit only designated areas.

  25. One thing that is never considered is proof of antibodies. Better than any vaccine and completely void in any discussion.

  26. NOTE: Small Working Group (SWG) Contains: Bureau of Quarantine, Bureau of Immigration, Department of Information and Communications Technology, Department of Transportation, Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, and the Department of Trade and Industry.

    LOL…Is it really that SMALL with seven agencies 🙂

  27. With everything that I have lived in Philippines with…This too would take months to FORM into anything meaningful.

    The issue is not about vaccination or not vaccinated. its the SLOW bureaucracy….and forever taking decision….I see realistically October when they finally decide to do something about tourism when they see rest of the world opening. Philippines would never take initiation on its own..aka don’t get your hopes high …I’m still hoping America and Europe fully opens before asia can

  28. Brian tested negative at Clark after testing positive at another clinic. The clinic wanted him to pay 5000 pesos for a more accurate test. Scam

  29. In AZ you get email confirmation after each dose from the AZ department of health services; that should be proof enough

  30. In the US, besides the CDC card, the County Health dept has the official record. A verification of US covid vaccines could be done through local health depts. I got both pfizers in January at a pharmacy, a week after the second one I had County Health print out and sign my shot record. Covid, Hep A and B, typhoid, MMR, Tdap, pneumovax. All done within the last year. And still have my yellow military shot record

  31. Remember, this stuff you are letting them pump in to you is E-X-P-E-R-I-M-E-N-T-A-L.

  32. Hi Reekay, finally alittle bit of good news and hope! I’m from Toronto, Canada. Had my first shot of Pfizer the beginning of April no side affects. Here as prof you get an email from the municipality stated all the details the the vaccination. Will be getting the 2nd shot in August. Hopefully this Greenlane will be in effect by then so I can get to Manila to see my girlfriend again. We’ve been apart since March 2020.

  33. unfortunately i live in a third world state called florida , Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order prohibiting the use of COVID-19 vaccine passports in the state so i have no to think this news is for other countries not America

  34. Hello Henry and hope all is well. I personally have written very long letters to at least 6 high ranking Philippines Government officials regarding the Philippines already approve the entrance to vaccinated foreign tourists. Maybe one of my letters hit a bell! In any case, I believe that Governor Gwendolyn Garcia is on par with us tourists to allow international travel already. Time will tell my friend and stay safe!

  35. Dear which kind of vaccine should we take before coming to philppines can i know please ?

  36. The proof of vaccine could be added to your passport electronically because when they scan your passport there’s the proof

  37. Most of the people here in the states are not so interested in their medical condition, but their civil rights as a citizen of the US.. I keep telling them that the vaccine is going to be instrumental to their travel aspirations..

  38. Another step in the right direction. I will give my 2nd injection next week I am ready to retire in the Philippines and get married.

  39. Our Supreme Ruler, Governor Andrew Cuomo, instituted the Excelsior Pass phone app as a form of proof of vaccination for us NYers. “Papers, please?”

  40. Im 39, fair health and was vaccinated back in January. I figured the Philippines would require vaccination for entry. I say its worth it, nothing fell off, everything is working, im not a zombie or whatever people think the vaccine will do to them. In my experience it was comparable to getting a flu shot, feel crappy for a couple of days and that’s it.

  41. Henry another great job digging up update information. This is very promising, I have to leave and come back by april next year. I just received my first Astra Zeneca yesterday. Here in the Philippines I have a card, after my first shot.

  42. Hi reekay
    Thankyou for the info , I can’t wait to get back to the P.I . My wife and I have just finished our house and trying to get back without that money grabbing hotel rip off .
    We have both had our shots so we should be ok to leave soon

  43. I hope they don’t require a quick PCR test. According to today’s video from “Philly in the Philippines” they are bogus and can put you in quarantine.

  44. Apparently the CDC actually has control records, while I’m not 100% sure this is true my own Vaccination card was issued by the CDC and has a control number for the Moderna ( 2 shot vaccination ) I received. Interestingly the card it has several spaces for what seems to be future vaccines, maybe giving us a look what will be more vaccinations coming our way.

  45. The old rusty wheel is trying to turn a little. I still haven’t seen/heard for 15 months the 2 words ” tourist visa “. I understand there’s different visa types & this news may finally be encouraging especially for those who are displaced from there loved ones. Lets see if this IS finally some progress happening or if next week we start all over once again………………………

  46. I’ll bite my tongue on much of the wording here. Keeping up with THAILAND….Thailand has been open since October already…just do 14 days quarantine. Before the latest outbreak they were moving towards LIBERALIZATION of entry to 7 – 10 days…based on PROOF of VACCINATION. Like September? Busting their butts to get Phuket vaccinated to 70% so they can open a group tour bubble fly straight in to Phuket for 14 days and out for what was initially reported as $5000. Welcome to THAILAND Ma’am / Sir. They have already been OPEN to TOURISM VISAs for 8 months…and this is their competitive offering. WELL BRING IT BERNADETTE..ROCK ME…cannot wait for the DETAILS of the competitive offering. The GREAT GREEN LANE….Where do I buy a cute EYE SHIELD to keep myself out of lock up on P BUrgos. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!

