Philippines Purchases First Vaccines & Eases Re-entry For Expat Spouses

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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    1. Hi Reekay, there are a couple of things about the AstraZeneca vaccine that might be noteworthy. First, I read somewhere in the news that this vaccine takes two doses in order to be effective. So, the 2 million doses will benefit only 1 million citizens. Secondly, the AstraZeneca vaccine costs only about $3/dose vs Pfizer’s $20/dose. Thanks for your invaluable information.

  2. I wonder why the Philippines are not buying the vaccines from the US . Because the US vaccines are going to be available way before May 2021.

  3. Question: My wife and I plan on returning to PI and taking advantage of her former Filipino citizen (balikbayan status) which last time gave us 1 year in the country. We do plan on retiring there permanently but just want to get in country first and deal with all the immigration stuff later. For the purposes of saving money, do we need to get a round trip ticket or can we get a one-way with a cheap onward ticket to another Asian country. I have never done this before that’s why I ask. Thanks. Tony

  4. Premier of Ontario Canada has announced military will be in charge of distribution of vaccine in military fashion ..true style of a covid opperaton being forced on people …not fiction check it out. .

  5. Imagine a world where a vaccine produced in a rush, and 90% effective, is being touted as some kind of messiah to ‘save us all’ from a virus with a 99.9% survivabilty for those of working age or younger if they are fit and healthy. Corruption opportunities off the chart of course. And huge face-saving properties for politicians. I apply these remarks internationally. I’m not targeting anywhere in particular.
    And exactly when in history were pandemics measured in ‘cases’?

  6. Imagine a world where a vaccine produced in a rush, and 90% effective, is being touted as some kind of messiah to ‘save us all’ from a virus with a 99.9% survivabilty for those of working age or younger if they are fit and healthy. Corruption opportunities off the chart of course. And huge face-saving properties for politicians. I apply these remarks internationally. I’m not targeting anywhere in particular.

    1. yes, if an expat has a child in the PH he can enter the country. documentation will be required. best to get the full info from the nearest PH embassy or consulate.

  7. Yesterday I was speaking to my brother who works for the FAA here in the Dallas area and he is saying that we will need a vaccination certificate to travel abroad before all of this is over. I also discussed with him about how long it could be before everything opens up for travel. His response was: a long time. His wife works in management for American and her response was there down 71% from last November, 2019.

  8. 1st mandatory masks, then mandatory vaccines, then the Mark of the Beast microchip, controlled by 5G. Join the resistance!

  9. I believe the AZ vaccine is a 2 dose regimen…so it’s only 1M who could be vaccinated (or less than 1% of the population).

  10. Anyone that takes this coming vaccine….has no clue how dangerous it is, and how it will effect and change their lives forever..

  11. Like i have said before, forget phils for 2021, shoot for 2022 and beyond,,,, sad but true, this thing will take time,, think of just the logistics in phils, you cant find half the people hiding in provinces etc,, just my opinion

  12. Unfortunately with only 2 million doses that covers 1 million people the prospect of Chinese vaccines being used is still very likely. The report I saw on AstraZeneca’s production out of India is for 1.2 billion doses next year. That will mostly be used by India itself and the remainder is already allocated.

  13. so many months ago you said march now whats current guess?
    for tourist alliowed in? summer?
    next winter…just a rough guess here or in a video …much thx,:

  14. Well if they allow vaccinated foreigner back and have a covid fee for tourists of say $50, that could go far in raising funds for all citizens on Philipines. That’s my suggestion . Please add some ideas in response

  15. And how do you know how much the hotel that they will be putting you in corentin in and how do you find out to make Arrangements

    1. that would be arranged when booking the flight. most times you are given a list of options and the price for the stay.

  16. Do you think you may have to bring paperwork to prove that your married to someone in the Philippines and what type of paperwork would you need from the US to the Philippines

    1. you absolutely need to bring either an official marriage certificate or apostille authenticated copy. it would be best to contct either the PH embassy/consulate nearest you for exact requirements before booking a flight.

  17. Sounds like they want guinea pigs.
    What’s in the vaccine?
    Are there published clinical trials to view?
    Why not just have test done before travel?
    Who profits from this?
    What are the long term side effects?
    So many questions unaswered.

