No Philippines Fiance’ Visa (For Now)

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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  2. The Phillipeans signed onto agenda 2020 like 178 other countries. The goal is reduce the population by 80% with deadly vaccines and starvation. They are winning. Covid is fake. The lockdowns and masks are a smokescreen. See for details. So very sad.

  3. Great video today. It took me about 34 hours door to door from Texas to Mindanao. Left Thursday afternoon. Arrived Saturday afternoon but of course it’s worth it to me.

  4. Screw them. Suckers and their violation of human rights. They clearly want Pinay to hang out with local guys.

  5. i will just get a sirv visa for 75k then pull out the money once they open the border and re enter, this is my plan now

  6. its so unfair agianst us who got fiances how many man are going to loos the once they love so much me and my fiance got engaged in the lockdown time we want to get married when i can get into the philippines but they are not making it easer for cuppels that is away from each other for so long they put alot of pressure on relationships

  7. Wake up folks, do u know how long it will take to distribute 100 million vaccine shots to the Philippines, years!!!! No vaccine for kids, no insurance for most there, can u get covid again after the shot, omg the list goes on, what.a Nightmare!!

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea they will just make it obligatory for anybody flying in/out or maybe moving between islands. Poor dont travel… Tb kills 25-27k Pinoys each year and vaccine is cheap and tested for 100 years.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea no they said to open the Philippines safely everyone needs a covid vaccine, because if not then it will just keep spreading with no end in sight.

    3. the last campaign to motivate people to vaccinate against dengue only resulted in 15%. to hit even 60% is really reaching. “100%” inoculation?? that would practically take a military action, not to mention a lot of money spent for the doses. nobody is handing out 100-million+ doses for free.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea thanks Reekay. That is true as I would like to explore Columbia and or Mexico because of the idiotic Philippines restrictions. And yes Pablo was head huncho but a legend nevertheless from his party days. Thanks again Reekay. Ps If I was to go to that region I would hang out in Greece and especially the Greek Islands any day.

    2. i don’t know much about turkey. but there are many crime hot-spots in south america to be aware of. google, ‘pablo escobar’ and you’ll see his empire was all over the map in south america all the way to the usa. when he went down, other players filled the power-vacuum.

      i’m not saying, “don’t go”.. i’m saying do the research on the area you plan to visit. don’t let your guard down, anywhere.

  8. How about if their fiancee got the vaccine in there country before they come here in reunite his fiancee is not allowed?

    1. the fiancee’ needs more than a vaccination. they need a visa to enter the PH. right now ph-immigration is not giving out any tourist-visa. will just have to wait for that to change.

  9. I am in Japan and my Lady Filipina had a visa for 90 days as allowed in her passport, but because she did not have the original documents when clearing immigration in Manila she was offloaded and she is 43 years of age

    1. That doesn’t matter at all. I’m personally happy with Biden win but not going banana with any improved relationships with the Philippines. The US is not a trusted ally anyway. They’re only good as long as they want or need something from their so-called allies. It is good for a country like the Philippines to be neutral and avoid getting too clingy to any particular country.

  10. they are letting all the filipinos back in and they are doing their best to keep the americans out of the country. I guess they dont realize that its the filipinos that are bringing in the covid-19 to this country. If your going to let filipinos in, then you need to let everybody back in! And one more thing about the covid test it is not a guarantee that you dont already have it, cz people that are testing negative, that within a day or two they come up positive on the next tests!

  11. It appears that the phil govt likes to play games with the foreigners, cz if they did not then they would not have anything else to do with their lives!!!

    1. Huh? The foreign tourists only consist about less than 20% of tourists in the Philippines and contributed less than 10% of tourism revenue in 2019. The Philippines tourist demography is still dominated by domestic tourists making up more than 80%. How would that matter to the Philippines? It doesn’t make any sense.

  12. *Im have not seen my filipina wife since 2015. She send me short email or short text once in awhile. Hope she is still my wife. I miss her. I need to do a surprise visit to my filipina wife soon in Philippines*

  13. Who in the hell will be stupid enough to get marry online to anyone of any country. Specially if they never spent months of time together first

  14. Planning on flying my Filipina Fiance to Bali where I will meet her in April-May….They will definitely open by then ……researching Indonesia travel now… I would love to wait on the Ph to open but who knows when that will be..They are waiting for everyone to have a vaccine…So many people there can’t get food ….and the Ph is going to give up this tourism money to other countries.

  15. As usual the rules are clear as mud, you have to worry if you are able to enter the country and travel around good luck getting back out at the time you plan on leaving.

