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This is the main-page where you can access each Month’s worth of Diary Entries.  I broke them down into months so that I didn’t end up with a single page that scrolled forever.  In case I get to lagging on updating this page, you can always get the most updated list using the Menu (at right) of ‘Articles by TOPIC’.    — Henry V.

(in reverse chronological order.. that means, most recent stuff is here on top.)

Philippine Hot Peppers in the wildMonth of April 2013 —  Adjusting to life in the jungle area of Bohol.  It has its pros and cons.. but overall it’s a great life out here.  🙂




Michelle and DenzMonth of March 2013 —  This was my last month on Mactan as I prepared for the move to Bohol.  Lots of changes.




Another beautiful day here in the Philippines


Month of February 2013 —  The Big 5-0, Bohol and Enter Da Jungle… plus the continuing saga of my legal battle over that motor-scooter.




New Years Eve 2012 (36)Month of January, 2013 — Six months now that I’ve been ‘in-country’ and still loving it!!  Not homesick and still holding on to my bachelor-card.  (knock on wood)  Also, finally taking the issue to task regarding the motor-scooter incident.




Month of December, 2012 — Philippine Christmas, Best Ladyboy, Good Chicken and more..




Month of November, 2012 – Dating Again, Working, Writing..




Month of October, 2012 – The Store, Hemingway, Gangnam ‘n Spiders, Tragedy & First Massage.



Month of September, 2012 – Rain, Chicken Feet, Pretty Girls, Everybody knows Everybody and more.



Month of August, 2012 – Only 3 entries since I started the diary near the end of the month.  Earthquake, Monkey-Temples, Laundry issues & more.



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  1. Henry, glad you are sharing your thoughts. You are a good writer. An easy read. A journal covers actual life whereas most articles are just a rehash/duplication of about 500 other articles on the same Philippine related topic.

    1. I just finished breakfast (at Noon) and am about to take off for the local Taoist Temple in the hills of Cebu. After that, some time at Ayala Mall for my first time and then possibly Mango Square since I’ll be in the area. What a rough life but, as I keep telling my girlfriend, “It’s research.” There’s a club called ‘Club Juliana’ that looks interesting online. If I’m still there after dark maybe I’ll just get a room, go to a club and stay the night. Gonna play it by ear.

  2. Hi Henry,
    Please share with us all readers here how you and the island of Bohol fared through the earthquake. Blessedly there weren’t as many casualties or as much damage in spite of the magnitude, although our heart goes out to families and loved ones lost.
    Cebu was spared to a lesser extent, but just want to know that you are safe and came through it.
    Take care, Queenie

    1. Hi Queenie, so you don’t have a worried mind awaiting his answer, he’s alive and well, posted up a couple of vids on youtube. I don’t think he’s fully on-line yet. One of the fellows in the forum pointed out the Video this AM. You can see on his youtube channel.

        1. You’re welcome! It was a sigh of relief to see he’s OK when I found out it was a 7.2! Egads, that’s a biggy. Newspapers are a bit slow, but might have some details now. I didn’t check yet. I wonder how hard the surrounding islands were hit. It’s awfully close to Negros where I have friends who have not been on-line. Probably a lot of power out.

  3. Hi gud day! I’m carla we rent an apartment here in dumaguete near the landmarks of hypermart and Foundation University, also about 450meters to reach robinsons mall. Me and my man watched your video about your P8k/mo. apartment w/ 2cr’s and a private balcony. It looks nice hopefully comfortable. Can I ask what barangay u found it?

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