Philippines Bans Foreigners Until April 19, 2021 – Amid Rise in Manila Cases

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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  2. WHO is strongly represented in Philippines. They are the ones dictating terms to Philippines. (as well as the rest of the world)

  3. Dear reekay, i think your are the best in information and knowledge anout things ive evet seen. I love thailand and the Philippines and if ever wanting a view your the trusyed guy congratulations, my husband watches you and i now love it

  4. Reekay Is it true you used the N word to a black Man? I certainly hope this is not true as I have been a long time subscriber and I am a black Man.

    1. i can only guess you heard this lie from the trolls. it is untrue. i’ve never said such a thing.

      this is what they do. they spout lies hoping someone will believe it. they are little girls in search of attention. don’t wast your time with such idiots.

  5. I am glad I left there in January! The idiocy of the leaders from top to bottom is laughable. They keep doing the same thing that doesn’t work over and over, further plunging their citizens into poverty. Those idiots should be vaccinating the elderly first if the goal is to prevent deaths. I am in no hurry to get back to that fucking goat rodeo!

  6. By international treaty, PH must accept repatriating citizens. They can’t ban them or force other countries attempting to deport them to keep them.

  7. As I understand it, Philippines is overall doing well with COVID, except for Manila / Cebu. Manila is as I recall the most populated city on Earth, really difficult to control. America with the Miami spring break will create yet another wave across the country. Hopefully the virus will not mutate, making the newest vaccines useless.

    1. Garanteed, Ehi Gov. De Santis we’ll send so many positive troblemakers… He should have closed the borders if he was really smart.

  8. THIS will go on until the economy is totally destroyed. Then, some entity will buy the place at 1 cent to the dollar. There will be no tourists, in Europe and US many potential turists have lost jobs and income.

  9. Thailand continues to keep allowing foreigners by FILLING quarantine hotels. THAT… SOLVES.. THE.. PROBLEM! Duterte needs new, smarter advisors.

  10. Good to see you still doing your thing. haven’t watched a video for a long time and more than a year ago you were a big inspiration to me to actually make the move to the Philippines. One year of covid later and I’m ready to sell it all and move out there more than ever. People just seem happier there than in America. If you feel like commenting I’d like to know your thoughts on general does it seem like Filipino people are just happier than Americans that live on the West coast

  11. I would like to know The rules for someone that got all the covid-19 vacines. Are allow to enter the Philippines?

  12. Ny council tries everything so stop me , I am the husband of a Filipino wife and they still don’t let me out of the USA

  13. Foreigners were largely banned. They allowed investors in but they’re pulling that back. Spouses and children of filipinos can still enter but only with a visa and only if they arrive with the filipino. Case counts are more important than the weather now…

    1. we’re doing great. just enjoying our privacy lately. still crazy about each other. 🙂

  14. This circus side show has absolutely NOTHING to do with our health. As though any govt. gives a bucket of turds
    about the common mans heath. It is all political, economics and CONTROL. Agenda 2030.
    Time to wakey wakey

  15. I can understand if they require a negative covidtest and health insurance the rest is just completed BS

  16. As usual one wonder what scientific method is used to create such restrictions…much better to spend one’s money within your country of origin or residence and support it’s economy..

  17. Always remember target dates here in the Philippines are moving targets. Right now, if the only foreigner allowed in is James Bond and his buddies. If you are in Davao City don’t throw away your 3 dat pass.

    1. as mentioned in the video, granular-lockdowns are specific to a single barangay/neighborhood.. not the entire city.

    1. Exactly…….vaccine or no vaccine, it will continue till Great Depression will appear again. So much money has been printed last 12 months….hyper inflation will come soon.

  18. Before taking an experimental medical device (aka vax) I’d watch how Australia and New Zealand does as they head into winter and flu season. The question is auto-immune enhancement creating cytokine storms (often leading to death), autoimmune diseases for life and/or chronic diseases.

    It’s the same as Dengvaxia which killed over 600 Philippine children due to autoimmune enhancement but on a much, much larger scale. People whom took the vaccines may become ‘reactors’ for new ‘variants’ (asymptotic or symptomatic carriers) which their auto-immune systems can no longer destroy due to the mRNA. Watch for huge spikes in ‘variants’ in places where they have had mass vaccinations. The mRNAs tend to also suppress completely the M2 macrophages (which means no healing or cleanup of tissues) while exciting a M1 macrophage storm.

