(News) More Babies, Divorces, Poverty Index & Airport Pre-Testing Expanding

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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  2. Hi Reekay, I hope the Philippines open up to tourists visas before February. But London is getting a second spike. Great information.

  3. The large increase in a business offering online assistance with divorce is very weak evidence of an increase anywhere close to what they are seeing. While I would agree the lockdown will have a negative impact on some marriages it is likely nowhere close to those figures.

  4. What are the statistics of people who have tested positive off of flights? Is there a website that is tracking this?

  5. That article is showing the small street markets and a poor part. It is a racist article. Philippines is modern and rich. That South Korean person is wrong.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea California used to have rolling blackouts just a few years ago. Go to Nebraska or Virginia or Ohio and outside of the major cities it is just small towns. And US internet speed is not anywhere near Iceland’s and South Korea’s!

    2. seriously?? have you even been to the PH? i enjoy the PH and all but let’s be realistic. “modern and rich” describe a place like Singapore, not the PH. you do know that the average internet speed in the PH is next to Bangladesh, India don’t you? that’s not modern at all with only 2 internet providers for the entire country.

      or lets look at the electrical grid in the PH. it can’t sustain the whole country all at once, so rolling blackouts are a constant occurrence. that is not the sign of a ‘modern’ country.

      you say the image shows the ‘poor part’ of the PH. well, that’s roughly 85% of the PH. go anywhere outside of Makati, Cebu, Davao or Iloilo and it’s all small-towns that are not affluent or modern.

      the fact that you’d call a person ‘racist’ was really over the top. at best, the PH is a developing nation which currently has 50% unemployment and has accrued massive amounts of national debt in addition to a crippled GDP. none of that describes a country that is, “modern and rich”.

  6. Why watch if you don’t like the guy ? Why don’t you tell him why you hate him instead of just downvoting ? Wouldn’t you do what he does if you were his age ? What makes you so sure you won’t ?

  7. Man…I wish SFO emulates Tampa and DFW asap. I gottta get the fuck out of here before some BLM jihadist shanks me for being insufficiently woke

  8. I have a friend at work and she holds a senior position in payroll admin. Just like many others there have been accommodations made so she is able to work from home almost every day. Her husband is already 68 and retired and she is younger. She has shared with me that spending all this time with him has really changed her outlook. This is an educated western woman who is sick of her husband. For those who are leaving comments about western women, I’m here to tell you it goes both ways. An old man in the west can really turn into a pill, this story is proof that it happens.

  9. As an American a VPN is a must because you cannot access the social security website from outside the US (so I’ve been told).

    1. Good point. For us who want to continue working while there reliable high speed internet is also critical. The VPN doesn’t cost much. I use NORD.

  10. Reekay, Long time subscriber and patreon supporter here.
    There is a new Blonde Troll out there, he is probably Racially motivated in calling you a Frog.
    I reported the video to YouTube for violating community guidelines.

    1. yah, he seems to have an issue with about ten different vloggers. looks like he is very unhappy with life.

  11. So you’re telling me you pack all your bags and get to the Airport all the way to the gate and then you get turned around? Oh boy!

  12. Filipina don’t like the foreigner who has had a vasectomy (sterile). I understand this is based on emotion rather than rational thought. I think the guy with a vasectomy is being responsible.

    1. Omar I agree but I don’t think it’s just Filipinas

      I remember a few guys saying Wayback in the day that you should never tell a woman early that you’ve had a vasectomy.

      Even if they don’t want children it’s still there’s something psychologically to them to turn them off. I have found that to be the case in my life as well and generally don’t divulge it. I will be upfront that I don’t want kids tho… but will almost never mention I can’t unless directly asked

      Have a good day friend

    2. @Bob Bruce There’s plenty of young(20-40) Westerners in relationships with Filipinas where there’s definitely passion and intimacy involved. It’s the large age gaps and poverty where things become increasingly transactional. Also… don’t watch 90 day fiance for anything but comedy for goodness sake.

    3. i see it the other way. any man out ‘playing around’ and hoping a condom will never fail him is playing with fire. having an unplanned pregnancy changes everything.

  13. hey bro love your show you seem like a really awsome cool dude you must get lots of girls i wana be like you!!! can you talk about if you traveled your experiences with the girls from different countries you been to how do they look their attitude do they speak english and are they easy to hookup with also what races do good in what countries and how travel improves your sexual market value and helps you get laid also some fun things you did and fun places you recommend and what is the best way to meet lots of girls and to hookup while traveling on your next video thanks keep up the good work!!! :):)

  14. What fun! A bunch of idiots push idiotic responses to a man-made virus – and the only thing to do is sit back with a BIG bag of popcorn and watch Western society collapse. Greetings from ISRAEL!

