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I have two types of Videos I share here.  The first video-group are of events, places I visit and mini-reports as I wander about.  The second video-group is an ongoing series I call, “Just Thinking Out Loud” where I share my thoughts on life here in the Philippines and Life in general.  Use either link below to get the latest list of videos for each category.. or subscribe to my main YouTube Channel to get instant updates on any new videos as I post them.  Enjoy and feel free to comment.  🙂  Henry ‘Reekay’ V.

Events, Places & Mini-Report Video Collection

“Just Thinking Out Loud” Video Series

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  1. Found you on You Tube and followed the link to this site even though I have experienced travelling to the Philippines many times before I found your view on things added to what I new and did not know and will be following you on YouTube also asked you a question

      1. just read your answer to ” what motivated you to move to PI? ” I am dropping all my stuff and getting ready to come over and live the realistic “dream”. I plan to ride bike and go carless for the first time in my life. Kudos for helping us to do this right! Good Work!

        1. Two nights ago I went for a ride on my scooter. Warm evening, stars and moon overhead, almost zero traffic at 9pm. I rode and found myself at the beach that night and had it all to myself. It was beyond description, the sense of freedom and peace you feel. I love it here, wouldn’t trade it for anything. 🙂

  2. Henry I have been enjoying your videos and learning much about Filipina women, there culture, habits, and there way of thinking. I started over a year ago on a dating site and found a women named Analyn who works in a hair salon in Quezon City. I found to be very nice. We are still chatting on face book, and are on skype almost daily. I call her cell 3-4 times a week and talk to her. I am going there in February to meet her. I talk to her two sisters and all her co-workers. They are so friendly. I am 65 and she turned 38 yesterday. I feel like your knowledge is so valuable to me. Thank you so much. My face book page is tony gabriello

  3. Henry, I enjoy you're videos very much. I am curentaly seeing a girl on line as , I have been doing so for 3 years now. I finally decided to go & see her she is 40 & I am 66, she is a massage theripist. Has 3 boys & is a good mom. she is very good looking for her age. I hope this is the one for me. If not I can alway' s take another one.I'm getting old & I'd like to settle down. I don't think I need any advice on this matter. I'm just chatting. My FB page is Thomas Kirkwood.

  4. Henry,
    Thank you for your time in creating this website. I find it informative and helpful. I am already married to a beautiful Filipina and although we live in the USA, We plan to move to the Philippines as soon as I retire.I have been to the Philippines several times as a single guy and the experience there has been fabulous. The people there are just as you described them. We will be going to the Philippines together, first time as a married couple, this coming December 2014. Although we will be in the Northern Luzon area, we are planning an escape to Cebu for a few days. It would be nice if we can meet for Breakfast/Lunch one day and finally get to meet you.
    Jesse Guzman

  5. Hi Henry ,I enjoy your videos and talk very much . I live in Toronto Canada . I travel to Cuba . about 40 times About 12 years. I an retired now and thinkinking of going to the Philippenes to check it out . Funny what you say about the life there . It is the same in Cuba . With dating , family and people. And the games they play are the same . You have the same thoughts as i do . I know we would be very good friends if we meet . I have so many stories to share with you .Some funny and some sad . Thanks Gibby

  6. Reekay, Just got back from the Philippines. My first trip and I was much better prepared from listening to all your videos that I found online. They were so helpful to me. Things I would not have known how to handle had I not seen your videos. Made my experience so much more enjoyable. Was treated like a King by the young lady I had met online and her Family. I am 63 yo Black American and met a 47 year old lady who is also a politician over there. Thanks for all the info. Continue the good work. Plan to marry this lady. Looking for the easiest way.

  7. Hi Henery.Hope you get this.I guess Im following in your foot steps.Im in California fixing to move in 3 months to Dumaguete after looking at all the towns and cities in the Philippines it seems to match more of what I want there.Im Gary.Never been there before but have lived over seas.Ugh!Turkey,Pakistan,Germany,and Japan.I do like the Philippines though and already have a nice girl from Angeles City I will bring with me.Is there such a thing.Hope to meet you and we,ll have a BBQ.You can buy.Not really.Im just taking care of all the VA stuff before I go in about 3 month from now it looks like.Id Love to get married to my gal in front of Casoaro Falls in Valencia and have you make a video but Im Disable Vet and may have a hard time making it there.So she picked The Falls below Makiti.Fine with me.Got alot of paperwork to do in Manilia anyway.At first she tried to get me to move to Guimaras Island. I dont think so but it looks nice. So see you hopefully in about October.Th

    1. Hi Gary. 🙂 It sounds like your plans are taking shape. And yes, if you are in Dumaguete be sure to let me know through my Facebook page and we can arrange to meet up. Here is the link;

      As for reaching Casaroro Falls, I’ve not done the hike yet, but it’s not an easy walk. It’s more like a hike involving climbing over some big rocks. A few years ago a big flood destroyed the path up there so it’s still a bit of a hike.

      Kiwasan Falls (near Moalboal, on South Cebu island) is beautiful, and accessible, but would be hard to set aside for a wedding event and there isn’t much room anywhere for a wedding that I saw. So you may have to continue researching for a better waterfall if that’s the plan.

  8. Hey Reeky…Tim here. I was so inspired by your blogs, I started one myself. Just learning how now (what to do and not). Am living on the island of Kaua’i and loving it, so the blog is about my island. Can’t really afford it here so living in a tent near a beautiful resort beach. Living on Social Security and will be moving to Dumaguete in November. Been there twice for a few months and have friends there. Look forward to seeing you again there. Just in case you want to see a newbie attempt at blogging :

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