  18. So please explain , im confused. If a married man with a child goes back to his country for Christmas does he still need to send his passport and Documents to the philippine embassy and get a 9 A visa before he can enter the philippines ? Or is showing his marriage and child birth certificate upon arrival good enough ? Question is do you still need a visa ??

  19. I guess even baby steps are something positive, but it doesn’t feel like we will be allowed back in anytime soon. Even then, the airlines will probably insist on passengers showing evidence of vaccination, and citizens from countries with high virus cases might be restricted. Thanks as always for the latest updates Reekay, enjoy your weekend.

  20. I maybe dumb bro but i think it said that prebooking of quarantine facility. That means i still have to quarantine for 14 of my 27 days of free visa? Dont get me wrong bro cause i REALLY APPRECIATE everything you do for us but im not sure this is a good deal for me. Thanks tho bro for this vid and ill continue to watch you like ive always done for 6 years for your continued updates.

  21. 2 doses per person for treatment. So less that 1% would be treated initially. Probably this would go to healthcare workers or prominent politicians, business people.

    1. in the past, 15-million vaccinated has been average. i don’t see a 100% vaccination happening any time soon. nor do i believe it should be made compulsory.

    1. Research his father..a eugenics fan..and why is gates regarded as an expert on medicine with no medical qualifications..why did gates refuse any vaccinations for his children?

  22. A key point of the new 7 December announcement is that they will allow former Filipino citizens and their family members as well. That is big because many didn’t take the time to get dual citizenship thus a rush that had created backlogs at Philippine embassies world wide from former Filipinos trying to get dual citizenship

  23. Thank you for your straight forward information. I mean all of it. From dating, marriage and traveling. Keep it coming.

  24. So if you was a guessing man do you think me and the wife will be able to come and visit in late March without quarantining? I got tickets before this corona thing took off. I’m only gonna be there a month and I would hate to be stuck up somewhere for two weeks just to visit the family for two weeks and then go home.

    1. i see late-march 2021 as the earliest borders would open. it’s more likely to occur near june, when the vaccines are actually delivered and administrated.

  25. Moving into the right direction?? Lockdown until May, June or July next year. Always remember: Big Pharma = Big money plus a bunch of corrupt politicians involved. Someone will get very rich in the Phils pretty soon. For these guys things will move into the “right” direction indeed. For the other folks, they will just get sick after their so called “vaccination”. Watch the long term damage. By the way: An influenza virus is always active in the cold season, during winter-months (November, December, January, February). How the hell can an influenza virus survive and thrive in a tropical climate?? That’s impossible! Makes you think?! Food for thought…. Fact is: PCR tests are useless and numbers are made up, for political reasons. End of story.

  26. Hello Henry and great update. That’s right people- NO TRAVEL for at least 8 to 10 more months so plan on going elsewhere in S.E. Asia!

  27. Paralysis, death, extreme migraines are some of the effects of vaccines tested so far. Shocking just how many brainwashed dopes are lining up fir it. No thanks! I have an immune system for that.

  28. Developing countries are going to buy the AZ vaccine because the cost to produce is less than 3 dollars and stored at 6c, the other vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are significantly more expensive and need to transported / stored at minus 60 to minus 70. Possibly private companies will buy the AZ vaccine and sell it on for 10 bucks or something

  29. Reekay, Thank you for the awesome news. seen at least 3 other vloggers giving similar updates, so it seems to be real. to SOME of us this is FANTASTIC news. My wife and I have been banging our heads against the wall since march trying to get home to the Philippines. yesterday we could only get a 9A visa 3 months max, now we can stay for a minimum of a year, without a Visa .. so MAJOR improvement for us. We can also now bring our older children along because there is no age restrictions. Who cares about vaccines or no vaccines, we can finally leave this, what used to be the USA.

  30. 2 million doees, with 2 doses per person, means less then 9% of the population will see the first round of vaccine recipients. I bet foreigners are at the end of the line as well.