    Also with the PCR tests aside from being up to 100% wrong (40+ amplification) and also being very, very easy to dial up any desired result (ensure a false result to get more $$ in quarantine hotel scams – a new version of ‘bullet proofing’) the DNA samples are used by B&< G///ates Foundation for a huge amount of money - selling it to C///hinese military interests where your DNA is sequenced. In other words, no swab test as it's basically paying for your own DNA sample to be sold at huge profit to militaries, multinationals and biometric databases around the world.

    1. Too many people in the P.I. – no msm will ever report deaths due to the vaccine. You ain’t seen nothing yet. VIP and Politicians will take a placebo or just distilled water.

  19. March 18, 2020 / Now / Gain
    1. Jeff Bezos 113-Billion 189-Billion +76 Billion
    2. Bill Gates 98-Billion 114-Billion +16 Billion
    * Since Bill has major stakes in the forced vaccines and testing which is a market in the tens-of-TRILLIONS – his net worth is about to skyrocket
    3. Mark Zuckerberg 55-Billion 95-Billion +16-Billion
    4. Warren Buffet 68-Billion 80-Billion +12-Billion
    5. Larry Ellison 59-Billion 79-Billion +12 Billion
    6. Steve Balmer 53-Billion 71-Billion +18 Billion
    7. Elon Musk 25-Billion 68-Billion +43-Billion

  20. Testing (PCR) can be risky. Aside from the accuracy being as low as 0% if dialed up enough (there’s many examples of ‘positive tests’ from tap water, distilled water, applesauce, Coke, Diet-Coke, various fruits, birds and animals as well as nothing at all tested!) it can be used to covertly vaccinate (nano technology, nasal vaccinations have long been used on livestock) as well as DNA harvest a person.

    With the latter look into G//ates, C//CP, and so forth – they are making a fortune harvesting DNA for online biometric databases in China and various Intel operations.
    You’ll also find about 98% of the pharmaceuticals linked to DNA harvesting and

    Source: *Why is B//ill G//ates Funding Chinese DNA-Harvesting Tech?*
    According to reports B//ill G//ates is funding Chinese firms which are gathering data using DNA harvesting technology. The research is fueled by Covid testing allegedly.

    “.. The company has recently come under fire following a 60 Minutes exposé on the company’s use of COVID-19 tests to “collect, store and exploit biometric information” on American citizens, according to former U.S. intelligence officials. What’s more, a recent Reuters article linked the firm to the Chinese Communist Party’s military. ..”

    “.. 1. B//ill and M//elinda G//ates F//oundation funds 98.2% of the pharmaceuticals known for DNA harvesting and alteration in the Western hemisphere

    2. Bill and his father sit on the international board of eugenics

    “.. BGI Group, the world’s largest genomics company, has worked with China’s military on research that ranges from mass testing for respiratory pathogens to brain science, a Reuters review of research, patent filings and other documents has found.

    The review, of more than 40 publicly available documents and research papers in Chinese and English, shows BGI’s links to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) include research with China’s top military supercomputing experts. The extent of those links has not previously been reported.

    BGI has sold millions of COVID-19 test kits outside China since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic, including to Europe, Australia and the United States. Shares of BGI Genomics Co, the company’s subsidiary listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange, have doubled in price over the past 12 months, giving it a market value of about $9 billion. ..”

  21. *Revised CDC Survival Rates* :
    (Including people with other health issues such as: cancer, diabetes, cancer..)
    00 – 19 99.997%
    20 – 49 99.98%
    50 – 69 99.5%
    70+ 94.6%

    1. The problem with Governments is they run with incorrect info and when you look into this scam , covid is a cold virus and a vaccine don’t work for cold viruses , so this so called vaccine is useless , also viruses keep mutating . The more tests they do will increase numbers because the test is faulty and will say a cold is covid .

  22. Lets view this the depop ‘jab’ another way. A passenger jet from concept to first jet is at least 10-years – and that’s mostly using proven technology and processes. Think: Boeing 737MAX. A vaccine/pharmaceutical drug takes about 10 to 15 years (Viagra took 10 years and it was in already use for other medical reasons).