  15. The Philippines is not going the Police state route that Australia is but the Goverment is dictating what people do ,how they do it and be sure to promote cashless and 5G future.I’m afraid the Phils is done as we once knew it, all because of the Flu and be sure to check the CDC actual #’s.Where are the protests and the desire to want to live FREE…

  16. The population is growing by about 2 million per year in the Philippines. Add the 200,000 teenage pregnancy per year to that statistics. The economy is not able to catch up to the population growth and the cycle of poverty will remain or get worse. However after learning about countries with less than $1000 GDP per capita such as Madagascar, Uganda and Ethiopia and many more, the Philippines doesn’t look that bad compare to them with it’s $3000 GDP per capita.

    1. ph GNI PER CAPITA IS OVER $4000..ph poverty rate as of 2018 is just below 16% while usa poverty rate is 13% the gap is not very wide..also ph is a middle income country while those countries are low income least developed…not even comparable to ph..

      all of those problems are common to any emerging countries but as a whole ph is doing excellent coz its already an UPPER MIDDLE INCOME COUNTRY .meaning ph is affluent enough and has the money and resources to pumped up & regenerate its economy and its people unlike those countries

  17. The flaw is that even the best test can be wrong. A whole plane can become infected and we all suffer the consequences.

  18. Upon arriving at am airport for travel – our checked luggage goes through x rays and hollows our travel to our destination. Obviously, airlines and the countries had to agree with these procedures. Therefore, it seems reasonable to implement this security of covid testing. Good video – I appreciate the information.

  19. Thats indeed good news , lets hope the phillippines goverment mild down and adopt these test options and wave off the 14 day quarantine , all in all next year i will be in thailand first to fix some unfinish business but i will be back in my second home town as early as 2022

  20. Sir, the basic stats for Florida is that if you’re 60 or above 15% will carry Coronavirus, if you’re 70 or above 25% Carrie the Coronavirus, if you’re 80 and above 50% Carrie the Coronavirus as a secondary the primary disease of heart failure diabetes cancer and some all three. Most folks that are 85 years old and above are very vulnerable and should to continue to isolate them self as a survival technique !

  21. I will come home in a heartbeat as soon as there are hoops I can hop through….I don’t care if it costs me something. I’ll even quarantine. I’m in the USA and tired of it.

  22. I’m not planning on being able to travel to the Philippines until maybe middle of next year, here in the UK it’s a shambles with cases on the rise again and new restrictions being imposed. I’ve picked a great time to start an LDR, the only positive i can take from this mess is i have longer to save funds for the trip.

  23. I would gladly go through any of these tests before boarding internationally but want to be reassured that the Philippines won’t quarantine me in Cebu for 14 days and then again in the province I go to. Thanks Henry for the updates!

  24. The problem with the quick tests for flights is the incubation period. Are tests good enough to capture stealthy viruses? This is why the 14 day quarantine was implemented, because the incubation period is up to 14 days. – WW

    1. The incubation period of Covid is only 7 days. They make it 14 days because, of course, no two people have the same immune system and if the virus only manifests itself during the last or 7th day, the person still has another 7 days to quarantine himself, thus preventing him from inadvertently passing the virus to others.

  25. Imagine being stuck in a shipping container with a yapping entitled chihuahua for 8 months. That’s what quarantine with most western women is like. – WW

    1. That’s why god invented yeast infections. so a female could understand what It’s like living with a irritating (c–t)

  26. Some people have plenty look at the new vehicles on the roads and some have nothing I know waitresses that get 100 pesos plus tips for long shifts

  27. Thank you for keeping us updated. I’m an American the follows your YouTube channel so that I can plan for a visit to the Philippines as soon as things open back up. Thanks again!

  28. Hi Reekay Am in Spokane Washington. We have never had any lockdown here. I just got back from Montana. Same there..

  29. Hi Reekey . Hope all is well with you. Bro.
    I keep reading that the philipino peso keeps getting stronger against the US dollars.
    How is that possible? Since e40% in the Philippines are unemployed plus they are loosing billions in tourism and other things ? Any thoughts?

  30. I have been here for almost 2 years and I just dont understand how some filipinos survive and they are almost always happy. They are amazing people. If you live in the Philippines please tip as much as you can everywhere you go, to help the working filipinos.

  31. Schooling can’t fix everything. If you don’t get enough high quality protein in your diet before the age of eight your brain will never reach it’s maximum potential. Rich people aren’t always smarter but if you grow up on rice and a little dried fish the game is stacked against you.