  16. I would just like for the embassy to open and approve my K1 visa so she can come here to the USA…only waiting on the interview and medical…been waiting since April

  17. I think you got it wrong, if your married to a filipina how would she be able to enter with you if she In the Philippines already, I think what they mean is she has to show up at the airport and physically be there to pick you up at immigration and they will verify its you wife at immigration. What your saying makes no sense.

  18. Can’t believe you are still on here after all the controversial comments from your course have leaked from many YouTubers. Are you being investigated like they say ?

    1. i’ve done nothing wrong. the trolls spouting malicious gossip have done so against myself and other vloggers who likewise did nothing wrong.

  19. Still issuing 13A visas. I got mine last week out of the San Francisco Consulate. No interview or anything. Just sent in my $150 and required documents. They mailed back the visa.

  20. No no, IF you want to travel as a spouse to see your Filipina spouse IN COUNTRY, then you have to secure a VISA at the embassy located in your country. That does not change! If you have a Filipina or ex-Filipina spouse traveling with you, you can now get a balikbayan visa on arrival without having to get the visa at the embassy in your country. Before Dec, such spouse or parents could not get a plane ticket without the visa stamp in your passport. Now you do not need the stamp to get in, you can get a BB visa at the airport when you come but must be accompanied by Filipina/ex-Filipina spouse (as before covid). No disconnect at all.

  21. US embargo against Cuba so US institutions can not do bussiness with Cuba. You can not fly to Cuba from the US, so will need to fly from say Costa Rico, you could do bank account there if possible or Beleze who has some of the best privacy laws last I heard. There is a group of lawyers will defend you for free if US tries to bring charges against you for visiting Cuba, supposedly they have never lost a case as embargo ruled illegal.

    Also don’t stay in a hotel, very strict guest policy, stay in a local bed and breakfeast type place with a local family, if you get recomendations the good ones will protect your belongings like their own. And will even invite you in to eat with them, you’ll pay a little more but a good price for what you get.

    These are things I’d look into before traveling to Cuba.

  22. It’s “Filipino English”. The “as long as they are traveling with them” refers to the CHILDREN traveling with the spouse, NOT the Filipina / Filipino. Also, “fiance” is not a legal relationship. ANY country would be crazy to accept the entry of “fiances” unless there is a visa which provides legal evidence that a relationship exists. Anyone could claim to have a fiance in the Philippines.

    1. P.S. dozens of countries at the moment allow tourists in and it doesnt cause any harm ! Maledives, Turkey, Dubai, Egypt, all Caribbean countries, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, UK, etc. Some require PCR and visa but dont ask any other questions. Some are visa free.

    2. “Anyone could claim to have a fiance in the Philippines.” ??? REALLY ???

      So 100.000s backpackers will instantly hit Manila and Cebu claiming they are in relationship and willing to spend 14 days locked in the quarantine and/or buy expensive insurance ?
      Even if 10.000 will do that what’s the harm ??!? What is the fuckin harm they will bring some dollars to PH and wear stupid face shields everywhere (only country in the world which requires that !)

      Are you aware Mexico and Turkey have been open since MARCH ? All hotels and restaurants open, beaches full. No dead bodies on streets, no full hospitals !!! Are they magically immune ??? Explain that.

  23. Hi Sir we got married on 10 dec last year been together 3years I left phil in Jan not seen her since bit unfair if you ask me.

    1. I feel for you man ….I have wife and son in Philippines as well I’m not going back untill this over ….as to meny rules in Philippines to get ur money

  24. If the spouse is not with you, you need a visa. If the spouse is with you, you can get in visa free under the Balikbayan Program.

  25. The Paris,France Philippines Embassy here informed us Filipino community that we can enter Phippines with our foreign spouse,with our kids.we need to registered on website to Red Cross ph for quarantine hotel and covid test there at ph.I’m bringing with us ,integrale copy mariage here at France French and full copy of English translation legalization of ministry of foreigner here at France at the same time Im bringing my NSO National static Office there Manila Official registrated copy of our marriage approved by Philippine National statistics Office.My husband no need to take visa because I”m traveling with him.and he can enjoy his free visa country as French National exempted.Its true no fiancé visa for now issue by embassy.

  26. The Philippines and its people have had a very tough year, including economically and financially.

    3 typhoons and accompanying floods, and in quick succession, wrought damage and loss of economic opportunity estimated at trillions of ₱ pesos.

    The covid-19 crisis caused economic and financial losses estimated at a far greater number of trillions of ₱ pesos.

    Now the headlines are dominated by vaccines for covid-19.

    The authorities, and particularly the media, are hailing the arrival of vaccines rather like the second coming of a messiah, descending from heaven ‘to save us all’, and to usher in a new Golden Age of hugging, dancing, peace and prosperity, and general joyousness.