    Now lets say the airline manufacturer industry which is just about to go bankrupt, suddenly, the people with BILLIONS and BILLIONS of shares at stake:

    – in just 2 months comes out with a brand new airplane (concept to 1st jet),
    – it’s all 100% never seen before technology, there are no wings or jet engines and the materials have never been used before,
    – of the known 400 defects and health alerts (including death) are scrubbed from social media sites like Fa/ebook,
    – in some cases they will not tell anyone how it works,
    – they decide that due to CAD/CAM there’s no reason for tests, test pilots,
    – the 3 single tests that they did do all ended in disaster, the last killing 100% of the test pilots. They have decided no further tests are required and the reports are buried,
    – the airlines and all level of governments have laws passed to make it illegal to sue them for any damages or deaths and passengers assume all liability for injury or deaths,
    – attempts are made to keep the *voluntary* database which tracks issues (ie: crashes, failures, near failures..) on paper and not computerized, no one is told it exists and , less then 1% actually use it (or know about it),
    – all media is tightly controlled, all opposing views are destroyed
    – the entire world is told they MUST fly across the ocean at least twice in a month (however they fail to tell the people that this will become monthly, mandatory, if they ever want to buy groceries or work again),
    – no one worldwide is allowed to travel for a year before this take place using very, very, VERY ‘suspect’ reasons
    – early reports are huge issues, large numbers of deaths
    – the owners/shareholders just all happen to be hard core eugenicists and sociopaths – all pathological liars – whom think the world is overpopulated,

    … would that not sound a few ‘alarms’ inside your head???

  23. So what’s the solution to opening up this beautiful country to tourism again? Will they eventually require a vaccine before entry? In addition to the testing and quarantine already in place? Some don’t trust the vaccines…

    1. Fuaci and the gov said it themselves, the vaccine doesn’t protect you from covid. And it even has a chance to increase the mutation rate.

  24. They are not ‘vaccines’. The mRNA’s are experimental, untested medical device or treatment.

    Source: Here’s why mRNA injections do not meet the legal definition of ‘vaccine’
    What is an mRNA injection? ‘Let’s be very clear,’ says scientist David Martin, ‘This is not a vaccine!’

    “.. Let’s make sure we’re clear on something. *Let’s stipulate that this is not a vaccine. We need to be very clear that we’re using the term vaccine to sneak this thing in under public health exemptions. This is not a vaccine* . This is an mRNA, packaged in a fat envelope, delivered to a cell. This is a medical device designed to stimulate the human cell into becoming a pathogen creator. It is not a vaccine. Vaccines are actually a legally defined term. And they’re a legally defined term under public health law. They’re a legally defined term under CDC and FDA standards, and a vaccine specifically has to stimulate, both an immunity within the person receiving it but it also has to disrupt transmission. And that’s not what this is. They have been abundantly clear in saying that the *mRNA strand going into the cell is not to stop transmission. It is a treatment* . But if, it was discussed as a treatment it would not get the sympathetic ear of the public health authorities because then people would say well what other treatments are there?

    1. Lockdowns don’t work to stop a virus even the morons at the WHO admit that. The only lockdown we need is for people promoting lockdowns!

  25. Source: *Australian Navy caught in massive coronavirus vaccine side effects COVER-UP as sailors collapse into “critical condition” following vax jabs* :

    “.. The mainstream media does not want anyone to know that *sailors in the Australian Navy have been dropping like flies ever since Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines became available to them* .

    Numerous stories detailing the horrific adverse events incurred by members of the Australian military have been completely scrubbed from the web. Some of them have been replaced with highly sanitized propaganda pieces claiming that only “mild side effects” are being observed.

    *Gregg Hunt, Australia’s Health Minister, who pushed the experimental gene therapy injections on his nation’s military, fell “critically ill” himself just one day after getting jabbed for the Chinese virus* . All of this has created major setbacks for the pro-vaccine lobby, which is having an increasingly harder time convincing people to get stabbed.

    Fake news outlets like the Daily Mail Online (U.K.) have been pulling stories about deadly vaccine reactions in an attempt to convince people that the jabs are “safe and effective.” The cat is already out of the bag, though.

