My Personal Photos in the Philippines..

I had heard about this Taoist Temple since before leaving the States so I finally took a day to go across the bay and up the hill and check it out.  Naturally, I brought my camera along.  It’s a very beautiful, simple place.  Usually very quiet with not too much foot traffic. 


This is a random collection of images I photograph as I wander about from place to place.  I will be adding more every week or so as I take them.  


The day was slightly overcast, but cool with a breeze so I took my camera to the Lapu Lapu Public Market.  Lots of food and things to see.. check it out.  July 31, 2012.



Choosing a random day to go to the Island Mall, in Mactan, it turned out I got there just as a Dance Contest was about to start.  Had a fun time!  July 28, 2012.



A few photos from my day spent in Mandaue, having lunch and racing RC Boats with some new friends..  July 22, 2012.



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