    So let’s examine this ‘messiah’ shall we?

    Somewhat worryingly, it has been produced in a matter of months, when historically it has taken between 5 and 20 years to develop a safe vaccine.

    It has indeterminate efficiency and safety. Imagine that!

    The first to arrive in the country will be from a company with criminal convictions for fraud, a world record out-of-court damages settlement, and literally a history of killing people with their products. Other suppliers actually admit they alter your DNA, and others admit they ‘could’ make you infertile.

    And yet, all vaccine suppliers will be granted legal immunity from being sued. Do they know something we don’t know?

    And that’s without even mentioning that over 99% of people who catch covid-19 already recover. So maybe we don’t actually need a vaccine? Just maybe.

    But today I’ve focussed on the issue of economic and financial cost. So what is that in terms of vaccines? I think you can already guess where this is going, and at a time when we’re already near-broke after the events of this year.

    And yet somehow, by even raising the above concerns, I have become that evil, hateful character, an ‘anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist’. That’s how it rolls. Asking awkward questions which we can’t answer? We’ll smear you personally, and discredit you as a nasty, stupid person!

    But it gets worse. This week the very same people tell us that a vaccine might not actually prevent us from getting infected and might not stop the spread of the virus.

    I was going to compose a short satirical story about all this. Or maybe a cautionary tale like The Emperor’s New Suit of Clothes, by Hans Christian Andersen, which I commend to you all for it’s educational qualities regarding issues such as fraud and groupthink. It’s also funny.

    But why bother? You couldn’t make this sh*t up if you tried.

  27. This is no surprise to anyone after 8 months of the pandemic, maybe more like end of 21 or 22!! Same in Thailand among other places.

  28. Reekay I think on the entry there is 2 entries 1st entry is foreign nationals 2nd entry is former filipinos that became USA citizen or Australia citizens etc etc.effectice Dec 7 2021 If you marry the foreign national you need a visa from your local consulate. If you’re in the states with your filipina wife you and her can enter where before you could not enter cuz you were no longer a national.

  29. Don’t no get married to a gilre in the Philippines you never meet …that crazxy..I be going Philippines for for 14 year

  30. Get use to the way the Philippines do thinking …as thay will do think not the right way ……Get use to it …..I’m marred to Filipion and I have my son as well I’m English. I not going to the Philippines untill it over. meny rules that thay will change daylly …and it all to make money

  31. $500 would be a discount compare to the US prices for K1

    As of late 2020, the filing fees for the K-1 process were $535 for Form I-129F (filed with USCIS), $265 to apply for the K visa (paid to the consulate), and $1,225 for Form I-485 and the adjustment of status packet (filed with USCIS), including the biometrics fee. That brings the total government U.S. fee to $2,025.

  32. Fly your girl to a country that is friendly to allowing you in and marry your girl then you both fly back to the Philippines with your wife. Might be costly but if you got it like that it’s worth it. I think you can get into Colombian without covid test

    1. Getting to Colombia from the Philippines involves at least 2 flights, with a connecting flight through a US airport. A Filipina requires a US visa for a connecting flight. There is also a very high chance of her being offloaded at NAIA especially if she has never left the Philippines before. A Filipina going to Colombia by herself would raise many red flags. If somewhere like Hong Kong or Singapore were open to foreign tourists, they would be a better place as a third country to meet up.

  33. Planning on putting a surprise itinerary copy of airline tickets in a Christmas card for Christmas for my wife. Hoping to see you again in the Ayala supermarket again Reekay in January.

  34. I live in Palawan for 25 months with my Philippine wife how do I get a marriage visa while here I’ve been doing two months touriest visas

  35. Hey Reekay, hope you are doing well, this is perhaps not on topic, but curious since you are Mexican-American. Do pochos look down on chicanos or chicanos look down on pochos? or what’s your take on the issue?

    1. ‘pochos’ and chicanos both live in the usa and are ‘visitors’ to the country of mexico. it usually comes down to how good their spanish is. and even then, the dialects in mexico are not the same as say, los angeles mexican slang.

      as for who looks ‘down’ on who, that’s more of a financial/monetary issue. but it’s really not a big issue when visiting mexico. other than the fact that ‘blending in’ isn’t gonna fool anybody once you begin speaking.

  36. god, I hope covid disappears and things get back to normal. This virus is horrible and has destroyed so many lives and so many plans.

    1. anytime you try to force a vaccine on an entire country or planet, it is of big concern. gov’t only care about reproductive rights when it comes to ABORTION. they could care less if they sterilize you (either on purpose or accident). it would supposedly cut back on global warming in the coming centuries. and it isn’t neccessarily the govt as a whole you need to worry about. it’s the shady elements within the govt.

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