(Livestream) Are Quarantines Effective?, State Residency, Voting & Bat Soup

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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  2. Just finished listening to this. Few comments. Your analogy of RP to Vietman is questionable. Manila is the most densely populated city on Earth. Therefore, of course the virus can and will easily spread there. As I understand it, the rest of RP is pretty under control. Vietnam from day one had aggressive contract tracing, quarantine, and forbid foreigners to enter early on. I do not think the two are comparable. Both places are far better than the US.

    The US, on the other side of the spectrum, was late in blocking flights from China and the virus came mostly from Europe (Italy, which it was a mess) straight to NYC. Have to give credit to NYC not long ago the Covid-Capital of Earth to now the lowest levels in America. This is even though they also test more than anywhere in the USA. Their secret to success was to do the exact opposite of what Trump advised. They are honest and followed science.

    I myself live Tokyo. While much in Tokyo is now open, almost 90% to 95% of people here in Tokyo do wear masks. It not a coincidence that our levels are so low and wearing masks is so high. Unfortunately those I mostly see walking Tokyo without masks are Americans. It really angers the locals — as well as myself. How arrogant. Shows no respect for anyone. I wish those Americans would GD grow up!!

    Gyms here Tokyo are open. However, you must wear a mask. It is not horrible. Get a “mask bracket” (google it). They are all around Tokyo. It makes mask wearing tolerable. I get them for around a dollar US here. They are also readily on eBay.

    Yes, George Carlin was a genius. However, you cannot compare this virus with measles, flu, etc. in any way. If you get COVd, many will get permanent damage, so even if you live, you can have permanent scarring or other issues with the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, even muscles. Therefore, you may not ever become 100% again. We also do not know the long term effects of this virus. It may come back in time, the same way that decades after chicken pox returns as shingles. Also you yourself are of that age where if you get it, you can have big problems. Woman I know in Arizona was told to begin classroom teaching. She is in her 50s, overweight 20 pounds, high blood pressure. Nothing unusual for Americans. Her insurance will not cover her for hospital stay, and if you get it a $50,000 hospital bill not unusual. Also, she can infect her kids, husband, the janitor of the school, etc. She resigned her job. She specializes in teaching, and for her meager wage should not have to risk her life. I don’t blame her one bit.

    Sorry for my endless comments here. Basically I agree with and like your commentary ….

  3. I just read that more foreigners are being allowed from November 1 with an ‘investment. visa.’ Never heard of that. I have a valid SRRV and emailed the Embassy but no reply.

  4. You made an excellent point about how the Covid-19 cases are being determined.
    The USA was singled out for being the only country breaking protocol of the WHO by including non-pneumonia symptomatic people as Covid-19 case; and if the US counted cases like the other countries, We would have less then 100K cases.
    It looks like the numbers are being forced up as high as possible for other reasons.

    1. it’s truly up to you. but there is such a thing known as an, “inordinate gift”. in other words, a gift far beyond the definition of the friendship. (jewelry or excessive amounts of money)

      but if you’re looking for a dollar amount, somewhere in the area of $50 is reasonable.

  5. There was a report the other day that here in the UK Heathrow airport are talking about testing before flying with results taking about an hour or so

  6. My dad Patrick became engaged to his Cebu Filipina in February 2020. They message daily and video chat when his Dalaguete province girl is in town. She lives near the mountain and video reception is very poor. He thoroughly enjoys the information in your videos. I am hoping to visit the Philippines in 2021 with my dad. He spent much of February at Parklane Hotel near Ayala Mall. Maybe we could look you up on our 2021 Cebu visit.

  7. OK Let’s talk tuberculosis. Did you know Reekay there are 25 times more deaths from covid in the US then there were cases of tuberculosis last year ? Not deaths from tuberculosis, but cases , And we are not even 1 year with covid yet. Your bias continues to show threw. And we are not even counting how many people who recovered from covid are struggling with organ damage, shortness of breath and the like. I quess if we choose to leave this infomation out then your comparison to tuberculosis sure looks good.

    You did a video not so long ago about opinions and how all opinions are not creating equal. How some people use facts while others just use what they want to see happen, so far your opinions do not reflect the facts, but rather what you Reekay want to see happen.