    “ *Our health minister is still in the hospital from the day after he had his injection!” wrote one trusted contact in Australia to Principia Scientific International. “Not a word about the navy hospitalisations* . What a way to take out a country’s military … In just one jab!”

    *As for Health Minister Hunt, early reports that have since been scrubbed indicated that he developed a “suspected infection” following his injection, requiring that he be “kept overnight for observation.” Hunt is also “being administered antibiotics and fluid” for his adverse reaction* . ..”

    “.. Meanwhile, *the Australian government is quietly “walking away” from plans to mass vaccinate the nation’s residents. Apparently, they know something that they are not telling people, mainly that jabbing people en masse would almost certainly lead to mass injury and death* . ..”

  26. Keep in mind in 1918 is the Dr. G///ates (Order of Skull and Bones, Yale) whom created the serum (depop vax) which lead to the death of over 100-million. Everyone whom died had the shot, and along with forced masks, killed most whom had it. It (vax) was derived from horses. With today’s world population it would be the same as 1/2-BILLION dead. They covered it over by calling it the Spanish Flu, when it was American (Fort Riley) and not a flu (early depop vax).

    B_ill G_ates and M_elinda G_ates are well known eugenicists. You’ll note the first for the shots are the elderly, homeless, poor, mentally and physically disabled (including minor issues like deafness) and some minorities.
    — B_ill and M_elinda G_ates F_oundation (Eugenics)
    – Note in the 1st wife’s name, M_AXWELL, is it a link to Epstein and his eugenics experiments?

    W_illiam H_enry G_ates II (2025-2020) was B_ill gate’s father although he often goes by the Name B_ill G_ates Sr.. W_illiam H. G_ates II and his wife were also heavy into eugenics.
    — Head of Planned Parenthood, the rebranded American Eugenics Society

    W_illiam H_enry G_ates I (1891-1969), B_ill G_ates grandfather (and his wife) were also heavy into you guess it!, eugenics.
    – American Eugenics Society
    – On his memos in the 1930s (American Eugenics Society) he corresponds to a Dr. G_ates.

    – Dr. F_rederick G_ates was the person behind the distribution of the experimental vaccine which killed over 100-million and was called the 1918 Spanish Flu (redirection). They pulled the same scam back then – vaccine, masks to ensure the body cannot remove the toxins, radiation towers to increase tissue and cell damages (Note: radiation towers are now called radio towers).
    – You’ll find the start of the C_hinese labs, J_ohn H_opkins, R_ockefeller’s (also into eugenics). He was a member of the Order (S_kll and B_ones) – all went to Yale.
    I find it amazing that people are not questioning B_ill G_ates vaccine which both cures world overpopulation and forever ensure a person will never, ever get sick again – all in the same vaccine no less!

  27. As many as they want. It doesn’t look for SARS-COV-2 which has never been isolated and may not even exist, but, instead DNA fragments found in over 100 different microbes as well as parts of the human genome. Over 25 cycles it’s about 5% correct, over 40 cycles, it’s near 0% correct.

    Unused swabs, water (tap, distilled, bottled), applesauce, Coke, Diet Coke, fruits such as mangos and papaya, various animals and birds have all tested positive. 100% of all tests are positive regardless of what is tested at 40+ cycles of amplification.

    Want to pretend the depop shots are working dial it down to 20 cycles and do less tests and viola less cases. Want to lockdown and bring in mandatory depop shots, dial it back up over 40 cycles (100% positives) and increase testing – it’s all a huge scam.

    Aside from being a covert way to insert global tracking technology, nanotechnology and vaccines it’s also a way to harvest DNA for huge profits. M&B G//ates ae making huge sums collecting, sequencing and selling the DNA information to the Chinese military and other multinationals. This can be used for many tings such as race and person specific bio-weapons based on individual DNA. huge amounts of money are also being made by the Chinese on the test kits (and masks and..) as well as by B&M G//ates whom provides the DNA testing chemicals.

