(Livecast) “Avoiding Long-Term Expat Burnout”

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Author: Reekay

After 49 years living in Southern California, USA, I decided to move to the Philippines despite never having been here before. I spent a year getting all the information I could online and in July, 2012, I took a leap of faith and transplanted myself first to Mactan and then began my trek through Cebu, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong and now living in Cebu City, here in the amazing Philippines.

Starting in January of 2019, I will begin a slow trek through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and possibly Malaysia, China and Japan. My itinerary is open with no big rush since I hope to share in detail what each place is like as I enjoy it for months at a time.

I am a single man taking an honest look at all that Southeast Asia has to offer, one day at a time. I hope you find my channel informative and/or entertaining. 🙂

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    Translate Your Youtube Video Details into other languages.. http://bit.ly/Youtube-Title-Description-Translator
    Easily Create Your Own Youtube Channel.. http://bit.ly/Video-Content-Creator-Reekay

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  2. i spend 4 months a year in the Philippines since 2016 .. granted that’s not 17 years but ive lived in South Korea for 11 years and lived in Japan 4 years… PATIENCE .. cultivate it !

  3. My 12 year old is half Filipino. When Bahala na gets to me and I ask, ” Why? Why is it this way cause it makes no sense to me?” My daughter (who has adjusted well in our 5 years here) will answer, “Why Not?”

  4. I know what you mean about dealing with anything major like building a house in the Philippines. I must tell you, it’s the same thing here now in the US! My husband and I dealt with builders here, and you want to just pull your hair out! They will try to switch inferior materials and labor on you if you are not aware! We just had our house repainted 3,500 sq ft. The first two estimate we got were over $12,000.00 – $ 16,000.00. Until we found some honest company who did it for $6,500.00! I think when dealing with business, contractors, etc. You have to keep them honest .

    1. Yes. I agree that you must vet contractors even in the USA. My wife and I have built and are living in our house in the Philippines. If you have a problem with a licensed contractor in the USA then there are consumer protection laws to fall back on. In the Philippines you are really on your own and can lose a lot of money. How did I do it? Myself. As difficult as it may be in the USA it is 10 times more hassle here.

  5. Funny because when you are explaining about the tips being collected, and distributed to all, even the lazy ones gets a cut! Sounds like socialism? This is the reason why we left California in 1997. We never looked back!

    1. a textbook definition on how socialism demoralizes professionalism/excellence and rewards the lazy/incompetent.

  6. It’s not only the Cebu Immigration office that’s out of stickers. Many of the Manila offices haven’t had stickers either. And for the price of extensions, you would think keeping stickers in stop would be NO PROBLEM. LOL

    1. so… one possibility is that the manufacturer doesn’t have their act together, but got the contract anyway. or… the money for it ‘was’ there and ‘somehow’ fell into someone’s pocket.

      either way, those stickers should have been ordered and delivered long ago. #justsaying

    1. i’m so glad i kept my flight-ticket stubs when i passed through china 2 years ago. with almost no english spoken, it was the only way i got my delayed/renewed flight plan taken care of.

      so now, i don’t throw them away until after i’m at my destination lodging.

  7. I always put coins in the folio and hand the bills under the table to the side…with her big smile sooooooooo wide.

  8. “Commercial Cams” are generally “feared” by management (why?) for competitors stealing trade secrets…phone cams are seen only as sources for FB, IG, etc. Makes no real sense…systemic is probably the best way to think about regulation. When I teach Filipino to foreigners, the first TWO words I teach are “BAWAL” = Prohibited and “DAPAT” = Should…and those words run everyday of my life here…Sir Bawal Bawal…Dapat dapat dapat.

    1. plenty of phone-cams shoot in HD, same-same. walking around a public area, such as the park, it’s not like any trade-secrets aren’t plainly visible to anyone walking around.

      another ‘rule’.. taking bottle of water, soda or even a capped drink into the theater is fine. but when i wanted to take my capped drink of juice in, suddenly that wasn’t okay. and vi was taking in a bottle of water right next to me. i asked, “what’s the difference?”. “not allowed.”

      what are people going to do once they get in the theater? un-cap the container and drink it. it’s all the same thing.

      again, no real sense behind so many rules here.

  9. I think visitors to developing countries have to understand that generally speaking, the overall CONSCIOUSNESS is lower at many levels of their society. (Business, government, etc…) It is not a judgement, it is just a phase all countries / societies have to go through. All 1st world countries also had lower levels at one time, and some will evolve faster than others. Yet the VALUES in these developing countries may be more attractive to 1st world citizens (Could be more feminine women, traditional family values, super friendly, etc…)

  10. Good stuff… you really have to adapt to the Philippines’ way of life to enjoy it. There are positive and negative to the country but the positive far outweight the negatives.

  11. You have to have an acceptance mindset. Accept the way it is here, there is nothing you can do to change it.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea What do you know about the Mactan area? Where to search for a good condo rental after a few weeks in an airbnb. I think that would be a nice place to settle for a bit. It’s very near Cebu, and close to Dumaguete and Bohol.

    2. i haven’t been pricing them out, for purchase. but with all the building going on in every direction, soon there will be a LOT of empty condos up for sale/rent.

  12. This is the worst: My problem with PI, is the attempt/act, of forcing expats into crap small a** condos they’re building. One vlogger showed good size older condo, from 2008-2011, it was 1400 sq ft. They we’re asking way to much at $800 USD. They’ve been building ,like 250-500 sq ft condos & rent for around $500 + -. If expats rent them without screaming & howling about the size the builders will keep building those jail cell size condos. What say you? Thx 4 vids. They do help.

  13. “The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.” Ha Ha. i had to show my receipt at customs on the way back to the USA in December. The first thing he said is, “you are past your stay date.” They seemed not aware of the receipt given at the BI.

  14. Reekay. Catchy title “Expat Burnout”. Let’s keep in mind why Foreigners/Expats had originally left their home countries. The Philippines are the Philippines a developing country, a sovereign nation with its own ways. No Foreigner/Expat is forced to stay if they don’t like it there, so either learn tolerance and/or acceptance or they may leave. LMAO with the rants…IMHO and thanks for sharing.

  15. hi have you heard anything about the baja re tsk tsks in cebu i am coming back to cebu in sept. and want to buy one

  16. Haha you mention Colon. Yeah it’s a interesting place. I laughed. My fiance lives near there and works there. A whole different world.

  17. Yeah mate,know where your coming from with the getting the wrong orders etc very frustrating too ..thinking of coming your way maybe Cebu as im.at the moment in Laguna santa rosa city..yeah i always think to myself is
    The lightd are on but nobodys Home.

  18. What has happend to Sez Styles channel and PV,s channel, does you know if they will be back again?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Okej, why did Sez remove Everything? Sez was a special Good Vlogger, PV is also a interesting Vlogger, Thanks for an polite answer. Anyway Feedback for your channel, I Think you should make more vlogs about California and the U.S.A or different countries in Europé. It would more fun to see your perspectives and vlogs in different places than the PH since you are a Great Vlogger, as for instance California and other cool places around the world, maybe China would be interesting to Watch.

    2. quite a while ago (more than a year?), sez removed the vids from his channel. PV returned to the usa where he’s been bouncing from one homeless shelter to another for the last 18-months or more. neither seems actively involved with PH vlogging currently.

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