    1. my statement about TB is that it’s, “one other way people die”, along with pneumonia, bronchitis, aids/hiv, etc. the mortality rate with covid is not equal to the number of cases, not even close. and this was merely my premise to the point that society cannot remain shut down over covid when so many other diseases are out there as another way to die.

      my entire point being.. societies need.. need to function with people returning to work again. this idea that we can shut down businesses for an indefinite term has guaranteed death and poverty attached to it as a result.

    1. That is madness.
      Look at the successful countries , Japan / Thailand / Vietnam evcen Australia and New Zealand ALL used lockdowns and masks MASKS masks

  8. Makati Mazz strikes again with great factual information showing just how well the Philippines quarantine is working. Philippines is egual to only 8 days of deaths in US with a 3rd of the people. Multiple 8 by 3 gives you 24 days of days compared to US who does not have the same level of quarantine and you can see just how damn good the Philippines quarantine is working . I don’t think anyone can argue this bring up facts, not opinions. The facts are pretty clear.

  9. Let’s see, there are only 10.6 million people in Sweeden and they have over 106, 000 cases because they did not lockdown, the Philippines has 107 million people, 10 times the amount of people in Sweeden but only have 3000 cases and you still want to argue the quarantine is not working ??? Sweeden has more deaths then Philippines has cases with 10 times fewer people and you still want to argue the quarantine is not working. You guys have a major bias towards quarantines in Philippines.

    1. if sweden and the ph were doing an equal amount of testing, you might have a point. but they are not. far more people have covid in the ph (but not died from it) due to a lack of testing. at it’s peak, the ph only had roughly 10 million test kits. that’s only enough to test 1/10th of the ph population.

  10. Reekay says 3000 cases out of 110 million people aren’t very many statistically speaking but the next sentence he says if quarantine is working why are there so many cases. So which is it ? Is it not many or is it many ? Only 3000 cases out of 110 million people is telling me the quarantine is certainly working. To know that answer we need to know how many cases there’d be if there was no quarantine, with no quarantine there certainly would be far , far more cases then 3000.

    1. Please take your cowardly attitude and your mask to your bedroom and leave the rest of us alone… We are sick of you

    2. you misunderstood me. i was talking about deaths. i believe the number of cases (those exposed to covid) could be 10X more than we currently know. but ‘cases’ do not equal deaths. not by a longshot.

  11. The reason quarantine may not be working as well in some countries as in others is because there are other underlying factors that we don’t know about yet. And that is also the reason we need to proceed with caution untill we learn more about the virus. How’s that old saying go about , fools rush in —

    1. meanwhile, the foundation of business and society dies a slow, silent death. jobs leave that may never come back. not a good situation.

  12. Hi don’t look like tourism will not open in pH until October 2021 I read on website , in the UK infections are on the rise again, dramatically in certain area we now have 3 tier lockdowns depending on the area you live tier 3 no mixing indoors or outdoors bars restaurants closed, tier 2 and lesser restrictions still allowed to go to work you can search the UK government website on all the restrictions, it’s a nightmare, so much social life effected, the Oxford university is progressing towards a vaccine hopefully next middle of the year, Heathrow airport is starting up covid testing at the airport which costing Around £80 English

    1. the latest announcement is that they can. will need a round-trip ticket and proof of health insurance, negative covid test as well.

  13. 200K dead in the USA and you are making light of it? I have lost loved ones to the virus. Sad to see you playing down reality.

    1. Reekay, I workout at the gym with a mask on. To lift weights it’s not too bad because you aren’t that out of breath, but yes doing the rowing machine, it’s a little hard, but hey at least the gym is open.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea It is probably far more than 200,000 , look at excess death rates. BUT it is factual that death rate of infection is over rated as perhaps 10 – 15 times more people have been infected than shown in the data ( untested positives)

    3. i am not making light of anyone dying from covid. two of my relatives have died from it.

      what i am stating is that (a) the number of covid cases in the usa have been grossly overstated. it is not 200,000 as being reported. plenty of resources have exposed non-covid deaths as being reported under ‘covid’. (b) i am stating that the mortality rate (‘deaths’ divided by ‘cases’) is incredibly low. and this needs to be kept in mind.

  14. I can’t watch the whole video….I am looking for information for restriction/condition for coming from Singapore to Manila-Ozamiz the first week of January and for two months (tourist/visit).
    Any advise would be welcome. thanks!

    1. unless you are already married to a filipina or have a child in the PH… PH immigration needs to begin issuing tourist visas again before expats can enter the PH on a tourist visa.

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