  47. I got plenty of shots in the service and I am in pretty good shape for a 60 year old Had minimal side effects with Pfizer

  48. Been waiting on a fiancee visa for 1/1/2 years we have approval but the office closed in Manila. Hey Rekay Ed and grace from the social at Ayala.

  49. I have a Filipino daughter (10 years old) who is a minor and another daughter scheduled for delivery (c-section) May 26th. Last week for the second time my visa application was sent back (not denied). The unsigned letter from Philippine consular general Los Angeles stated first I must obtain dfa exemption before they issue a visa. They have created an ever changing quagmire of requirements that make it cumbersome to see my family. It seems they should prioritize first immaterial of vaccination status the reunification of mixed foreign/Filipino families.

  50. What’s an example of a “well-founded concern” regarding getting vaccinated? Around 200 million Americans are now vaccinated, with an extremely tiny sliver having any serious side effects or other problems. On paper, the MRNA vaccines are the safest ever developed. I received the Pfizer vaccine.

  51. It’s a vaccine passport plain and simple, pretty soon you’ll need it do go anywhere, or do anything. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is closed at the moment.

  52. A lot of brain surgeons in this world.
    Phillipines. Insult 4 billion unvacinated people who could spend money in your country.

    Way to use your heads.

    Whispering. Pst ….. do you really think freedom loving people who have given fauci the proverbial … you are #1 sign (middle finger) are going to be coerced by the Phillipines? …… smile

  53. Once vaccinated, you can never be unvaccinated. Vaccines do not prevent infections and they do cause disease.

  54. Let see what happens now. It sounds good but for sure a plan must be worked out and the imagration department need to be fully on board. Intersting though this vedio. Thank you for this and keepoing us imformed.

  55. I have a fully vaccinated CDC vaccine card from My In network hospital Can backup on my profile online but there will likely be an App for this also

  56. My wife and I both received an official CDC form/card that we were vaccinated. But I suppose that could be easily faked. Maybe proof of appointments would help. I hope this gets approved soon as my Filipina wife and I will be traveling to the Philippines soon. Thanks for passing on this info.

  57. When I received my 2 vaccinations of the Pfizer medication I was given an official card that verified the dates in which I received each dose. Also at the top of the card it states “COVOD-19 Record Card”. Then out to the side there is an emblem and the letters CDC. Additionally on the card there were inscriptions that also showed the vaccine batch number for each injection in which they were different d/t the 3 week wait period. I keep a photo copy of the vaccination card on my cell phone, that way I always have proof with me.

  58. We are slowly returning back to normal in Hawaii. Our gym allows fully vaccinated people to workout without masks from today.

  59. Thanks Reekay….I got my shots a few months ago so I am hopeful that we can return by this fall if not sooner….Thanks again my friend…

  60. Help me to understand this Henry, the Philippines can’t get even a 10% of the population to get vaccinated, but let in vaccinated people. You can still get the virus, look at Bill mahr got it after getting vaccinated. So even if all the foreign travelers are vaccinated they can and most likely going to get.
    Personally I don’t believe the hype on the fake pandemic, as far as the stats goes. All deaths are inflated greatly. I just wish they would realize they didn’t really have. With 19k deaths out of 111 million that is so Minuscule.

  61. Sounds good. It’s coming. I’ve been twice to Thailand n once to small part of Cambodia. Was planning the Phillipines n then COVID struck. It’s been nearly 4 weeks since my Moderna 2nd vaccination at Walgreens. They gave good documentation n I had absolutely no issues whatsoever. I’m ready for later in year or early next year to see parts of Phillipines. Thanks as always for your program.

  62. As part of their plans, Bill Gates and his goons said people will have to get a vaccine passport to travel.

  63. I would not go to the Philippines till they remove all their weird restrictions. Drop the age restrictions, lockdowns, masks and face shields and I consider a trip.

  64. Man I need this…. I sold everything to move there a year ago and still waiting around in my empty apartment. Getting real old.

  65. Reekay hoping and praying that this can become a reality in the coming months. I am fully vaccinated, and just waiting. Thanks for sharing.

  66. Wow, thanks for the update Reekay, unfortunately there is a push back in Australia against vaccination passports but in my mind for someone that want’s to return to the PI a Digital Covid vaccination passport issued by the Australian government or even a digital record on my passport that has a digital chip (like a credit card chip) inserted into the passport will be an excellent way of recording vaccination, these chips are read at every entry point by a scanner and it’s part of my passport and really can’t be forged.

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