  31. Every year the DOH does a national vaccine drive. Out of the 110 million pop, the highest number vaccinated in any year was 15 million. Their infrastructure (as we all know) is really poor in this area, then you add the storage temperature requirements will over tax there system. Duterte said several months ago the had all ready done some per-purchase of the vaccine(which most counties have done). There has been a lot of money raised from all over the world, WHO & private donations for poor countries. I think I read a story of a South Korean man who donated 2 billion peso’s to the phils for vaccines.

  32. There is no virus, and this scamdemic has nothing to do with any virus. Better wake up or suffer more mind control measures hehe.

    1. It’s easier to lie to people than convince them they are being lied to. People will be dying in the streets 7-8 months after taking the covID vaccine.

  33. I’ve heard they are reinstating Balikbayan visa. As of December 7 2020. Filipina must accompany foreigner Husband/children.

    1. I could get back in to the Philippines with my wife who lives with me in the states and is a citizen of the Philippines. But with all the goofy restrictions they have over there why would anybody want to go visit right now?
      The United States is so much bigger but we have so much fewer restrictions than the Philippines. I’ve been to a lot of places were no one even bothers to wear a mask. I work in a large city and I’m out in the public every day. I only wear a mask where it is mandatory and I have had zero problems whatsoever.

    2. yes, for the balikbayan visa, the filipina must physically enter the PH with her foreign spouse for him to avail of it is my understanding.

  34. Again again again…since March 13…Duterte has made clear…EFFECTIVE vaccine is required BEFORE wide spread reopening…2%..not gong to get it….30%…not going to get it….without MORE…2022 starts to enter the conversation. More and more I feel THAILAND in my future.

    1. i stated way back in late May that yes… just because a vaccine is ‘available’ in december is no guarantee the borders will open in december. (even thought that is what was inferred in the press.) it will take until march/2021 before protocols are even put in place to begin immunizations. it could even be until june before the actual vials show up in-country.

  35. Thank you very much for your Update, Reekay. I like your content !
    Sad to hear, that the gov. will ab(use)d PH citizen as Guinea Pig for the Rest of the World. Don’t misunderstand me, i hope they find a vaccine too, but not for the price of untested, unproofed vaccines (longtime).
    Astrazenca is NOT proofed for people older than 50years. Sorry Reekay! 😉

    And all other, like BionTech and Moderna (Pfizer is just the contract producer of BionTech)
    1. are NOT responsible for some issues later on
    2. their mRNA-vaccine is NOT a proofed by any other scientist (which is a standard procedure)
    Stay safe and be patiently. I wish you and Vee a happy, joyful weekend.

    1. @MEN 101 unfortunately, as we’ve seen, America and the rest of the world is overrun with clueless sheep. Let them take the vaccine and pay the price.

    2. Let’s face it. CovID vaccine is pure poison. Only an unaware madman would allow themselves to be injected with a vaccine that was rushed and untested. They don’t even know what it will do to their DNA since it needs to be kept -70 C. This is worse than any bad sci fi movie going wrong, except it’s your health going down the toilet.

    1. This is a major f**k up. The machines were only half filling the capsules. Nobody checked? It’s a bit of a worry when they don’t check the basics.

  36. Yet you see nobody dropping dead from the virus. You may already be immune to it. Why do you still need it if this vax is based on the mutation in January?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea All I’d like is the naysayers to bring my family and friends back…

    2. @Brian P it’s easier to fool people than convince them they are being fooled. Must suck to have a low IQ… Brian.

    3. it’s ‘interesting’ that when covid first appeared in wuhan.. people were dropping dead in the streets in all the footage we were shown.

      but now that covid is all over the planet… nobody is dropping dead in the streets anywhere. hmmm.

    4. @SAGUS – Philippine Destiny I bet they all went on a high pip ventilator. Yeah, I have video evidence of that too.

    5. I have with 4 friends that died here in the USA. Filipina wife in nursing has seen it too. Many deaths in the Midwest’s and on the rise.

  37. That seems kind of suspicious to me. Private businesses bought it and not the government and only a couple million? It sounds more like someone’s getting ready to pull a scam to me and maybe pre-sell these at an inflated rate to some of the public.

    1. That is a bit extreme I would say. But as you say it’s just a flu. We will have a vaccine soon and then it will just fade away into history like it never happened

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