  28. Source: *3 Million Masks a Minute: The Next Plastic Problem?* :

    “.. According to a report by OceanAsia, roughly *52 billion face masks were manufactured in 2020 to meet the demand of the coronavirus pandemic and 1.56 billion were estimated to have entered the ocean, resulting in 4,680 to 6,240 metric tonnes of face masks. These masks take as long as 450 years to completely break down* –– slowly turning into microplastics that negatively affect marine wildlife and ecosystems. ..”

  29. The vaccine is the ‘loss leader’. The global vaccine business was about 50-billion a year but the downstream drug sales for vaccine damages was about 10 times larger. The vaccine causes permanent chronic, autoimmune diseases and cancer to which there’s a huge market for pharmaceuticals sales.

    At the time of March 2020 that they were working on emergency authorization exception (EAE) for the ‘vaccines’ (which by the legal definition are NOT vaccines but experimental, untested, medical devices) they also went for the EAE for about 340 drug treatments for the ‘diseases’ the vaccines are sure to create.

    It’s little known that the pharmaceutical industry was near collapse as they only get about 20-years to sell a drug before it becomes ‘generic’ and everyone can make them. But engineering the SCAMdemic they not only got rid of any legal liability but have a huge market of sales as the autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases, cancers and so forth people will get from the ‘jab’ will last a lifetime – that means pharmaceutical customers for life.

    The pharmaceutical (means sorcery) ‘health’ industry is one of the few more corrupt and dirty then politics.

  30. Source: *The Dark History of Vaccines* :

    Does this look familiar?

    “.. England,
    *1852: Compulsory vaccination against smallpox introduced* .
    1857–1859: Smallpox epidemic kills 14,244 people.
    1863–1865: Another epidemic kills 20,059 people.
    1867: Even stricter vaccination law passed, including prosecution for those who refuse.
    1871: Chief Medical Officer of England announces vaccination rate of 97.5% has been achieved.
    1872: Worst ever smallpox epidemic, 44,840 people die.
    1898: Vaccination Act amended to allow conscientious objections.
    1907: Vaccination Act repealed.
    By 1919, vaccination rates in England and Wales have plummeted. There are 28 deaths attributed to smallpox, out of population of 37.8 million.

    Just another example of vaccine “efficacy”… ..”

  31. Awesome stuff…….Thanks for the update. As you may or may not know, here in Toronto we usually don’t get much news on the PH, unless there has been a major disaster.

  32. They will NEVER reopen fully. Let’s just find a better country to go to for finding a decent religious, womanly wife

    1. SRRV Visas are still suspended, they are looking in to it supposedly. Where they origanally screwed up is they allowed a low age of 30 and then they didn’t put a quota on it for South Korea or China. These are two countries they have already had problems with excess immigration from.

  33. The IATF and DOH continue to take orders from their Globalist Overlords at the UN/WHO. Keep the scheme going in order to coerce everyone to take the f a k e shots.

  34. The only thing you’re going to see April 19th is another announcement that prohibits foreigners from entering the Philippines. That’s coz the foreigners are the cause of this whole Covid breakout…… just lock the country indefinitely and torture your own people….

  35. I’ve been emailing the consulate all day long trying to get a valid visa to enter with my spouse and the consulate is telling me that they can’t even issue any visas right now.

  36. Watched your channel for some time… no one! Absolutely no one has died for covid19 with a vitamin D level above 60!
    I have not seen any hospitals overrun with cases of covid19 nor ambulances being called in fact it’s fairly quiet in my state…death rates have not increased and how funny that no one dies from the flu or other common seasonal issues….

    1. In almost every major city in the US, homicide rates have skyrocketed. Portland, Or rose 2000%, yes that’s 2000, not a typo, and yet, if you followed the CDC preliminary numbers all year during 2020, gunshot deaths in the country were way down. Hmmm…

  37. Why don’t they report how many foreigners are new cases as opposed to Filipinos, also deaths and total cases??

  38. This virus never go away. My life personally f …. up by all these crazy thinfs. Why they do not let people live a normal life?

    1. They want you to take the depop shot. They had to work it around a fixed timetable and since they know the flu comes every year (coronavirus) they worked it around the flu season, especially in the northern hemisphere. Some Doctors estimate that more then 50% of people taking the shot will die within 18-months, the rest will have chronic health conditions and autoimmune diseases.

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