    1. upon arrival here in the Philippines, you would still go through into swabbing and you have to wait for the result for 48hours…and if negative they will let you in, but the problem is, the place that you wanted to visit because they have their own protocol

    2. International tourism are not allowed in the PH unless your a Filipino citizen, married to Filipina or dual citizen. If you test negative you will still have to go through 7 to 14 days quarantine

  32. who cares about bahamas or carribean,? we are all bere for to know when ph will open up..some say sadly never or next summer i cant wait that long $$$ is shrinking here in usa to expensive

    1. Who says never they really have no choice or lose more money to other places my gf waiting for me and I am sure by then we will get married in the Philippines so I don’t get locked out again

  33. Reekay, The UN and the Globalist caused all this mess with the Plandemic. Now they want Satan’s Sacrifices in the Philippines? There’s a lot of Evil in this world and it’s increasing rapidly and attacking Humanity throughout the World.

  34. Wow $2 a day is horrible ! So thankful for my income in the states. I take really good care
    of my fiancée in Dumaguete but I miss her as I live in Michigan. Can’t wait til this is over!

    1. I’m from Michigan too, and waiting the flights to resume to see my young pinay princess fiancée in Leyte…so beautiful

  35. The key is whether the destinations will accept the test results for entry. If that goes well, then travel might be ok. Otherwise, we could get to a destination and still be subjected to quarantine.

    1. Vincent Galvante
      1 second ago
      If your coming from US and get PCR test at the airport you will only wait for 24 to 48 hrs, after that if travel to the provinces by then under the LGU quarantine protocols you will be subject to 7 to 14 days quarantine either there facilities or hotels you choose.

  36. The Philippine Government be providing financial assistance to those families in need that be having newborn babies due the Chinavirus lockdown bruh.

  37. If you test negative not only quarantines should be lifted, so should mask requirements. If negative you can’t give the virus to anyone. Come on people

    1. Damn, I just can’t believe what sheep people are. More and more every day it comes out that this is a scam… The masks do nothing but keep people in fear

      Serious question, why aren’t the homeless dying in troves if this is such a deadly disease? They have no healthcare, no masks, nothing had changed for them… And yet none of them are dying. I was talking to some yesterday. Is it maybe because the virus isn’t that deadly? And that they eat out of trash cans so they actually have a fairly strong immune system?

      And yet all I see is a bunch of people who have never, and are not currently, taking care of their immune system trying to force masks on people that take care of themselves

      Nothing is wrong… fucking sheep

  38. Filipino men tend to be sweet in general. American men on the other hand as well as the women, value freedom. I can see how 24/7 can break american marriages.

    1. @BEN TRUTH About everybody lies. Nobody likes lies because you are a fool whenever you believe someone. But I think you are on a roll. Don’t stop, there might be some wisdom you are hiding.

    2. There is a culture difference. Poverty here in the Philippines teaches people to put up with stuff. In the US, there is less tollarance for BS.

    1. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea my wife’s Aunt decided to have another child with her dying husband during Covid.
      There are some things my north european brain can not understand.

  39. Since it discourages the use of contraception the Catholic church should be made financially responsible for the 3/4 of a million babies conceived during the lockdown.
    Once again the clergy living in luxury and affluence in the Vatican sends poor populations further down into poverty.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I look forward to it I always enjoy your videos sometimes I can’t catch the live streams when they are live but I usually watch them when they are replayed I am odd for an American I live on Filipino time and sometimes the videos are not released until the daytime here I live on the East coast so I have to go back and catch up on them but thank you again take care and God bless you all

  40. Im happy that in 18 years there will be an abundance of young covid hotties walking around manila. I will be 60 and on viagra but no problem.

  41. A bit whimsical as in USA lockdowns product more divorces while more babies being produced in the Philippines. Is the Phils government “attempt” to discipline society into taking the pandemic seriously in contrast to the baby boom happening within the household ??

  42. All fairly predictable. The interesting one was the divorce rate in the US.
    I think AU is not far behind on a normal day but suspect it will see the same jump as well.
    My biggest concern is the PH is lucky to feed the bulk of the population on a good day, It’s got me how D3 is going to try and dig the country out of this one except for selling even more to offshore concerns.

  43. Thank you Reekay for the news update. I am not at all surprised about the increase in the birthrate. If you lock up men & women in the same place it is bound to go up. About every ex-pat and ex-pat vlogger that I know have also ended up having to go on a diet I didn’t but I am underweight, to begin with.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I am limited to where I can go here in Davao city because I am 60+ & they enforce the home quarantine here. We still have checkpoints, pass & check ids at the malls.

    2. despite our great home-cooked meals, i’ve been staying steady on weight. i could use more walking though. i don’t like walking inside the mall so much now that they require both a face-mask and plastic shield. so we’ve been occasionally doing walks in the neighborhood.

  44. Most Filipinos make 300-350 pesos less all the transportation cost they have, which became very high! It is not enough to feed 2 kids and send them to school!

    1. @enrico contreras araneta no deductions good.luck with that
      you got to pay for phil health frauds right
      to feed gov

    2. yes. so many rely on the jeepney system, which cebu was in the works to get rid of right before covid hit. they do have a few clean-running buses, but not enough to cover all the jeepney routes.

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